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Saturday, November 4, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother 25 observations, and screen captures here! If you post opinions or off-topic messages, I will move them here:  https://www.tvfanforums.net/forum/337-big-brother-25-discussion-dish/

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here) until Sunday, November 5, when Daylight Saving Time ends. 

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in and talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  

Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:48AM BBT

Matt says good night to Jag and Bowie Jane. They all get ready for bed.


12:50AM BBT

Jag: Oh gosh! I'm so tired. So, anyway, just have a lot on my mind.

Bowie: I thought something might be up but wasn't sure. I thought you might be getting sick.  

Jag: I'm just stressed after that conversation with Mama Fe. I'm like, Dude, what is this game?

Bowie: It's horrible.

Jag: Of course I wanted to win that veto, but this part of it just sucks. 

Bowie: Yeah, it's yuck!

Jag says that Felicia told him Matt told Cirie he (Matt) was targeting him

Bowie: Oh yeah, just that he had to get you out at some point.

Jag: Felicia could have easily lied about that, or maybe Matt did say it and wasn't serious about it. I don't know. Felicia is more likely to lie than Matt. It's just a lot of stuff. 

Bowie: I don't think it would be very good if he didn't take the three. He would feel bad about it forever.

Jag: I know. I am like 99 (% sure) but when I am stressed, it's better for me to talk about it.

Bowie: Yeah, that's a tricky number, especially when you can't be sure about what was said.

Jag: Yeah!

Bowie: And you won't know until this is over!

Jag: Yeah! 

Bowie: But if he did say that, and he meant, it, I think....but would you still feel bad later on?

Jag: Even if he said it and he meant it, yeah, for me I am trying to separate personal and game. But, yeah. Either way, it would be a tough decision. It's gonna be tough no matter when. If I win the final HoH, at that point I have to evict him. It's still gonna be tough. It's not easy because he is still my friend. It will be a tough thing to have to do or say. Yeah! Because that's the thing. Everything feels so personal and deep.

Bowie: I know!

Jag: But if we step away from anything personal and just look at the game, it's different.

Bowie: Then where does loyalty sit?

Jag: What do you mean?

Bowie: Like, isn't loyalty personal?

Jag: I think loyalty is a part of the game, too. Throughout this, people haven't been loyal, and they're not here, You know what I mean?

Bowie: Yeah but they're the people that separate and just do game.

Jag: Mmm! At the end of the day, too, I feel like me, you and Matt deserve to be in the final three.

Bowie: Yeah!

Jag: That is something that is true, in a game sense is true and on a personal level is true.

Bowie: Yeah, both! I think you'd feel real bad. The guilt you would feel would be worse. It wouldn't be worth it.

Jag: I know! I know!

Bowie: Plenty of people in this game would have zero guilt.

Jag: Yeah! It's just, after talking with Mama Fe I was like (shrugs shoulders in a quizzical way)

Bowie reminds Jag that while everyone fights for their position, they say things so convincingly.

Jag: True




Bowie says if they get out of here and watch back then see this back and realize they were played the whole time, "And I lost because of it. That would be the flip side of it."

Jag: Yeah. It wouldn't be worth it.

Bowie: May the best man win.

Jag: Literally. That's where I am. I just wanted to run things by you. I was wild with stress. We just have to execute, again. For the last time.

Bowie: And our speeches to the jury would be, 'Do whatever you want. We don't give a fuck!'

Jag: Should we sleep? I'm so tired from today!

Bowie: At least when you think through it all, you know what you are getting yourself into.

Jag: It's time to make a decision on what is right and what is wrong...who to trust. He is one of the people I trust. I just have to continue to trust him. Game moves and whatever. It is what it is. I just have to make a decision for myself. What feels right to me? That's what is important to me.

Bowie: Yeah!

Jag feels confident now that moving ahead by evicting Felicia is the right thing, "I wouldn't want to be like, 'I bought into this.'

Bowie: She is more beatable, but she has been bad. Way worse!

Jag: Her saying she wants to get me out is like whatever compared to Matt. Like, what? All this game I have been trying to protect (him). I guess it is more than just game. It is hard to separate them both. The final three, man! We made it!

Bowie: Yeah! Good job today!

Jag: Thank you! I mean, you've been kicking ass, too. You are HoH.

Bowie: I always feel it was kind of a fluke. 7 questions for HoHs seems mad! It feels like it should be 100 questions.

Jag: Today's goal was to make sure one person (Felicia) didn't win, and that's what happened. Okay, I'm going to sleep.

Bowie: Me, too. Don't worry about it.

Jag: Yeah, I decided for myself. (to keep Matt)


1:11AM BBT

The lights go out in Scaryverse.


1:15AM BBT

WBRB Gold Swirlies


1:21AM BBT

Jag is out of bed. Bowie gets out of bed, too, for the loo.

Jag: Will y'all turn the light on real quick? (Holds his mic to his mouth) Will y'all turn the light on in the scary room so I can see?  Anything?

Lights go on.

Jag: Thank you! Oh my God!

Bowie is back. "What happened?"

Jag: DR

Bowie: By the way the zap(?) in the kitchen has been moved....purple...on Saturday...through the whole... the kitchen,  through the bench and everything (couldn't decipher this completely)

Jag: Ugh Oh!   Ugh oh!

Bowie: Fuck!


1:26AM BBT

Jag is back from the DR

Jag: Okay, ready for the lights to go out!

Bowie: Big Brother?

The lights go out.

