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Friday, October 13, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here) until Sunday, November 5, when Daylight Saving Time ends. 

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in and talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  

Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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The feeds returned around 2:30AM. The HGs competed in BB Comics. They do not know who won HoH. The winning time was 8 minutes 30 seconds.


The winner of BB Comics is remaining silent! Jag was the winner. 

Bowie Jane and America are talking in the bathroom area.

Bowie Jane: Falling from that height looked a bit hard, though!

America: She's got a good memory, though?

BJ: Well, we will never know if that was the case. Damn! What a funny twist.

America: We will know after the nominations. There's more powers!

Bowie Jane: What are the powers gonna be?

America: Who knows!

Matt walks into the bathroom area.

Matt: Who fucking did it, Man?

Bowie Jane: Yeah, Seriously! (joking) It was me!

Matt: I think I'm fucked. I think I'm fucked. I think it was Blue. I don't think I would have beat 8:30. I think I would have beat 9 minutes.

Matt says he made a mistake that cost him 4 minutes, "I was 13:37" and knew it wasn't a winning time.

America's time was 10:53. "I spent too much time. I ended up doing two at a time at one point because there were so many details."

Bowie Jane: Was I muscly?

America: It was just your head.

Matt: Just your head with a boomerang.

BJ: I was hoping I had a six pack!

Matt says Cory was ripped in his comic. Matt was a lifeguard in his comic.

Cory's time was 11:11.

Matt: There's no way it was Cirie.

Matt: or Felicia

America: I feel like we keep saying that and we could look dumb.

Matt: You have a 1 in 32 chance of getting it right.


Cirie, Felicia, Blue and Jag are talking in Comicverse.

Jag: The ones with a lot of small details messed me up the most. Red's Chillbilly? It took me a while to find that one. MeMe's was really hard for me, like maybe this hand is smaller than that one. I just couldn't figure it out for a long time.

Cirie: I did MeMe's for me a long time. I could not see what was different.

Jag: MeMe's was one of the hardest. Some of them were easy. Like Cory's.

Cirie: Oh Bowie's boomerang; hat/no hat on Kirsten; shoes/no shoes on Red; Izzy's headband color

Jag: That was hard for me!

Felicia says she picked up on the details quickly but took a long time moving back and forth.

Cirie: Reilly's broken window was easy.

Jag: Broken window was easy!

Felicia: I don't even remember mine. What was mine?

Jag: Cyborg or something. Eye!

Cirie: It was cute.

Jag: It was the jacket. It took me longer than I care to admit.

Cirie: I didn't know who it was. I was like who is this guy?

Both Cirie and Felicia say their comics made them look like men.

Cirie: I was like, there's another black guy in the house?

Felicia says she saw the kayak then knew it was her.

Jag: I was reading the titles first. I was so convinced, especially on MeMe's, that there was nothing different.

Cirie: I could not see MeMe's. What was the glove?

Jag: Black was the right answer. Red's was hard for me.

Felicia: It was a matter of how much could you see and remember before you get back.

Cirie: I probably took 17 trips. My back hurts! My bun fell every time I hit the thing. (The landing) I had to take time to put my hair up because I can't see!

Felicia: Oh my God! Are you serious?

Cirie: The first time I hit? Boom! My hair was out.

Cirie says they kept telling her not to lock her knees, “but I don’t know how to do that.”

Felicia: Tomorrow the pictures will be the tell all.

Cirie: 8 minutes and 30 seconds is fast

Felicia: FIre fast! But that's about the average time for that comp. I knew it was gonna be under 10 (minutes)

Cirie: Who won it in Cookout season? Xavier?

Felicia: I think Xavier.

Felicia says the lowest time they have ever had was around 6 minutes.

Cirie: 6 minutes? That's disrespectful. You only have to go once then.

Felicia says she went and hit the buzzer on her first pass just to see because she saw someone do that "I thought maybe I could get lucky."

Jag: Come on God!

Cirie laughs: He said Come on God! (Felicia always says that!)

