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Saturday, October 14, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here) until Sunday, November 5, when Daylight Saving Time ends. 

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in and talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  

Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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7:30AM BBT

Wakey, Wakey Houseguests 


The feeds moved to RCHS earlier and when they returned, we see that the HG's were told the power of Multiplicity brings a double veto this week.



12:33PM BBT

RCHS on the feeds

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5:09PM BBT

The feeds cut for the PoV at 11:47AM BBT. So far it's been over 5 hours.


With the Power of Multiplicity forcing a double veto, we just don't know if the two vetoes will be played back to back or not. We could be waiting for a long, long time.


I've got the feeds playing and will post an update as soon as I know anything. -ML

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7:49 AM, BBT

Cirie Is up in the comic bedroom folding clothes 

in the scary bedroom Jag is sitting up in bed Blue is sitting up in bed with her glasses on just sitting there, not speaking to each other it’s kind of weird

Bowie Jane is showering ..we have close up of her profile in sower


7:52 am

Blue gets out of bed ..followed by Jag..who looks to be putting contacts in 


7:54am  Blue meets Cirie in storage room whispering ..Cirie has mic in hand while a tooth brush is in her mouth 


Blue is telling Cirie she think she wants to go to JAG and tell him what America’s been saying about him and Matt and what Cory’s been saying about them to her and asks Cirie  if she thinks that that would do anything..

It is hard to understand Cirie with toothbrush in her mouth .. But she says I don’t know if they have a back door plan so I don’t know whisper whisper then Siri gets called out to put her microphone on blue. Asked Siri to please see where Bowie’s head is app.


7:57 am

Jag comes into the storage room and Cirie and Jag  hugging it out giggling  Cirie mumbles did you sleep good Jags says yeah yeah did you she mmm mmm hmm mmm and giggles then leaves .


7:59 am WAKEY WAKEY house guest


8:00am Cory’s shimmming into some clothes under the covers (underwear? Pants?) he gets up with pants on puts on socks and mic pack cracks knuckles .. looking around half asleep still 


America still sleeping 


802am Kitchen 

Matt changing batteries in storages says Good Morning to Cory then goes to kitchen sees Cirie says good morning. Starts to get coffee ready. Cirie says no give me a hug. Give me hug. I’m about to do that. I’m gonna wash it out. Make us coffee.

Matt says ok how can I help you? And starts putting clean dishes away. 


8:06am Bathroom 

Felicia in shower 

Bowie Jane doing make up

Cory brushing teeth 

Jag washing face

Blue brushing teeth 



8:10am Kitchen 

Cory comes in from outside and says it’s cold out there … 

Cirie laughs and says he retreated it must be real cold 

Cory goes and gets pink blanket and heads back into the bathroom 

Cirie continues to put things away in kitchen 


(I will try to pop in and update some more later, watching them shower and the brushing of the teeth …gives me the big ICK!)


they went to swirls …then kittens shortly after …




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6:37PM BBT

The feeds popped to WBRB


6:39PM BBT

The feeds have returned


America is showering.

In the kitchen, Matt says this veto was usually an HoH competition.

Cirie: They just inverted it, so what's next?

Cory and Matt say "Slip-n-slide"

This was a physical competition.


6:42PM BBT

WBRB Gold Swirlies


6:46PM BBT

In Scaryverse, Bowie, Blue and Jag are talking.


Big Brother: Please check the storage room

Bowie: Ooh! Alcohol?

Jag: Mic Belts..just get me some

They got Max Freeze muscle meds

WBRB, again


6:48PM BBT

In the kitchen with Cirie and Cory:

Cory: This sucks

Cirie: I know

Cory: That could have been anybody. (who wins) Imagine though that Blue wins the first one and Felicia wins numbers.

Cirie: That could be way worse.

Cory: I think people are like it's between me or Jag (with Invisible HoH) but it seems like people are off the Cory train which I am happy about.


WBRB Gold Swirlies, AGAIN

6:57PM BBT

Half of the feeds return to Bowie massaging Blue's back

Jag: That was like Poetic Justice. To hold on that fucking long and then the immediate next veto is a chance. The luck of God.

Bowie: I know...(to Blue) Is that better

Blue: Yes!

Now Jag is getting massaged by Bowie. They all say their backs are hurting

Jag: Thanks Bowie!

Bowie: No worries! I do a firm massage because I like them firm.

Jag: What a crazy comp!

This apparently was a painful competition.