Bowie: Thank you!

Jag: Thank you!


1:28AM BBT

Bowie and Jag both appear to be asleep, already.

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2:54AM BBT

WBRB Gold Swirlies (Time for a Control Room break)


3:02AM BBT

The feeds return to sleepers. Bowie/Jag in Scaryverse; Matt in Scrambleverse and Felicia in Comicverse.  [Quite prophetic, if you ask me. -ML]

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9:16AM BBT

WBRB Gold Swirlies on just half of the feeds.


9:33AM BBT

The feeds return to Felicia in the bathroom area getting ready for the day and Matt in Scrambleverse, struggling to start his.

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9:49AM BBT

The HGs are confused about being up early. They think they could be getting videos today.

Through conversation, it sounds like they are expecting a 3 hour HOH Lockdown.


10:06AM BBT

In Scaryverse, Matt tells Bowie it's interesting how Felicia changes her voice to sound innocent.

Bowie: Yeah! 

They talk about how hard it is to carry on with business as usual once they find out someone has thrown them under the bus.


In the kitchen...

Felicia: Did you have any convos yesterday...to negate my intel?

Jag says it's not about negating her information, it's about what she says vs what Matt says.

Felicia: Sometime later today we can chat. You've got a lot to think about. 

Felicia tells Jag that he has to think about who gets what votes in every possibility of final 2. "I don't believe I can actually beat any of you guys in final 2, but I want a message for Jair. If you can chase a dream, you get far in life. You guys all outplayed me.

Jag: I wouldn't say that. It's a toss up. It's what they are thinking and what they value. 

Felicia: I think you and Matt, it's Matt. You and Bowie Jane, it's a toss up. Me and you? It's you.

Jag: Hmm

Felicia: I just want to sit in the final two chairs with you.


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10:18AM BBT

Jag heads into Scaryverse and tells the rest of the Mafia what Felicia is saying.

Matt: It's hard because I know whenever I see her talking to you, she is talking shit about me. Like, in the real world. That's how I am. I'm like, fuck off. It's hard, you know. It's annoying.

Jag: I know!

Matt: I am not fake, you know? 

Bowie says that's what she has struggled with this season, "I want to be like, 'I am never speaking to them again.' but you can't do that in this game.  

Matt says he knew coming in that he would find his people and remain loyal.

Matt: I wouldn't have gotten this far if it wasn't for you guys. 

Jag: Same

Matt: I think we all can say that. All the backstabbing?




10:27AM BBT

Bowie opens one of her coffee drinks, and it gets angry, "This is exploding and I don't know why."

Matt: Wow! You just lost half the can. I can smell the mocha.

Bowie: Maybe someone shook them up.

Jag runs for towels and they all work together to clean it up.



10:28AM BBT

Felicia has been reading her Bible at the dining table. When she saw Jag rushing to get towels, she went straight to the SR to grab paper towels. 

[Felicia is always the helpful Mama. I will say that it is obvious Felicia cares about people. You can tell she adores her family and cares for people as if they were her own family, even when she knows they are not fans of her. I love that about Felicia. -ML]


10:30AM BBT

Back in Scaryverse, Matt leaves to change his battery.

Bowie asks Jag if there was anything new from Felicia that he didn't share when Matt was in the room. Jag says it is all the same shit and claiming he won't win the game unless he sits next to her.  When Matt walks back in, Bowie heads out to change her battery.



10:33AM BBT

Bowie walks back in, "Oh my gosh! Your suitcase is so little!"

Matt: I know! And I thought it was too big.

Bowie: Mine is huge! Well, I wasn't flying. We should ride the bike today.

Jag: Yeah (not liking this idea) Maybe

Matt: I could do arms.

Jag: Okay, I'm down for a light workout.


Matt: So, just five days left?

Jag: Yeah. It's Day 95

Bowie: That is wild. But, we made the whole distance! We made it the whole way.

Jag: I know! That's crazy.

Matt throws in a funny, "Right guys?" (making sure "they" = Matt)

They laugh.



10:37AM BBT

Talk turns to Izzy.

Jag: She was so cocky! Imagine being so confident you say 'I don't need your vote.'

Bowie says America did the same thing.

Matt: You didn't owe her anything. Funny how things change so fast. Begging you when she didn't, the who game, care about you.

Jag: Yeah

Matt: We can say anything we want after this (to the HGs)

Jag: It seems like Bowie says whatever she wants anyway.

Bowie: This is definitely the filtered me. I can't believe we made it 100 days.

Matt: I know!

Jag makes the sound of hard brakes causing Matt to say, "I can't say it yet."

Jag: That's funny.

Bowie: He's going to hover.

Matt: Hover the whole time.

Matt: It will be like, my legs are giving out because I've been squatting the whole time.


They discuss their packing. Matt isn't sure what to do with all of his shoes. He says he has about 20 pairs because of all the competitions he was in. He says he will buy another suitcase.

Bowie: It will be like $150 for three bags (with airline) but it will be worth it.


[Isn't it ridiculous how airlines charge extra for our luggage now? Just sick!  I'm old enough to remember when a flight came with free meals and cigarette smoke, too.-ML]


Jag says he has two trash bags of his costume items and comp shoes. Bowie says Blue packed ALL of her stuff.

Jag: I never got my red onesie thing.

Bowie: That's annoying!

Matt: Did you get your green one?

Jag: Yeah.

Bowie gives the boys one of her name tags from her HoH baskets. "A little present! It's in memory of me."

