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Friday, September 29, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother 25 observations, and screen captures here! If you post opinions or off-topic messages, I will move them here:  https://www.tvfanforums.net/forum/337-big-brother-25-discussion-dish/

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal commentaround the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here) until Sunday, November 5, when Daylight Saving Time ends. 

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in and talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  

Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:26AM BBT

America and Bowie Jane wish Cory a Happy Birthday in the bathroom area. It is officially his 22nd birthday. America points out that if Matt is listening to Cam’s music, they have about 45 minutes in the HNR.

Cory jokes, “Where were you on your 22nd birthday? Oh, on a hot dog bed.”


In the HoH Room, Cameron, Matt and Jag celebrate.

Matt: Great double dude!

Jag: Let's gooooo! I can't tell you how excited I am!

They hug with beer in hand.

Cameron: I almost felt like a dick winning! I had no clue! I never looked up once. If I had looked up and saw you (Matt; he told Matt that he would throw HOH to him if it was possible), people would have known that I gave it to you.

Matt: You won fair and square. I don't ever want you to toss it to me!

Jag: The Fugitives, man!

Cameron: The Fucking Fugitives.

Matt: It starts here!

Cameron: It fucking ends here, too! This is money!

Matt: This is good. That was an impressive double!

Jag: It was 1,2,3!


*It sounds like it was a puzzle stacking competition. Jag came in 3rd place and Matt in 2nd place.  


12:37AM BBT

Blue talks to the cameras. It isn't long before tears are flowing.


Back in the HoHR.

Jag: The fucking Fugitives! The Gunslinger and Bounty Hunter right behind him and Outlaw behind that!

Cameron: Can't catch us! Can't catch us! We're always on the run!  I want to spread the love. Y'all got to get the next one!

Jag: I tried!

Matt: It wasn't my strong suit! I was expecting physical. If next week is slip n slide, I think we're set!

Cameron: I feel good!  I don't feel like I'm going to die tomorrow.

Matt: The veto?

Cameron: No, the HoH. I can't play next week, but I won't feel like I'm gonna die. We got people now. Layers. Barriers. We got barriers set up to keep The Fugitives safe.

Jag: Damn

Matt: We did good. This week went well.









12:40AM BBT

Blue: Well, one less omelette to make. I don't have to keep up that housewife aesthetic like Cameron said. Just kidding. I really didn't mind doing it. I really didn't mind doing it for him. This is the part where I regret not having a potential goodbye conversation. I have so much I want to say to him now. I guess y'all can send this to him. Izzy, if you are watching, go to bed. It's 3AM.


12:45AM BBT

She asks the live feeders to record this and send it to him. She tells Jared it has been a hard day. She wonders how he is doing. "But I know you will be fine! You will be fine." She tells Jared she will be fine, too.  "I will take care of the people I promised to take care of. I tried my best. I tried my hardest."

The cameras move to other rooms, so we don't get all of Blue's message.




12:49AM BBT

Cameron: This week is Felicia. This week is easy. What are we thinking next week?

Matt: One of us wins!

Cameron: No shit!

Jag: Felicia leaves this week.

Matt: I think it will be a unanimous vote.

Cameron: I love Cory, but he is dangerous.


[What? Cory poses no danger. What has he he won? What has he done? Oh right. He has a showmance. He knows how to get busy on a hot dog bed in HNR. He knows how to throw around innuendo and stir the pot. His bite never matches his bark. He is basically an angry chihuahua at his most lethal. But he has America. That's where the danger is. Power in numbers. -ML]


Jag: I can see a case for MeMe.

Cameron: Let me preface this. They all got to go. But the order...

Jag: It depends on how dangerous is Cory to the three of us?

Matt: Stevie is proud for sure!

Jag: I know she is jumping up and down.

They acknowledge that Cirie and MeMe aren't even trying to win.

Matt: I know Blue will take a shot at Cory if she wins next week.

Cameron: I like Blue! I like Blue as our kicker...for the Handful. We all know that at the end of the day, Blue is here for Blue. 

Matt: She is very close with Cirie

Jag: If we are going to have a fourth person, Bowie Jane

Cameron: Fuck Yes, Bowie Jane is my Boy! I'm serious. Bowie is the MACK! 