Bowie: Crazy with a crazy outcome

Jag talks about the wall being painful but not like this one, "Clearly Blue is far beyond fit enough to win a comp like that

Bowie: Oh yeah, she's insane at it

Jag: So it came to just that....crazy.....crazy

Bowie: Is it sore down there?

Jag: Yeah......wild....wild

Felicia walks in

Bowie: Didn't you say you wanted a massage, too?

Jag: My back is on fire!

Bowie: Yeah! That's what you want!


Jag: It's not what I want. What did I sign up for. Okay I'm done!

WBRB, again

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7:06PM BBT

In the bathroom area with Matt and America:

Matt: I guess we put up Cirie

America: But if we want to make Bowie feel comfortable, she cannot go up (Bowie) because it would be like, 'why are you not putting up Cirie'

Matt: Yeah


Jag and Blue are wearing veto necklaces.

It sounds to me like Jag won the first veto and Blue won the second. -ML


In the kitchen:

Jag: It was really difficult for me even right at the beginning.

Blue: I was like, this is really hard, but then I would get a second wind and be like 'this is okay'




WBRB Gold Swirlies, again


7:24PM BBT

The feeds return to Felicia alone in Comicverse.

Felicia: Well, Mr. B, it's me myself and I for the next 24 hours. For the rest of the night and all day tomorrow I will be in here by myself. And the negative for that is I can't campaign for myself. I don't get to do nothing. That is it. And that could be a problem. But, if I do go home, I will have done 79 days. I'm not mad. 79 good days. I will have almost made it to the end, but I ain't counting myself out yet. It ain't over until it's over. If we could figure out how to get rid of a target bigger than me, whether it be Cory or America or Bowie Jane...if we could figure out how to do that...let's see who really telling the truth. They all said Blue and she saved herself. Does anyone feel aligned with me enough to save me? That is the question."


Felicia has been provided a portable potty tent in Comicverse.









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7:37PM BBT

Cirie is talking with America about her having a punishment in the Have-Not Room. 

Big Brother: Cirie, Please go to the Diary Room Downstairs


The first Power of Veto Competition was the swinging/spinning competition DIzzy DIscs.



7:51PM BBT

Jag and Matt are talking in HNR. Matt says they could paint a picture that America was the HoH the whole time.

Blue comes in, and Jag tells they they were talking about the crazy comp they were just in. He asks how Blue is doing.

Blue: Good! I have to go to bed soon.

Jag: When I saw that comp, I knew it would be one of us to win it.

Blue: I was like, it's down to us, come on!

Jag: That was so cute

Blue: Yeah

Matt: What?

Jag: When she fell then I fell and we hugged and then snow angels

Blue says that right after the competition, America told her good job then 'See how Jag held on? That should tell you a lot!'

Jag repeats what Blue just said in astonishment.




Jag: Whoever wins the first comp, gets to use the veto second. That is the advantage of winning the first comp.

Blue: Low key, you should do it.

Jag: But he could go up.

Blue: Oh yeah....stupid, stupid.

Jag: That's what they are trying to do...force my hand in using the veto.


8:00PM BBT

Blue: Another thing I caught that was very interesting was...

Blue describes a conversation where Cory and America were saying it would be funny to send Felicia out since Cameron begged her to not be the first one to join him in the jury house

Jag and Blue are visibly in pain. 

Jag: Dude, I am still fucking sore from that one




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8:10AM BBT

Blue says she is nervous for the Double Eviction, "But the good things is we are all here!"

Jag says if Matt will be saved by veto if he goes up. (He is still remaining the invisible HoH to Blue)



8:13PM BBT

In Scaryverse, America tells Bowie the odds are in their favor. They discuss how Felicia's punishment is the worst punishment ever. America tells Bowie how Cameron begged that Felicia not be the first one to join him in jury

America: Cirie is already freaking out.

Bowie: Is she?

America: Yeah! It's gonna be her. It has to be!

Bowie Jane: I guess I have to have a conversation with him. At least we are in the same room. It's gonna be a shit show around here.

America and Bowie discuss whether Jag told Cirie he won HoH. They don't think he told her.

Bowie: Or maybe she already knew.

America: Why would he tell her?





Back in HNR, they are discussing the 2nd veto competition which sounds like they had to calculate figures based on the first veto competition.

Matt: When I saw Bowie and Felicia go, I was like oh, hell yeah, everybody is guessing off. She was 5 closer, under and I was over. (Matt pauses for bit.) I don't know where the fuck 600 came from. I'm sorry! I was like where did you get 600? (not sure who he is talking about)

Jag: That was the max time.

