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Sunday, October 8, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here) until Sunday, November 5, when Daylight Saving Time ends. 

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in and talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  

Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:20AM BBT

The HGs got the backyard!

Cirie: At midnight!? Oh my gosh!

Felicia asks Jag to see if the pool is running.

Cory and America head for the hammock.

America: It feels weird being out here. I realize how many people are gone when we are out here. The days are going slow, but the weeks are flying by.

Felicia tells Big Brother: You guys got to come get one piece of paper you left

Cirie: It's right here

Big Brother: Thank you!

Felicia: You're welcome.

Cory: I get to do laundry tomorrow! Let's go!

Cameron: I feel like a freaking baby knowing I get to come out here tomorrow.




Felicia asked Cory earlier if he has allergies because Cory is always coughing and clearing his throat. Cory says he is always kind of sick. "It's a Wurtenberger thing. I have a constant tickle in my throat." 


12:40AM BBT

In the backyard, Bowie Jane, Blue, Cam, Cirie, Matt and Felicia talk about allergies. Blue is allergic to grass.

Matt: I feel like a lot of people are allergic to grass.

Blue: My friend from  Maui is allergic to water

Bowie: No!

Cam: What?

Matt: Your body is 70% water

Blue: Topically, she is allergic to water. When she takes showers, she has to do it quickly because she gets itchy.

Big Brother asks Blue to fix her mic, so she repositions it

Big Brother: Thank you

Bowie: They don't say thank you to me. What is going on?

Felicia says she gets eczema and she is allergic to dust.

BJ: We will get to sleep in tomorrow.

Matt: Yeah

Discussion turns to being called into to DR even when they are sleeping.

Matt says he plans to sleep in Scrambleverse

Felicia: I don't know how MeMe did that (because of the noise and lights)

Cam: She got under the covers in sunglasses

Matt: She was good at that. You could not tell she was in the bed.

Bowie Jane: She got to sleep in.

Felicia talks about finding her in bed at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, "Girl! Get out of bed! What are you doing?"

They discuss how Mecole will see she got roasted by Zingbot

Felicia says she may not tune in until later, "She will tune in on the 9th"

Talk turns to likely getting a wrap party this year since Covid is better.

Bowie: For the finale, we are gonna have to wear our pajamas. We have no clothes left. I'm gonna wear those overalls from today.

Matt: Comp clothes are kind of cool. 

Felicia says she will wear her yellow dress if they don't get anything else, "but it will be November and that is a summer dress."

Cirie gets up, "Well"

Cameron: Goodnight

Bowie Jane: I'm gonna go to bed, too

Matt: Feel better Cirie

Cirie: Thank you

Felicia: I'm tired but the fresh air makes me say I'm good

Blue: It's been real

Cameron, Blue and Matt say they will work out tomorrow.

Blue: There is literally no excuses




1:20AM BBT

In the bathroom area, Cory, America and Matt are talking about how everyone ends up going to the same room.

Cory: When I see five people in a room, I consciously choose not to go in there (Me, too -ML]

Cory: After Cameron goes up, are we just gonna ignore him?

America: I'm just gonna tell him what's up. 'Like, you did, this, this and this and that is why'

Matt: I know, but he will just make it a shit show

Cory: Once he is put up, he is gonna realize it's over. Like, what votes is he going to get?

Matt: He just wanted to make jury. He can't get more than 3. (votes) He needs four.

Cory: You are an impossible vote to get. I'm an impossible vote to get. Maybe Blue and Jag. Cirie is an impossible vote to get. Or Felicia is an impossible vote to get, whichever one is off the block.

Matt: It's crazy how there is only 3 votes now. What the fuck?

Cory: The one thing we should make sure of, if Blue wins, we got to push me and Felicia.

Matt: Yeah, we can. I think she would. She would be like, I could pull America once you're gone (Cory).

Cory: That would be the move.

Matt: It would be best to do that.

Cory: And if Cirie or Felicia do, we gotta push Blue

Matt: Felicia would.

America: But the chance of Cirie winning?

Matt: Bowie is out. (from competing for HoH) We've got to protect her.

Cory: Cirie is not going to win.

America: It's gonna be fine. With Cam gone, things will be so much easier.

Cory: The only thing I worry about is a Blue HoH.

America and Cory say goodnight to Matt and head for bed.

Cory: And we are going to bed at 1 AM

America: 1:30

Cory: I am immediately going mic off. Today was good though.


1:27AM BBT

They crawl in bed. America is talking and Cory says she wears tight underwear.

America: Please don't call me a bitch. You are like, shut the fuck up.

*Kiss Smack Kiss*

America: Did you finish your Emergen-C? Where is it?

Cory: It will make me need to pee. I am sipping it.

*Kiss Kiss Smack Kiss*

America: It will make you feel better

[Insert steamy make out session]




1:29AM BBT

Matt is getting ready for bed in the bathroom area.