Jag: I thought no chance. It's like a 50/50 shot.

Fellicia: I went for it. 

They say everyone is going to play in the veto. They talk about a superpower and speculate what it could be.


Felicia: I think they making everybody play because it would reveal (who HoH is).



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Back in the bathroom with just Blue and Matt...

Blue: How did Cory and America get a faster time than me?

Matt: And me!

Matt: I think one of them won it!

Blue: I made up with them this week, just in case.

Blue says when she saw the time, she was sure it was Jag, but Jag denied he won.

Matt: Fuck!

Blue: I'm telling you. I swear it wasn't me. We're fucked!

Matt: Well, if CIrie won. We're good. She would tell us, though.

Blue: I think they would have told us. (Felcia and CIrie)

Matt says if Felicia won, he thinks he will go up with Jag.

Matt: It's going to be a weird week.

Blue: Yeah!

Matt: I think it was Cory because Cory volunteered. (to do DR first)

Blue: Who knows. Everyone is such a gool liar in this house. 8:30 is crazy!


Back in Comicverse, where America has joined Cirie, Felicia, Jag and Bowie Jane…

America says she rolled her foot because of her heels while voting. She was tripping over the carpet when she went to sit on the couch.

Bowie Jane: Did anyone see the time?

America: It was 2:45AM(when they finished)

Cirie: Oh no! We going to bed! We gonnna discuss this tomorrow. 3 o'clock in the morning already?


After Jag and America leave the room, Cirie whispers to Felicia that she thinks it was Jag because he didin't tell his time.

Felicia: And he is acting real sad!

Cirie: It's 3 o'clock in the morning. I don't have time for that shit.

Felicia: I think he is going to put up Matt and Cory. He is gonna get rid of his biggest competitors.

Cirie: GIrl! I'm gonna cry in the morning if it's 8:30 (Wakey, Wakey)!


Back in the bathroom, America tells Jag that this whole thing being anonymous is weird.

Jag: This whole thing is set up for either you and Cory or me and Matt

Jag insinuates it was Blue who won.

America: You really think it was her?

Jag: I don't know. Maybe. You said she was crying? When?

America: Yeah! In the bathroom!

America says it was just a little bit of tears, but this had to be before the feeds returned.

Jag: I don't know! I don't know!


Cory is now out of the DR, "I don't think Cirie or Felicia won this"

America: But why is she so chipper?

Cory says after doing the competition himself and seeing the times, it is just too unlikely.

Cory: What are the odds Blue won?  

Jag: Yeah

Cory: 15:24?

Jag: I don't believe that


3:30AM BBT

Jag tells Matt he won BB Comics. With his special power, he gets to play in the next HOH, too. He tells Matt they should put up Felicia and Cirie.

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5:23AM BBT

Cory and America are still awake but in bed in Scrambleverse.

5:29AM BBT

Cory: Turn the lights off, Man!

The lights go out pretty instantly but no thank you from Cory. He says his stomach is going crazy. We can hear the rumbling along with snoring from Comicverse.

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8:57AM BBT

The feeds are on WBRB Gold Swirlies for Wakey, Wakey

8:59AM BBT

The feeds return to all house lights up but only Felicia is vertical.

Bowie Jane is now awake and chatting with Felicia. They agree that the nominations will tell them who the HoH is.

felicia says if Cory win it will be Matt and Jag. Bowie Jane thanks BB for the great job on her laundry.

Big Brother: Wakey Wakey Houseguests


9:08AM BBT

BJ says getting Cameron out was the right move because he would have won BB comics. Felicia says he is not self aware. “ his personality was so bizarre.”

Bowie Jane agrees that he would be one way one minute the different the next.


9:14AM BBT

Big Brother: Wakey Wakey Houseguests!

Cirie: I’m awake!


In the bathroom area…

Jag: What’s with the one ply toilet paper?

Felicia: I know!

Jag says there has to be a lot of conversations today.

BJ: I’m going to be the least popular person today (because it can’t be her as HOH)

Jag: I’ll talk to you Bowie Jane

BJ says she will just talk to everyone in the house and say, “Don’t put me up!”


