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Wednesday, September 13, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
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12:03AM BBT

Matt tells Cirie and Izzy about his flight to LA and sitting next to a BB13 HG. He doesn't remember who it was. They quiz him on who she could have been. He doesn't remember her name but says she was older (40s) with kids and blonde hair (Maybe Britney Haynes?) Matt says he was warned not to tell anyone on the trip to LA that he was heading to BB, so he was afraid it was someone trying to test him and that he would be removed from the cast if he told her.


8:50AM BBT

Felicia is showering and mumbling to herself. The rest of the HGs are still sleeping.


9:03AM BBT

WBRB Gold Swirlies for "Wakey, Wakey Houseguests"


9:14AM BBT

The feeds return to ADLs


Bowie Jane is walking around the bathroom in her underwear, no skimpier than a bikini.


9:50AM BBT

Felicia is reading her Bible in the LR.




Cirie and Izzy are cleaning things at the kitchen sink.


We get a close up on many of the Polaroids




Bowie Jane (now dressed) and Matt are whispering in the SR, counting the votes.

Matt is reviewing votes, "America, you, me, Jared

Bowie: That's 5... If America does, Cory will

Matt: And if Jared does, Blue will. We are missing someone...oh, Jag

Matt says Jag will go where the house goes.

Bowie Jane: It needs to be spread, but no one is telling me anything

Matt: That's what I am hearing too.

Bowie: Yeah, because MeMe is saying...that definitely makes a difference

Matt: MeMe...she is definitely voting for Felicia to stay

Bowie announces that she has lost 7 pounds. She wants to get down to 145. "I was 172 at the start of the year from eating shit during COVID."

Matt says he weighs 191; weighed 202 last week "I'm losing muscles"

Bowie: Did you tell Felicia you were voting for her to stay?

Matt: I told her I was voting with the house

Bowie Jane: Well, fingers crossed




[It sure sounds to me like Bowie Jane was counting votes she believes are to evict Izzy. Messy...Messy  -ML]



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America earns a 1 on the Stink-O-Meter.

America: That's right! Recognize!









10:18AM BBT

In the bathroom

BB (to Jag) : What have you been eating? 

Jag: God Damn! God Damn!

Cameron: Can't win, Dude  

America: You can't catch a break


[BB has been taunting Jag for two days with stinky announcements following him all over the house, no matter what room he is in. "Stinky" "You're smelly" etc.  -ML]



10:23AM BBT

Cameron tells America he is practically positive tomorrow is a double eviction.

America doesn't think so and says she thinks it's the wall.

Cameron says they have been constructing out in the backyard "a fucking minute" (which translates to a long time) and that he thinks "it's a couple of competitions"

Blue comes in and Cameron tells her if he has to, he will explain double eviction to her, again.  [I hate how condescending Cam can sound, sometimes. -ML]



Talk turns to Ralph Lauren candles being the best smelling of all time. MeMe says they are "fancy candles" and "I looked online, they like $100" (she got them as a house warming gift from a  friend).


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11:04AM BBT

In the bathroom area, America tells Cameron, "I just want to tell you right now, like, the votes are not there."

Cameron: I don't care. They are the dumbasses. I don't care...whatever you want to do. You're just leaving the player in the house.

America: I know

America: It's just me, Bowie, MeMe...everyone else is a hard no

Cameron: Even Matt?

America: Especially Matt

Cameron: Interesting


11:12AM BBT

Cameron threatens to tell Cirie that he knows who the fuck Jared is and that all the house is gonna know. Would that mess you up? 

America sighs

Cam: If I make them think it's do or die, they will mess up. Today...chaos....I want to watch the fucking world burn. If I'm being backdoored next week, I want to show everyone where the fuck your game is.  (he means Jared) Everyone knows your bullshit.

America: Sounds good

Cam: Am I wrong in thinking that?

America: No

Cameron: Once we blow this mother fucker up, this will force them to come out of their hiding spot and get shot down. They can be as blind as they want to be and leave her in the house. That's a shield. That's a shield. I wanted to ask you if this is a good plan...if I talk to Cirie about this?

America: They will blame me

Cameron: Don't be afraid...you have already had everything pinned on you since day one in this house. Every single week they have used you. Your reputation in this house is exactly what it would be, regardless.

