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Friday, September 15, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother 25 observations, and screen captures here! If you post opinions or off-topic messages, I will move them here:  https://www.tvfanforums.net/forum/337-big-brother-25-discussion-dish/

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal commentaround the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here) until Sunday, November 5, when Daylight Saving Time ends. 

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in and talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  

Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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1:43PM BBT

Blue is crying to Jared in the HoHR. She tells Jared she was keeping her distance, "Yeah, yesterday I WAS done with you. You were the last person I wanted to talk to, for awhile. That's why I was avoiding you, for sure. Was I happy for you? (winning HoH) Sure. But I was also just sobbing the entire day because I was so unwell." She is struggling with what is real and what is Jared "just playing" her. She describes the issues she had with Jag and America. She feels solid with Jag after talking it all through. She is okay with America, personal wise, but game wise there is no trust. Blue wants to talk with Cirie. She doesn't care about Bowie. She is not interested in talking with MeMe right now.


Jared listens to every word without interrupting. He consoles Blue for the division and owns his part in it for being "reactive." They reconcile. "I don't want to lose you, bro."

Blue: Me neither

Jared: You, Izzy, Cirie are the only ones I trust in this house


[Is he forgetting Izzy is gone? Did she come back and I didn't see that yet? -ML]





1:50PM BBT

Jared: But I don't want to lose you, bro. Ever!

Blue: Okay, back to normal

They hug

Blue: Welcome back

Jared: I got you bro. I promise, and I mean that shit.

Blue: Me too... I got you until I'm the one that kicks you out.

Jared: Hey! You can't hold onto a wall longer than me, bro. I'm not worried about you no more

Blue: My hands are small

Jared: I'm kidding. But yeah, so. I think Cirie is the last person (to talk to)  listen, this is what's going on. I'm putting up Cory and America, 100%. Cameron is my target. I'm backdooring Cameron.







1:54PM BBT

Jared: Where I stand right now? Me, you, Cirie and I am really thinking about bringing in Matt.


1:57PM BBT

Jared is now meeting with Cirie, AKA "Ma"

Jared: Wha-de-do-daw....Wha-de-do-daw? (I did this as phonetically correct as I could)

They hug

Cirie: Oh, Jared...I asked Felicia to pray for you. I'm so proud of you.

Jared: I got you....I got you, son

Cirie: I know and I was like he is going to break his arm before falling off

Jared: Yeah, but I got you, son

Cire: I know I know but I got to have your back. It's gonna be hard

They discuss how much they hate that Izzy is gone.

Cirie: So, now, what you thinking, though? I'm trying to trust Matt, but I don't know.

Jared: I trust Blue. I really do.

Cirie: But why was she so upset?

Jared explains that Blue started hearing about all of the alliances and started feeling way out of the loop like their relationship was fake. Jared tells Cirie that he totally trusts Blue and that she wants to work with Cirie, too.



Jared tells Cirie that Blue commented he knows that he and her (Cirie) have a great relationship

Cirie: I don't know why

Jared: Something tells me Izzy might have told her


Cirie: I'm going on record, I don't think Izzy would have told anybody that.

Jared: I don't either, but she keeps saying you and me are close

Cirie: If there was anyone she could have told, it was Skeezy (Cory)

Jared tells her that Cameron was basically begging to get to jury because he needs it financially "He was fucking squirming...making deals and promises"

Cirie: Good! Mother fucker! Make the deal with him.

Jared says he is not going to make a deal with Cameron, at least not right now.


Jared takes a break and pours some champagne. They toast.

Jared: We survivied!

Cirie: We did it.

Jared: This is why I got the cup

Cirie: This is for you and all you do for me. I love you so much.

Jared: And for you and all you continue to do.


[Beautiful moment, y'all! -ML]



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Cirie and Jared go through the HGs and decide how they feel about each of them.


Blue: 3rd member of F3 with them

Cameron: Target

Jag: Jared said no bridges are ever burnt for good; Jag promised to not ever put up the six until it's only them left; they will continue working with him and move forward. They think he threw HoH [so does MamaLong who also believes America, Matt and possibly Cory and Blue threw HoH]

America: They don't trust her; she had a different story that Cory's version

Cory: There is still a lot of contention with Cory over what happened yesterday; Jared says he told Cory, 'Yo, you tried to cook me" and he apologized and tried saving face "but he was getting personal"... Jared says they can rebuild. Cirie is bitter over what Cory did, "He was your number 1. How you do that to your #1?"