Jag is brushing his teeth. Blue has fallen asleep on the bathroom couch. Cirie is still in bed in Comicverse.

9:25AM BBT

Jag has his BB Comic costume on, likely for DR


Matt: What do you think? I’m down for whatever!

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Matt and Jag are whispering in Scrambleverse! It’s impossible to hear.

Big Brother: Please put on your microphone!


Matt says that he has to learn how to make coffee now that Cam is gone.


Matt is nervously playing with his spinner ring, again. It has become his new flosser (a replacement fidget)


America and Cory are still in bed in Scrambleverse


WBRB Gold Swirlies (maybe tongue lashing to get up out of bed since Cirie, Cory and America are still in bed)

9:35AM BBT

The feeds return to Cirie finally out of bed. She is whispering with Felicia but we can’t hear

BB: Please put on your microphone!

9:40AM BBt

Felicia tells Matt and Cirie that after nominations there will be a lot of people wearing sunglasses (they are all exhausted from lack of sleep) Matt says he barely got any sleep. He just tossed and turned.


BB: Wakey, Wakey Houseguests! 
This is aimed at Cory and America. 

WBRB Gold Swirlies


9:46AM BBT

In the bathroom area Bowie asks, “Any workings out of who it is?”

Cory: You look suspicious Bowie! 

Cory brushes his teeth.


Back in Comicverse, Matt says he’s so glad they got to do BB Comics. 
Felicia agrees. 

Cirie can’t get her ring back on her finger. She cut up her finger somehow in the competition. Matt thinks it was the corners of the poster boards. 

9:51AM BBT

Felicia and Matt tell Bowie that she will probably be the one to turn the keys for nominations since she is the only one who didn’t compete. Bowie says she doesn’t like that because the nominees would blame her.

Felicia: but they would know (it wasn’t her)

Matt: Wouldn’t it be funny if she turned the key and it’s her face.

BJ: ohhh

Matt keeps mentioning coffee and needing to learn how to do it. Bowie says she will make coffee.

min the bathroom area, Cory asks, “is there a chance Jag forgot his time?”

They are all most suspicious of Jag winning, it seems.


The cameras move to all 4 on Comicverse.

9:57AM BBT

WBRB Gold Swirlies

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10:29AM BBT

In the bathroom area…

America: I know I shouldn’t be stressing, but I’m stressing. 
Bowie, Blue and America feel like whoever it is has already made up their mind so the conversations are not really necessary.

10:32AM BBT

In Comicverse Cirie is unpacking, “You know what? I’m gonna stop right there and wait to unpack until after nominations. I’m gonna leave it right there.”


Matt: Just conversations with people, I guess. It’s awkward.

Cirie: I mean, what can you say at this point? 

Cirie: (whispering) I would not….do not talk about who will or will not vote for you if you’re on the block.

Matt: I won’t! I’ll just say I’m good with everyone.

WBRB Gold Swirlies

10:45AM BBT

In the bathroom area, Blue, in frustration, tells America that Cory told her he thinks it’s her or Jag “Thanks Cory! I appreciate your honesty…I’m not going to go around and try to convince people I don’t have it.” 

10:47AM BBT

Jag enters the bathroom

Blue: Hey! Did you just finish DR

Jag: Yeah

BB: Blue, please go to the diary room downstairs


10:54AM BBT

When Blue leaves America alone in the bathroom area, America says, “I really hope she got it! I really do!”

10:59AM BBT

Jag is telling Cory he won HOH in the LR.


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Jag apologizes for leaving him hanging.

Cory: are you telling America?

Jag: I don’t know who I should tell. What’s a good way to tell them?

The feeds cut to all 4 in the bathroom area.

Cory and Jag walk in to tell Matt and America the “Nominations Today” is on the screen.

it gets quiet.

Jag: Cockadoodle Zoom.

They are all celebrating. 