Matt: No the max time was 300. That's 20 minutes. 300 is the max number. So I was like, where did you get 600? You think this mother fucker is gonna swing for 20 fucking minutes, no 10 minutes...10 minutes.

Jag: 10 minutes was not the fucking max out time. They said they put that down because...

Matt: Why?

Jag: They fucked up doing the math on that. Here is where they fucked up. They didn't do the math right on how to get to 10K. You get $500 every 15 seconds that means every minute is $2,000. 5 minutes because 2 x 5 is 10 grand.  

Matt: The max is at 5 minutes. That's why I don't get 600. 

Matt: They thought he was gonna hold for 10 minutes. I was like, Oh my God. They both did 600. How are you both gonna put 600 and you're not supposed to look at anyone's answers?

Blue: They are the same, Bro!

Matt: I know!


With this the feeds move to all cameras in Scaryverse where America is talking about how they reversed the competitions because they wanted an invisible HoH.


8:24PM BBT

Cirie is now moving her stuff up to the HNR where the three are talking about Beetlejuice from Howard Stern. Cirie says he is from Jersey City where I'm from.

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Cirie: Why are y'all talking about Beetlejuice?

Jag says they were talking about guessing numbers and how Beetlejuice does that.

Matt: I follow his page.

Cirie: Do you really?

Matt: He's got a lot of followers.

Cirie: Beetlejuice made it to the Big Brother House all the way from Jersey City! That's crazy! 

Matt: What?

Cirie repeats

Matt: Oh yeah because we are talking about him.

Regarding Cirie's punishment, Matt mentions that they said Cirie will have a phone to call downstairs. 

Cirie: Maybe a phone booth

the feeds cut to WBRB.


8:49PM BBT

In the HNR, Cirie, Matt and Jag are saying they are expecting Slip-n-slide next week and a Double Eviction the following week.


8:53PM BBT

Matt and Cirie both say they have paint caked in their hair. Cirie said she won't wash her hair until she is done with "this outfit." Cirie tell Matt, "I told him I am not volunteering anymore (as a pawn). That was just because of Cameron"


They begin discussing the items in the HNR that they want. Cirie wants the dog and will pay for the shipping if they let her have it. "He watches over the doggie bed. That's why I sleep here. I want him and Louise. They are brother and sister." (I'm pretty sure Louise is the side-eye cat in Comicverse)

Matt says he wants the hot dog bed.




[I am out for the night y'all. Hopefully someone else is around to update. -ML]

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9:18PM BBT


In the kitchen:

Cory: How are you feeling?

Matt: I guess it has to be Cirie. I think it's a good week.

Cory: It's gonna be fine. Also, this is gonna sound stupid, but I am kind of over Felicia. She is just annoying.

Matt says that Felicia was just disrespectful before the veto.


In the backyard:

Cirie is wearing her Supersuit outfit but has her robe over the top. She tells Bowie Jane that she is getting more and one to sleep in. She wants to take it home for her granddaughter. America mentions the portable potty.

Cirie: Oh, I didn't think of that!


Big Brother Punishment Voice: Cirie, Suit up and test your supersuit's durability by rolling from one side of the yard to the other and back.


Cirie: I don't know if I can do that...like roll on the ground. Yeah, I don't know. Roll on the ground.


Cirie takes off her robe and puts on her mask. She then takes a short cut by kind of rolling (more from knees to hip) from the couch to the wall. The HGs remind her she has to roll back. She argues that she was told to roll from one side to the other.


Big Brother Punishment Voice Repeats: Cirie, Suit up and test your supersuit's durability by rolling from one side of the yard to the other and back.

Blue: That wasn't that bad!

Cirie: I'm trying! Oh Lord!


After discussing possible tasks she could be asked to do,

Cirie: I am trying! I will try certain things.

America: I'm trying to think what they will have you do, like fly around the house?

Cirie: I don't know. If it's humiliating for my grandkids, y'all are gonna get mad at me, but if  I ain't doing it.

America: What things would be humiliating?

Cirie: Like rolling on the ground. I'm trying! That's a bit much! I am gonna try to do certain things. 
















10:21PM BBT

In the bathroom area, Jag tells Bowie that he is going to put up Cory and America, but he will tell both Cirie and Blue before "and come clean." Jag says he will tell Blue that he was targeting her because America and Cory were telling him that she was targeting him.

Bowie: When are you telling Blue?

Jag: Tonight, and I'll tell Cirie, too.


10:24PM BBT

[LOL! Truly out for real now  -ML]

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[Catching up from where I left of last night. -ML]


10:53PM BBT

The cameras flip to Jag and Cirie mid-conversation in the backyard.