In the backyard, Blue and Cameron shout out Izzy

Cameron: She is probably watching. She keeps musician hours. She is mad, though. Out of her game.

Blue: She is absolutely pissed.

Blue says she played too hard, too fast...it all just caught up to her (multiple alliances)

Cam: She did play very good. If it were not for the way she treated me? I wouldn't have seen through it. She played fucking hard but could not stop herself from being certain ways with people. That was her tell. I think a lot of people saw it but let it go because they were working with her.


1:58AM BBT

Alone in the backyard, Blue tells Cameron this is why she wanted him to stay, "So you can go after Cory."

Cameron says that he tried with Bowie Jane (backdoor Cory plan) but she isn't going for it.

Blue: As long as it is not me, fine by me.

Cameron: I have made my stance clear with what I would like to see happen, but I just don't know

Blue: I know

Cameron: But if the whole fucking house wants it, is that good for your game?

Blue: I think people really underestimate her game. I think, specifically, Cory and America really underestimate her. I told her. Cory and America think they are the smartest people in this house. Oh my God. I want to say a goodbye message to him so badly, but then again, my target is my target. Do you think Cory is the biggest threat to our group or is it that my situation with Cory is making it a bigger play

Cameron: The first one. I like the kid, but I get the same feeling from him that I got from Izzy and I am not wrong with that.

Blue: Say Jag does use it. You don't think she would put him up?

Cameron: I don't know. He wouldn't use it without confirmation. I could push, push, push. I'm not doing it anymore. What's the worst that happens? One of them leave. Okay.

Blue: Jag is a safe player, too. He doesn't like to shake it up a bunch. I'm ready to fucking go crazy. Maybe it will be my downfall.


2:05AM BBT

Once Matt is settled in his Scrambleverse bed, asleep, and as Jag walks out of Scaryverse into Scrambleverse...

Big Brother: Matt, please go to the Diary Room downstairs

Cory: No! Don't do it! Take it back! Go yell at them.

Jag wakes up Matt, "DR"

America: Time to clock in

Matt: Oh, that is cruel.  

America: Life isn't fair.

Jag comes through, I would tell them I want to sleep.

Jag asks Comerica where Bowie is, "I just want to make sure Bowie doesn't get flustered."

Cory: I told her to do whatever she wants to do tomorrow but don't cry on my chest about it for 5 hours.

America, Cory and Jag have an exchange of pantomiming a baby crying, rocking the baby, sucking a thumb, burping and feeding it a bottle, a stinky diaper then passing off the baby.

[I know they are proud their plan is working, but this arrogance is sickening. -MamaLong]










VS--StreamBigBrotherLiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-124789’22” (1).jpg


Jag leaves while waving goodbye. Big Brother turns of the lights in Scrambleverse.

Cory whispers: Thank you!


2:22AM BBT

Cameron is the last one to crawl into bed in Scaryverse. The BB25 house grows dark for the rest of the night.







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9:32AM BBT

WBRB Gold Swirlies for "Wakey, Wakey Houseguests"


9:48AM BBT

In the SR, Matt is sneezing and getting some meds.

Cirie walks in as he was sneezing "God Bless You"

Matt: Thank you! My head is pounding

Cirie: I just took 4. My leg was hurting so I took 4 Advil.

[She hurt her leg in the OTEV competition. -ML]

Matt says he was hoping to wake up and it would be gone. He is very congested.

Felicia is tending to the laundry in the backyard.


9:55AM BBT

In the bathroom, Matt is telling Felicia that he tried contacts years ago but didn't like them so he just stopped wearing them and he lost his glasses.

Felicia: So it must not be too bad (his vision)

Matt says he can see up close but can't read anything from across the bathroom, "but not bad like Izzy" 

Felicia: Yeah, you should probably go get your eyes checked and get contacts, Matt. As you get older, your eyes get worse

Matt: It's insurance. That's why I never got them. I don't have a job. 


10:08AM BBT

In the kitchen, Bowie tells Cameron that her HoH goodies are all Australian themed, "Even my soap is called Outback Mate"

Cameron: They had your shit planned out


10:09AM BBT

Jag comes through the kitchen

Bowie: Can I chat with you quickly

They head up to the HoHR. 

Jag says he doesn't think they should tell Blue, as previously planned, that Cameron was targeting her. "Blue's question would be, why didn't you tell me?"

Bowie: Yeah

Jag: Going that route only makes her distrust us three. So, we just say that we think Cameron was targeting us.


Bowie says she will just say that Cameron is the best competitor there.



Jag: Because, truly, Cameron was not targeting Blue. I don't want to get caught up in that lie.

Bowie: Well, he was.

Jag says it is safer to not play off that.

Bowie: What do I say when he says I have mentioned her name?

Jag: It's your word versus his.