11:22AM BBT

In Comicverse, Cirie tells Felicia if it’s Matt (HOH) he deserves an Oscar. 
Felicia: Oh hell yeah

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11:33AM BBT

Jag is telling Bowie Jane that he won HOH. He tells her he will put up Cirie and Felicia, “because if I put up Blue, they will know it is one of us.”

Jag: If Blue survives this week, we can talk Felicia


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1:37PM BBT

WBRB Gold Swirlies

1:40PM BBT

In Scaryverse, America and Blue are talking.

America: Nobody is budging (about HoH)?

Blue: No one has budged bro!

America: I'm really mad!

Blue: I told Cory. If it's you two on the block, at this point, there is no reason for me to hide it. Someone is just using me as a fucking scapegoat.


In the bathroom, Jag is telling Bowie Jane, "Do I just put Blue up and say fuck it?

Bowie: Put her up. I wouldn't put Cirie up!

Jag: Should I just put up Blue and Cirie? Fuck it!

Bowie: I think so.



Matt walks in the bathroom and Jag tells him that he was just telling Bowie he is not putting them up (Cory and America). "I feel a lot of pressure on me because what if you two don't play in the veto. There is a fucking power. There is no chance in hell I am going to risk either of you being on the block"

Bowie: Yeah

Jag: So, at this point should I just put Blue and Felicia up so I don't burn the bridge with Cirie?

Cory walks in and asks Matt, who is playing with his ring, if he asked for fidget spinners in his HoH basket. Matt says no. Bowie and Cory both say that they remember someone saying they asked for fidget spinners.

Bowie: You can't do that

Matt: oh right; it's too loud (maybe DR told him to stop spinning his ring because of the noise)



1:54AM BBT

Felicia yells to BB, "You need to call America! Let's get the show on the road!"


In the Scrambleverse...

America: I'm scared

Bowie: I'm scared

America: I'm really scared

Bowie: I'm more scared

America; I think it's going to be me and Cory

Bowie: I just have no idea.

America: Exactly

Bowie: No idea  (she does know that Jag won HoH)

America says the twist is stupid

Matt was just called to the DR. Bowie says he was already called to DR but America says they are calling everyone again

Bowie: This house is the worst



1:57PM BBT

In Scaryverse, Jag talks with Blue.

Jag: Everyone is saying they didn't

Blue: Everyone

Jag: Mm Hmm (he has not told Blue because she is his target)


[So who knows Jag is the Invisible HoH? My observations are that he told these HGs in this order: Matt, Cory, America, Bowie Jane. -ML]

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2:03PM BBT

Cirie (to Felicia): They just called America (to DR)


In Scaryverse, Bowie Jane tells Blue, "I've got a bad feeling I've got the HoH curse"

Blue says it is Friday the 13th. Bowie sings, "The HoH Curse....Oh Yeah"


In the bathroom area, Jag tells Matt and Cory that he could put up Felicia and Blue or just put up and Cirie and Felicia and "just rock with it"

Jag feels that everyone could have a shot at the power and it could be a "superpower-veto"

Matt: Which means it doesn't matter

Cory: My thought is, what is the problem with the backdoor? Nobody is keeping noms the same except for Blue. The only thing is, we can't account for the power (unknown power) Maybe it's something the nominees are fighting for. It's all fucking random. If you put Blue up, Blue is going to think it's me. Honestly, Blue freaking out doesn't matter.

Jag: Cirie though? If Blue goes home she's gonna think it's you or me.

Cory: Put Blue up

Matt: Put Blue up

Cory: Fuck it

Jag: The thing is, I'm a devil's advocate

Jag says if it is a normal week, "we backdoor her. If it's not a normal week, I don't know."

Jag: What if it's a third nominee (power)

Matt: It would be good for us

Cory: It means Blue needs to be on the block.

Jag: Should I just put her on the block and fucking beat her (in POV)?

They continue pushing Jag to put Blue up

Cory: She is going to freakout and run around the house. She's already doing it. We just have to keep sharing notes.

They review the top 4 of BB Comics.