Matt: Bowie

Cameron: Bowie is a solid 4th!

Jag: so Felicia, Comerica, MeMe then Cirie (as targets)

They discuss Cirie being the one everyone wants to take to F2 because they would win against her since she’s had her run multiple times already.

Cameron: Everyone wants her! Listen, I know Cirie has talked with you. And you. And guess who else she had that talk with? (Him, of course) She’s had that conversation with everyone. But, eventually, she has to go.


3:56AM BBT

Jag, Bowie Jane and Blue are just now going to bed in Scaryverse. Cirie is snoring in Comicverse with Felicia sleeping in the bed next to her..

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7:46 BBT - Felicia and Cirie are the only ones awake in the bathroom area. They are talking about who is sharing what information. 
 Felicia - Well I know Cory's been lying. 
They talk about who all is aligned with Cory. 

Felicia - They want you until they get rid of you, but they don't want to be the one to do it - Cory used Matt to get rid of Jared. They then say 'oh the house' Oh we know about all the lying, cheating, and stealing. 

Cirie- Oh boy oh boy oh boy 

Felicia - Yeah, this shit is pretty crazy... 

They sit in silence in the bathroom area. 

The other HG are sleeping. 


7:49 BBT - Cirie and Felicia are sitting in silence in the bathroom area. Felicia is looking at her shirt. She is talking, but her microphone is not working. 

Cirie - Our room is so empty. 

Felicia nodded in agreement. 

Cirie gets up to wash her face - looking for the least disgusting sink. 

Felicia gets up and starts cleaning the sink area. 

Cirie - I used to keep a spray bottle in here but they done went through that. 

Cirie finds the spray bottle and cleaned a sink before starting to wash her hands to clean her face. 

Felicia and Cirie are doing ADLs in the bathroom. 

Felicia is struggling with her microphone as she cleans the sink. 


7:54 BBT - Cirie and Felicia are cleaning / doing ADLs in the bathroom. 

Felicia - I don't know what is going on between Cameron and Bowie Jane. I don't know who Jag would put up.

Felicia - When he dropped that first ball I was like 'come on come on come on' then he pulled that second shit straight up. 

Cirie just 'mhmmed' and went and sat back down. Felicia brushes her teeth and then dropped her microphone pack, laughing about it. 


7:57 BBT - Cirie is sitting in silence, appearing to be deep in thought. 


The feeds all cut to the HGs sleeping. 


8:00 BBT - Cirie is making her bed in the comic book room and weaving her way through the scary room to the kitchen.  She checked to make sure that all of the stove burners were off before going to the bathroom for her robe... she is changing her clothes. Felicia is in the shower.  More ADLs from Cirie and Felicia. 


8:04 BBT - Felicia - it is going to be interesting to see what Blue does with Jared gone. She might try to jump back to Matt and Jag... who separated themselves from her because she was tied to Jared. Cirie - yeah, mhm... 

Felicia - I think all of those guys were throwing it besides Matt and Cameron because nobody wants to put anyone up. Cory and America threw it... Jag made a deal with Cameron. Cory told me that he felt safer with Cameron coming back because America is getting closer to Cameron. She is using him as much as he is using her. With Cory saying he'll never put you up, he told me yesterday that he doesn't want to be HOH and that he isn't trying  to win... he is not in the position to put anyone up.  Cirie is sitting with her face in her hand listening to what Felicia is going on about. 

8:09 BBT - Felicia - Yep today should be an interesting day! 


8:11 BBT - The feeds all switch back to sleeping HGs then back to Felicia and Cirie in the bathroom. Felicia is out of the shower. She is struggling with her microphone pack. She was trying to do the necklace technique, but she doesn't know how to do it. Cirie says she doesn't know how to do it either. 

Felicia - yeah, this is a long game. Today is say 59, tomorrow is day 60. I am not mad at all. 

Cirie - Let me get in the shower so I have clothes on for this ceremony.

She goes to change her clothes. 


8:15 BBT - ADLs from Cirie - showering - and Felicia. 

Felicia - We were talking about Matt winning America's Favorite Player, Cameron might win it when it is all said and done. Her and Cirie laugh. 