Jag: Thank you!

Matt: Thanks!

Bowie: We could have done a name swap.

Matt plans to take one of the half blankets from the bed as his souvenir, "Blue took a whole ass blanket."

Bowie: I'll take the oxygen tank then.

Felicia brings bacon into Scaryverse for the Mafia, "Here is your one piece of bacon." They all thank her. (She asked them earlier if they wanted any. They each said they would take one piece.)



Jag says he wants the pillow with the blue writing.

Matt: Felicia took it.

Jag is disappointed.

Matt: Go look!

Jag: I'm scared!

Bowie: You guys have to give me something.

Matt: Sorry I don't have a name tag to give you. (He didn't keep his)


10:51AM BBT

Talk turns to Australian swimmer, Cody Simpson. Bowie Jane can't remember the name of his girl friend. She says Cody is very talented because he is also a musician. Matt says the Australian female swimmers are really good. "Russia, too. But they cheat."

Bowie: Everyone swims in Australia.

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10:53AM BBT

Jag: What country is Usain Bolt from?

BJ and Matt both say Jamaica

Jag: No! I don't think he is from Jamaica.

Matt and BJ argue that he is. Matt says he trades swimming caps with swimmers from other countries. Bowie says they could have traded t-shirts.  Matt tells Bowie she could wear her baseball jersey from a comp while DJing.

Bowie: Yeah

Matt: That's one veto I missed out on.


Jag: He got the ref

Bowie: That looked good

Matt: Thanks, but I would have looked better in a jersey.

BJ hopes they get a Sharpie to sign each other's tops.

Bowie: What can I steal? What can I steal from here?

Jag: Say that louder! Big Brother?


11:09AM BBT

The Mafia is now looking around Comicverse for things they want to "steal" to pack up and take home.

Bowie: Big Brother is watching saying, no you don't.


11:15AM BBT

The Final Four are wondering why they got such an early wake up just to sit around.

11:20AM BBT

BJ and Felicia are playing bumper pool. Matt and Jag are talking in the bathroom area. Matt says he does not plan to mention the Mafia in his speech because that's just rubbing it in. Jag says he doesn't plan to, either. Jag asks Matt what Bowie has been saying, like is she approaching to be final two. Matt: I promise you, nothing.

Jag: Damn!

Matt says he really believes that Bowie is fine taking the third spot.  

Jag says he thinks that could be the case, too. [She is one of Jag's Final Two, the other being Matt]


11:24AM BBT

Felicia heads downstairs to tell the boys, "They are doing something in the HoH Room."

*WBRB Gold Swirlies

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Matt: That would be so cool if we get videos!

Bowie Jane is listening to the noise from the loft.


11:30AM BBT

Felicia returns to the loft after visiting the loo.

Bowie: I heard some noise in that room, too.

Felicia: They are taking things down to get us in there.

Bowie: And then there were four.

Felicia: And then there were four.

Bowie: It was quite an effort, actually!


11:37AM BBT

The boys are still talking about Bowie Jane in the bathroom. Jag pushes the idea that Bowie has a huge opportunity to win depending on how she formulates her speech. He claims she could say  that she was loyal the whole time, never saw the block, keep up with social relationships even when she knew others were talking about her. Jag speculates that maybe Bowie was pushing saying something about the Mafia in their speeches because it would benefit HER.

Jag: Whoever is the one to win the final HoH and evict Bowie? She is going to be so mad.

Matt disagrees. He believes she will be fine however the rest of the game unfolds.


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12:00PM BBT

In the loft, Felicia is telling Bowie Jane that Cirie and Izzy were the ones who flipped the Red vote, not her. Bowie is shocked.


12:08PM BBT

Bowie Jane heads down for the loo and tells the boys that Felicia is telling her everything that Cirie did in the game.

Jag: What was Cirie doing?

Bowie: Well, hold on. I have to go to the toilet.

Matt says the HoH will probably open soon. Jag wants to change clothes. Matt wants to shower and shave.


12:21PM BBT

Felicia is now telling the boys about the Red eviction in the bathroom, "We did back on forth on every vote. It was ridiculous!" [It really was, and I blame Cirie for that! -ML]

Jag: Holy shit!

Big Brother: Bowie Jane, please go to the Diary Room downstairs

Matt: Obviously we all loved Cirie, but she is good at the final twos. She just knows the formula for how to get there.

Felicia: She would have had that jury! (had Cirie made it to finals)

The boys both agree.

Felicia: There was a lot of shit going on. I missed a lot, and that's why I found my ass on the block so many times.

Jag: Did she play like this in her other shows she did?

Felicia: Well, Survivor is only 30 days. [Cirie experienced 39 days on her Survivor seasons. -ML]

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1:25PM BBT

After playing audience to Felicia confessionals on what role she played in each eviction, Matt talks with Bowie Jane alone and tells her that Felicia was straight up lying.


Felicia has been playing Solitaire in the kitchen.


1:35PM BBT

Matt was called to the DR.

In the kitchen Felicia: She had so many people snowed.

Jag: I know!

Felicia: She played an outstanding game as far as strategy and manipulation.

Jag: Well she has played a lot of games (Cirie)

Felicia: She has played a lot and she has a lot of experience. I applaud her. I think 5 games in, I could be an expert, too You have to manipulate a lot of moving pieces.

Bowie Jane heads to Scaryverse for a siesta.

Once on her bed, BJ studies a loud recalling number of times each HG has played for HoH. She then reviews numbers of items in Scaryverse.