America: I know

[Sheesh -ML]


Cameron: Matt? That is disappointing

America: He's naive; He's loyal

Cameron: He's a good guy...and they have played on that and I can't get him to see it. So, I was asking you if you thought this was okay?

America: Yeah

Cam: Trust I am not going to throw you under the bus

America: I trust you

Cameron: You're gonna get thrown under the bus either way. I'm about to go tell Cirie.

Cameron says once Cirie knows, Jared knows. And once Jared knows, Blue knows. Once Blue knows, Jag knows...."they are going to fuck up. My plan is to make them play harder than they can play. I can handle pressure. I can handle stress."

America: Clearly

Cameron: I can do the fucking job....This is me showing you that I am working with you now. Okay?

America: Okay

Cameron: Sweet



11:20AM BBT

In the gym, Bowie tells Jag, "If you are worried where I am going to sit, I am going to sit wherever the HoH is. I have no intention of being on the wrongs ide of the house. I want to be in the majority


11:42AM BBT

Jared visits Cameron in the HoHR.

Jared: Jag is trying to pit me against you

Cameron: Is he?

Jared tells Cameron that Jag is saying Cam wants to drive a wedge between the two of them, "What kind of game is he playing right now?"

Cameron: He'll get over it


11:54AM BBT

Jared: I don't know...America is talking about I'm targeting her. Jag is telling me you are targeting me. Bowie is saying she isn't friends with you. I don't know what happened in two days.

Cameron: This is what happens in two days...specifically if we don't even have backyard to go into. Everyone loses their minds....No one has any food [Um, you do, Cameron -ML] Weird sleep patterns. Everything is weird. You have hours left. Countdown has begun. You're going to have a great night's sleep. We are all going to finally eat.

[Um, again, Cam...as the only one that isn't a Have-Not, you can eat, you just don't want to prepare your own food. You want Felicia to do it for you. -ML]


Cameron: The game has been flipped on its head. Everybody is talking to everybody. Nobody is telling the truth.

Jared: That's what is fucking with me.

Cam: You can count on that.

Jared: Everything is getting fuzzy and weird.

Cam: It's gonna get weirder.

Jared: It just seems like sometimes we have such a fucking simple plan

Cameron: I believe it is simple. Everyone thinks they are smarter than they are. Everyone thinks they know what to do for the betterment of their game. One day... they are going to realize they fucked up. If you don't take the shot that is in front of you, you will miss it.




11:57AM BBT

Jared: I felt confident with everyone we had, but now everything is scrambled

Cam repeats that it's going to get worse, "if anyone wants to keep her in this game, they are so dumb that I do not want to work with them...it's looking more and more that fucking Felicia is the only one to work with.

Jared: I cant do this fucking house shit

Cam: At least I know that I am public enemy number one. If her argument to stay in this house is to battle me? To put me in the fucking ground? Well, guess what? Her total wins? none...The confidence and the arrogance she thinks she has.

[This is the pot calling the kettle black.  -ML]

Cameron keeps repeating his same jabber with his same threatening tone.  


Jared: Once I feel somebody is jumping ship with me, I'm not fucking with them.

Cameron: I know that about you, and I understand.

Jared: Today is going to be fucking fun

Cam: Fun? not fun...everybody has had their fucking fun. If everyone is telling me they are going to vote Izzy out, they are voting Felicia out because I would lie to me....you can only assume it's lies.

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12:29PM BBT

Matt enters the HoHR and asks Cam how his talk with Pooh (Jared) went.

Cameron: At the end of this day, he is not going to be happy with me. I'm not playing nice today. I'm blowing everything up.

Matt: Sounds good



12:30PM BBT

Jag is next. Cam delivers the same speech as yesterday...about how they are both being used.

Jag: What did Jared say up here

Cameron tell him that he said Jag was trying to drive a wedge between them, yada, yada

Jag: Hearing that now gives it more merit

Cameron: Even he is honestly listening to other people telling him it is better to keep Izzy in the house (He means Matt). If Felicia stays in the house, we can beat the shit out of the house. If Izzy stays in this house, I am not the one that got bamboozled. Everyone is a dumbass.