Bowie: And you guys will say she hasn't suggested it

Jag: Yeah

Bowie: Perfect. I'll say it's absolutely not true. She'll be like, why not Cory, and I'll be like, Cameron is a stronger competitor....actually unbeatable.

Jag: Everyone feels as though I am going to use it.

Bowie: Cam was saying after the comp, 'keeping them the same, right?'

Jag: because he doesn't trust you

Bowie: Yeah

Jag: He had me in the room for over an hour insinuating, interrogating me

Bowie: Which is what he had done to me

Jag: After veto, later he says, "Aw, that was weird this morning" I was like, yeah, blah blah blah...I appreciate you. I was like, now you are switching it up real quick.

Bowie: He was totally giving it to me in the morning. Did I tell you that that he said 'What was good for my game is good for your game.'

Jag: He said that?

Bowie: Yeah and I laughed out loud. I was like that is going to be edited so bad. He said I don't care.

Jag: And that is not true.

Bowie: I was like, 'they think you are taking me to final two because you can beat me.' I was like, Dude, you are so cocky.


10:21AM BBT

Talk turns to Cory and America

Jag: I don't trust they would win unless it was down to them and Blue


Matt joins them laughing that he saw Bowie's oats on the stairs (she stumbled earlier) Bowie tells Matt they decided not to tell Blue that Cameron was gunning for her since Cam only said that to Bowie.

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Jag: Cameron is just going to expose everybody. 

Jag says that they just need to play it as feeling confident Cameron was targeting the four of them (Matt, Jag, BJ and Blue) and that Cameron never mentioned a backdoor plan on Cory.

Matt: Well, she told me to go talk to Cam about it

Jag: Did you

Matt: No, but she is going to think I did

Jag: She needs to think we were down to backdoor Cory. Down or indifferent. (because otherwise she will question their next target)

Bowie: Then he's gonna go around the house and say he was in an alliance (with them) but he was also in an alliance with Blue

Jag: He is in an alliance with Cirie. He is in an alliance with Blue? He is in an alliance with everyone which is fine. That's not the issue. He is a big competitor. I'm literally just gonna be like, he is a strong competitor and go after me.

Bowie: I am even thinking with my speech saying that he is a good competitor but the next two good b=competitors are you

Jag: So we just say I think Cam is going to come after me next week

Bowie: Yeah! What's the point? We just have to win.

Matt: That's why it was good yesterday that we were the top three.



Jag: So we never want to seem like we are team Cory to Blue. Second thing, Cam didn't mention he was targeting Blue (Matt and Bowie say that Cam did say he would target Blue) because here is the thing, the moment you say he did, Blue is going to be like why didn't you tell me, and we are fucked.

Jag says once Cameron is on the block, they can tell Blue the truth. They don't want to tell her before because Blue will go straight to Cameron.

They all agree they don't want anything to be a blindside to Blue.

Jag: Don't be definitive to her. Say you are weighing your options.

BJ: First you say you are going to use it. People don't know what's going to happen, they come up and spill the beans.

Jag: She is going to say she wants Cory out.

Matt suggests she will say she wants to keep Cameron as a shield.

BJ: Get her up here now and say he is thinking of using the veto and we haven't made a decision and chat about who do we think

Jag: I want to think about it more.

Blue: So chat more with Cory and America

10:50AM BBT

This conversation goes round and round. They decide to tell Blue so she doesn't feel vulnerable, but Bowie does want Blue to scramble a bit to hear her spill more details. Jag plans to tell Blue that he talked with Bowie but Bowie didn't mention names. He will suggest Blue go talk to Bowie where Bowie will ask Blue what the options are if Jag uses the veto.

BJ: We want everyone to scramble as much as possible so we get all the information and use it to get them out later.

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10:57AM BBT

America rushes up to the HoHR declaring that Cameron is freaking out saying, "It's happening again. He is saying 'Everyone is using me as the scapegoat....targeting Cory and saying you two are the ones pushing for Cory to go."

Matt: Bro! We can't trust him.

America: He was like, do you want to draw the line? I was like, let's draw the line. He says every room he walks into, people are talking about Cory.

Matt points out that Cameron is trying to twist it like he is protecting Cory.


Jag says that Cameron's backdoor has nothing to do with Blue. It only has to do with them and feeling Cameron is going after them, "If we can keep Blue out if it" it's going to keep her more comfortable.



BJ: And he said her next week (as the target)

America: She said she knows...that she can only work with him short term

Jag tells America that she and Cory can't talk about Blue wanting to backdoor Cory. America says she will present it as things Cameron is saying and it's why she can't trust Cameron.


11:05AM BBT

Blue joins them in the HoHR and talk turns to workouts. Jag says he hates the bikes so he will just workout outside.

Jag: Sunday is the best day to go hella hard on a workout becusse it's farthest away from a competition.


11:06AM BBT

Cirie and Cameron are talking in the backyard.

Cirie: You got to lose the judgment.

