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Saturday, October 28, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

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Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
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7:13AM BBT

The feeds return to Cirie in the shower and Jag whispering with Bowie Jane in Scaryverse, "We are going to lose another jury vote."

BJ: We will both be in trouble for that one, even me more so.

Bowie tells Jag she has been up since 5AM just thinking.

Bowie tells Jag that she was offered a gig to go DJ in India for two weeks but declined because she didn't want to do it alone. It's a typical thing for DJs to tour a country for two weeks then leave for another destination.

Jag: Going alone would be scary.

She suggests Jag go with her. He likes the idea.


7:47AM BBT

Felicia is complaining that it is cold outside and even colder in the house, "No sun and everything's wet."

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Felicia heads back inside and begins complaining about the bacon, "They could have brought us three....(to production) you guys can turn the air down. It's cold outside and cold in here! We gotta escape the cold somewhere." and back to complaining about the groceries, "they back to buying the cheap shit! Why do you guys keep buying this cheap ass shit? The ham we got last week was good. The ham we got this week is lunch meat."


[If Felicia is not happy, nobody is happy.  -ML]

 7:56AM BBT

Cirie: All it takes is one misplaced HoH or veto. Then the tears will come.

Felicia: We need that to happen today. Veto!

Cirie: Today ain't gonna matter. These suckers? With the mayor back in town, I don't know if they gonna do it!

Felicia: I am assuming that's Jag.

Cirie corrects her. The mayor is Reilly

Felicia: Oh *laughs*

Cirie: That's what started this whole damn thing."

Felicia: Fuck! Shit! That letter came at the wrong damn time. Now he feels like he has to keep them. Are you really about to give up $750,000 for the mayor? Now we really about to see if stupid is as stupid does.

Cirie: I don't know

Felicia: Now you just said something

Cirie: I didn't know who was happier. I couldn't tell. Who was the letter for? (because Jag was so excited the letter was from Reilly)

Felicia: Well, I'm still working of my faith of a mustard seed. Now listen, I know he told each one of us something different. He playing the game. He told me that if one of us win, he has a couple of decisions to mak.

Cirie: What's the couple! He got one decision. What the fuck is you talking about? A couple?

They head outside to talk some more.



Cirie hates that it is so cold outside!

Felicia: It is cold out here! This is fall.

Cirie: I want to be home with Honey right now. I am usually snuggled up next to him! I am in here with these fucking motherfuckers. What the fuck?

Felicia: It is so damn nasty out here!

Cirie: DId I just see my breath? I sure did!

Big Brother: Please lower the outside awnings.

Cirie: Yeah, NO! You better wait for Jag and Matt!

Felicia: Matt and Jag will be down in a minute!

Cirie: No! I'm not lowering shit. And it's fucking freezing!

Felicia: Ain't no sun! The boys will be down in a few minutes. I can't reach them.

Cirie: A couple of fucking decisions? 

Felicia says that Matt said Bowie Jane wouldn't use the veto if she won had Matt put Jag straight up, "I don't know who she is closer to. I thought it was Matt, but I don't know."

Cirie: Whoever she thinks has the better chance of winning. That's who she is closest to.

Felicia: She chasing the power

Cirie says Bowie is the third wheel that goes in whatever direction. "She got nothing... unless you in power. Then you can count on her."



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8:03AM BBT

Felicia says that Jag will show his hand if he wins veto and doesn't make sure to save them and take them to final 4. "We supposed to be in final four"

Cirie: What the fuck does it matter? If one of us is going home?

Felicia: Jury votes

Cirie: He don't care about jury votes.

Felicia says she can "forgive but I don't forget. They will show you who they are when push comes to shove."


[Felicia will be a bitter juror. They have always known that and expressed concern about it, too. Yet, here she is being dragged along anyway. -ML]


Cirie: Now you just said something! (repeats) 'They will show you who they are when push comes to shove.'

Felicia: Let's see what happens. If Matt is stupid and doesn't but Jag's ass up?

Cirie says Matt may not do it because he can't play in the next HoH and he will be scared.

