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Friday, October 27, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother 25 observations, and screen captures here! If you post opinions or off-topic messages, I will move them here:  https://www.tvfanforums.net/forum/337-big-brother-25-discussion-dish/

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here) until Sunday, November 5, when Daylight Saving Time ends. 

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in and talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  

Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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1:54AM BBT

Matt gets his HoH Room and his letter is from Reilly! There is also a picture of Reilly with his mom.

Reilly's letter to Matt reads:


Matty Ice,


Look who is finally up in that HoH Suite! I can imagine you're on cloud nine and you deserve to soak up every ounce of this feeling! Wear that key around your neck proudly! 


I want you to know how much I believe in you and that myself, your family and friends are so proud to see you in there kicking butt. I am cheering you on 24/7. Cute braids, by the way! If anyone can do this, it's you! I also want you to know how much I miss you and wish I could be telling you all this in person at 3AM on the hammock eating that weird lemon popcorn you made.


By the way, if a silly Q-tip heart shape didn’t quite get the message across, the feeling is mutual, and I can’t wait to see you. Now hurry up and win this thing so we can gritty our way to an LSU football game.



Your fellow late-night RATT




Matt: because our name together is R A T T (Reilly and Matt).

Everyone cheers and runs to Matt for hugs. They love that Reilly is as into Matt as he is with her.

Jag: Let's Goooo!

Matt: That's awesome! I didn't see that coming at all. I guess I have a girlfriend after this.




Felicia: Reilly done found your mama!

Matt: Let's go Reilly!

All the HGs continue cheering and congratulating Matt.

Felicia: Well, can we get an invite to this wedding, too?






2:45AM BBT

Matt, Jag and Bowie are snacking on quesadillas and still trying to decide on their alliance name. They are trying to play off of sinking ships because they have said "we would go down with this ship."

Jag suggests the shipmates. Bowie suggests Ships Ahoy. 


[How about Ship Stirrers? -MamaLong]


Matt says if Felicia or Cirie win the veto, "obviously I have to put one of you up."

Bowie:  Yeah! It's fine.

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2:59AM BBT

The backyard is open.

Matt, Jag and Bowie Jane are playing a game of Cutthroat to celebrate.

They discuss how dumb it was for Felicia to blow things up to Blue just to get a jury vote. They talk about how close of a call the HoH was.

Matt: The mamas were cooking us!

Jag: Mama Fe was so salty.

Matt says when he hugged Mama Fe and told her he loved her she said, "That was a fake ass hug."

Matt: Okay, so here's a fake ass pawn situation.

Bowie Jane says Felicia will drag Cirie.


4:29AM BBT

Matt is getting settled in his HoH Room, going through his HoH basket, organizing his bathroom items and listening to his music.


4:36AM BBT

Jag and Bowie Jane settle in their beds in Scaryverse.

Jag: Good night Bowie Jane.

BJ: Good night!


9:33AM BBT

It's Wakey, Wakey TIme!


10:08AM BBT

In the HoHR...

Matt: As long as one of us wins veto, we make it to final three.

Jag: What we need to do is win an HoH and a veto.


11:18AM BBT

In the backyard, Felicia is complaining to Bowie Jane about everyone coming after her first (in HoH competition).

Felicia: HoH showed me a lot yesterday.

BJ: Yeah

Felicia: That's why I can't even get excited about being here. I'm supposed to be excited. I'm not excited.

BJ: Yeah. That was a good comp, that HoH one. It was fair. Good set.

Felicia: It's fair if everybody ain't coming after you. I was like, here are four of us out here. Why are three of you coming after me?

Bowie: Well, I think they were going after Jag. Right?

Felicia: I was trying to figure out, why is everyone coming after me? Jag has been HoH twice. Let's take him out first but they were determined I was gonna be the first one out.  I was like, Okay. I know it's a game, but it still showed me something.




11:45AM BBT

The Final Five are discussing their Halloween costumes.