12:43PM BBT

Cameron: I'm blowing the fucking lid of this place today....chaos central... because the whole crew is playing us one by one.

Jag: Shit



12:45PM BBT

Felicia is talking with Cirie, Matt, Bowie Jane and Josh at the kitchen Island about hte votes.

Bowie Jane: You tell me when you have the numbers

Felicia: I've got 3 (Cire, Jared, MeMe) and 3 maybes (but she names 4 maybes =Matt, Jag, Bowie Jane, America) The other ones are waiting for everyone else to say.

Cirie: Hmmph

Bowie Jane: Okay

Bowie Jane asks to speak with Cirie and they head to Comicverse


*Loud construction noises are coming from the backyard. I hear drills and hammering.




12:47PM BBT

Once in the room...

Bowie: But is that real? What she's saying, is that even real?

Cirie: She was just saying that she was counting on me, Jared and MeMe for obvious reasons.

They discuss that if people aren't willing to say if their vote is for Felicia to stay then she can't count on it

Bowie Jane says if Cirie is doing it, she will, too.

Cirie: I don't think we got the votes. Jag is not talking to me

Bowie: He is scared

Cirie: I haven't talked to America. Matt says he wants to wait to see what everyone says

Bowie: It's a big deal if you are saying you are prepared to do it. It will change other people

Cirie gets agitated: Why if I am doing it? [Cirie tries to avoid this type of attention -ML]

Bowie Jane repeats that people are just scared because no one is really saying what they are willing to do.

Cire says she will let her know, either way

They hug


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1:01PM BBT

In Scrambleverse, Cirie tells Felicia and MeMe that she is going to go talk to Matt and Bowie together and if they don't tell her, together, that they are willing to do it, then she will come back and tell them they don't have the votes, "I am not playing this game all day. I'm not. And I want both of them together."


1:11PM BBT

In the game room loft, Izzy tells Cory that she is done advocating for America. He agrees. Izzy says she is so close, if she wins HoH, to putting her up.

Izzy: America is so complicated for me...her telling MeMe and Felicia, 'I am voting for you to stay' (Felicia)

Cory: I won't advocate one single word...fuck it....I'm dying on this hill saying America is fine and it's a fucking nightmare

Izzy: We... you've got to stop it

Cory: I know, I know...I'm gonna back you. At the end of the day, you and I can talk. Jared is gonna fucking kill me.

Izzy: What do you mean?

Cory: Any time America does a thing...she just spills. I don't understand. She is just impulsive.

Izzy: For someone that is so smart, why doesn't she see any of this (that America is not self aware)

Cory: I don't know what

Izzy: Does America think her plan for having safety in other places...

Cory: She was crying, 'I don't know why I just spilled.'

Izzy: She has got to go. America is spiraling.

Cory: It's pissing me off because I'm the dumbass that thought she was smarter than she is

Izzy: You are not a dumbass, you are a 21 year old guy that is hooking up with her. I mean, come on.....

Cory: In a lot of ways, you have a clearer path moving forward.

Izzy says in a lot of ways, she wants to go into HoH and tell Cam that she knows she has the votes

Cory: Look, I don't know what I am going to do today....Pooh...

Izzy: He already knows

Cory: He is going to fucking kill me.

Izzy: Honestly, you have got to stop sleeping in the same bed as her.....perception is reality...I like working with you and you would be straight up with me...you have been

Cory: Yeah

Izzy: Cirie won't even look at me right now

Cory says he has tried to be transparent that America is not one of her closest allies

America enters the room, "Felicia is saying she wants to get all of us in a room and see how the vote will go. I just want to tell her my vote. I don't want to keep lying."

America says it is making it so awkward.






America: There is no point keeping the sly up. She's just gonna get more and more paranoid and she's holding out this hope that people are going to vote for her when it's not it.

Cory: Yeah....Can I talk with America a bit, Izzy?

Izzy: Yeah

Izzy leaves

America: What

Cory: Are you okay?

America: No. I am freaking out. What is happening? No, whatever. She is going home. People should just tell her. What is happening.

Cory: I think you should have not told MeMe. It's going to be really tough.

Jag enters the room and joins the conversation

America: Whatever....

