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Thursday, September 14, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates


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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here) until Sunday, November 5, when Daylight Saving Time ends. 

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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9:55 AM BBT:  Jared and Meme are talking in the storage room.  Neither look very happy.  Meme says “it may be down to the three of us.”  They mention observing a lot of people talking in groups last night.  Jared tells her he’s going to talk to people today and try to figure out what’s going on.  Meme mentions how things are always changing.


9:56 AM BBT:  Felicia is in the storage room talking to herself or the camera (the feed shows her back).  She sounds dejected, and mentions people who said they’d fight for her not doing it.  And then says, “as the saying goes, when people show you who they are, believe them.”  She exits the SR and goes into the LR, and starts cleaning.


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Cory, Jared, Jag, Cirie and Bowie are in the Have-Not Room and there is some heated conversation going on.




1:35PM BBT

Cory does not like Jared saying he is playing the middle.

Jared does not like Cory saying he is the common denominator.

Jared: You're trying to say I'm the common denominator!

Cory: Can we just talk about the alliances then? At this point, everybody knows everything.

Bowie: Let's get to it...let's move forward.

Cory says the For Real, For Real Alliance was to rope in America and rope in MeMe "and they thought it was to rope in me but I knew I was good because I was good with Jared. That's what For Real, For Real was for. So it's us three, you, Izzy and Felicia. That's For Real, For Real. Then we go over to Seven Deadly Sins, so it's you and Cirie, Izzy and Felicia and the three of you. The goal of that? Rope you three in.

Cirie: Well, when you say to rope somebody in...I was invited

Jared interrupts: That's my point! Hold on Mama C....That's exactly what I was saying...

Cirie: Let me finish

Jared does not allow Cirie to finish.




Jag and Matt are in the room, too.



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[I flashed back to try and find the origin of this spat. Of course, we all know the origin is Cameron revealing Jared playing both sides. -ML]



12:36PM BBT

Jared walks into the Have-Not Room to talk to Matt. Cory and Bowie leave so they can chat.

Jared: Cirie told me to come talk to you

Matt: Yeah

Jared; She said you told her you got her

Matt: I gotta go with it.

Jared: With Mama C?

Matt: I don't want to be a dick, but me and Cory were like, we have to tell Jared. There is so much shit going around...you're my dog. Apparently Izzy is making promises to everyone.  I trust you and Cirie, but Cory is freaking out about Izzy and I thought they were close...


Matt tells Jared they are voting out Izzy..."We have to" about what's been going on. He talks about For Real, For Real

Jared: Who is For Real, For Real

Matt: You, Cirie, Felicia, MeMe, Cory, America

Jared; Who told you this?

Matt: Jag...Cameron....multiple people

Jared says For Real, For Real was Cameron's group and names all the members.  "Cameron, Red, Felicia, Cirie, Izzy, Bowie"

Matt: I know...I am not mad at anyone

Jared tells Matt he has no reason to lie to anyone, "I have absolutely no alliances in this fucking house other than the one I'm told I'm in. Let's just get Cory in here, bro. This shit is actually pissing me off now.

Matt: Okay


12:39PM BBT

Cory, Bowie and Jared enter the Have-Not Room where Matt was just sitting quietly.

Cory: What's that all about?

Jared: Cause, at this point I'm about to pull Jag in here, too. I'm not doing back and forth anymore, bro because I am not about sparing anyone's feelings. (to Bowie) What is For Real For Real?

Bowie: For Real, For Real?

Jared: Is that a group?

Bowie: I don't know

Jared: Was I ever a part of any group downstairs?

Bowie says she was not aware of his side only her side.

Jared: Who was that?

Bowie names Cirie, Izzy, Felicia

Jared: Was I a part of that?

Bowie: Not that I know of

Jared says "no more back and forth...no more bullshit, What's going on?"

Cory tells Jared that he knows that Jared has been lying to him.

Jared: Let's hear it

Cory says everyone now knows about the Survivor thing (his brother) and that Jared was playing it all off as America telling Cory's secrets 

Jared says he heard from Izzy who heard it from America.

Cory interjects things Cameron has told him, some true and some not true. Cory feels that Jared misled him to believe he and America were going to be put on the block and that he was planting seeds against America.