8:21 BBT - Felicia is in the Living room with her bible and she is leaned back sleeping. The other HG are still asleep in the scary room. 

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8:25 BBT - Felicia wakes up in the living room chair and grabs her Bible. She is sitting with it closed, just thinking. She lays back in the chair and closes her eyes again. 


The feeds cut to the HG sleeping in the scary room. 

8:35 AM BBT - HG still asleep on all four cams. 

8:37 BBT - Felicia is in the living room lounging around and looking at her Bible. [I can't tell if her eyes are open or not!] The rest of the HG are sleeping. Cirie is presumably still in the bathroom doing ADLs. 

8:39 BBT - Felicia is awake. She is fumbling around with her microphone. She is reading her Bible. 


[Pretty boring right now...] 

8:45 BBT - Cirie comes out of the bathroom and Felicia tells her she looks nice. Cirie and Felicia want a cup of tea. Cirie goes to the kitchen. Felicia is still reading her Bible in the living room. 

8:56 BBT- Gold Swirlies. 

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8:58 BBT - Cirie and Felicia are in the kitchen. The rest of the Hg are still sleeping. 

Felicia - It would be nice to have the backyard. 

Cirie - Yeah we aren't getting it. 

Cirie - Do we have more paper towels? Or napkins? 

Felicia - No. None. Mr. B, can you stock up napkins and papertowels? We don't got no bacon. I cooked it all yesterday. We have turkey bacon, but no bacon bacon. 

Cirie - I know. I turned this oven on for nothing.

Felicia - They ate that down. I made two damn pans! 


Cirie and Felicia are just putzing around the kitchen and cleaning a little bit. Felicia leaned across the table and got the basket from the middle, telling Cirie that they need to clean up for the ceremony. 


Felicia - They are clanging and banging out there! 


You can hear some drills from outside. 

9:03 BBT - You can hear drills and work happening outside. Cirie and Felicia are still in the kitchen. Gold Swirlies! Maybe Wakey Wakey! 

9:04 BBT - Feeds are back. Everyone is still sleeping. 

9:10 BBT - The feeds cut back and BB is saying something but it was hard to catch what it was. Felicia - You're being kinda loud Mr. B! 


Cirie and Felicia are in the kitchen drinking their coffee. 


Felicia- Based on conversations he might keep Jag because he will make a sneaky deal. He knows Matt gets America's choice. He might be able to beat Jagsitting next to him. 

Felicia is looking at the wall.  Felicia - Jag is playing a Bowie Jane game, sucking to the power. Matt doesn't play like that. Matt isn't stupid. 


Cirie is sitting at the counter and just agreeing and 'mhm-ing' occasionally. 


Felicia- I wouldn't mind getting rid of Bowie Jane or Cirie. 


Cirie  laughs as she leaves [I think BB called her to the DR but I couldn't hear]. 


Felicia - I meant Bowie Jane or Cory. I was thinking of your name when I said that. 


Felicia is cleaning up the kitchen. 

9:16 BBT - Half the cameras are on the HG sleeping. The other half are on Felicia cleaning up the kitchen / fridge. 

9:22 BBT - Felicia - Mr. B don't forget that Wednesday is Bowie Jane's birthday so we need another cake mix. I will ask her today what kind she wants and I'll let you know. 

9:23 BBT - Felicia goes back to the living room. The television in the living room now says 'nominations today!' and she sits down with her Bible. She whispers 'Faith of a mustard seed. I got this.' 

9:27 BBT- HGs still sleeping. Felicia is still reading her Bible in the living room. 



[ I am going to make lunch and then come back hopefully.] 

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1:23PM BBT

Blue has been talking with Cameron in the HoHR about working together.

Blue: Cameron, are you my plus one?

Cameron: I am a really good time at a reception.

They decide to be very careful around Comerica. Cameron says Cory would pace the floor and America would lose it if they get wind of being targets down the line.


1:27PM BBT

Cirie and Matt are talking in the backyard.

Cirie: I don't know if she can change Jag's mind

Blue heads outside and joins them.

Cirie: Hey! Hola! Did you just have your talk?

Blue: yeah

Matt: How was it? Good?