Jag: We have Halloween on Tuesday!

Matt: Fun day!

Bowie: When they asked me what costume I wanted I said Cockadoodle Zoom. I have to change that. I was joking.

Matt asked for Mandalorian.

Jag wants to be a gold medaling Olympian. "I want to dress up as a mustard seed."

Bowie: Big Brother, I want to change my costume. I don't want to be Cockadoodle Zoom. What costume did you say, Cirie?

Cirie said she asked for Flo from Progressive Insurance commercials.

Jag: What are the odds they give us our BB Comics (as costumes)?

Bowie: Zero!



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11:53AM BBT

In the HoHR, Matt is telling Bowie Jane his plan. He says he could put her up, but he won't. Matt says he can't be fake. Matt says Cirie told him in the kitchen, "Boy, don't you be thinking about putting me up." Bowie says Cirie should have won "She hasn't done anything." Matt says it was awkward, but the team has been carrying her, so she's going up.

Matt: What I'm going to do is I'm gonna tell Cirie I am putting her up but don't worry Felicia is the target. If Felicia comes down?  I am going to have to say you go up. If you are next to Cirie, you stay alive. Don't worry.  

Matt says he will tell Felicia that she and Cirie are both pawns and Bowie Jane is the true target.

Bowie Jane: If there's three of us, and I can win, let me win and I'll keep noms the same.

Matt: I know. This just sucks. I hate this part. If Cirie wants to be mad at me all week, so be it.

Bowie Jane: She will be campaigning. She was like that with at first but then I told her she was the pawn, and she was fine.

Matt: I usually let people do the talking, but I have to do the talking and put my foot down. ..put my big boy pants on.

Bowie: Cirie hasn't won anything on purpose (to avoid targeting anyone). She told me she wanted it to be a two-two to force Jag's hand (Blue eviction)

Matt: They were trying to please everyone.



Matt: Felicia is gonna be mad. But Felicia has got to go! Dude, this is why you don't blow up on Thursdays. Every Thursday!


12:18PM BBT

Matt tells Bowie that he had a 30 minute conversation with Reilly right before she was evicted and it left Reilly saying, "Fuck Jared! Fuck Cory and fuck America because they flipped the votes."

Bowie Jane: Oh, so she is watching going YAYYYYY! 

Matt: I know!

Matt says getting Jared out was huge, "because Jared and I were close." He tells Bowie that he had a final four with Jared. Bowie says that Jared had an alliance with everyone.

Matt: He was working everything. He had a final two with Cory.

Matt tells Bowie he is rocking with Cirie so he wants to keep her over Felicia. "It will be me, you and Jag against Cirie."

Bowie Jane says Cirie and Felicia have done jack shit all season.


12:23PM BBT

In the backyard, Cirie, Felicia and Jag are drifting in and out of sleep.


12:30PM BBT

Cire and Felicia begin complaining about Bowie Jane taking up all of Matt's time.

Felicia: It should be a 20 minute conversation, Matt

Cirie: She been up there an hour

Jag: She has been up there a long time. Should we just go form a line?

They tell Jag to go tell Bowie to get her ass out of there and give others a turn. Jag heads upstairs.

Jag: They are both tripping that you been up here s long.

Jag's microphone is not working.


After Jag leaves the backyard, the mamas say Bowie is up there crying. Cirie says it will be her and Felicia going up.

Felicia: And then we see their ulterior motive.


12:38PM BBT

Big Brother: Jag, please exchange y our microphone with one in the storage room.

Jag keeps talking without a working mic.


12:40PM BBT

Matt says the mamas have been guilting him. Cirie told him Reilly is watching and he doesn't want to upset her. 

Jag is talking, but it's hard to hear him.


In the backyard, Cirie points out that now all three of them are out there. "I could hear them when I went in to get juice. It didn't sound like she was crying."

Felicia: Well, it's rude because he has to talk with everybody.