Cirie is thanking Jag for sharing his story of how he was able to get through the competition while thinking about his mom.

Cirie: Thank you Jag! You made me think of my sons and how they would be if they were here. They would have been the same way. And the fact that you think of your mom like that AND how hard it was AND you pull out the win!?!?  I can see you through her eyes. It made me emotional. Super proud! Super proud! (she is teary eyed)

Jag: I was hanging on and was like, at this point, I'm not letting go. This win feels like the most special one. This was not fucking luck.

Cirie: Nah, it wasn't! And this one is for her, and she is gonna see it. Crazy! God bless her. She is going to be so proud, so, so, so, so proud because I would be too. And I am! I am! And also relieved I don't gotta keep it up. (keep the secret of HoH for long)

Jag tells her Matt  is the only other one who knows   [Whatever! LOL! -ML]


Cirie is sniffling and still trying to recover from the conversation they had (not on the feeds) that brought her to tears.

Cirie: I'm flattered that you would trust me with that information! (that he is the invisible HoH) I need you to know that information doesn't go anywhere. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I was so happy that it's you. 

Jag: Well, here's the thing.

Cirie: What?

Jag: You may not have to hold onto that secret for long because just about everyone knows. Here is the thing I am about to put up Cory and America

Cirie: OH MY GOD!

Jag: At this point, they are both snakes. (he talks about how much Cory and America are saying and doing)

Cirie: That's what they do

Jag: So I make the move that I make. So I put up Blue and Felicia. Blue is the target.

Jag then relates the details that Blue shared with him about things America was saying about Jag.

Jag: I was like, damn. At this point in the game, I'm like fuck it. They are this far because I have been protecting them. Matt wins that veto that sends Jared home and protects Cory's ass. (He brings up many other examples.)

Jag: I fight for their lives

Cirie: I know

Jag: I am not a fucking gladiator. Either is Matt. But they still say 'I trust y'all.' The things they say and what they are feeding to other people. I was feeling I could trust them because all the information they were giving me. But now, it is all adding up.

Cirie: Let's go!

Jag: We are sending one of their asses home.

They high five!


[Y'all, if you are one of those who doubt Cirie's game, you have not been paying attention. She listens. She listens to people and says very little game related in return about what SHE wants. She rides with people and plays nice. She tries to understand people, what they want, what they need, what they are thinking. She uses information she gets from everyone to lie in wait. Her strategy works. Cirie also sits back and allows others' loud mouths to plant seeds of doubt. (Felicia, Cory, America) She basically orchestrates thinking trains in her one on one conversations then waits to see where the trains will go. She is not a physical competitor. She is not playing as a mental player. She is playing a SOCIAL game. Her social game leaves her with tight relationships with every single HG. They all trust Cirie despite her obvious ability to get far in these games (and she did win Traitors) All of these things are why I love Cirie and root for her. She serves as the best example of an underrated player. Production is giving her no favor other than allowing her to play this game. Of course fans of CIrie want to see her play. She is fun to watch. She makes mistakes, admits her faults and keeps moving forward. She is the most self aware HG in that house. I admire Cirie in so many ways. She is amazing, and I hope she continues to do well in BB25.   -MamaLong]


Cirie continues praising Jag and supports his thinking on the evict Cory/America track. She shares that Cory and America were telling her "Don't worry. If it's you (replacement nom) you got our votes"

Cirie: They were already priming me to go on the block.

Jag: Yeah and I think they know it's me (Um, yeah, because he told them)

Cirie: And they sitting back and riding it. They gonna ride you another week. I'm happy it's you. You a boss right now, you know. You know Izzy liked you. That's why she would say 'What's up boss?'  'How you doing boss?' Oh, shit's about to get shooken up.

Jag: Honestly, for me, Blue bossed it out today. She was bossing out. I was like, Dawg.

Cirie: Y'all soldiers. Soldiers! Because your soldiers have not been soldiering out for y'all.


Meanwhile in the kitchen, Bowie Jane just told Matt that she can't continue to allow Jag to do everything. [LOL....I like Bowie Jane. She is such an interesting person.  But she has dropped to my number 5 on the MamaLong Top 5 scale (which can change daily based on the game) =  Cirie, Matt, Jag, Blue, Bowie Jane]


Jag: She is a soldier. (Blue) And at that point I was like let's see how the second veto goes. It was such a special moment (when they finished the first competition, Blue and Jag embraced and promised allegiance to each other)

Cirie discusses how unnerved she was with the way Cory and America were acting.