Jag: Wait...what is going on?

America: What was going on before

Jag: We have to be careful

America: I know I fucked up

Cory: America slipped up and said to MeMe you don't have the votes (to save Felicia), then Felicia started mad campaigning...now Izzy is freaking out

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1:21PM BBT

Cory asks Jag how his talk with Cameron went. He tells them that Cameron was pushing that Izzy should be the one gone. 

Cory: Are you considering it?

Jag: I wish you had not said that. We have to be so careful, it has to stay between us because I am considering it.

Cory: If you are considering it, I am truly considering it and now I need to consider it because I think a bridge has kinda been burned there. 

America: Oh Jag (with Joy)

Cory: This is where I need you to be a million percent honest with me....Do you think Matt will be on board because I don't?

America: I know MeMe and Bowie would, You know I'm in

Cory says he knows they are but he needs Matt. 'Jag, I will fucking do it. I know you are skeptical at this point, but all my bridges are fucking burned."


[Looks like we now have a flip thanks to America's sloppy, or more likely,  intentional,  slip up. -MamaLong]


Jag: Without saying anything, there are some people I found out I can't

America: We are going to do this

Jag: There are reasons for me to not trust certain people now and those are huge considerations and it's not you guys or Matt. We are about to turn into a power rage right now.

America: We can do this. We have the votes.

Cory: I am committing to you right now...I played in Passage to Power. 

Jag giggles, "Okay"

Cory: That's it! Okay! This is where I am at. So it's you, me, her, we definitely have MeMe. We definitely have Bowie. 

Jag: How much to you trust Jared? That's the person I am talking about.

America: Mm Hmm

Cory: I think he is way more loyal to Cirie.

Jag: I am trusting you guys fully

Cory: I didn't tell you until now because I was afraid you would go tell Jared. I think his number 1 and 2 ally are number one Cire and number two Izzy.  We are not in that order.

America says to be careful because Matt and Jared are really tight.


[BINGO! Good job Cory. Now let's see what y'all actually do. I am not yet convinced that Jag is fully into this unless he tells Matt it is what he wants to do. -ML]






1:26PM BBT

Cory: No matter how you feel about Blue, Blue is with Jared

Jag: Blue is with Jared...I know she knows things directly from Jared

America: She always tells me she will cut him loose, but I know that's not true...oh, someone is coming up (Izzy)

Cory leaves to go talk with Izzy. Once Izzy and Cory leave..

America: She is fucking pissed at me....I want to do this with you. I am not doing this vote for him (Cameron) because he wants Izzy out. I'm doing it for me. I know that I am not in Jared or Izzy's top three.

Jag: We both have to manage how we navigate this with Blue. It can't be outright fuck you...fuck you

America: I talked to Jared yesterday and he said you know who I want gone without saying your name

Jag: I know




1:30PM BBT

America: I've got to think

Jag: Holy Fuck


In the Have-Not Room, Cory is telling Bowie Jane what happened , "and the important thing is that...because Izzy is gunning for America and I assume Jared is gunning for me because everything she (America) does I am responsible for, which is silly, but....I assume Jared is not going to be thrilled with me...but here's the votes: me, Jag, America, you, MeMe maybe Matt

Bowie Jane: I think Matt will

Cory: The one person I need to lock down is MeMe...I just don't know

Bowie Jane: I'm pretty sure that MeMe is definitely

Cory: You'd think she would be, right? She is the only who wanted straight up that she wants Felicia because she bonds with Felicia. That's the plan, and it's going to leave out Jared, Cirie

Bowie Jane: One thing...go have a chat with Cirie today.

Cory tells her that Cirie has been right there with them when they (Felicia and Izzy) were talking shit about her

Bowie: I'll be careful

Cory: And the reality is, Cirie will never vote out Izzy. That I am certain of. 

Cory repeats the votes would be "Matt, Jag, America, Cory, MeMe and maybe Matt. That's six. We need five.

Bowie: We've got Cory, me (running through the rest of the count silently)

Cory: I'm not leaving Matt out of this vote. I can't.

Bowie: Let's do it. I think it's a smart move

Cory: It's the only move.


1:58PM BBT

Cory tells MeMe the votes are there.