Felicia: I will say, Matt, don't be foolish. We will not do you like he has done everybody else. I will remind him week 3 everybody telling me put you on the block. I'd rather have you here all day long. Matty Ice!


8:26AM BBT

Jag and Bowie Jane have joined the mamas in the backyard.

Cirie elbows Jag and they cuddle closer for warmth.


Cirie: At night on Survivor it was maybe 5 degrees warmer than this. You can't see your breath but you're like, get over here (body warmth)

Jag asks if they get anything when they are there (blankets or jackets, long sleeves)

Cirie says they only have what they are wearing 

*WBRB Gold Swirlies

Felicia: Oh God!

Cirie: It's rough! It's rough!

Big Brother: Felicia, please do not obstruct your microphone.

Felicia laughs: I was just thinking. So many things could go awry with one pair of underwear.

Jag: For you!

Everyone laughs knowing how much Felicia struggles because of her IBS.

Felicia decides to share the details of her latest explosion, "When I went running and came out with my pants off? I had farted and..."

*WBRB (thank you, BB)


8:45AM BBT

Matt has joined the others in the backyard. He says he likes sleeping under the heavy comforter in the HoHR. Jag says their veto clearly won't be in the backyard.

Felicia says they get the backyard for four more days because then it closes down for good.


8:50AM BBT

Matt heads inside to make eggs for breakfast.


9:00AM BBT

I'm out for now.

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[Feeds are dropping in an out this morning and not all cameras are on]

8:45AM BBT

Felicia in the kitchen making cereal with banana for breakfast.


Matt comes down from HOH, greets her and they hug.

Matt:  I was down at 7am for a DR.

Felicia:  It's cold this morning.

Matt:  Yeah, I was cold when I got out of the shower and usually I'm sweating.


They move to BY with other HG

Felicia says that she wanted to talk to Cirie but didn't want them to turn the BR lights on.

Jag asks why they didn't turn on the lights when America and Cory were talking.  They speculate that it was because they were in the same bed together - on top of each other.

Jag jokes to Felicia that next time she should lay on top of Cirie to whisper to her.  Felicia laughs loudly and Matt asks Jag to explain what was just said and he also finds it funny that Felicia would have to climb in bed with Cirie to talk to her.



9:00AM BBT

BY  Jag & Matt talking about next moves

Cirie & Felicia in the Kitchen talking about next moves

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1:53 PM BBT  feeds came back briefly to show Bowie Jane walking around the kitchen.  Matt, Felicia & Cirie in the hot tub.  Bowie comes out and asks "how's the chlorine?"



Jag & Bowie Jane in the kitchen

Jag asks her to come out to save him from talking about game with the other HG's

Jag:  I just want to enjoy the spa right now.



Felicia inside looking for something

Bowie asks "Do we have to wear them?"

Bowie Jane microwaving some food.


Jag has joined Cirie and Matt in the hot tub. "This is only like the fourth time we have used the hot tub."

Felicia returns and is surprised that Jag is out there.

Bowie Jane brings her food out and sits beside the hot tub "It smells chlorine-y"

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2:20 PM BBT  HG in hot tub except Bowie Jane who is drying her hair in WA

They are discussing meal times and what to cook.  They decide they need showers before eating, so Jag heads out, followed by Matt to shower.


Cirie:  what are you thinking?

Felicia:  It's questionable what they're going to do.  They should be saying "you did it, final four".  All he has to do is pull one down and put Bowie Jane up.

They are reviewing the competition they just had.

Bowie Jane comes out and Felicia yells across the yard about switching laundry.

Cirie says that the heat is back up in the hot tub and her muscles appreciate it.

Cirie:  Bowie Jane, I was right by you girl!

Bowie Jane:  Yeah, thanks for waiting for me that one time.

Cirie:  Oh course, what am I going to do, push you over?

Cirie:  I was one away from you when mine dropped.

Bowie:  I saw a splash in my pool, but it must have been your stuff falling over.  It was a fun one.  It wasn't crazy athletic or anything.

[conversation has stalled...]

Felicia:  Jag usually takes long showers doesn't he?

Bowie Jane: yeah, cause he has to wash his hair.


more discussion of what they did in the competition. [floating in a pool?]