She warns him he has to be careful what he says out loud, "I was taught, if he says it about them he is saying it about you. I tell my boys to keep what they think about people to themselves. When you speak about a person, it says more about you. Like, if you are gonna say that about this person, what are you gonna say about me when I walk away?"

Cameron acknowledges it is one of his flaws.






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11:40AM BBT

Cory tells Matt in the kitchen that Cameron is throwing Blue under the bus saying "You and Blue are going after each other. I am not coming after you."

Matt tells him that America told them upstairs what Cameron said to her about Cory being targeted.



12:09PM BBT

WBRB Gold Swirlies

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1:35PM BBT

Cameron is talking with Jag and Matt in the HoHR telling them he has put his entire game in them and they are all he has. He hopes he hasn't set himself up to be screwed over. 

Cameron: I want us to have something! I know how quickly tables can turn. Next week, it's three votes! If I'm sitting on the block, If any one of us is on the block, that's bad for us. We keep the noms this week, one of them goes home and we run the fucking table next week.


In the backyard, Cirie, Felicia and Bowie Jane discuss Cameron and how he has been playing so cocky all year. Cirie tells them about her talk with Cameron and how it's hard to undo things once you show who you really are, "but I didn't want him to worry so I told him he corrected really well because everyone loves him now."

Felicia says that he came in wanting to be the leader but everyone else chose Reilly, and he just couldn't stand that. Earlier Felicia said she noticed early on that Cameron would just do what he saw other doing. If Matt wore a hat with a hoody, so did he. 

Bowie Jane says he is up there right now, "in his old HoH room"

Felicia: He probably thinks it is still his room. 

Bowie: His whole plunking himself down in there saying 'I'm just gonna listen to some music'


[These ladies are completely done with Cameron. I just wonder if Cameron is turning Matt and Jag with his aggressive speech at this very same time." -MamaLong]


Felicia: You have done well this week, Bowie! I am proud of you. I'm like, look at Bowie Jane!



1:53PM BBT

Cameron: I know they are going to pitch me.


[Hold on to your hats, people! Cameron just pitched Blue as the replacement expecting that Blue, Jag and Matt would be votes to keep him.  S H O C K I N G ! ]


1:57PM BBT

Cameron: Cory and America know I am anti-Cory. Blue knows I am anti-Cory. None of them know how close I am to the two of y'all. (to Jag) Your decision! You do what you think is best...for us and for you. I am just telling what for us would work better.

Jag: Yeah


1:58PM BBT

Cam: I won't keep talking in circles and saying the same thing over and over

Jag: You made some solid points

Cameron: I am just saying what's the better.  I have now become a shield working for the two of you. A shield that is working for you.

Matt has remained pretty quiet during this whole conversation.

Jag says he will talk to everyone else and see how those conversations go.


At the same time, outside on the loungers, Cory asks America, "he isn't even trying to cover coming after me, is he?" America shakes her head no.


2:05PM BBT

Jag tells Cameron he is going to go have some talks

Cameron turns to Matt, "One of these days, you are going to give me a definitive thought."  [I doubt that. -MamaLong]

Matt: I'm just chilling

Cameron: I know!

Matt: Do you think Bowie is gonna use it?

Cameron: It's not Bowie's! Stop saying that! It's Jag's. If he uses it, he screws Bowie! She's got a big decision. If he doesn't use it, everyone is good.


2:06PM BBT

Jag meets up with Bowie Jane in Scaryverse and fills her on on Cameron's pitch. He tells her that obviously, he doesn't want Jag to use the veto, "but he starts pitching Blue"

Bowie Jane: You can tell her that! You can tell her when you spoke to me I said we are absolutely not putting her up.

Jag: Mostly he was saying Bowie Jane does not want you to use the veto


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2:10PM BBT

Jag: You put Cameron up and everyone is happy. At this point he has set himself up. He has talked through options so much and I was just eating my sandwich, like 'good point, good point.'

Bowie Jane: This is great!

Jag: You put him on the block and don't even make it a hostile thing. 

Bowie Jane: Don't say he is a good player? No reasons? Just schmooze.

Jag: You put Cameron on the block and no one is mad at you. 

Bowie: Just say we have the votes anyway.

BJ says she is worried that Cirie will get wind of it and feel blindsided but she will just explain it all. "You need to talk to Blue." 

Jag: I don't want to talk to Blue and then she goes to Cam and says Jag said you said all this stuff.

Bowie Jane: I think she is smart enough to keep that to herself.

Matt walks in. 

Bowie Jane: I just heard! Genius!

Matt: Bro is tripping!


[Okay, so what has happened here is that Cameron basically offered himself up as a replacement nom to put out a rouse in the house. He then threw out Blue as the best options for replacement nom. They will all play along and Cameron will be the one going on the door. Crazy stuff, I know! -MamaLong]


2:14PM BBT

Jag and Bowie Jane head up to the HoHR.