Cirie: Oh Jag! This makes it okay. You? Y'all? You're making it okay. This has been a lot! To hear this? It makes it all okay. Y'all are gonna fix it and fix him. Y'all have taken good care of him. 

Jag: Bro, the reason he this far is because we have all let him be this far.

Cirie: Good for you! Good for you, Boss!

Jag: Hopefully Mama Fe won't be too mad at me for putting her up as pawn but I'll be like 'Mama Fe I sat for you when you were HoH and by the way, here is another veto I'm gonna play for you.' 

Cirie: She is gonna be so happy! She ain't gonna give a damn about it (not being told he was the HoH and being put on the block) She gonna hug your neck.

Jag: She is going to walk out of solitary confinement and get the best news.

Cirie: She'll say 'Come on God!' This made my night. I am so happy for you!

Jag: I have to tell Bowie tonight, too.  [Wow, Jag! You are hilarious. -ML]

They hug!

Cirie: Oh Jag. Thank you! Thank you so, so much!! Your mom is gonna be so proud. So proud. I love you!  You got this, and I got you in any shape or form possible! We got it! We got it!


11:13PM BBT

Jag: It's going to get real scary soon! I'm about to make sure of that.

Cirie: I appreciate you. I really do! I'm going to bed with a smile on my face. 75 days tomorrow! 75!

Jag: Hopefully we get some wine. Hopefully!


The feeds move to Bowie Jane, Matt, Cory and America eating and talking about Felicia having to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and having to use that portable potty.

Matt: That's gonna stink. I don't think she will use it.

Bowie: But she has to go a lot sometimes  (Felicia has IBS)

Matt: She does...she will prolong it as much as possible, though.




11:17PM BBT

Cirie settles in the doggie bed in the HNR, "I ain't been here since Izzy! And here I am again!"


11:20PM BBT

Matt knocks on the HNR and Cirie yells, "Come in!"

Matt: What's up? I have to get my medicine.

Cirie: Come over her, though!

Matt: Am I in trouble?

Cirie: Cory!!! (she reveals that Jag told her Cory is the target)

They hug! 

Cirie: I am so happy!

Matt: I hope you understand why I didn't say anything!

Cirie: Of course! Of course! 

Matt: I knew you were not in danger.

Cirie: There was no need. No need. Don't do that. (feel bad)

Big Brother: Please put your microphone on

They discuss that Felicia will know it's Jag once Cory and America go on the block.

Cirie: I'm so excited. It's time though. When Blue and Jag were up there fighting for their lives and they were like (Cory and America were all hugged up and acting very comfortable)

Matt: I was fucking pissed! I looked at Bowie like, 'Do you see this shit?'

Cirie: I was like wow! Y'all so comfortable that you're doing this? (America was rubbing Cory's ears)

Cirie: It's time! It's been time. Like, enough of Cory already! Y'all protected Cory for so long, did his dirty work for so long. And he sits back and lets her do this (rub ears)

Matt: Mother fucker. They were always going to be (the target) but we couldn't make it obvious. I don't know how Blue is going to take it all.

Cirie: He said he is going to talk to her. That's for him. I'm not saying a thing. I'm not looking at no one. That's why I came up here to go to bed. I don't want to talk to anyone (other than him or Jag, of course). I appreciate that he would trust me with the information. Whatever he wants to do.  (She will support Jag)

Matt: Both of them up. They are going to realize! Both up! Fuck y'all. 




11:26PM BBT

Cirie: I feel good. I can sleep now.

Matt: Yeah, and I was trying to get Bowie out of the way (so Jag could talk to Cirie) that's why I was like, 'Want to make a badadilla?' We can sleep peaceful!


[Badadilla is Blue's term for a late-night quesadilla. Most of the season, the HGs called it 'bad idea' but Blue clarified the other day that people were calling it 'bad idea' when she had actually said 'badadilla' yet both terms convey the same message . LOL -ML]


11:30PM BBT

In the kitchen, Jag, Cory and America are laughing over the times in the HoH competition.

Cory: I think we are done with endurance, at least until final 3.

Bowie Jane: What about slip-n-slide?


11:46PM BBT

Cory, America, Matt and Jag are in the kitchen. Cory and America are going on and on about Felicia. It is obvious to me that Jag is annoyed by his facial expressions. He sits silently.





11:50PM BBT

America: I really like the OG Matt plan.

Matt: What is the Matt plan?

America: That Jag puts you up then Jag pulls you down.

Cory and America laugh. (Matt and Jag do not laugh)

Jag: The live feeds are gonna go crazy  (you have no idea)

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