Jag got 1st, America was 2nd, Cory was 3rd and Matt was 4th place.

Jag says Blue is going straight up on the block.

Jag: Here's the thing. I get to play next week, so I don't give a fuck! If she doesn't leave this week, she goes next week.

Cory: I love those odds

Jag: We have to go 1,000% on this plan

Cory: Let;s both say it was us  (funny, Cory)

Jag: Blue was following me around



2:20PM BBT

WBRB Gold Swirlies


2:29PM BBT

In the bathroom area, Cory tells Matt and America that after the show he is going to scream at Jag for not telling him he won HoH and messing with everyone's sleep.

Bowie Jane comes in saying she is done with DR, "I just nominated myself"

They go through the HGs to figure out who has not gone to DR the second time yet.

2:31PM BBT

We get WBRB on cameras 1 and 2.

Cameras 3 and 4 have Cory, Matt and Bowie Jane laughing at themselves for expecting slip-n-slide.


2:32PM BBT

WBRB Gold Swirlies on all 4 cameras now


The feeds keep popping in and out.

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2:41PM BBT

Blue tells Cirie in Comicverse, "I've got Jag telling me it's Cory and America. I've got Cory and America telling me it's Matt and Jag."

Cirie: If it's both of us, I know who it is.

Blue: Matt and Jag seem genuinely worried to me. Cory and America don't seem worried. I'm hoping, if they both think I am the fall guy, I can't be on the block.

Cirie: So who does that leave?

Blue: I don't think it's you

Cirie: I hope not. It's so obvious. The only not obvious thing would be you so it's gotta be mixed up some kind of way.

Blue: That's just risky. If one wins veto they take the other down and I'm fucked

Cirie: Felicia thinks Jag has it.


The feeds are continually popping in and out. So annoying!


2:49PM BBT

Cirie: I hate it here. 


2:50PM BBT

Blue tells the cameras. "Hey! Both sides of the party are telling me conflicting things. I think I would have a better working relationship with Matt and Jag over Cory and America, at this point."


Blue says that there is no point in anyone putting up one pawn and one real target "It's still gonna show your cards. There is no point. Just swing and take a big shot and leave me out of it. Both sides are gunning for each other. I'm just gonna sit back and watch. I'm gonna hang out with Bowie and the mamas. Just leave me out of it."


2:53PM BBT

WBRB Gold Swirlies


Half of the feeds returned to Jag telling Blue, "Everyone is getting called in one by one."

Blue: I know! Weird! Waiting!

Jag: Now all you have to do, it's easy. Win the veto, you win the superpower, you reset this week; you turn it back . It's an easy 17 step process. You never know!

Blue: You never know

Jag: What if they don't put us up. What if they really do feel good to the 5?

Blue laughs: I'm sorry! This 5 shit is fucking bullshit. It is insane.

[Jag is being an excellent actor here for Blue. -ML]


3:07PM BBT

Big Brother is still calling in HGs for DR sessions. Felicia says only Cory is left.

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3:12PM BBT

Cory and Matt are telling America and Bowie Jane about Traitors and Snake in the Grass

Cory: Cirie ended up winning Traitors, but don't tell her I said anything.


3:29PM BBT

The feeds finally jump to RCHS for the nomination ceremony.

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4:14PM BBT

The feeds have returned 


The Invisible HoH (Jag) nominated Blue and Felicia.


In Comicverse, Matt tells Blue, "Well, obviously it's not you. I thought you had it." 


In the kitchen, America says, "It's gonna be a tense week."

Cirie: I know

Jag: Tents?

America: Tense

Jag: Tents?


Jag: Oh


Back in Comicverse, Matt tells Blue h e is even more confused now, "I thought it was gonna be simple."


In the kitchen, Cirie tells America she is going to give Felicia a few minutes to cool off then she will go "talk her off the ledge." 


Back in Comicverse

Matt: Felicia was pissed though!

Blue: I'm going to ask this just once. Camron said that you and Jag wanted to get me out.