Jag: Okay, this is good. What I am thinking through is, what do we tell Blue?

Bowie: The sooner you tell Blue the better because Cameron is probably going to flip it tell her you are suggesting her.

Jag: He might


Jag: Okay, so Cam just pitched for Blue to go up instead. He understands that Bowie is not going to put Cory up and that she would put up Blue or Cam.

Bowie Jane: He is saying that worst case scenario, he goes up but will have the votes to stay.

Jag: But he really wants Blue to go up. Do we really think that Blue will run to him afterwards.

Matt: I don't know. The way he said it, they are working together.

Jag: I know but he just threw Blue under the bus the way he threw Red under the bus.

They see Felicia coming and tell Matt to go to the HNR. He heads out but they all know that Felicia saw him and will probably get weirded out.

Jag: It doesn't matter.

Bowie: So?

Jag: Can we just tell Blue what Cam said

Bowie: I think we have to

Matt: Kind of; maybe; yeah

Bowie: Otherwise you are in the same predicament you were in.

Jag: Yeah


2:21PM BBT

Jag: So essentially, here is the thing. With Blue, we could tell her. It will be the way to bring her in. Cam will go this week, and we want Blue with us.

Matt: Do you think Cam is going to really believe he is the pawn? That's sus.

Bowie Jane: It would be less blood on my hands.

Jag: I'm gonna say that I am going to use it.

Matt: He is just throwing everyone under the bus, though. He was pitching so hard for Cory to go up and not him.

Jag: But I am going to say I am using it because those are the promises I made. We say we have the votes here in this room to decide what happens right now. This is how we cover our bases...

Matt and BJ share with Jag that Cirie has already offered to be the pawn against Cam.

Matt: With Felicia on the block, she will campaign for Felicia to go home. I have good ideas sometimes.

Jag: That's good. He is there and he is next to Cirie. We have conversations all week to decide what to do but obviously we get rid of Cam. I'm gonna go down and bring Blue up.

Bowie Jane: Make sure you tell her that you told me and I was absolutely saying Blue would not go up.

Matt: Yeah, we are gonna tell her that Cam pitched the idea for her to go up.

Bowie: Perfect....perfect. Perfect!

The HoHR doorbell rings

Blue: Hello! Can I potentially use your Show-Show (shower)

Bowie: Of course. Come in anyway.


Blue enters.

Jag then tells Blue about Cameron pitching her as the replacement nomination after Jag told him that he already gave his word to use the veto. "He fell on the conclusion that either he was gonna go up or you would go up."

Blue: Uh huh

Jag: Bowie Jane said she is absolutely not putting you up

Bowie: Absolutely not you! Absolutely not!

Blue: I also have a lot to say about this right now. Something crazy just happened in the last hour!

They see Cam looking around on Spy Cam. Blue says she is going down because she had just told him to meet her in Scaryverse. "But I have a lot to say, here, too"

Blue leaves and runs into Cam in Scaryverse. He asks about her conversation with America.

Blue: The only thing she said about you was that, 'I know you are going after Cory'

Cameron: That's not what she said to me

Blue: She said, 'it's been awkward between us...we could have a double eviction...I want to make sure we are good' And I was like Oh, this girl. I'm not gonna lie, so I was like yeah, that's where I am.   Essentially she was like, I know you are going after Cory.


Back in the HoHR...

Bowie Jane: Perfect! Perfect!

Jag: We got her

Matt: Cameron said to me, 'one of these days I'm gonna get you to talk'




Bowie Jane: He told me he wanted to use this room for meetings and I'm like 'get fucked'

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2:33PM BBT

Jag: He has been talking mad shit about Bowie but then today he realizes that I might use the veto and he is like, 'Don't use the veto for Bowie' He knows he makes three enemies.

Bowie Jane: A hundred million percent

Jag: Right now, we are about to be in good company

Bowie: It was good to do. If we hadn't done this... 

Matt: Blue would have been sus

Jag: Blue is very much the type that she will be straight up. She is immediately going to go all in. She's gonna say I can't believe I trusted Cam. That's what's gonna happen

Matt says Blue has been with Cam for a long time now. Bowie explains that Blue and America were biking so Blue has to let Cameron know about the talk.


[Earlier, America flat out told Blue that Cameron pitched to get her out. Cameron now has zero chances in the BB25 house but Blue is still just leaving Cam feeling comfortable, for now. -ML]


Back in Scaryverse...

Cameron: Girl, it's me and you. Everyone else is on the fucking bleachers.

Blue: But do you really think Bowie will do it? Who is she gonna put up?

Cameron: One of us

Blue: She is not gonna put you up

Cameron: If enough people get in her head and promise her safety. I am one person.  Everyone is afraid of my competition abilities.