Cory: This is what I think has to happen. Do you think Felicia would be down to move forward with this?

Mecole: I think she would. I would be surprised in the event she would be saved this week...she would not be down to work with this group moving forward

Corys: Here's who I am a million % certain of... Bowie, America, you, me and I am 99% Jag.

Cory says that with Jag coming to him, he realizes the votes are there. "I think we just have to reassure each other because Jag has been nominated every other week; America has been branded a liar;  everyone thinks I am playing the fucking middle; and Bowie....well, Bowie. Just reassure each other and keep talking, stay on board. I am going to tell them I am voting to keep Izzy."

Mecole: All right! Well, I am down. You can trust me. 

Cory: Can I be honest?

Mecole: Sure

Cory: I have had an alliance name for the two of us for 4 weeks now

Mecole: What?

Cory: The Writers Room

Mecole: The Writers Room! I love it! It's adorable actually!

Cory: I'm not telling America

Mecole: I like it

Cory: What do you think we tell Felicia?

Mecole: Hm?

Cory says he thinks if they are saving her, she should know

Mecole: Honestly, I probably won't tell her until tomorrow.

Cory: That's fine.




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[Well, well, well. My gut tells me that Cirie will find out about this vote flip through Bowie Jane or Mecole, or most likely, Felicia herself. Cirie will then tell Jared. It could be a complete flip to evict Izzy because "No one wants to be on the wrong side of the house" and I strongly believe Cirie will see it's the safest move to just cut Izzy loose.   -ML]


2:13PM BBT

Matt and Blue are talking in the Have-Not Room. They are discussing whether America would actually backdoor Cameron, as she has stated. They have their doubts.

Matt: We have to win

Blue: Well it's double eviction

Matt: You really think so

Blue: So it goes, we do Izzy and Felicia eviction, someone goes out, then we do next HoH, nominations, veto picking then veto...and eviction again then veto again.


2:15Pm BBT

Bowie Jane is talking with Cirie in the kitchen.

Cirie: Either way, one of my friends stays. It doesn't matter to me which one. If that's where the majority...I don't never want to be

Bowie: I know

Cirie: I need to talk with America like look, I don't care who you are friends with, either way it's a loss for me....I'm okay voting out Izzy

Bowie: And we never had this conversation

Cirie: It will never leave these lips 

Izzy comes downstairs

Cirie: What's up Oink? Who is up there?

Izzy: America and Jag are playing bumper pool. Cory and MeMe are playing chess. Matt and Blue are in Have Nots


2:37PM BBT

The whole house, minus Izzy, Matt, Jared and Blue, is aware of an Izzy eviction.


2:38PM BBT

Cirie chats with Izzy in Comicverse, "I think everything is okay."



2:40PM BBT

Cory is now meeting with Matt. Here we go...


2:41PM BBT

The camera flips back to Comicverse where Izzy declares she feels like going to HoH and telling Cameron she knows she has the votes.

Cirie: No, don't do that

Izzy: Well, I see you going to work...I'm just trying to stay out of it.....What have you said to Felicia now?

Cirie tells her that "I'm gonna tell her I don't think you got the votes. Chill the fuck out."


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2:44PM BBT

The camera operators are switching back and forth between conversations...ANNOYING! But, Cory is telling Matt everything and Cirie is keeping Izzy thinking the plan is the same to save her and evict Felicia.

Izzy: I'm all packed


[That's good, Izzy. -ML]


2:47PM BBT

Jag walks into the Have-Not Room where Cory has been telling Matt everything

Cory: Can we have a Path to Power Pow-Wow right now?

Jag: What all did you update him on

Cory: everything

Matt: It's a lot. My mind's blown

Cory: my brother on Survivor; Seven Deadly Sins

Jag:  This is what it is. Fuck the Seven Deadly Sins. They've burned every bridge...Straight up, we can't trust Jared at all...he has shown that over and over.
Jag says Jared immediately went to Cameron and told him word for word what was said in that room. Blue tells Jared everything. Cirie is in the middle of it. Izzy is in it, too

Cory: Izzy, Jared, Cirie are a three

Jag:...So, here's the thing, 

Matt: I don't want to work with Cameron

Jag and Cory say they will not work with Cameron

Jag: Everyone out there, I said I want to be clear, I am not working with Cameron. They don't want to work with Cameron, either. We aren't doing this for him. He is just HoH.... So are we doing this thing?