Bowie Jane: wants an alliance with them and Matt, but Cirie isn't sure that's a good idea; will work with her but not for long

MeMe: they don't like that she is not sharing information (talks to America a lot) given she claims to want to be Brown Sugar Babes to the end; sounds like Cirie doesn't trust her; Jared believes she will stick with BSB

Matt: They aren't sure because he will likely be most loyal to Jag but want to believe that matt is sincere in wanting to work with them.

Jared: He said I will protect Cirie with my life

Cirie: I hope so, but I need him to step up and win  (a competition)


2:13PM BBT

Felicia and Mecole are talking in the SR.

Felicia says that she is not happy that no one would give her a straight answer on who they were voting for yesterday. "Why aren't you guys willing to to say who you voting for?"

Felicia: So I am gonna stand here right now with you. Do you want a final two?

MeMe: Yes

The hug

Felicia: Girl, you the only one in here I can truly trust. 100%

MeMe: 100%

Felicia: Because girl, both of them are playing me (she means the other half of BSB)

Mecole shares that she was aggravated with them, too, "I was about to get thrown to the wolves" because she was voting Felicia to stay, regardless. She doesn't trust why they pushed so hard to save Izzy  

[But they do understand, thus forming a new Final 2!  -MamaLong]





2:32PM BBT

Matt joins Cirie and Jared in the HoHR. Blue joins a few minutes later with a plate for food for Jared.

Matt: Do Cory and America know

Jared: Cory would be crazy not to assume it's him

Jared tells them that he will just tell everyone that it's up to the house because saying anything else puts them at risk.

Matt: I am glad that happened because now Jag sees everything and doesn't trust them now

Jared: Y'all are literally the people I trust the most. Outside of y'all three, I don't trust anyone. Y'all are the absolutely only three people I trust in this house, bro. Y'all don't ever, ever, ever have to worry about me going against you in this game.


Jared: These are the three people I would love to see to the end.

Cirie: If I have the opportunity to see it to the jury, I would be proud to give any three of you my vote. If it's any of you and someone else, you got my vote. I know you got my back, and I got yours. You have all contributed and I know I need to step it up. I want to solidify that I just do not want to brought along. I would like to have that to say, look guys, y'all are safe under me.  I knew there was no way I could win the wall.

Matt: Not with that attitude

They all laugh

Cirie says she will gun for the next HoH and hopes it is something she will be good at

Matt: I've seen you on Survivor. I know you are a badass.

Jared: Okay, y'all. I know I'm about to go downstairs. I love all y'all. An update on everything, it's Cory and America and you know my ultimate goal. I gotta get that fucking dude out of here.


2:43PM BBT

Big Brother: Jared, please go to the Diary Room Downstairs

Cirie: It's time

Jared: Time to get this poppin'

Cirie: Love you

Jared: Love y'all too




2:46PM BBT

The feeds move to WBRB Gold Swirlies then RCHS for the Nomination Ceremony.

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3:57PM BBT

Half of the feeds are on WBRB gold swirlies



3:59PM BBT

The feeds have returned.

Jared nominated Cory and America for eviction.


4:00PM BBT

In Scrambleverse and securely cuddled under the blankets...

America: I just feel he is very spiteful

Cory: He was spiteful to Cam, too

America; It's always the worst possible scenario, though

Cory: This is a bad as it could be

America begins crying

Cory: We're gonna be fine! We're gonna be fine!



4:02PM BBT

Cory: Ugh Oh, Cameron incoming

Cameron walks in looking glum.

Cory: Personally I'm thrilled

Cameron: Yeah, I can tell. So this is what it's like to not see your picture on the tv.

Cory: First time?

Cameron: Literally

Cory: And the great thing about that? You're safe for the week.

When Cameron leaves, Cory whispers to America that he is going to get backdoored if one of them come off.


[I had to move to another camera because the smooching noises were making me nauseous. -ML]

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In the HoH, Blue tells Jared she is trying to be part of his "people."

Jared: You are my people! You and Mama C and Matt are my people. The only other one in this house that was my people was Izzy. Nobody else will be able to get that out of me. My word and my secrets are all I have in this game. You damn near hold the keys to my game.

Blue: I'm glad we could figure it it.

Jared: Same...only people who know about me...only people (that know his secret being her and Izzy)

Blue: I was going to profess my love for you, yesterday, and look what happened. I really hope we get Cameron out. I was upset I lost yesterday.


Blue tells Jared it was obvious that he is with Cirie when it ended up being Felicia and  Izzy on the block.