Felicia continues playing Solitaire at the dining table.

Jag: Solitaire?

Felicia: I like Solitaire. It's relaxing. I've been playing since I was a kid. My mom taught me. 

Jag says he just learned Solitaire yesterday by watching Matt.

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1:59PM BBT

Jag asks Felicia who she is most excited to see again from the cast.

Felicia: Hisam! I want to see that he is okay. And MeMe! I'm excited for Matt to see Reilly.

Jag: I am most excited to see Reilly.

Felicia: And Izzy! I'll be like, Girl, I didn't realize you was playing me!

Bowie comes in and says she is nauseous and needs to eat something that is not a grape. (She has been eating at least 2 bowls of grapes every day.)





2:05PM BBT

Matt is doing some packing in Scrambleverse. You can see his massive shoe collection lined up underneath the upside down dressers that line the wall in the room. Jag comes in and tells Matt to just put them all in trash bags and have production hold onto them for him.

Jag: What I did is a lot of my, like, from the first half of the season, I put in two or three bags and gave them to them to hold onto for me. So you can pack up a bunch of them. You have like 20 shoes. Put them in storage for them to get.

Matt: They let you do that?

Jag: Yeah

Matt: Well, you know they said we can't take all of our stuff and told us not to bring multiple suitcases.

Jag: Well, everyone has left.


The HGs were given space heaters the other day. They are much more comfortable in the BB25 house now.



Bowie: Anything you have left over they will send in a box to you.

Matt: Oh!

Bowie: Why don't you go in the Diary Room and ask them instead of speculating.

Jag: That's what I would do!

Bowie says it feels so much nicer with the space heaters. "I don't have to sit here in a sleeping bag!"


The boys are both complaining that they really hate packing. 


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2:38PM BBT

WBRB Gold Swirlies


2:45PM BBT

Jag is helping Matt pack up. He hears them still working in the HoHR

Jag: What are they cooking up?

Matt: I know! And that's way more than three hours!

Jag heads to the kitchen look at food options.


Felicia, seeing Jag look for food, "I'll probably cook something about 4."

Jag: Okay. I'll just have a burrito right now.


2:47PM BBT

The camera operator is having a good time focusing in on Bowie Jane's Vegemite next to a baby head in Scaryverse.



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2:50PM BBT

Matt has taken a break from packing and joins the others in the kitchen.

Felicia: A movie would be so good Mr. B!

Jag: They ain't going to give us a movie! We are the show! 

Felicia: They watching us sit and talk about how bored we are.

Jag says they need to start a fight and give us all a real show.

Bowie: Okay....Jag....you....

Felicia: You scumbag

Jag: Wait! Wait! Wait! You're too good at this. What was that about? It seems you've been fucking holding that in for 95 days!

Felicia: I am exhausted from being exhausted

Bowie: Me too!

Felicia says she will sleep for 12 straight hours when she gets home.


Jag: Honestly, yeah! No Wakey, Wakey

Bowie: We might have press! Seriously, the day after. We might have press to do! Media!

Felicia: Well, I need some pressed clothes. Shit! I'm going to the storage room!

Bowie: I need a haircut!

Felicia: Mr. B! Could I please have Dewayne bring me some clothes. I'm coming to the Diary Room to tell you exactly what I want. Call me in. Call me in because this ain't press attire. Let me come to the diary room so you can tell Dewayne what I want. 

Bowie: Make more demands of Mr. B for old time's sake!

Felicia: Well, I don't have my Ripple milk! I don't know why you didn't bring me anything. Are you sending me a hint?

Jag: Wait a minute! They didn't bring eggs either, and Matt eats half a dozen eggs every day! IT'S A DOUBLE EVICTION!

Felicia: No eggs and no milk!

Jag: And I vote to evict both of y'all motherfuckers.

Felica: Why we got to mf's?

Jag: That's just how I will say it. They want punchy! I give them (viewers) what they want.

Felicia: Oh! Ohhhhhh1 Ugggh! I could just throw myself on the floor right now!

Bowie: You should! For the cameras!

Felicia: But it actually might hurt!

Felicia: We will go to the storage room anytime you


BJ: I wonder if we are competing tomorrow?

Felicia: No!

Jag: Okay

Felicia: I said it. There you go! No!

BJ; Well if they give us wine.

Felicia: It could be an indicator. Then no

Jag mocks BB, "Wakey, Wakey Houseguests, It is time to rise your ass and shine!"

They laugh

Felicia says she can't wait to get home and check the live feeds for the jam session she shared with Jag, MeMe and Izzy in the kitchen. "We had us a rhythm thing going on."

Jag: That was pretty good!

Felicia: It really was!






3:10PM BBT

Matt now has the house camera from the DR and brings it to Felicia since the DR says it is her week to use the camera.

Felicia: Where do y'all want to start?

Felicia says they should wait until Bowie Jane's pizza is done.

Matt: They said do some trend on TikTok, but I don't know what that is!

Matt says it involves side by side and high fiving.  


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4:45PM BBT

Felicia: Mr. B, could we have the knives? I'm ready to start cooking dinner but need knives to cut stuff up, please.


4:55PM BBT

Felicia heads to the SR and finds the knives so she can continue prepping dinner.

Felicia: Yay, thank you Mr. B! You're so kind to me! Mr. B, I am going to miss talking to you. You have been my bestie all season. You've done me right, and I want you to know, I appreciate it! Yes I do!