Matt: I am down. I want to think about it a lot an everything ....it's a lot






VS--StreamBigBrotherLiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-89553’57” (1).jpg




3:05PM BBT

Cory is meeting with Cameron in the HoHR. He tells Cameron the vote will be 6-3, "I didn't think we had the votes, before...I had to talk to Jag and Matt. We compared notes."

Cam says he just had to tell the right people and make them see what's at stake. "All I did was open the door. That was my idea to flip the entire week."



[Things are getting really interesting, but I need a break. I'm out  -ML]

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7:00pm BBT

Jared, Izzy & Cory discussing that they think the competition tomorrow will be a wall comp.  Jared wonders how wide the ledge is they have to stand on.

Jared leaves

Cory:  I do not like the wall coming up now.  I think Blue might put me up.  I could point her towards someone else but why would I do that.  I think she's going to be talking to people who are like "F*** Cory..."


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6:50pm BBT

Matt, Jag, Bowie in WA.

Discussing their families watching at home and screaming at the tv knowing the houseguests aren't seeing everything, and wondering why they're so blind. 


Jag: "They're probably yelling at the screen! And now that this happened, when they air this episode our families are gonna be like 'YEAH!!! YEAH!! They finally figured it out!!'"

Matt compares it to sports with crowds celebrating a winning game point.

Jag: "That's the moment they're going to realize that we finally put the puzzle pieces together. It took us SEVEN Goddamn WEEKS, but we fucking DID IT!"

Bowie: "It's actually perfect. If it had happened any other way, it wouldn't have worked...it's actually perfect. The thing is I just never could understand why it's always been Jag & Blue always going up."

Jag: "Because they were fucking playing me."

Bowie: "Whatever, who knows."

Jag: "We now know. I trust you (Bowie), I trust you (Matt), fully. This squad: Full trust."

Bowie: "Let's go. Team Players. We can't be bossed around. No. No. No. The worst part ever is getting my goodbye messages ready (says in a cheeky tone)."


They discuss that the house is recording goodbye messages today. Matt, Jag and Bowie haven't gone yet. 

Jag: "Congratulations Izzy!! YOU JUST PLAYED YOURSELF!! Hahahahaha"

Bowie: "Are you gonna say that?"

Jag: "Noooo...Probaby not" lol


Bowie says this is one of the big examples on how "overplaying" gets you out every time. While they've been sitting back watching, and a couple of them getting burned. And the others observing people getting burned and realizing what kind of players they are. 


Bowie says she's supposed to be "hanging out" so she'd better go. She's been up in the comic bedroom, but now she is going to head to the game room to put her "feelers" out. Before she leaves, Jag asks Bowie if she's spoken to Cam at all about any alliances. Bowie says he's been pushing her towards that, but hasn't specifically said any names yet. Jag fills her in that when he does talk to her, to not mention Meme being part of a group. In Cam's head, he's told Jag "Me (Jag), You (Bowie), Matt, Corey, America, Cam. As a group. So if he says that, we're down right? (Bowie, Matt and Jag all agree to go with it) Don't mention Meme. She just votes the way she votes, and she'll probably just vote that way because she's close to Felicia. Just keep that out of it (Meme) because the 'True Alliance' is gonna be us six: Me (Jag), You (Bowie), Matt, Cory, America, Meme."

Jag asks Bowie what her relationship is like with Cam now. She says she used to hate him, but now she's just playing along. Jag reminds them to just go along with Cam when necessary, but behind him they need to be playing their own game. They don't want to target Cam first because that only helps "the other group." They want to target Jared first. For now they just need to "play along" with Cam and let him think he's "good" with them this week because he can't play for HOH anyway. So keep Cam on their side. When they need to target him, then they'll take a shot. They discuss open options on who to put up when, but keeping aware of how "Cam is feeling" to keep him calm and happy. 


Bowie leaves WA.

Jag reviews the discussion they were having with Bowie so Matt is filled in and isn't missing any pieces.  