Blue: Yeah

Matt: I saw Felicia was waiting for him, a second time. She told me she had to talk to him again before noms. I wonder what she's doing now.

Blue: Ms. Thing is doing her thing but she is always doing too much.


1:25PM BBT

Felicia: Cameron, I want to hit you for five more minutes if that's okay.

Cameron: I've got 5 minutes. Let's go.

Felicia: What's your plan moving forward?

Cameron: Lying, cheating

Felicia: Really?

Cameron: No...just do what I can to survive because since week one I have just been wading water

He tells her that no one wanted to work with him and he has always been treading water. "Block, block, HoH, block, HoH...My name became mud for weeks. The only thing I could do was win because no one wanted to talk to me. No one wanted to play with me. No one has given me a shot to work with me.

Felicia: So who do you trust right now in this house?

Cameron: That's an interesting question and those are not things that are easily answered in this game. It's weird to ask.

Felciia: It is? You could ask me.

Cameron:  You could ask it but I don't feel comfortable answering it. It's a weird question to ask people. It puts them on edge.

Felicia: So I guess you don't trust me.

Cameron: I don't trust anyone. It's the game.

Felicia says you can't get to the end without trusting somebody. Cameron says it's a gamble every single week. "The person I say I trust right now is not gonna be the same person in 10 minutes."

Felicia rewords her comments and Cameron repeats what he said.

Felicia: I've seen some people that had trust and kept that trust all the way through.

Cam: I had that person. Now he's gone.

Felicia: I have that person and don't have that.

Cam: Still in the house?

Felicia: Yeah

Cam: That's interesting. I wonder if your person is also someone else's person.

Felicia: Exactly. That's what I'm saying.

Cameron: So what are you asking me?

Felicia: I am trying to see if you trust me enough to play a game with me.

Cameron: No! And I don't want to skirt around it and be like possibly. I am not gonna be that person to you. I can't be that person to you. I don't see us working together down the road. It's going to be very hard. That's a gamble I wouldn't make.

Felicia: Okay. 


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backyard. Cirie, Felicia and Matt (Matt has a flosser)

F is reporting on her convo w/ Cam

Cirie: hmmm mmm hmm

F: he told me that Meme is not his target. I am….. he thinks I am responsible for red going out the door.


Cirie: hmmm mmm hmm


F: I got to get four votes and I have to do it against Meme and I’m pissed off. It’s against Meme.


long awkward silence in BY


Cirie: I can’t believe he said he don’t want you in the jury house.


F: and his ass is going to be in the jury House



Cirie: hmmm mmm hmm.  Definitely 


more silence.  Cam comes down.  Matt changes the subject to how many people can fit on the hammock.  (God Bless Matt)


It’s obvious Cameron joined to stop their conversation.  
more BY silence


America, Jag and Cory on the hammock having a philosophical discussion.

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1:47PM BBT

It's America's turn with Cameron in the HoHR.

America: What's up?

Cameron: Nothing. You wanted to come talk to me.

America: I did!

America flirts with Cam, "I hope you like this little number. (giggles and does a little shimmy) I just ran up here when I saw Felicia come out."

Cameron: Yep


Cameron: She pitched putting up Cory so I could get closer to you.

America: Shut up

Cameron: I'm not lying. What the fuck was up with that America? Don't talk about me. Please don't talk about me.

America: I don't

*WBRB Gold Swirlies


VS--StreamBigBrotherLiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-112530’33” (1).jpg



2:01PM BBT

America was Cameron's last conversation before noms. Everyone is just hanging out waiting for the nomination ceremony.



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2:25PM BBT

Cameron was just called to the DR 

Felicia: I am so mad he told me he didn't want me in the jury house

Cirie: I know!


Mecole is in the SR talking to herself, "You cannot navigate this week believing Felicia is the target."

MeMe continues walking in circles and talking in the SR, "You got all the tools...now is the time to execute."





[I am expecting Cameron to nominate Felicia and Mecole. -ML]


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Cameron leaves the backyard and Felicia says to Ciree “I’m so mad at that fucker he said he don’t want me at the jury house… how you gonna say something like that to someone?”