Jared: Okay....next lie

(Jared is very upset and defensive)

Cory tells Jared that he thought Jared was his closest ally but then he felt he had been lied to. "Our relationship hasn't exactly bloomed over the last two weeks. It got weird." Cory says he doesn't know how Jag and Matt feel. Jared says everything coming out of Jag's mouth is a lie.


1:10PM BBT

Cory accuses Jared of being at the center of all the alliances....the common denominator, and telling Izzy everything Cory says. Jared offers to bring Izzy in to the room to clear things up. Cory says he has found out he is at the bottom of their alliance. Cory raises his voice.

Jared: It was always "fuck those alliances" between me and you

More arguing and they decide to pull Jag in. Cory leaves to get him.

Matt: I'm confused right now

Bowie: I appreciate being in this

Jared says he was trying to protect Cory and not expose other people..."Moving forward, if you told me something, personally, as long as it is not hurting him then he would never fucking know. It's that simple."

Bowie: Yeah, I believe that

Matt: I know  


1:18PM BBT

Jag joins the group 

Jared: Jag, let's figure this out

The banter goes back and forth

Lots of arguing back and forth on who said what, formed what, for why, when and how....


1:23PM BBT

Cirie joins the group

Arguing continues....


[This reminds me of my middle school students. -MamaLong]


2:17PM BBT

Feeds cut to RCHS. We won't see the HGs again until tonight's show.

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12:40 PM BBT:  In the Have-Not room, a 90 minute sh*tshow as so well described by MamaLong above.  [We laughed, we cried, we tried to keep track of the lies and the truths; and the line that really cracked me up was Bowie:  “I appreciate being in this.”]  Jared came in hot, there was literal finger-pointing, raised voices, accusations, detailed accounts of alliances, Jared constantly talking over Cory (or asking a question and interrupting before Cory could answer).  Cirie appeared to be in her game head, and asked more than once “why are we here?  what started this?” and probably monitored Jared’s dialogue.  [When the feeds cut, I couldn’t help but wonder if all that was good for anyone’s game, with the possible exception of Bowie and Jag.]








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Another flashback..


10:46AM BBT

Cory takes America to the Have-Not Room

America: What's happening?

Cory: It's bad...but the vote's not flipping....Jag went and told Jared that him and Matt are voting out Felicia to cover his ass...Matt didn't know  

[Cory said Felicia but I'm sure he meant Izzy. America knew that, too, because she did not ask for a correction...just for him to repeat -ML]

America: What! Fucking Jag! When did he tell him this?

Cory: Last night He goes to them and says, 'so Matt and I talked and we decided we are are voting out Izzy for these reasons' and he listed Cameron's reasons...she's a bigger threat and shit. The vote is what it is. We can't flip it. He was fucking pissed (he menas Matt)

Cory says Jag is a snake...a fucking moron.

America says she can't respect him, "What an idiot! What an idiot" 

Cory: I want to yell at him. I want to bring him up here and scream at him. So now, what Matt and I are thinking is we tell Jared the truth at some point,,,because what do we do at this point?

America: What's telling him before going to do. He is gonna be mad before. He's gonna be mad after.

Cory says they tell Jared that they have heard things and it's led them to vote out Izzy. "The vote can't flip. I will give every ounce of information Jared told me. We have to talk to MeMe and Bowie. I'm just so sad. That fucking moron."

America: It was so fucking simple. Nobody had to know anything

Cory: He's a fucking Fessy

America: He is

Cory: So unreliable


Cory says they will target Cameron and Jared if they win HoH.

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12:26PM BBT

Matt tells Felicia in the loft hat he has had to reevaluate everything.

Matt: A lot of people are lying right now. There's a lot of talking that's going on, but I just want you to know you have my vote. I'm honest. I'm not lying. I'm not bullshitting.

Felicia: You do not know how much that means. And that means I am loyal to you to the end. Trust that.

Matt tells her that he saw and respected that she took the veto when she could have taken the trip. "You are playing this game very well. I want to play with you...What I really wanted to do was play final five with you, me, Jared, Cirie...That's what I want to do."

Felicia counts the votes: So, Cirie, Jared, Meme, you...that leaves one more person that has to flip...let him know (she means Cory)

Matt: There's a lot to talk about....I think the votes are different than you think.