5:01PM BBT

Big Brother: No Napping Houseguests!

Jag: I wasn't napping!

Bowie: Not us!

Jag: I can't think with my eyes closed?


5:08PM BBT

Jag and Bowie Jane discuss Matt's changed mood. He has been quiet and keeping his distance more today.

Jag: Has he said anything to you?

BJ: No, but I can see that he's edgy.

Jag: Yeah!

BJ: I think because Mama Fe is walking around being all happy.

Jag: Yeah! She is being loud and more confident. I don't know why because I haven't said anything to her to indicate she's staying. I don't know. What do you think the pros and cons are?

BJ: I think with the mental stuff we would win.

Jag: Against both?

BJ: Maybe even more so with Matt. I don't think he has studies as much. 

Jag says Matt has been studying. "I think Matt is better at mental than Mama Fe."

BJ: Obviously the physical? We win. And, also, I think for you personally you need to think about how how you feel after the game if you made that move. But that's up to you. I don't care what you do. But if that was me, I would feel too bad to do it. What are you thinking?

Jag: Pretty similarly to where I was thinking yesterday. I think that's still where I am at. I just want to make sure I hear all of your thoughts as well. Take everything into consideration. I don't want to rush into it or blindly make a decision. I want to make sure I'm not just being dumb, or being played. You know what I mean?

BJ: Well, the playing has already been done. Now it's just who wins the comps.

Jag: Yeah, I just want to talk it through with you. Hear your thoughts. It's important for me to hear where you're at, too.

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5:22PM BBT

Bowie Jane tells Jag that if he feels Matt didn't do anything wrong then they move forward, but if he does feel Matt dis anything dodgy there is more to think about.

Jag: It's just, at the final comp, we are going to evict him anyway. What difference does it make? Am I just being a coward and stalling it?

Jag says they have a higher likelihood of him and Bowie being in the final comp against Matt. 'The first comp, second and third? It's gonna be hard. We are going to be fighting for our lives the entire time. So when I think about it that way, it's seems there is a different decision that leads me to.

Bowie: Yeah

Jag:  The other side is we just play our game and stay confident. When it comes down to the final HoH hopefully it's me and you and BOOM. That's it. It's gonna be a tough decision to do it then. You know, ripping the band aid off. We do it fair and square. Then it's like, of the two, I can't tell what is right. I feel really close to him. You feel really close to him. We are a threesome. We go with that, but it makes it tougher for you and me to sit there at the end. Or, do I just step up and do what needs to be doing, NOW. Do I owe it to him to bring him to the final three?

BJ: Yeah

Jag: He did use a power to save me. But, ever since then, everything I have done has been done to protect him. I had opportunities to go against him, but I protected him.

Have I already protected him in the same way he protected me? 


5:28PM BBT

Jag: You could argue that he had opportunities (to get rid of Jag) but the fact is, he didn't. When he won HoH, I won the veto. We haven't had a chance to see if he really would have gone against me. He actually didn't have any opportunity to kick me out. At this point in the game, have I given back and protected him and had his back to where this is justified, or do I continue to owe it to him? It can't be forever. After this, where do I draw the line? If I win the final HoH, I know where I am at. If you win, I know where you are at. One of us is going to have to get our hands bloody.

Bowie: Yeah

Jag: There is not a clear answer. For me it is just a heavy decision. On one route it's like don't be a coward. Just fucking step up and do it.  And the other is, do I owe it to him.

Bowie: Well, if he didn't betray you, you would take him to final three. Just out of principle. You know, bad luck. If he has been doing things then I wouldn't feel bad about it.

Jag: But he hasn't had the opportunity. It's all grey and muddied. I don't know! I don't know! This is stressful Bowie Jane!

BJ: I know! I think you should tell him the full thing she said and see what his reaction is.

Jag: Yeah!

BJ: Otherwise it just looks like you are making it just to win. Maybe you might be able to tell from his reaction. I don't know.

Jag: It's just so tricky. I know how it would play out. I'd say, hey I heard you'd say this and he'll say no I didn't. Mama Fe would say yes you did. And he'll say yeah but I didn't mean it and I was not gonna do anything. And I'll be like, okay.

Bowie: If you had both of them there together, she might give you more information of the circumstance and what had happened. I don't know. Maybe.

Jag: Yeah


5:34PM BBT

Big Brother: Bowie Jane, please go to the Diary Room downstairs.

BJ: Here we go. See you later. In 94 days I have touched up my makeup every time before I go into the Diary Room. 


5:42PM BBT

Matt and Jag have been talking in Scaryverse (not about this drama....YET)


Matt tells Jag that he has a 30 second speech prepared. He isn't sure if that's enough.

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5:44PM BBT

Matt: How are you doing?

Jag: I'm just tired, and they say 'Don't nap' 

Jag shares that he is nervous about the 3-part upcoming competitions.

Matt: Don't be nervous.

Jag: I always get nervous

Matt: I am just nervous about tomorrow. It's not like it's you I am nervous about, it's just I want to get it over with.

Jag: Yeah

Matt: You have to keep me!

Jag: I don't know, man. Mama Fe is a tough competitor.

Matt: What did you tell her to make her so confident?

Jag says even Bowie commented about that. Jag says he has no idea why she feels so confident. "I literally did not say shit to her. She keeps wanting to talk with me."

They joke that she must have had a dream that she wins.

Matt: Yeah, it's annoying. I thought it was interesting when she went upstairs to talk to Bowie and she wants to make Cirie the bad guy...and she says 'I never told a lie"

Jag: I don't know why Mama Fe keeps saying she has never lied.