Matt: I don't trust Cam though. We campaigned to Cam to get those two. Cameron wanted you for the four. Cam wanted, take it with a grain of salt, Cam wanted you, me, Cory and America and get Felicia and Bowie out. No, why would we take you out? You obviously know I can't take the risk and trust them. Why would I trust them over you?

Blue: Yeah

Matt: You and I since day 1

Blue: Day 1

Matt: The whole fucking way

Matt says Cameron said so many things but there's no point in repeating that shit.


In the loft, Cory and Bowie talk about only needing three votes.

Bowie: We still should be fine

Cory: We're good.

Bowie: We just have to make sure we win veto.

Cory: Look! She has not won veto yet, and she's tried. She has never been better than Jag or Matt. 



4:28PM BBT

Blue and Felicia are talking alone in Comicverse. Felicia tells her that she says things sometimes just to see how people react, "You can learn a lot."

Felicia: My gut says it's Jag.


Cirie joins Blue and Felicia in Comicverse

Blue: What I'm thinking is that next week for double eviction, he is going to try and get one of them out.

Cirie: Force his hand and win the veto. We don't know what it's gonna be. Anyone of us can win it.

Felicia: I really do believe it could be Cory and America. The nominees make sense for Cory and America.

Cirie: Mm Hmm

Felicia says that Cory is working so hard at not being obvious that he is being obvious, "Ridiculous"

Cirie: It still could be a backdoor plan.

Felicia: But here's the thing. That's a backdoor they have no control of (the powers)

Cirie: But that's even more why you do it because you want to get your target.

Felicia: If it doesn't work out the way they want...

Cirie: Then you get a big target


4:34PM BBT

HGs have the backyard. Jag, Matt and Cory are playing pool outside.


Felicia: Today is only fucking Friday?

Blue: Mm Hmm

Felicia: Is it warm outside?

Cirie: I didn't go outside. I was already on my way back here. It looked gray but it could just be the door.

Felicia: Well, Blue, veto it is!

Blue: Mm Hmm. I wonder if everyone plays.

Felicia: I think it has to be.



[Okay, I am out for the night. - ML]

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Popping back just to post this...


4:46PM BBT

Felicia approaches Jag and Cory in the hammock,

Felicia: (directed to Jag) You know I am really direct. Okay, who is the real target, me or Blue?"

Jag and Cory are silent.

Cory: I'm not Head of Household

Felicia: I didn't say you were HoH

Cory tells Felicia he doesn't have a target, "I'm just thankful it's not me."

Felicia (to Jag): And you are thankful, too?

Jag: Yeah

Felici says it is a wasted power, "The superpower wasn't needed to do this. This was going to happen anyway... Whoever is invisible is still hiding."

Cory: Yeah


*out for real, now


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5:26 PM BBT  Scary BR

Jag telling Matt & Blue about the awkward conversation with Felicia at the hammock.

Blue:  It's just so random that it's me and her.  


5:29PM BBT  Felicia in the comic room

Felicia:  I will rise to the occasion.  I'm just going to lie here and chill and keep my damn mouth shut.  And that is hard for me.  let me just read my Bible.  This is my peace, amongst all the chaos.


Back to Scary BR

Blue:  The only person that mentioned me and Felicia being on the block was Cory.

Jag:  In what context did he tell you that?

Blue:  he was just naming possible options.

Blue:  This is not the worse case scenario.

Jag:  We knew it was going to be one side or the other.

Blue:  I might go talk to her (Felicia)

Jag:  I am really annoyed at her right now.

Blue leaves and Matt asks Jag what she is doing.


Comic BR  Blue talking to Felicia

Blue:  If I take myself off, they won't put up Matt or Jag, so they will be forced to put up Bowie.

Felicia:  They look at us as underdogs.  Particularly me.  It comes with the territory of being 63 years old.

Blue:  We'll kill it this week.  Whatever this twist is, I hope it is big enough to save both of us.

Felicia:  I got your back.

Blue:  And I got yours.

Blue leaves so Felicia can go back to her Bible reading.

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