Sunday Summary....lots of things happening here and my updates may seem confusing (it is to me when I read it back). This morning, Matt, Jag and Bowie wanted to let Blue know their plan to put up Cameron as the replacement but worried that Blue would be upset since she wants Cory as the backdoor. They know it's not safe to leave her out of the plan.


America told Blue that Cameron had pitched her as a target. That upset Blue even further in regards to Cameron, even though Cameron has been doing his best to groom Blue as his final two.


Cameron then had a meeting with Jag and Matt and, after seeing Jag will definitely use the veto but Bowie Jane will not go for a Cory backdoor, he admitted he knows that leaves either him or Blue as the replacement nomination. Cam feels sure he would be safe with Blue, Matt and Jag voting to keep him (worst case scenario, in Cam's eyes) but then pitched that he knows Blue is the better replacement nomination leaving Matt, Jag and Bowie Jane with a perfect scenario to inform Blue they will target Cameron and why. 


2:54PM BBT

Blue heads back into the HoHR

Blue: The amount of shit that has happened. I need this context first before I say what happened.

Matt asks them to speak up and they reposition themselves so Matt can hear best.


Jag retells everything that happened in their talk with Cameron to Blue.



Jag: And then he goes into his survival mode where he throws you under the bus

Blue: Survival mode!

Matt: And he was like, one of these days I'm gonna get you talking

Jag: He said, Blue on the block is the best case. Nobody is gonna get mad.

Bowie Jane: He is so thoughtful

Blue: So thoughtful

Jag: And I was like, Blue leaves this week? And I caught him and he said, oh, it's our decision. We can talk about it. Essential, it was throwing you under the bus hard.

Blue: Yeah

Jag: And at this point, he talked himself into the scenario where he is on the block. I was like, it doesn't matter who is on the block because we have the votes. So now he is at the point where he knows there is a chance he could be on the block.


Blue: Okay, here is everything that happened in my morning. It's been crazy. Well, let's start with last night...

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While Blue delivers the summary of her day, including being honest with America about targeting Cory and playing along with Cameron even though she "can't stand that man" they notice Cameron approaches the spy cam from the kitchen...



Cameron stands on a chair so his face is full screen in the spy cam

Matt: He is gonna want us to say something

Bowie Jane: Don't respond!

Matt: Now he is gonna come up and say, 'Hey! You didn't see me?'

Jag: Let's see if he comes up

Blue goes back to her summary of events, "Cameron is frantic. he is saying all this stuff. He thinks I am wrapped around his finger. Everyone in this house knows I don't like him. I don't like Cory. So that was conversation with America. Then I went to DR. Swimsuit. Then Cameron said to me, 'We are the only two in the anti-Cory train.' That's why I went to him, 'After your game, meet me in Scary room because I don't know what you are talking about.' "

She then talked with Cameron about Jag using the veto and how Bowie is a safe player and won't put up Cory. "He (Cameron) then said, Bowie is gonna put two of the closest people in this house up...the people on this bed."

Jag: He is going to make it like it's Bowie's idea.

Blue: I was like, no, Bowie told me she is going to backdoor Cory and he was like, you know what Cory told me? Bowie is going to backdoor you.

Bowie: Oh my God!

Matt: Wait what?

Blue: Cameron said that Cory said Bowie is gonna backdoor you. (meaning, Blue)

Jag: Fuck

Matt: Cory? But why would Cory?

Jag: He doesn't even talk to Cameron

Bowie: Dude, he is so

Blue: It's the same thing like why would I ever talk with Cameron


3:10PM BBT

All cameras move to Cameron in the kitchen chatting with Felicia while eating a sandwich.


3:22PM BBT

Back in the HoHR, Bowie says that they have the votes to get Cameron out.

Blue (to Bowie): Just be like, 'I don't want to make a big move and piss any people off.' Blue says she will tell Cameron that she continued pushing for Cory to be backdoored and hopefully Bowie will put him up. "Just let him do the talking and continue to throw me under the bus."

Jag: After that conversation, I was like, where the fuck is Blue?

Blue: I was looking for you. I was like Matt and Jag and Bowie are upstairs. What the fuck is happening?!

Jag: I'm gonna go

Bowie Jane: Wild! Like he can only behave for 7 days in a row before he just mucks his own game up. He has been talking shit on me, too!

Blue: Girl! I was like, let me just continue to be honest and be on my fuck Cory train. It's the perfect time to get Cameron out.

Bowie: He has been throwing me under the bus. So, wonderful!

Blue: I literally said that y'all need to stop underestimating Bowie Jane's game play. She's still here. What the fuck? We are gonna boot this shit out. Boot the biggest competitor out.

Bowie Jane: I was wanting to have my conversations, and then all this happened

Blue: He is going haywire



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3:35PM BBT

Bowie Jane does a one-on-one meeting with Cory.