[I'll fill in as quickly as possible from last night. I noticed a hole that needed to be filled. I'll put a message up when I'm done. Hopefully you don't mind keeping this unlocked for me, Morty]

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7:30pm BBT

Blue and Felicia in KT preparing dinner.

Ciri, Jared, Izzy and Bowie in Comic BR. Bowie is getting ready to go into DR and asking everyone's advice on how she should wear her hair. Matt enters the room with Josh. Jared says "That's the real showmance of the year right there" as Matt sits down on the bed. Bowie says "I asked Matt if he was getting sick of him yet, and he said 'No he's my mate!'" Matt says "Yeah, you never get tired of your Bro's." 

Bowie heads out of the room to go do her DR session.

Matt tells everyone left "I think they started meal prepping." Ciri and Izzy both say "we should go."

Izzy and Jared head out to the KT to help with dinner prep.

Matt wonders how everyone else is getting away with doing nothing today. 

Matt: "We're all on slop, so no one wants to do shit."

Ciri: "And nobody wants to clean."

Matt: "No one wants to do anything, that's why they're all sleeping. I'm like, how are they getting away with this?"

Ciri agrees. She whispers to Matt asking him how Jag is. Matt says that he's good, he's still with "us." It's hard to hear what they're saying with the whispering. Just a quick check-in with Matt.


7:35pm BBT

Izzy and Jared head down to KT to help with the meal prep. Izzy doesn't think Felicia should be doing the meal tonight, so she's going to try to go and convince her to relax. 

Izzy and Jared enter KT. Izzy goes right to the sink to wash her hands.

Jared: "Alright. Let's help."

Blue: "There's really nothing to do."

Jared: "Fuck." 

Blue opens the fridge and tells Jared "Actually, can you go look and see if there's more butter?" 

Izzy asks Blue and Felicia if they're sure there's nothing she can help with. They both say no. Blue is just prepping everything so they can have everything done and be ready to eat right at 12:00. 

Izzy: "What can I do?"

Blue: "Just stand there and look pretty Pork Chop. Really nothing." (nickname for Izzy b/c she's wearing her pig onesie this week). Izzy moans quietly and moves over to the island looking over everything, trying to find something she can do. She picks up a gas mask from the island and moves it out of the way. Jared returns with butter and wanders around asking if there's anything else. Felicia asks if they have any eggs because there's none in the fridge. Jared leaves to go get eggs. Izzy decides she's going to go cut her nails, and heads back to the Comic BR.


7:35pm BBT

Comic BR - Ciri and Matt

Izzy enters. Both Matt and Ciri ask what's going on. 

Izzy: "She won't. It was unsuccessful."

Matt: "She wanted to keep cooking?"

Izzy: "I didn't say anything because I felt weird saying 'you shouldn't cook, blah blah blah or we should be cooking' I don't know. Jared might be helping? Anyway, I'm gonna cut my nails."

Matt: "Yeah, that was quick."


Cameras switch to KT. So far it looks like they're making turkey and ground beef burgers. Jared mentions he's going to do the hotdogs tonight. Izzy comes into KT with cookie dough to put in the fridge, so cookies tonight as well. General talk about being out of seasonings, and deciding what to use to season chicken breast.


7:40pm BBT - Gold Swirlies

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7:55pm BBT - Game Room

Jag, America, Cameron lounging while Josh stands silently at the head of the pool table observing. Chit-chat about past seasons and funny moments. America and Jag wander down to the KT to see what's going on.

Now it's just Cam and Matt. Cam asks Matt if anything "fun" has been going on. Matt says "not really," and then tells Cam that he spoke to Meme, and she seems to be on board and that everyone is feeling/sitting confident with him (Matt). [Not exactly sure who "they" are, there are so many people forming "groups" right now and it's hard to tell what is actually concrete at this time] Cameron responds by saying "that's good" and says he'll leave him alone about it then. Says "If they think they're confident with you, then I want to keep them confident. It's good to be in on the plan. Better than being used, or the one being fucked over." Matt agrees and thanks Cameron for telling him about everything earlier. They agree that tomorrow will be fun to see everyone's reactions. Matt says he'll be on his "A-game" tomorrow, and it will be perfect if one of them wins because he has all the people/numbers. 