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7:24 PM BBT:  Cirie and Matt are in the HoH room, watching the HG’s on the tv screen.  They start talking about America and Cory.  Cirie says she thinks America would put her up; or put her and Jared up together.  She tells Matt “they live on a hill of hypocrisy” because everyone has formed alliances and made game moves.  While watching the HG’s on the screen, they see a lot of them playing Simon Says in the living room (very briefly).


Blue joins Cirie and Matt in the HoH.  She says “the energy is lighter now” in the house.  Cirie says even with Cam the energy feels lighter.  Blue comments that she saw Cam cooking “for the first time in my life.”  The three of them talk about dinner, and Matt says he’ll make quesadillas.  Cirie says she’s going to have some Moose Tracks, too, then go to bed.


They talk about how they were hoping “the six” could have a meeting tonight, or that it’d just happen when the right people “drift up.”  Cirie mentions that Izzy said she’d be watching the live feeds.  The camera that was on them moves downward, Matt notices it and Cirie and Matt agree that was it’s a F-You from BB.  We get a momentary WBRB.




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7:45 PM BBT:  Jared joins Cirie, Matt and Blue in the HoH room.  After a little chit-chat, they look at the tv to see where everyone is.  They start laughing about Cam being “the police” and watching everyone’s movements.  Jared wanders back out of the HoH room.


Matt mentions that Cam told America he’d play veto for her if he gets picked.  Cirie wonders who Cory would pick.  Matt says Cory “can’t pick America, he wouldn’t pick Cam, maybe me?”  Cirie says “they might pick me and Felicia because they feel like they can beat us.”  Matt points out there are only five playing veto, and that the house is getting smaller.


Jared and Cam are eating together, standing in the kitchen.


8:04 PM BBT:  Jag, Cory, Meme and Felicia are in the living room.  Jag’s eating what Cam cooked (chicken sausage, potatoes, and carrots).


Bowie goes into the HoH room.  They talk about how it’s been a chill day, but it’ll change after the veto comp has been played.  Bowie leaves the HoH room fairly quickly, and they watch her on the tv screen; she goes back downstairs and tells everyone that Matt and Cirie are in the HoH room.  They laugh about it, and Cirie says “Jesus Christ.”  They turn their attention back to the tv screen and notice a lot of HG’s are in the living room.  They point out how most of them are paired off in two’s.  Cirie points out how Cam is watching people.


8:16 PM BBT:  Jared returns to the HoH room.  He tells Matt and Cirie that Bowie came downstairs and let everyone know they’re in the HoH room in a way they called “dry snitching.”


Next, Jared, Matt and Cirie start cracking up as they watch Felicia go from room to room looking for them, then finally come into the HoH room.  All feeds are then on Bowie, Cory, America, Cam and Jag in the living room.  They’re talking about various villains in animated movies.  Blue walks thru the living room, goes to the DR and rings the bell.




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8:27 PM BBT:  WBRB


8:42 PM BBT:  Feeds return; all feeds are on America and Cory in bed in the upside down room.  Cory tells her she crushing his thigh.  She says “your little thigh.”


8:47 PM BBT:  Matt leaves HoH room to make quesadillas.  Jared and Felicia start trash talking Bowie.  Jared says “Bowie is a spy.”  Felicia replies “Bowie is a snake.”  Jared mentions how small the house feels now.  Felicia says they should be switching out the dining room table soon.


9:03 PM BBT:  Various houseguests cooking and eating in the kitchen, all sitting around the island.  Then WBRB.


9:10 PM BBT:  Feed return.  Blue is walking thru the HoH room and leaves, looks like she’s been in the bathroom.  Jared and Felicia are still talking.  They mention that “everyone’s heart dropped” when Julie announced the small jury this year.  They’re talking game generally, and Jared says “Izzy got too close to Cory.”  Felicia replied that she “warned Izzy about getting too close to Cory.”  Then WBRB [this has been ridiculous tonight with the feeds up and down constantly]

9:16 PM BBT:  Feeds back up again for less than 5 minutes.  Most houseguests are still eating and cooking.  WBRB.  Again.


9:25 PM BBT:  Feeds return.  Most houseguests are still eating around the island in the kitchen.  Matt is still making quesadillas.  They’ve been discussing “big words” that make a person sound intelligent, like “gargantuous” (which isn’t a word).  Cory says “horticulture” [which reminds me of the Dorothy Parker quote “you can lead a whore to culture but you can’t make her think.”  Sorry…it’s a super dull night in the BB house.]  Someone then says “ambiguous” and they all say “oooooh.”


9:34 PM BBT:  WBRB.  Again.