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12:42PM BBT

Felicia heads into the kitchen to look into the spy cam, so Matt get's a hint. Bowie and Matt see her and say they should ignore her. Matt then yells to her to come on up.


Felicia enters the HoHR.

Matt: You're gonna be mad at me. I need you to be a pawn. You are not the target.

Felicia: Matt, I have been a pawn six times!

Matt tells Felicia that if Bowie is not on the block come Saturday she will think she doesn't need to win the veto. "As long as you guys don't tell her because if you tell her, she's gonna play like a boss in veto." Matt says he hopes one of them come down so he can put up Bowie and assures Felicia that if worse comes to worse, Cirie would go, but not her. "Jag has a vote. I have a vote."

Felicia: I can trust you and Jag on this?

Matt: I am thinking long term picture here. You want people to feel safe and then when you have an opportunity, BOOM! It sucks because I love everyone in here. 

Felicia looks sideways at Matt.

Matt: I know! I'm sorry! I know! I know!

Felicia: Just remember week 3!

Matt: I know! I know! I know! You have been a pawn so many times. They won't suspect anything. If I change the rhythm of that, oh, Matt's making a big move all the sudden.

Felicia: And shit goes awry.

Matt: It's the obvious thing so no one gets worried.


Felicia: So Cirie is gonna think you are saving her and not me.

Matt says he will tell her he has a different target in mind but she has to go up. He knows she will guilt trip him. "How do I comfort her?"

Felicia: The same way you just told me. The only way to keep Bowie Jane calm is to not put her on the block.


Matt: You broke the record though

Felicia: This ain't a good record to have

Matt tells her it's a good thing for her resume.

Felicia: I want to sit there with as the two underdogs

Matt: Underdogs all day long

Felicia: Okay, I am trusting you Matty Ice. I trust you.

Matt: I got you!

Felicia: Okay. No worries.

Felicia leaves.

Matt: *big sigh* Oh man!



1:00PM BBT

Matt is now talking with Cirie. He tells her that he knows she isn't volunteering to go up.

Cirie: What is your plan?

Matt tells her that he thinks it is best for Felicia to go, but he also feels like veto could present an opportunity that "this could be the week." (that Jag goes) Cirie says there is not other week. Matt agrees but feels veto is the hitch for that plan because if he put Jag strtaight up he would gun for the veto. He tells Cirie there is no way Bowie or Jag would vote her out. "You're the bigger person. You're a boss ass bitch." Cirie warns him that everyone loves Jag and he will win this game if he makes it to the end.

Cirie: Alrighty

Matt: Thank you! I know it sucks! You will be here next week.

Cirie: I hope this turns into something better because of the veto. We don't got anything to talk about until veto plays.

Matt offers his HoH room and bathroom. He wants to share his wine with Cirie on Sunday.

Matt: It's not a fair trade.

Cirie: No, it's not, mother fucker! 

Matt: It's the least I can do!

Cirie: Especially since I let you win yesterday.

Matt: I know! I know!



1:07PM BBT

Bowie Jane and Jag are playing pool in the backyard.

Big Brother: Jag, please exchange your microphone with one in the storage room.

Jag: Okay


1:13PM BBT

Matt updates Jag in the HoHR. He details his conversations with the mamas. Matt is satisfied with how his talks went.



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Jag tells Matt the mamas just think he is a dumb kid.

Matt: I'm dumb blond kid. I'm living up to it. I have to. I can cook up some things, though. I said Bowie should win HoH and we win veto.

He then discusses how his Josh Duhamel gig helped, and he knew it would because had he picked anything else, he would have been a target.

Matt: It's hard lying, Bro!

Jag; It's part of the game.

Matt: I have to. It sucks!


1:31PM BBT

Matt tells Jag that Cirie was trying to warn him about Jag winning the game based on what Blue said.


[Cirie told Matt that she talked with Blue right after Blue found out about being the target to see how she was doing, and Blue told her that no matter what, she loves Jag and he will win this game. -ML]

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2:22PM BBT

In the HoHR, Jag, Bowie and Matt have finally decided their alliance name is "The Mafia"

Their call sign is to form an M for Mafia with their fingers then flip it up to a W for winners.