Ciree: mmm hmm hmmm.  I know. 

gold swirlies


Felicia trying to count possible votes.  
Cirie: mmm hmmm hmmm



2:35 kitty Cats

must be Nom ceremony

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3:31PM BBT

We have WBRB gold swirlies then right back to RCHS


3:33PM BBT

The feeds are back to Matt, Cam and Jag in the kitchen.

They are about to put some pretzels in the oven.


3:38PM BBT

Cameron nominated Felicia and Mecole for eviction.

Mecole is alone in the SR. 


She takes a lot of deep breaths. "Woke up this morning fully expecting this to happen. It's done. Relax. Drop your shoulders. Take a deep breath. We expected this to happen. Take a deep breath. If you don't win the veto then you are in trouble. So focus on that.""





3:39PM BBT

Cirie enters the SR to check on Mecole.

Cirie: You okay

Mecole: I'm okay

They hug

Cirie: Oh girl

Mecole: I'm okay, but I am not surprised.

Cirie: You still got veto

Mecole: It's gotta be what it's gotta be

Cirie: If it's any consolation, I don't think you're the one.

Mecole: Well, that's what he said.

Mecole says he was real respectful and she appreciated that.


3:45PM BBT

I am out for now. I may not return until next Saturday while we tend to PapaLong's treatment. Don't miss me too much. -ML

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5:11PM BBT

Jag and Cory have been talking in the backyard. They discuss Blue and how she is tight with America but also doesn't trust America. Cory says he just tries to keep her comfortable, "But I am going to change my talk with Blue and say 'We are going to the final five together.' Jag points out that Blue is tight with Cirie

Cory: She is always going to pick Cirie and she has had talks with America about getting the guys out.

Jag: She has?

Cory says Blue talks with America about getting down to the end with just the girls.

Jag: America is down to the getting to the end with you, me and Matt. You say America is the only one down for that?

Cory: Well, America is like, 'she is saying, why are we going to the end with these fucking dudes?' The next one that has to go is Blue then Cam Cam then Cirie and MeMe, probably MeMe first because she is better at comps. But the way I see it, once Blue is gone, I don't really care about Cirie so much.

Jag: Hmm

Cory:  We are gonna have all week to get with MeMe. We cover our asses. I work MeMe. You work Blue.

Jag: MeMe being on the block this week opens up more conversations that she will have to have. Like, you have to have conversations [Meme has held her cards very close to her chest this entire game. -ML]

Jag ends this conversation with Cory by saying he needs to go to the bathroom.


6:16PM BBT

Bowie Jane, Matt and Jag are hanging out with Cameron in the HoHR 

[All of the other HGs have noticed how much these 4 are spending together and assume, correctly, they have an alliance. -ML]


7:24PM BBT

America and Felicia are talking in the bathroom about the PoV.

Felicia: I intend to be here until November 9th

America: That's the spirit. That's the attitude.

Felciia says she wants to to win the veto. She doesn't know who to pick (if getting HG choice)

Felicia: I just don't think they would use it (Matt or Jag)

America: Yeah, I don't think so. I would volunteer, but I haven't been good at the vetoes either. I would talk to Blue or Cory.

Felicia: I think I could convince Matt before Jag, and Matt is proving to be better and better.

America: He is.

Felicia: He is coming alive. He is starting to shine.

America: This oxtail isn't gonna be done for a couple of hours, right?

Felicia: not until 10 or 11. It's a slow cooking meat. They could eat it if they want to, but it will chew like rubber. It should be slow roasted until it falls off the bone.


7:35PM BBT

Blue and Cirie notice that Felicia put too much water in the rice.

Cirie: It's gonna be mushy

Matt comes through checking the progress

Cirie: Oh, Mattie is hungry. Hopefully something will be done soon

Blue checks the potatoes, but they are still too hard

Cirie: Turn up the oven


VS--StreamBigBrotherLiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-112906’54” (1).jpg


8:00PM BBT

Bowie Jane, Matt and Jag are working out their arms and backs in the backyard. Bowie Jane jokes that the competition will end up being a rope climb. Earlier tonight, Bowie Jane told Cameron she would like to host the PoV. He asked her if she wanted to play, and she responded she will do whatever he wants

[This is why Bowie Jane is still in the game. She poses no threat. She is amiable. She is willing to work for the HoH. Is that a strategy? It is a strategy! It's called being a "floater." I would describe Bowie Jane as the perfect definition of floater.  -MamaLong]


8:01PM BBT

Cameron heads inside to check on dinner, which everyone has been impatiently waiting for. Blue, Cirie and Felicia have been slow roasting oxtail. The process takes hours, and they got a later start than usual on dinner prep. I believe everyone is "famished" at this point.