Bowie:  How quiet is it at night now?

Felicia:  oh, stupid quiet.

Bowie:  especially having no one in Scramble.

[planes overhead}

Bowie Jane:  Well, good outcome.

Cirie: Yeah, are you happy with it?

Bowie:  I could tell he was so far ahead.  I'm glad it wasn't a memory comp or something.  But in the end, you just do it.

Cirie:  yeah.

Bowie:  I started to slide under the water and day dream.

Cirie:  What about?

Bowie:  I just had to tell myself to concentrate

Cirie:  Either I'm sweating now or water is dripping from my hair.


Felicia went in to check on Jag in the shower and reports back that he has about 10 more minutes.

Bowie:  what about HOH shower?

Felicia:  Matt is in there.

Discussing why they had to get up so early


Cirie:  Why does he have to sound like a parent?  when I get out of here, I'm gonna say so many (curse words)

Bowie:  and if you want alcohol, you just go to the liquor store like a normal person.

Cirie:  No, I send Honey.

Cirie is the last on out of the hot tub and Bowie reminds her to get her necklace she set off to the side.

Bowie: I wonder what faces we were pulling as it got harder.

Felicia:  I just kept checking on how many I had left.  

Bowie checking on laundry.


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4:26PM BBT

Now we have WBRB Gold Swirlies


4:27PM BBT

The feeds are back.

Jag and Matt are lowering the awnings.

Jag: Hey! We both won 5K now.

Matt: Thank you!


Jag: You didn't take 5K from me in Buddy Ball. You could have. That's why I wanted to make sure you win. I literally said, I already won a luxury comp.

Matt: It was fun! I thought it was going to be find 10...around the house. You know, like the veto comp where you find the hidden veto.

Jag: That would have been funny. If we actually h ad to find stuff.

Matt says he thought they hid candy bars around the house during the veto comp.


4:30PM BBT

Felicia and Cirie are prepping food in the kitchen.


4:34PM BBT

Jag and Bowie Jane are playing Cutthroat in the backyard.

Jag: Are you mad at me?

Bowie: No! I just thought we were a three. It's not the money.

Jag: Bowie, we are a three! I really do I feel I owed him because truly he could have taken the money from me (Buddy Ball) and he didn't, so the least I could do is pay him back.

Bowie says she understands and it's a good reason.


4:39PM BBT

Felicia is putting mushrooms on the grill. They plan to grill steaks, too.

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4:37PM BBT

Jag and Bowie playing pool in the BY.  She tells him that she was adding to his (pile ?) for him to win.  He said he didn't know she was trying to help him.  

Bowie:  I thought we were a three?

Jag:  We are. I just had to give it to him.

Bowie: No, I'm not mad.

General pool talk


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4:41PM BBT

In the kitchen, Matt and Cirie are talking.

Cirie: Did you talk to Jag yet?

Matt: No matter what, you were always going to be safe.

Felicia walks in, so Matt grows quiet.

4:49PM BBT

Once Felicia leaves, Matt tells Cirie they will talk later.

Cirie: Okay. I love you, Matty.

Matt: Love you

*They hug



4:53PM BBT

In the backyard, Bowie Jane asks what she should say because Felicia wants to talk to her, "Felicia thinks Cirie is going home." The boys say that she should just say that she is voting out Cirie. Jag says he will just tell them he is not using the veto and tell each of them they are safe.

Matt: I'm thinking Jag should use it.

Bowie: And put himself up? Yeah!  *inject sarcasm here*



5:02PM BBT

Alone in the kitchen, Cirie vents, 'I am so sick of this shit! All of it!"

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4:57 PM BBT  BY  Matt has been helping cook dinner

Jag invites him to play pool

Matt:  I'm on grill duty.  You think I would be immature like that?

Jag asks where Jambalaya is from

Felicia and Matt tell him it's from the south, Cajun food

Jag asks the difference between Jambalaya and Gumbo and Matt explains.


Jag & Bowie continue playing pool while Matt, Cirie & Felicia cook dinner

[all is mellow and cooperative in the BB house ~AuntD]


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5:30PM BBT

Jag: That was cool. That was super cool.