Matt: That is an impossible thing in this game.

Jag: I've lied. You've lied.

Matt: I lied to everyone about the power. 

jag: We lied to Blue.

Matt says Mama Fe knows the only thing she has is to get them to go against each other.


Matt: She knows the only way she can get through is by breaking us.

Jag: I know!


5:51PM BBT

Matt tells Jag he can't be fake and hang around Felicia.

Jag: She can dream about being Final Two in the jury house.

Matt: I am surprised how long she made it, to be honest.

Jag: Well, it's because we carried her. Plus, she has all day to cook things up.

Matt: I think that's what she was cooking...just lay it all on Cirie because why wouldn't she say that before (as argument one the block against Cirie)? She is so paranoid so she always felt the need to do stuff. Remember, she was trying to flip the Blue vote. She was trying to do that.

Jag: Every time she was on the block or see a comp she would get mad and say, 'Put them up!"

Matt: I know! The invisible HoH she was like, 'This is some bullshit. Put them up!' She was like, 'This is not the point of the game. You are supposed to take a target out.' I was like, bro. So we are just supposed to let you go tot he end?

Jag: Oh, Man! Should we get up?

Matt: Yeah, I got up and came in here. I don't think Bowie will be too long with her videos.

Jag: She is a fucking professional.

Matt: She is a fucking professional! Three times!



Jag says he hopes the comps won't involve his thumb because he lost his grip.

Matt: Just bandage it up.


5:57PM BBT

Felicia is still cooking dinner in the kitchen. Jag tells her they got in trouble for napping a bunch of times. "How are you?"

Felicia: Oh, just chilling.

Jag: Boneless chicken is it all day long. I hate having to work for my food trying to get the food off the bone. I eat fast. If I have to work for my food it makes me slow down.

Felicia: That might be good for you.

Felicia says she had to retrain herself to eat slower after being in the military and being a cop where she had to scarf down her food.

Jag: When I get full, I start eating.

Felicia: You said that the other day. That's a little odd! Well, no surprises in the HoH Room. She went up there. Nothing. I don't know what they been doing up there all day. She is the last one to be in that room.

Matt says Cameron's didn't take that long (when production had to do a repair during Cam's HoH)



6:02PM BBT

Felicia: Well, how are you doing Matt?

Matt: Just chilling.

Felicia praises Matt for his great game and only seeing the block once. She mentions Bowie Jane never seeing the block at all, "I wish I got that lucky."

Jag: Okay, now what? We made a little trip out here. Now what?

Felicia laughs, 'Time to go back to the bedroom?"

Jag: How long before this will be ready?

Felicia: About 30 minutes.

Jag: Okay then I shouldn't eat. Want to play bumper pool Matt?

Matt agrees and they grab a small snack, first.

Matt: Is it good?

Jag: It's not super good. I don't think so. Want the rest? It's gluten free.

Felicia: That's why it's nasty.

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6:15PM BBT

The boys decide to go to the HoHR, instead. Matt plays Solitaire while Jag snacks.



6:26PM BBT

After Matt loses to Solitaire, the boys move on to bumper pool. There is no game talk even though no one is within earshot.


6:35PM BBT

Bowie offers to set the table, 'If we had wine, we could drink it in actual wine glasses."

Felicia raises her voice and tells Mr. B that would be nice and their dinner will be ready in 20 minutes.

Bowie begins washing the wine glass: I am getting the wine glasses ready....for the wine....that will be here any second

Felicia laughs: Keep coaxing them


6:38PM BBT

Jag asks Matt where he hopes his parents are living 9Matt's parents moved right at the beginning of the show, but Matt does not know where they decided to go.)

Matt: Nashville (where Reilly lives) Matt then says that North Carolina has great beaches, so I guess that's his second choice.



6:42PM BBT

Felicia tastes the chicken she made, "That is delicious and there's no onions."

Bowie: That's why I like when you cook. I know there will be no onions. 

(Bowie and Felicia shouldn't eat onions.)


Back in the loft,

Jag: You hope North Carolina

Matt says that would be good and mentions Georgia and Alabama as a possibility.

Jag: So they were down to move anywhere?

Matt: Well, in the south. It's cheaper there. They won't do Florida. I wonder if my mom flew or drove to Nashville. They could have flown her."

Jag: Wow! That's crazy! 5 days until you see Reilly!

Matt: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday...you're right!

Jag: Wow! How do you feel?

Matt: About her or in general?

Jag: In general.

Matt: I'm excited about everything.

Matt says he can't wait to go back to training and get his body back to where he is confident and likes it, "Waking up at 5AM every day. I am excited to see everyone again. And life!"

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6:48PM BBT

It's time for dinner, so they all head to the table. 

Jag: I'll grab the napkins. Are there plates?

Felicia: Bowie Jane!!!

They laugh because Bowie set the table but forgot the plates.

Bowie sits down, "Day 95! That calls for some wine! (BB still hasn't given them wine, despite the requests)

Felicia offers the prayer which includes blessings for the final two, "...It's been an amazing adventure, and I'm glad I've made the relationships. Amen.  Dig in."

Jag is enjoying the food with lots of "Mmm"  "Mmm"

Bowie: This is really good! I can't wait to go to a restaurant. You know!

Jag: We are at Mama Fe's right now!

(They have been telling Mama Fe that she should open a restaurant called Mama Fe's.)