Cory: Some stuff has changed. People have been telling people stuff. Cam was pushing to America, it was weird, 'want to draw a line in the sand?' and America was like, 'Yes!' He threw Blue under the bus. America talked to Blue and told her. Cam told me everything you said to him. He told me you were ratting me out. But we're good.


Cory leaves and Cameron enters for his meeting with Bowie.

Bowie: Hi! I can't be in 400 meetings forever

Cameron: Okay. I wasn't sure if you wanted me in here. I'm sorry you are going through all of this. What do you want me to do?

Bowie tells Cameron that Jag is using the veto.

Cam: With me, Matt and Jag voting, whatever you want to do is...

Bowie: I don't want blood on my hands

Cameron: You won't get blood on my hands. It's whatever you want.

Bowie: I don't care I just don't want blood on my hands.

Cameron: I just don't want me on the block

Bowie: I can't put Cory

Cam: Why not

Bowie: America is friends with everyone

Cam: America is one person. I can tell you that this is the safest move for you.

Bowie: She is friends with the whole house

Cam: They keep her around because they don't want to piss off Cory. She is one person but she's two people because of Cory. Did you tell Jag you don't want him to use it?

Bowie: He is leaning that way. It's not really my decision.

Cameron: I just don't want to go on the block. Am I in danger of going on the block?

Bowie: Well I just don't want more blood. Well, I have already got blood on my hands with Cirie and Felicia. I don't want more blood on my hands.

Cam: There is gonna be blood.

Bowie: I don't want to put up Cory. That's too scary. Well, what are my options?

Cameron: Blue

Bowie: Then she will be pissed at me, too.

Cameron: I wouldn't be too happy. Why won't you put up Cory?

Bowie: Because of America

Cameron: There is no game with the two fo them. There is no conversation with one that does not go to the other. A pissed off America does not worry me. A pissed off Cory and America does.

Bowie: Well, they are not gonna be pissed off if I don't put them up.

Cameron: Of course not but then I go home.

Bowie: No you don't. Not if you've got the votes.

Cameron: Like it was when Red went home? They will beg, borrow and steal to get me gone. I don't trust anything.

Bowie: But we have Matt, Jag...

Cameron: If you really want to keep me safe, I don't touch the block. That's blood.

Bowie: There's not really any good options. This is not good at all

Cameron: There is a great option, and I don't know why you are against it so hard.

Bowie: There are two. There are two.

Cameron: You put Cory up and he 100% goes home. Blue is behind it. Jag is behind it...we take her on in HoH. You're good. She wants me then Blue and Matt and Jag for going along with it. Not you.

Bowie: I don't know about that.

Cameron: So the least amount of blood is me?

Bowie: I don't know what the least amount of blood is.

Cameron: Bowie! I don't like this!

Bowie: We have the votes

Cameron: I don't trust anything

Bowie: Well, I am going to have to think about it.

Cameron: Putting up the guy that kept you safe for two months

Bowie: I was not been in danger.

Cameron: I was working with you

Bowie: I was not in danger! I was fine on my own. 

Cameron: No, well I have kept you in on things. If you really want to keep me safe, Bowie, you will not put me up.

Bowie: Can't we trust Matt and Jag?

Cameron: You want to trust that? 

Bowie: You don't trust Blue?

Cameron: Not with my life! I want to work with her, but as far as leaving my life up to her? No! I don't trust it!




Cameron: I don't want to go up as a pawn. I will go home. Please don't make me do that.

Bowie: Well, I trust Blue.

Cameron: If I am on the block, Cory and America go to Blue and promise her anything because they know I am after Cory, and I am gone.

Bowie: But what do we do with that?

Cameron: Put Blue up. Then there is no blood on your hands.

Bowie: Let me talk to Matt. I got to work this freaking shit out before tomorrow.

Cameron: Yeah!


3:52PM BBT

Cameron leaves and we get WBRB Gold Swirlies


4:22PM BBT

Bowie talks Jag and Matt in the HoHR

Jag: Everyone is happy

Matt: There is literally no blood on our hands

Bowie Jane says that she is going to tell Cameron that 'I am just so confident.'  

Bowie: I will let Cirie know about htis conversation and that we are making him think he is safe.

Jag says that they don't even need to do that, "She herself feels so solid on this enough to say, use it on her (use the veto on Felicia, not her) She is not trippin' at all!"

Matt: There's not blood on our hands! I said, next week, if it is slip-n-slide we are most likely gonna win. We go  for Blue! But if we didn't win and it's something else...Cory winning? Good. Cory goes for Blue.  If Blue wins? Good. She is gonna go for Cory. If Felicia wins? Good. She is gonna go for Cory and America. If Cirie wins, Good! And here's the thing, we tell Cirie that when it was MeMe and Felicia on the block, they wanted to blindside you and Blue. We're good. Even if it's not slip-n-slide, we're good.

Bowie:  We need a fucking name and it should not be Sinking Ship

Jag: We will brainstorm a bunch. For now, I'm gonna leave. People are noticing.