Matt: If that was an obstacle course?

Bowie: You probably would have won that! 

Matt: I was going through it, but my waves (were knocking things over)

Bowie: And the getting out of the water? It was like...

*Cameras move to Felicia cutting steak in the kitchen, so I guess BB doesn't want us to know the details of the luxury competition the HGs participated in after the veto comp. this afternoon.



5:31PM BBT

After Felicia leaves the kitchen, Cirie mumbles, "She needs to wash her hands. It's a miracle we're all alive. The handle, the grill, the everything! She needs to wash her nasty ass hands!"  

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6:00 PM BBT  Just general chit chat in the backyard as they finish dinner.

More talk about the competition - floating while trying to keep something stacked up.

They speculate about getting Halloween costumes.  They tell Jag with his hair down he could play the lion.  He then tells Matt that he would be the scarecrow and Bowie Jane the Tin Man [no mention of rolls/costumes for Cirie or Felicia - he seems to be done with them. ~AuntD]

Bowie Jane asks if they can get scary make-up so they can spend the day doing each other's faces.

6:07 PM BBT

Felicia has been telling a long story about traveling in bad weather.  Bowie Jane & Jag take the opportunity to clear the dishes and head to the kitchen.

Felicia says to leave her plate as she's going to finish it.

They all comment that they have a lot of food leftover.


Jag & Bowie in the kitchen discussing who is the better person to keep in the house.

Jag:  We have to make the case that she has played in less competitions, but she has done well and may just kick it in next week.  She did good in this shuffleboard competition.

Bowie:  And she's smart, she just hides it.

Jag:  yeah, she's smart.

Bowie:  He will get to keep his jury vote.

They are running scenarios about how they move forward with Felicia staying.  Jag explains that the next noms really don't matter, that the veto is what is important.

Bowie:  The temptation is that Felicia is beatable.

Jag: Oh for next week?

Bowie:  I'm just saying if people start making deals.

Jag:  Oh, I'm definitely not taking her.

Bowie:  Cirie has not burned any bridges in this house.

Jag: I would be open to hearing why he thinks one over the other and could change.

Cirie interrupts to ask the time.

Jag & Bowie return to their conversation and say that Felicia is anti-Cirie.


Bowie is washing dishes while Jag watches and keeps talking about the competition they completed today.

Bowie seems to be still seeking reassurance from Jag that they are still working together.


Cirie comes in and asks if they have a hand to give bringing in the food from outside and Jag goes out to help while Bowie finishes dishes.

Bowie:  That was delicious.

Jag:  Thank you for dinner, that WAS delicious.

Felicia:  Oh, no problem.

Everyone working together to clean up.

They complain that it is getting cold outside.
Felicia:  Fall is definitely in the air.  You think they could deliver some Starbucks or something?

Cirie:  We need a space heater.

Bowie:  We need an open fire, Big Brother.  I'm starting to get bossy and demanding because I'm bored.  Well not demands like Miss Felicia here.

Felicia:  I've made requests...


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6:58PM BBT

In the HoHR, Jag is working Matt pretty hard to evict Cirie over Felicia, "I think Cirie is probably the more risky competitor." He feels Cirie has been throwing competitions (she has) and holding back, but they know exactly what sort of competitor Felicia is.


[Earlier in the kitchen, Jag and Bowie Jane discussed trying to convince Matt that Cirie is the one to evict. -ML]


Jag points out that Cirie has not burned a single bridge, but Mama Fe has pissed off every juror.


7:07PM BBT

Cirie, Bowie Jane and Felicia are talking in the backyard about memorable moments they have had this season.


7:10PM BBT

*I'm out for the night  -ML

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7:15 PM BBT

Jag will not give up on his pursuit to sway Matt into getting rid of Cirie.  He has shot down every argument for Cirie that Matt has offered.

Matt says lifestyle wise, he likes Cirie better as she is nice to everyone and Jag agrees, then finds another reason NOT to keep her.

Jag:  The thing is...

Matt: Here's how I see it.  You have to decide because if you win HOH, you have to know who you can beat cause I can't play in this one.