Bowie: I just love going to a restaurant.








7:02PM BBT

Table talk turns to the dreaded tradition of Daylight Saving Time.

Bowie Jane tells Felicia not to forget her tooth. 

Jag: You lost it before?

Felicia tells the stories of her lost tooth. There are many over these past 95 days.

Jag: Do you have any spares?

Bowie says she does.

Bowie: What about when you pulled the chicken out of your pocket? 

Felicia laughs "That was actually from the day before. They had me stuff my pockets..."

*WBRB Gold Swirlies because Big Brother doesn't want us to know that was scripted.


Felicia tells them people used to hide shit in the house. MeMe would take a whole box of dryer sheets and line her closets and drawers.

Jag: As a kid, I would always sniff dryer sheets.  

Felicia tells them that Cirie would take the fabric softener to the back room to use it there.

Jag: Wow, so the rest of us couldn't use it?

Felicia says Izzy used to get something but she couldn't remember what it was. BJ says someone was talking the kiwi because they were disappearing fast. She says MeMe would eat a lot of kiwis and adds that MeMe would hide grapefruit, too. Jag jokes that no one was looking for any grapefruit. Felicia confesses to taking a baggie full of Frosted Flakes because she knew Matt would eat it all

Jag: That's crazy.

Bowie: That's survival

Jag: Bunch of piranhas in here. 

Jag, Matt and Felicia admit to hiding the whole milk in the 1% jugs because no one would touch that stuff. Felicia says Cirie would hide pork bacon under the turkey bacon, "so she could have bacon whenever she wanted."

They all thank Felicia for the dinner, saying it was delicious.

Felicia: You're welcome!

Matt takes the knives back to the SR.


7:26PM BBT

I'm out for the night!  -ML

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Picking back up from last night...


7:30PM BBT

Bowie Jane, Jag and Matt washed and dried the dishes then put them all away. They discussed Luke and how he thought he could just drop his bath  towel on the floor and someone would do his washing for him.

Matt: Funny!

Felicia: Yeah, Luke was funny. I wonder what he is doing.

Mat: Yeah, I don't know. That was 100 days ago.


7:45PM BBT

Felicia has resumed her position on her bed playing Solitaire. 


In the HoHR...

Matt tells BJ and Jag that the dining table is so small it doesn't even feel like a table anymore.

Jag: Okay guys. It's time for me to play Solitaire my first time. Matt coaches him through.


8:16PM BBT

Bowie Jane poses with Jag for a "goofy" photo the ends up being a scary picture [See? Prophetic -ML] as part of the King's Cup drinking card game because a face card appeared.

Bowie: That's funny! You actually look scared.

Jag: I AM scared!



VS--StreamBigBrotherLiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-164760’44” (1).jpg


There's many variations to this card game, but their variation includes tasks like Never Have I Ever and Categories. Bowie says they are going to run out of liquor and hints to Big Brother, again, that they need a bottle wine.



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8:54PM BBT

Felicia is under her comforter in Comicverse and hears the camera move and zoom in on her, so she begins talking to Big Brother. [I honor Felicia's dialect the best I can below. I find dialect so interesting! I love it, actually! -ML]


Yep! I am laying here, Mr. B, with nothing to do. Z young people are upstairs. And I am in the room by myself. That's why I stayed in the dining room a long time so I wouldn't feel isolated and alone.  But, it's okay! I am okay! I don't know why but I have a sense of peace. I don't think I'm going home tomorrow. I could be wrong, but my spirit tells me that I'm gonna be in final three and I'm gonna sit in that chair on finale night as final two. I am gonna trust and believe in that. I don't know why. God has carried me 95 days. 'I'm carrying you all the way to the end.'  I am trusting and believing that. I think it's gonna happen, as crazy as it sounds. And so, here I sit, or lay, waiting for 10 o'clock so I can go to sleep. I have nothing else to do for the day. I'm tired of playing cards. My eyes are tired, so I don't feel like reading. I have taken my tooth out for the night. Tomorrow I'll have 4 days until I see Dewayne and Jair. 4 days! And I promise, Dewayne, I'm coming back a better version of me. I do promise! That I promise.


I don't know what I'm going to say on finale night, but I think I might be able to say enough to get a win. I still believe I'm gonna win this thing. Yes I do! And I know everybody thinks, 'Girl! Shut Up!' But them angels have carried me 95 days, and they only got 5 more days to do so. They said, 'We got you girl!' When I came through the door, I said, hopefully, they would never be able to say, 'Bye Felicia!'  So far in 95 days, they have not. Not one time. I have sit up on that block 8 times. 8 times! I know I set a BB record. 8 times!  8 times I sat on the block, Mr. B! Now you know that's stupid.  I have become the season's proverbial pawn, which is kinda shameful.  But you know what? I was able to handle it. Some days were easier than others. Some days my feelings were really hurt. I sucked it up. I survived. Perseverance is the name of the game. I have kept my staying power with me.


I can't wait to get home. I need to get my teeth fixed. I think I'm going to get those implants and just fix all these crazy damn teeth. I'm getting 4 implants. I am tired of having this damn flipper in my mouth. I 'm getting 4 implants. I'm going to the spa and gonna spend an entire day at the spa. I don't care what it costs. I'm going to the spa. Then I'm getting my nails done, my feet done, everything. I gotta renew me. But first, me and Dewayne gotta hang out for a minute. Mm! Hm! Mmmmm!  I'm coming Boo! Well, actually I hope you coming and meet me on this side. That's the surprise I am really looking forward to. Please! Please! Mr. B, get him here. Get him here! Get him here! Well, I know if I sit in the final two chairs you'll be here. And since I m believing I am, I'm gonna see you Thursday night, Dewayne. Yes I am!