8:02PM BBT

The backyard is closing at 10PM, so they are trying to get this "quick chat" finished while they have the chance and before they have to clear out of the BY.

Once Cam leaves the backyard...

Bowie Jane: Okay, Go! Chat! Quick!

Matt makes a point to be careful and make sure "Skeezy" (aka Cory) is not on the outside balcony listening in. He has gone inside, too. They are in the clear, now.

Jag: I just wanted to touch base with y'all. You know, the three of us and how we want to move forward.

Matt: Yeah...how we want to navigate. 

Jag: You know, there's Cam, Cory and America, Blue

Matt: Lots of mini groups

Bowie Jane: Yeah

Jag: Blue is caught up with Cirie. Blue is anti Cory and America, and I'm thinking Cory and America are probably anti Blue for the same reason. So, my thing is, we probably want to stay out of that.

Matt: here's the thing. If we win HoH next week, we can still take a shot at MeMe and not revealing everything, yet.

BJ: Yeah, yeah

Jag: And with Blue. Don't say too much to Blue because she is clearly playing the game very smart, as well.  She is very close to Cirie. You know how she is coming to you saying like, oh Cory is saying this and that? From what I'm seeing, Blue is also participating in those conversations. Cory is not just coming up to Blue, they are not that close, and saying Bowie Jane is a number, blah, blah, blah...clearly they are having conversations and Blue is participating in it. Definitely we have to continue working with them, at the end of the day,  to feel safe, but this is what I feel solid about. Us and Cam can just be..

Bowie Jane: Low key

Jag: And be careful. Don't make any promises to like, MeMe or Blue

BJ: Oh, game, you mean

Jag: I want to still be true and loyal to my word (avoid getting tied up with false promises)

BJ: Yep

Matt: Yeah

Jag: No external pressure telling us what to do

Bowie Jane tells them that America came to her earlier and said she wants to have a go at Blue

Jag: America does?

Matt: Yeah, Blue

BJ tells them that she said Jag was on board

Jag: Yeah, America and Cory want to take a shot at Blue. Blue wants to take a shot at them. She didn't explicitly tell me that, so I don't know why she said I was on board. If they win HoH. Cool, we can, like, do whatever. But, if they don't win, I don't think we should put either of them up (Cory/America & Blue) How close are you to MeMe?

Bowie Jane: I could put her up...and then who goes up next to her

Jag: It might be Cirie, for me. I don't know who that is for you. I'm not making promises, like 'I will never put you up'

Bowie Jane: Okay, look, whatever you do, don't look at the window. Don't look at the window. I can see it. (warning not to look suspicious)

Matt: It works if we don't say shit.

Jag: How do y'all feel about Cirie?

Matt: Neutral

BJ: Yeah, neutral

Jag: I would be fine putting her up as a pawn just because she hasn't shown that she goes hard on competitions so even if she gets mad at me, whatever

BJ: Agreed


[And, not sure I have shared my latest faves to win: as of right now, this is my personal choice for the final 3 with Mecole as my 4th. Why? Because ugliness, backstabbing, lying and degrading are just not my thing.   -MamaLong]


Bowie Jane: How do you feel about Cirie? Everyone is tricky now.

Matt: For me, I may just pawn Blue and say, 'Look, I need a competitor...putting up Jag looks too obvious.'

BJ: Yeah, everyone has to go up as a pawn at some point

[Please remember you said that, Bowie! I have a feeling when you hit the block, y ou will forget. -ML]

Jag says he could easily put up Blue or Cirie as a pawn, but he knows Blue,  "if given the power, could be a loose cannon or go rogue."

Bowie Jane: I'm glad you said that! I have seen her with Cirie, lately.

*The cameras move back to the kitchen.