Jag: I feel like I HAVE TO win.  I know we say that every time, but this time it's true.

[I think Jag can go all night with his same arguments to evict Cirie.  Not sure why he needs to convince Matt because he is not able to vote on Thursday since he is HOH. ~AuntD]

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7:26PM BBT

Bowie Jane shouts out her mom, "It's the 29th in Australia! Happy Birthday Mum!"

Felicia asks what the traditional dishes in Australia are. Bowie Jane says they have heaps of Asian food because they are so close to Asia, as well as Italian and pub food. "The food is good in Melbourne." Felicia asks about their holidays.

Bowie: No Thanksgiving. We do Christmas, News Day (New Years Day), Labor Day, Anzac Day (similar to Memorial Day), Australia Day, Easter, and I think that's it.

Cirie says we don't really have Easter as a holiday. It's more just Good Friday.

Bowie: We have that Friday and Monday (off for Easter)

Cirie explains that in the US, holidays are becoming less religion based.

BJ: Melbourne Cup Day, the day that stops the nation. Everyone stops to watch the race.

Bowie says they have a holiday for their football league.

Felicia says the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday should be a holiday since everyone has big parties for the Super Bowl. [No! Not everyone! When football (quarterback sack) almost kills your son and definitely permanently changes his personality, you form a loathing like no other. PapaLong is on his own as a football fan, now. -ML]

Cirie: Well, don't go to the party. That's the most ridiculousness I have ever heard in my life. It shouldn't be a holiday when we don't celebrate Easter. Football? No Ma'am. A holiday? Oh my God.

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7:37PM BBT

Cirie tells Bowie Jane she needs one of Bowie Jane's HoH photos because she has gotten one from other HoH's, "I got Cory's I got one of Jared's, I need one of yours (Felicia) and yours (Bowie)

Felicia: I'm gonna give you the one of me and Jair

Cirie: That's the one I want.

Bowie Jane says she will give her the one of her and her dog.

Cirie: I didn't get one of Cameron's, though

She says she needs to get one from Jag and Matt, too.

Bowie says she is going inside to check on the boys and clean her teeth.


7:45PM BBT

Bowie joins Jag and Matt in the HoHR

Jag tells Bowie that they have been talking about who to save and that Cirie is the riskier player.

Bowie: We don't know how she plays, really

Jag: We don't know her 100% level; what that looks like.

BJ: No!

Matt says Felicia has been obviously studying. "If there is a smart one coming up, Felicia is on it."

Bowie says Cirie is calm under pressure, "She is used to being in an operating room under pressure." 

Matt: Cirie has played in a lot of competitions. She played in Survivor and she won Traitors. She has been in final two a lot of times. She is going to kill her final speech. She is good on persuasion.

Bowie: It's risky letting Cirie get too close.

Matt says Cirie has done better than Felicia in the competitions.

Jag: She is throwing comps

Matt recalls her performance in OTEV and how obvious it was that she was throwing it.

Jag: If Ciriie goes this week, we cook Felicia.


7:49PM BBT

In the backyard...

Cirie: They sipping the Jag juice with the  mayor? (mayor = Reilly) Did you hear that? She the one with the juice! They cried the other day about the mayor. Him, him and Blue. Either you knew them beforehand or you did something to them. What in the world? Y'all up there crying over someone you knew for two weeks, 80 days later. Y'all knew Izzy for 30 some days. Two hot weeks?  And y'all up there having memorials and drinking wine, crying? What the hell happened?

Felicia: Two weeks and she done found his mama

Cirie: This is some kind of cult activity. We gonna have to have someone look into it.

Felicia: I still say if she had stayed they both would be gone (Matt and Jag)

Cirie: Jag would have thrown himself on the sword! More power to you! Shout out to you Reilly! I ain't dogging you but goodness gracious.

Felicia: She got something going on!

Cirie: And Jag?!? What does that have to do with Jag? You seen his feet leave the floor. He jumped up in the air and screamed, 'Reilly!' You saw that for your own self. What does that have to do with him? They sat and cried, reminiscing about Reilly. Reilly got the juice!

Felicia: Girrrrl!