VS--StreamBigBrotherLiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-152885’32” (1).jpg



[I am fairly certain we have already had "The Mafia" as a Big Brother alliance. Derek Xiao comes to mind from BB23 -ML].


2:32PM BBT

The feeds jump to RCHS for the nomination ceremony.

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Picking back up from last night...


5:22PM BBT

Matt says he isn't sure he will wear his HoH robe. He doesn't think it will fit him. 

Felicia: I'd be willing to bet it doesn't fit you.

Matt: Yeah, because I have gained (weight). It will probably be too tight.

Jag says he never wore his HoH robe because his was too tight. 


5:24PM BBT

Cirie enters the backyard and Felicia tells her they have been waiting or her to eat. Felicia offers the prayer and the HGs dig in.

Bowie Jane: Thanks for cooking!

Matt: Mm Hmm

They eat al fresco in the backyard and all rave about how good the food is.

Bowie tastes the food, "You guys! Look at you! (she loves it)

Cirie: It tastes like butter!

BJ: This is so nice!

Jag isn't sure he will like lamb. "I want to try it, first, to see if I like it."

Cirie: What do you mean? You haven't had lamb before?  

BJ: You will love it and want some more.

Jag tries it but can't believe how much fat is on it. He cuts all the fat out. "Is all of this fat?" He offers the fat to Cirie.

Cirie: I will take it! The lamb is good.

BJ: Have you tried tasting the fat? The fat is good!

Jag asks about the color thinking it is not done. Felicia tells him, "That is where you want it. If it's not pink, it's overcooked."

Jag: Okay (Jag doesn't seem to be able to get past the image of a sweet baby lamb in his head)

Felicia: The lamb is tender. You guys did a good job!

Jag: Thank  you

Cirie: And the pork is flavorful!

Jag: I just hate the fat!

Matt:A little is okay.  Do you not want the fat?

Jag: It's just too chewy and then I spit it out!

Cirie: I'm just surprised how perfect they got the lamb.

Bowie Jane: Me, too!

Matt: Yeah, seasoned them good!

Felicia: And the pork is really tender.

Jag: Thank you!

Matt: The lamb is juicy

Jag: Mm Hmm

Felicia: We are eating grilled lamb, grilled pork chop loins and a nice spinach mixed salad. We're eating well in the Big  Brother house tonight.

Bowie: And it's 10 out of 10

Felicia: 10 out of 10! And our master master grillers are learning how to grill.

Matt: Learning from the best.

Jag: Yep!

*WBRB Gold Swirlies




6:50PM BBT

Cirie is reading the Bible in Comicverse. 

Matt, Jag and Bowie Jane are studying in the HoHR.  



10:24PM BBT

The lights go out in Comicverse where Cirie and Felicia have been sleeping since 10PM.

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11:05PM BBT

In Scaryverse, Bowie Jane and Jag discuss the options for eviction. Should it be Cirie or Felicia? They settle on Cirie staying because Felicia is irrational.


11:30PM BBT

Jag: In the Final HoH, would you actually choose me to sit next to you?

Bowie: ONE MILLION %! That's what I told you yesterday. Did you not understand? I wasn't expecting you to say the same but wanted you to know.

Jag: I would want to sit next to you! I hope it's us! I really do! We will both get fucked by the jury together.

Bowie: Yeah, we'll just stand there and laugh.

Jag tells Bowie Jane that he didn't know if she had anything with Matt but he knows that Matt has a final 2 with Cirie.

BJ: Did he say that?

Jag: I just knowwwwww! I really want it to be us at the end!

BJ: Yeah, Same!

Jag: We are three comps away.


11:53PM BBT

After talking for over two hours, and realizing that getting to final 2 means they have to win everything, the lights finally go out in Scaryverse for Bowie Jane and Jag.

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