9:53 PM BBT:  Feeds return.  America and Jag are talking alone in the washroom about veto player picks.  They’re talking about America picking “him” and it sounds like they’re discussing Cam.  Jag tells her she can’t, and she says “I’m not!”  She says she needs to win tomorrow, that she needs to “win something!”  She tries to get info out of Jag about whether she’d go home, or Cory.  Jag’s evasive, so she asks again, specifically if he’s “heard anything.”  He replies not really, and diverts by saying “I’ve been surviving by the skin of my teeth every fucking week, bro.”  WBRB.


10:02 PM BBT:  Feeds return.  Blue is leaving the HoH room again, on a mission to round up certain houseguests for a meeting.  Cirie and Jared are alone in the HoH, and she says “Why we even doing this?”  Jared replies that they need to make Jag comfortable.  Cirie then says, “I love Matt, but Matt will crack under pressure, and even Bowie said that.  So when it comes down to it, he’s gonna fold.”


Blue rejoins Jared and Cirie in the HoH.  Jared asks Blue where the houseguests are that they need to have a meeting, because Cam is in the DR.  The feeds show Felicia and Jag f’ing around in the washroom with other houseguests, talking about daffodils.  Felicia is screaming laughing and obviously missed the code Blue gave her to come to the meeting.


10:17 PM BBT:  Matt joins Blue and Cirie in the HoH room.  He has a quesadilla he made with him.  He asks where the missing people are and expresses a little frustration, saying you have to “book it” when you get the signal because it’s hard to get together without being noticed.  They start discussing among the three of them the veto player picks for tomorrow.


10:29 PM BBT:  Felicia finally comes into the HoH room.  Cirie asks her if she missed the signal to get up there; apparently so, and they laugh about it.  Jared can be seen on the feeds in the washroom.  Jag is still sitting and talking in the washroom, oblivious to the attempts to meet.


10:27 PM BBT:  The feeds show that Meme has entered the HoH room.  [this meeting of “the 6” may never happen].


10:29 PM BBT:  WBRB.

10:33 PM BBT:  Feeds return.  Meme and Blue are discussing concerts.  Meme says she only sits in front row or very good seats.


Apparently when Meme came to the HoH room, Matt and Cirie hid in the HoH shower until Meme left.


10:39 PM BBT:  Blue goes to the HoH bathroom and gives Matt and Cirie the “all clear” and they come out of the shower.  Cirie says “I’m not hiding in the goddamn shower again.”  Blue says this meeting may not happen tonight, and that they can do it tomorrow [I’m wondering if they can lol]  Matt looks at the tv, and notices that Cam is out of the DR now.






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11:00PM BBT

In the bathroom area, Cameron asks America if she and Cory have been told not to pick him (for HG choice). She tells him yes

Cam: So it's Jag (as HG choice) 

America confirms

Cameron: Interesting how everything changes. 

America: I really haven't decided to not pick you.

Cam: I hope you would. I have already offered you the thing. It's pretty simple. (he means to use the PoV on her if he wins)

America: I know. Like, if I pick you and you don't *feeds change room for a minute but we can infer she is saying it is too risky for her to pick him, Cam not win veto and put her game in further jeopardy* 

Cam: The two of you have a shelf life, just like I do. You're fucked anyway

America: I know

Cameron: You can brainstorm this whole thing...but if you do win it, I'm fucked. If he wins it, I'm fucked. Any combination of the two? I'm done. If I win it, we see what happens. You hear what I'm saying?

America: Mm Hmm

Cameron: If Jag plays, he'll win and keep them the same, which is what Jared wants.

America: Mm Hmm

Cameron: But I know you. You are careful and don't gamble much, so I don't expect to hear my name.

America: I'm sorry, Cam.

America: Thank you for always being straight with me.

America: I really haven't decided though.

Cameron: I know you haven't decided. The America I've know in this game thus far has played a very particular type of game. That is not going to change overnight. You are going to place your bets with the safer side. And the safer side is not to pick me. The gamble would be, not do what you are told and have a very possible big outcome. If Jag plays, he wins it and all of our fates are on the line.

America: I know 

Cameron: That's the gamble. That's the gamble. Because if I win it, I take one of you down and who is it gonna be? (as replacement)

America: Jag

Cameron: You think?...You're weighing the odds of sitting next to me. Would you rather sit next to me or Jag?

She indicates she'd rather sit next to him.

Cameron: I thought so, and I wouldn't blame you.

America: I'll sleep on it

Cameron: Me too

America: I want you to get picked to play in this game. I really do. But, they are in charge right now.

Cam: They always have been

America: I am thinking about it. I have been thinking about it. I will think about it.