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8:26PM BBT

Cory is talking with Cirie in Comicverse, "There are too many people that think they are locked in. There are a lot of duos in the house. And there is so much Cameron stuff."

Cirie: Exactly

Cory says he is just playing the game day by day now

Cirie: Same

Cory: I hate to be so vague. The thing is, there's only so many people in the house left, you know what I mean.

Cirie: Yeah. I'm just checking in.

Cory says he gave himself the day off from talking to people

Cirie: It's your birthday, though. I wish I had thought about that. I would have left you alone.

Cory: So much of it is the competition, which I am not very good at. My plan really hasn't changed that much. In terms of what I want to do moving forward, there's a couple of different paths but one of them is significantly more difficult. I like working with Matt and Jag, but, uh...

Cirie laughs. They both acknowledge that Matt and Jag are highly physical, and they can't beat them in a physical comp.

Cory: If next week happens, we are down to 8. That's pretty good

They hear someone coming.

Cory: I love how loud the floors are in Scrambleverse

Cameron comes in to tell them dinner is ready (not the oxtail, though...they put steak in the oven since the oxtail was taking so long)

Cirie: Ready? Oh, good!

Cory: Check me in the backyard tomorrow.

Cirie: Definitely

*WBRB Gold Swirlies


9:01PM BBT

Cirie is holding a meeting of the BB25 Plastic Flosser club with Felicia in the LR.

Felicia: One of them is gonna win HoH next week and try to blindside his ass because they are too scared.

Cirie: Mm Hmm (pick....pick...smack...pick)

Felicia: I put him up on the block but I wasn't trying to get him that week. Don't let me stay in here and win HoH next week 'cause I'll put his ass on the block 'Sit in the damn chair'

Cirie: Mm Hmm  (pick....lick...pick.. .smack...pick) I want to get some fresh air before they close it down

Felicia: Is it cold out there?

Cirie: You were out there doing the towels. Was it cold?

Felicia: I'm gonna go out for ten minutes then come back in here

As they pass through the kitchen they thank America for cleaning the kitchen

America: This is all mushy. I'm throwing it out (Felicia's rice)

Cirie: Yeah, that was a problem


9:05PM BBT

In the backyard, Cory is ranting about Big Brother twists and how he is not a fan of things that just extend the game.

Cory: I don't like twists that just, like, prolong the game. That's why I don't like Battle Backs. I get disincentivized, or whatever.

Cameron let's out a big sigh, clearly annoyed

Cory: I appreciate the lack of game breaking twists

Cameron: You are a lot more critical of the game than I am. I'm like man, what are we getting into this week, and you are like, I can't believe they brought that shit back

Cory: No, I hate it. Usually the point of twists is to mix up the game. They are often just trying to help the underdog or upset the balance...and what they always do is empower the majority

Cameron: That's the game

Cory: The best season of the show was Big Brother 10. It didn't have any twists and it had an amazing cast that made for a wild game. That's what I think peak Big Brother is.  I mean yeah, you got to keep people on their toes

[Cameron's body language is so telling about how he feels about Cory. They are sitting on opposite ends of the couch. Cam's arms are folded tightly across his chest and his leg crossed away from Cory. -ML]

Cameron: We are not here to...They are not here to make the coolest game. ever. They are here to make money on TV, bro. They don't give a shit who wins. They don't give a shit with who does whatever. They are here to make money.  They are here to make money on TV. Don't be so critical of the game. They are out here just making money moves

Big Brother: You are not allowed to talk about production!

Cory: They didn't like that!

Cameron: They wouldn't! But it's the bottom line. I'm here to play the game. They are here to make money. Our interests align. I'll play your game.

Big Brother: Stop That!

Cory laughs, "I feel the same way about Survivor. They added so much random shit to that game when all I want to do is watch Survivor. But that's the thing. I love the game more than the show."

The cameras all move to the kitchen.  LOL!



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9:42PM BBT

Blue, Cirie and Felicia are studying the comps/days in Comicverse.


10:04PM BBT - 11:52PM BBT

*WBRB Gold Swirlies


When the feeds return, we see Blue, Matt and Jag are the only ones on camera chatting in the bathroom area.

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