Cirie: Got the juice. Ain't nobody cried over Red! He was here 37 days!

Felicia: Izzy? Jared?

Cirie: 44!

Felicia: 58! Meme?

Cirie: 65

Felicia: Cameron?

Cirie: 72

Felciia: Cory?

Cirie: 79

Felicia: Blue?

Cirie: 81

Felicia: America?

81! That's a good way to do they thing, though (study evictions)

Felicia: Right!

Cirie: And Reilly was day goddamn 16 and y'all crying.

Felicia: No, 86

Cirie: Yeah, 86, and I said 81. I didn't get that right. 86! You got a letter from someone you knew 16 days and cried.

Felicia: 86 and no tears shed! But 16 days? And your family? You don't even know where your family lives!

Cirie: They moved. And you don't know where they live.

Felicia: They set that up. I am convinced. That did not just happen. That was supposed to be the season's showmance! She will back. Hear me when I say that! She will be back here next season.

Cirie: After they see this shit, they gonna vote her out the first day because you got that juice, you don't want to keep her.

Felicia: She was too emotional. I used to always say, what about you and Reilly? He downplayed it because he didn't know if she liked him. All he needed was assurance she liked him and he was in.

Cirie: And so is Tingers (aka Jag because he told them week 3 that he calls his toes tingers because they are long like fingers)

Felicia: She really was 'I really Jag! I really like Jag'

Cirie says that was because she didn't want people targeting Matt. "But Jag was working for her!"


8:00PM BBT

Cirie: This place is horrible!

Felicia: It really does create...

Cirie: It is Hell like!

Felicia: What?

Cirie: Hell! Everywhere you look!

Felicia laughs.

Some silence passes.


8:01PM BBT

Felicia: Yeah, they got a final 3 with Bowie Jane. Gameplay strategy? Yeah. Because who's gonna give Bowie some money? Not a damn soul! They sittin' their with their mouth open wondering how she got her ass all the way here (the jury) but they ain't gonna give her no damn money.

Cirie: Mm Hmm

Felicia: And that would be a shocker if somehow Bowie Jane ended up winning this shit? Girrl! That would actually be the ultimate! Almost make you say, shit, If she was able to be who she was, and everybody knew who she was, always chasing the power and never making a decision. Never owning anything and y'all let her get to one of those damn chairs?  Fuck! Bowie Jane! You deserve the 750K. You didn't have to do a damn thing. Well, she won two HoHs.

Cirie: Hmm

Felicia: The whole season. That was her M.O.

Cirie: Not the whole season. When she was cursing Izzy, she wasn't looking like that. When Red went home, she wasn't looking like that. And when MeMe called out she wasn't looking like that.

Felciia: Mm Hmm

Cirie: She didn't want to be linked to Cameron and then stuck to him like glue every HoH he had

Felicia: Mm Hmm

Cirie: Where Bowie Jane? Up there with Cameron. Where Bowie Jane? Up there with Cameron! Anyone seen Bowie? We had to put out a wanted posted looking for Bowie Jane. And she up there with Cameron and then she said wasn't messing with him, but she shanked him.

Felicia: That's why he was more hot with her (when he was evicted)

Cirie: He didn't win the veto. Now you just stepped on his throat and walked past him like you don't know him. Stranger in the street. Talk about cold blooded. But she's the sheep amongst the wolves like she don't know what's going on.  When you see her previous appearance on Big Brother. 

Felicia: I'll be on the plane looking

Cirie: When you see it, text me!

Felicia: First, I want to know how old she is.

Felicia doesn't believe she is a DJ saying DJs don't travel around the world like that. Cirie agrees because she could never answer direct questions about anything. They really think Bowie Jane is an actor/celebrity of some sort with mad acting skills.

Cirie: I don't even know if she got a dog named Billy or not.


8:07PM BBT

The mamas head inside.

Cirie: Oh Lord. It's only 8 o'clock. 8:07.

Felicia: I hear them up there all loud and having fun.

Cirie: Relaxed! And rich! Matt just won his 5K, and Jag won 5K. I miss my Honey! That's it! Nothing else!

Felicia makes some tea because she is freezing.