Cam: Well, what's your end game? What do you want?

America: The short term goal is to make it through this week

Cam: Okay

America: I'm sorry Cam. I didn't want to lie to you.

Cameron: You did right. I'm a big boy. I can handle it.

She says goodnight and leaves

Alone now, Cameron realizes there is a very small chance he will survive this week..."Makes sense"..."Interesting"

Cameron heads of to bed.






Now in side-by side beds in Scrambleverse, America tells Cory about her talk with Cameron, "He knows he is not getting picked and I feel really bad. He though it was the three of us working together, again."

Cory: That's really bad.

America: What?

Cory: That's really bad, America. Fuck. Because if he wins, he is not pulling one of us off now.

America: I told him I'm still deciding.

Awkward silence as Cory murmurs "fuck"




Cory then notices America getting emotional, "Yo, come here."

America shakes her head no.

Cory: We're gonna be fine. Okay? We're gonna be fine, no matter what. We're gonna be fine. We're going to make it work tomorrow and see what happens.

America: I really didn't have to tell him, he just figured it out.

Cory: This is not a me being mad at you situation. I'm just mad at the situation.

America tells him that Cameron really wants the three of them to work together. Cory says that in order for them to be safe, he will have to go.

America: Why did you have to be talking about the order? Fuck!

Cory: It is what it is.

America: You're mad at me. What do you want?

Cory: I am not mad at you

America: You're mad at me (this goes back and forth a bit)

Cory: Come to the bed with me. I am mad at you because you won't come to the fucking bed.

America rolls over to the right side of him next to the wall

Cory: We can do this!


11:18PM BBT

America: I feel awful

Cory: I know! This game's hard!

Cory says they are gonna kick ass tomorrow. "That's it!"

America: Why did I think I could lie? Like, why did I think I'd be good of this. Like, in real life, in IRL I am just so blunt, and so honest. I looked into those baby blue eyes, and I couldn't (lie) Why did I sign up for this? I am a terrible liar.  I suck at this.

Cory asks what she told Cameron, "Did you tell him 100%"

America: I told him I would sleep on it.

Fake Cory is eavesdropping (the styrofoam head that America and Blue dolled up)



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11:24PM BBT

In the HoHR, Blue, Jag and Matt discuss Bowie Jane being on her own island and just leaning toward whoever is in power. They aren't sure what MeMe is doing, but they know she is close with America and Cory. They have determined that "the math is not mathing" about For Real For Real because Felicia says one thing and Cory says something else. Cory claims he made For Real For Real to keep America feeling like she belonged to something. Blue says she will confront the situation when they are all in lockdown and force them to openly talk about it with everyone. Jag says they need to determine who they are rocking with. Blue pointed out earlier that no matter what, they have the three of them who are all strong competitors who can win an HoH and "rock it."

Jag: What is important for us to agree on, in this whole argument, it is directly Poo and them versus Cory and America. That is something that is important for us to agree who do we trust in that. Which side is

Jag says Poo will side with Blue over Matt/Jag. 

Blue: He is coming back (Jared is on spycam)

Jag: But we need to decide on who we agree on.

Blue: New subject!

Matt: Penis

Blue: Brother, please be serious

Jag: Dumbass

Jared walks in, 'What the fuck is going on in here?"

Matt: Ah, you didn't say it loud enough so it doesn't matter...random penis...the substitute; what you said to the substitute teacher  (impressive, Matt)

[How dare he, but they play off a fake conversation rather well, here.  LOL! -ML]

Jared enters the HoH bathroom saying nothing else.




11:31PM BBT

Cory and America getting frisky in Scrambleverse (kissing noises...missionary position...close up on exposed feet/toes = YUCK) all while Foam Head Cory looks on. 


[I have bleached my eyes and ears! I'm out!  -MamaLong]

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10:46 PM BBT:  Cam heads to the HoH room.  Matt, Cirie and Blue go to the HoH bathroom to hide - again.  Matt and Cirie start to get in the shower, and Blue tells them to hide in the toilet area, she’s “taking a shower,” and turns on the shower.  Matt and Cirie hide in the toilet area.  Cam is now in the HoH room, standing next to Jared, who is lying on the bed.  Cam tells Jared he’d like to talk.  Jared tell him he’s “just chillin right now” and they can talk tomorrow.  Cam says he’s been thinking about everything, and wants to talk; Jared reiterates they can talk tomorrow.  As soon as Cam leaves, Blue, Cirie and Matt come out of hiding in the bathroom, go over to Jared to find out what was said, and Jared tells them.






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