Okay, Mr. B. I done got tired. I don't know what damn time it is. It's probably only about 8:30 and seems I got about another hour and a half where I'm supposed to stay awake, but you let them guys take naps. I didn't take a nap today. I have tried to be nice today and stayed out there for the predominance of the day. So, I'm exhausted! What did I say earlier? I am exhausted being exhausted! That's a lot!  That IS a lot! I just know it's time for these 100 days to be over. This is a long time to just stop living your life. Normalcy of life. 100 days is a long time! 


9:03PM BBT

I was hoping to get a movie today, get the video. Well, until tomorrow when I become the final three. I know some people are saying, 'Girl ,you got a lot of nerve! You don't know.' No, I don't know.

The lights go out in Comicverse

Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! Praise ye oh Lord. 






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The Mafia has started playing Hide-N-Seek throughout the house.


9:05PM BBT

Jag comes downstairs and calls for Mama Fe.

Felicia calls back, "They just turned my light out."

Jag opens the door and tells her they are playing Hide-N-Seek if she wants to play.

Felicia: Where are you gonna hide? 

Jag shows Felicia that Matt is hiding in the short armoire in Scrambleverse.




Matt: I barely fit in here!

Felicia: How does she know when to come?

Jag: We told her give us 5 minutes. Mama Fe, what's a good spot?

Big Brother: Felicia, please put on your microphone.

She takes Jag to the SR and puts him in the cabinet. Mama Fe has decided to play, too.

Jag: Wow! So this is the life, huh? Day 95 and I'm hiding in storage room cupboards. I am stealth.

Upstairs, Bowie Jane asks herself, "Has it been 5 minutes? Ready or not! Here I come."





9:11PM BBT

Bowie Jane creeps through the house. When she gets to the LR, she takes off her shoes and bracelet. She quietly approaches Scrambleverse and sneaks up on the armoire. She opens the door and finds Matt!

BJ laughs!

Matt: How did you find me?

BJ: I can't believe you fit in there!

Matt: Could you hear me breathing in there?

BJ: No, I was like, surely...

Matt: There's no air circulation in there! I didn't think I'd be the first one to be found.

BJ: There's not many spots to hide!

Matt: Also, Felicia is playing.

BJ: Is she?

They move about the house looking for the others.



BJ clears Scrambleverse then Comicverse, "Wow! They are hiding really well. This is crazy!"

Felicia is hiding behind the chair in Comicverse. Matt whispers to her that he won't tell Bowie where she is. Felicia giggles. They are having a great time.

Matt: Shh!

Matt rejoins Bowie in the search. 'I know where they are."

BJ: Don't tell me. Maybe they are moving around. That's why I am being secretive. Shh!

Bowie looks in the oven (LOL!)

Matt: You're kinda bad at this game.


9:14PM BBT

Jag (still hiding): Damn Bowie! Check the storage room. Please check the storage room. Damn. My legs are falling asleep.

Jag gets out to stretch his legs, "I'm fucked." He decides to try and hide between the wall and the fridge but hears them coming so he stands super still. The SR door opens and Matt sees him right away because of the mirror on the wall. Then Bowie see him and laughs.

Matt: We saw you moving because of the mirror. Did you not think of that?

Jag: I'm so dumb! I had to stretch my legs!

Matt whispers to Jag where Felicia is hiding.



9:18PM BBT

Bowie resumes her search determined to find Mama Fe. She sighs in frustration.

Matt: You cannot find Mama Fe!

BJ: I CANNOT find Mama Fe!

Matt: Think about where she would be!

BJ: I looked in the toilet! (Funny, Bowie!)

The boys laugh. She searches Scaryverse where Jag has found another hiding spot and tries it out on Bowie. She finds him on the ground between his bed and his dresser.

They laugh.

Matt: Just think!

BJ: But where is Mama Fe?

Matt tells her she would be somewhere it would make sense for her to be. BJ says she looked in the kitchen. She then heads back into Comicverse. "Wait a minute! This looks a bit sketchy!" She finds Felicia behind the chair covered with a blanket and pillow.

Felicia is proud her spot was so good. Bowie tells her she covered herself really well.

BJ: That was fun!

Jag then shows where he was originally hiding.




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They continued playing until around 10:15PM


10:35PM BBT

The Final Four got Checkers and Chinese Checkers delivered to the SR. The HG's say, "Thank you Mr. B!" and have fun playing Chinese Checkers at the dining table for over an hour.



11:43PM BBT

Felicia changes the clocks in the kitchen for Daylight Saving Time. 


11:54PM BBT

Felicia has gone back to bed. Matt walks into Scaryverse and says good night to BJ and Jag. Hugs all around.


[There has been no more discussion between Matt and Jag about Mama Fe. I'm quite sure Jag's discussion with BJ was just to pad and secure himself should BJ end up having to choose her mate for F2. He is playing on her emotions and judgment of character.  I don't think Jag has any intention of saying more to Matt about things, as he knows he is secure with Matt for F2, as well. Maybe I'm wrong, though, because Jag sure is spending a lot of time focusing on his "moral dilemma." -ML]


Matt: See you guys in the morning! Extra hour of sleep!

Bowie: Yeah, it's gonna be nice!

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