Jag leaves

Matt: This is good. You are doing good.

Bowie: This is fun. We need to make him feel good.



4:32PM BBT

In the backyard, Bowie Jane tells America, Cirie, and Felicia that Cameron is freaking out.

Felicia: He is going to be campaigning all week.

Bowie says that she told Cameron she needs her room to talk about veto, "and I did...about putting him up."

America laughs.



4:39PM BBT

In the kitchen, Blue, Matt and Jag are making cinnamon roll pancakes.

Jag: It needs to be so good it doesn't need syrup!

[This is making me hungry! -ML]

Matt: We want icing as a topping!




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4:45PM BBT

WBRB Gold Swirlies


4:47PM BBT

In the backyard, America tells Felicia and Cirie that she is officially Cory's girlfriend

Felicia: Fly guy? Do you have a girlfriend?

Cory: Did someone leak it?

Felicia: Look at her over here blushing! Oh my God! Do I get to be the Godmother?

Cory: Don't tell anyone, though.

Felicia: Okay, all of America knows but I won't tell no one.

Cory (to America); What did you say?

America: I said we defined our relationship

Felicia: Well, DTR. I was like, what is DTR.

Cory: The person who should get all the credit for this, is Cirie

Cirie: Just saying!

Cory: She was like, cut the bullshit Cory. What are you two? Do you want to live in New York?

Felicia: They got great law schools in New York.







4:54PM BBT

In the kitchen, Cameron asks Jag and Blue if they have rated everyone in the house yet

Jag: Uh oh

Cameron: Is Matt the only one not in the graveyard?

Jag: Matt is most definitely not in the graveyard.

Cameron: That's what I'm saying. He is the only one not in the graveyard.

Blue: No! I am definitely Spicy Bombshell; Jag is Work of Art;  You are Burly Pop

Cameron: That is not a category. That means I'm niche. Dammit!



4:55PM BBT

Matt and Cory are putting down the awnings.  Cory is wearing the overalls from the VETO comp.

Matt: You like like a construction worker or a painter.

Cory: I feel like I look like a porn star with this mustache.

Matt says he has to come up with porn star names for him.




5:05PM BBT

I am out for the night unless something worthy of a post happens.  -MamaLong

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11:07PM BBT:  Cameron and America are talking alone in the hammock.  They’re revisiting the entire game, talking about the pressure cooker competition and many different things that happened in the game.  Cameron seems aware that he’s going on the block as a replacement nominee at the Veto Ceremony.  [It sounds like he’s beginning to campaign, maybe knowing America is his best shot ~Angel411]



11:10PM BBT:  Jag, Blue and Bowie are enjoying a charcuterie board and what seems to be alcohol (beer?) from Bowie’s HoH basket, general chit-chat mixed with game talk.



11:30PM BBT:  Cameron and America are still talking in the hammock.  To summarize, he seems to know the plan is for him to be the replacement nominee, and he seems to believe it’s Jag’s and Matt’s idea; he references a talk he had with Jag earlier in the day.  He discusses a plan involving “four votes” [I believe those four votes would be to keep him, and would be Cory, America, Felicia, and Blue ~Angel411]  He tells her he believes Cirie will remain on the block this week, because anyone sitting next to her would go home.

He tells America he “knows those two weren’t going to take him to final two” and that he was just doing whatever he could to stay in the house another week, another two weeks.  She’s taking it all in.  He tells her they will steamroll all of the remaining players one by one, once he (Cam) is out of the house.  She fishes around for a name of their alliance (The Fugitives) and Cameron gives up absolutely nothing, telling her she just wants a name so she can go back to the others and name-drop.  He points out to her that he’s told her, week by week, exactly what would happen, and that’s exactly what has happened.  He goes over some examples.


They’ve been talking in the hammock for at least 45 minutes at this point.  She whispers “I want to believe you,” and he tells her, then do.  They go inside.  America stops to brush her teeth, then goes to Cory who is waiting in bed in Scrambleverse, and begins to relay the conversation to him.  Cam heads up to the HoH room.


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11:50PM BBT:  Matt had joined Jag, Blue and Bowie I’m the HoH room.  They’re very loud and likely a little hammered from the alcohol; Jag tries to quiet them a couple of times.




Cameron has joined Bowie, Blue, Jag and Matt in the HoH room.  They’re discussing past events in the game, talk about Izzy’s eviction, and how cut throat it all becomes.


The camera on Bowie shows her looking up at Matt, then suddenly jumping off the floor saying “Oh Matty!!” and rushing over to him.  Matt has broken down in tears apparently, and the feeds immediately show Cameron, Bowie, Jag and Blue all engulfing him in a giant group hug.  They come apart, with Jag staying close to Matt with his arm around him, and Matt’s eyes tell it all.  [I always think of this as the BB House alcohol effect, it tends to provoke the conscience in a select few ~Angel411]



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