Felicia: Thank you. I love you....Talk to Bowie Jane because Bowie Jane said if I had...

Matt reassures her again..."you'll be surprised."

Matt heads into the Have-Not Room to talk with Cory and Bowie follows him in.


12:30PM BBT

Matt: Should we address the elephant in the room?

Cory: The vote is not changing. We are voting out Izzy. It has to happen guaranteed.

Bowie: 100%

Matt: We are locked in. But....

Bowie: Jag?

Cory: Jag told Jared they are voting to keep Felicia and vote out Izzy...The reason we think he did that was to cover his own ass in case Jared wins HoH. It doesn't change that much except that we can't trust Jag

Matt: 100%   Now we are dealing with this shit today. And we don't want to get mad at him because we still want to work with him

Bowie: Yeah, it's messy game play

Bowie says she talked with Jared

Matt: Jared just told me that Bowie said she's good

Bowie repeats that Jared thinks Izzy is safe.

Cory tells Bowie that Jared thinks Bowie will just stick with the majority. "What do we do with Jared now. He knows but do we keep denying it. We don't want him to have time to flip the vote."

Bowie asks what happens after, 'Will you say how you voted?"

Cory: Oh yeah

Matt: They can't be mad. We just say we know there were multiple alliances made and they didn't tell us


12:35PM BBT

Jared walks in, "This is annoying. This is really fucking annoying."


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6:24pm  BBT

Cirie and Felicia are down

Cameron:  There's a chance of precipitation...and maybe some sauce (as rain hits the HGs on the wall)

America falls off

The meatballs are swinging into the HGs. Jared squats down so it hits him in the chest/stomach area.

Matt intentionally leaning far forward.


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6:29pm BBT

Cameron:  Who, in their right mind could have predicted more rain? ME.

Rain stops, everyone holding tight as the wall moves.

Felicia:  Hold On.  Everyone hold on.  Hold on Matt.

MeMe falls off.

Cory is down.

Cameron encouraging everyone to hold on.  Other HGs telling them all "good job"

Felicia:  You look strong Blue.

Meatballs swinging again

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6:35pm BBT  rain again.  Everyone using it to rinse the green paint off their hands and handholds.


Someone yells:  "You got this!"

Felicia:  You guys look strong!

rain stops.

Blasts of air from the vents.

Felicia:  Hold on Matt.

Cameron:  And Jag goes down.  Only four remaining on the wall.

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6:38pm BBT  planes flying overhead

Matt, Bowie, Jared & Blue still hanging on.


Blast of red paint and wall moves forward.

HG's cheering:  Hold On - you got this!

Cameron:  And Matt goes down...to the mat.  Three remain.

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Once a Meatball, Always a Meatball!

Meatballs start swinging again.

America:  You got it.  It's OK, It'll be over soon.

Rain comes

Felicia:  Rinse off, rinse off.

America:  You got this Blue.

Cameron:  We've had meatballs, we've had rain.  It all comes down to the final three right now with Bowie Jane, Blue and Jared.

Felicia:  Faith of the mustard seed.

Blast of pink paint, wall moving.

HG's encouraging:  Hold on!

Wall moves, blast of red paint.

Cameron:  Down goes Blue.

(I missed something - I think Bowie fell next)

Then Jared drops to the mat smiling.

HG's cheering.



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7:55PM BBT

The feeds returned 


Cory is gloating to Cameron in the bathroom while America is showering, about the Have-Not Ho-Down (the fight between him and Jared). Cameron is gloating about his game move, saying, 'I don't think that's ever been done.

Cameron is saying Izzy's exit was not classy. Cory says there is no reason to be classy, "she was mad at me and had reason." Cameron says "there is always a fucking reason to be classy."


Blue is crying to Jag in Scaryverse saying she has had such a difficult time navigating the game while the rest of the house is targeting him and how she started having feelings she couldn't trust him anymore. Blue says if she had won HoH, "your ass would have been on the block......on MY HoH." Jag apologizes, saying he had to keep the power secret because his word to Matt was important to him. She accepts. 


Felicia is celebrating with Cirie is celebrating with Felicia in Comicverse.

Cirie: He did it!

Felicia: I prayed to God that he be the last one up there....Don't mess with God.

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