Cirie: We need a space heater!

Felicia: OKAY!



[Cirie has been in a defeated mood. I am quite sure she gave the veto competition everything she had knowing it was her chance to stay or, possibly, depended on Matt winning a bit too much. Her game wisdom has her resigned that she will likely be the one evicted. Evicting Cirie is the best move, but it saddens me. -ML]


8:15PM BBT

In the HoHR, the mafia's conversation has centered on the Mayor (Reilly) for a long, long time. They are convinced that Reilly will rock with everyone they liked and hate everyone that gave them trouble in the game. They hear Felicia laughing.

Bowie: She is in good spirits.

Jag: And she has reason to be. She doesn't know, but we are her mustard seeds.  

Matt: We ARE her three mustard seeds!

[The Mustard Seeds would be a much better alliance name, IMO. -ML]

Jag: We are the Mustard Zeeds (with a Z)

Jag moves his fingers from the "M" for Mafia or Mustard to a "Z" for Zeeds. He has to explain this to Matt because Matt was confused knowing seeds is not spelled with a Z.

*WBRB Gold Swirlies


VS--StreamBigBrotherLiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-154681’51” (3).jpg

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9:00PM BBT

Everyone is enjoying the pumpkin spice cookies that Cirie and Felicia made from Matt's HoH haul.

Bowie: This is a 10 out of 10 cookie!

Felicia: They are delicious!

Matt tells Jag, "Wait until you take a bite!"

Jag takes a bite.

Felicia laughs at his reaction, "You floating away?

Jag: Wow! Wait a second! Mmmmmm! This is the best cookie we have had here. 

Felicia: Oh  yeah

Bowie: I agree!

Jag: By far!

Felicia: So good! It's in between a cookie and a cake.

Jag: That's the greatest cookie I've ever had.

Felicia: Buy it when you get home!

Jag: I can't make it as good as y'all.

Matt: That was a great HoH present! The mix for it.

Felicia: Those are delicious. See? That wasted about an hour, hour and a half. Look at us!

Bowie: Yeah!

Jag: Delicious! Delicious!

Bowie: We need a recipe book.

Cirie: It is so easy, though. Cream cheese frosting! Cream cheese, powdered sugar, heavy cream and butter. Whip it and taste it. Usually, I use a half a stick of butter to 8 ounces of cream cheese, and then I just kind of freehand the cream. I used half and half, here.


pumpkin spice cookie.PNG


9:30PM BBT

Cirie settles in Comicverse, reading the Bible.



10:30PM BBT

In the HoHR, Jag and Bowie Jane are quizzing Matt about his relationship with Reilly.

Matt: I'm not going to make her drop her life.

Jag: Would you do long distance for six months

Matt: Yeah, because I'm not somebody that needs to...

*WBRB Gold Swirlies interrupts this conversation to show Cirie buried under her comforter in Comicverse.


10:37PM BBT

Back to the HoHR...

Matt feels like their life would be way better in Nashville than in Baton Rouge because tips are much better for bartenders in Nashville. He will continue training every day and go out on Friday and Saturday nights. Jag doubts she is even bartending anymore. Matt says her picture shows that she is still bartending. Jag said she is likely pursuing other opportunities already (Reilly wants to do Sports Illustrated). Matt says they both want to model and doing it in Hawaii would be great. Matt says he will not stop training but wants to start modeling, too. "I can't shoot down everything just for swimming. That's why I am doing this." Bowie says she could fly in to see him on the weekends.


10:41PM BBT

Felicia enters the Comicverse and tells a sleeping Cirie, "They ain't going to bed anytime soon. They sitting up there like a happy family. If she ends up in one of those chairs, she just might get my vote because y'all stupid enough to carry her there.. I'd be like, that's just as bad as sitting America up there. You guys thinking you can carry her to the end and make sure it's a sure win? Don't kid yourselves. Don't kid yourself thinking Bowie Jane won't win that damn money. You might get your feelings hurt."

This rant goes on and on. Just muffled "Mm Hmm"s  from Cirie.


10:52PM BBT

The lights go out in Comicverse. Felicia whispers, "Thank you Mr. B!"

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