Corey wanders into the Game area and Cam asks him if he needs to talk. Corey says no, he's good. Cam says it's great that they're all good with each other, because now they can just sit back and watch the fireworks happen. "And then tomorrow....." 

8:05pm BBT - Gold Swirlies - Interruption!



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12:16 AM BBT:  Big feast after Have-Not week ending.  All sorts of foods, Matt made quesadillas and Blue went over to him at the stove and told him to stop and eat - everyone was already eating.  Izzy polished off a plate of food in about 10 minutes (and I believe went back for more) and chatted happily.  Felicia was staring into space and very quiet, and didn’t appear to finish all of the food on her plate.  Cam, sitting next to her, seemed to have a “cat that swallowed the canary” look on his face.




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8:07pm BBT

Game Area - Bowie and Jag playing bumper pool while Matt and Cameron watch while lounging. Talk turns to how good the food smells, but they have to wait 4 hours. 


KT - Blue, Jared and Ciri still preparing dinner for the house. America and Izzy sitting at the island watching. 


8:13pm BBT

WA - Felicia sitting alone on the lounge area in washroom, talking to herself. 

"I guess these young people got me. But I have enjoyed my stay, and they are showing me that they'll do fine without me. Cuz people that ain't never been in the kitchen, are in the kitchen. That's the tell-all. I always tell people...when people's behavior changes don't listen to what they say, watch what they do. The behavior has changed. That's how I know...they don't even have to tell me. The behavior changed. That's my confirmation. But I know..."

America comes in to use the bathroom. "America going to the bathroom," she announces before retreating into the toilet. "There's no one else in here?" 

Felicia: "No."

America: "You just hanging out?"

Felicia just smiles without answering, and sits quietly while America tests the "Stink-O-Meter."

"Oh MY! That's a Nine on the Stink-O-Meter! Wow"

America washes her hands. "I did just want to apologize for earlier. I didn't mean to upset you or anyone. It was just I said something prematurely to Meme, but I didn't think it was gonna get back to anyone. But, in no way am I saying that anything is set for everyone...And I feel like it came off, like it was worded wrong. It might have come off as 'Everyone is set. It's not happening.' Yanno? So I do want to say I'm sorry."

Felicia: "So you're saying you guys still haven't made a decision?"

America: "Well...."

Felicia: "Well, I know you have...." laughs.  

America: "I don't have a group. Yanno, I don't have a group with anyone so I don't know. It's just individual conversations. I was just getting the 'Oh, I don't know...' and so I figured it wasn't...So nothing is 'set' pretty much. But...Yeah, I just worded it wrong and it was too early, and I think...I had this conversation with Meme in the morning today, so there was still today. I'm sure there's a lot of conversations that you've had since, and there's more to be had tomorrow."

Felicia: "Yeah. It's okay."

America: "I'm so sorry, I don't want you to be upset."

They hug, and Felicia tells her that she's fine. "I'm just sitting in here chillin."

They both "giggle" and America leaves.


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8:20pm BBT

Upside Down Bedroom (UBD)

Meme laying in bed resting, America walks in. America updates Meme on the conversation she just had with Felicia, that she apologized because she didn't want her to be upset. 

Talk turns to how the house has turned into "The Hunger Games" since everyone is on slop.... They joke how everyone in this together "slop for everyone!" But then nope, everyone started ransacking the storage room looking for olives and pickles. America asks Meme if she's keeping the pickles, haha. America tells her it's about 8:15p so they have some time left, but everyone is downstairs preparing food for the "feast." America leaves to head upstairs, and Meme rolls over in bed to continue resting.


8:20pm BBT

Game Area - Bowie and Jag alone playing bumper pool.

Bowie: "Is it going around being said that Felicia is going, or not yet?"

Jag: "What?"

Bowie: "In the Jared group."

Jag: "No..."

Bowie: "Wait, they're not saying which way they're going?"

Jag: "No, no, no. Everyone is gonna keep Izzy. So it's going to be a blindside."

-Bowie says something, but I can't figure it out, lol-

Jag: "Everyone thinks it's going to be a unanimous vote. Everyone thinks it's going to be unanimous to evict Felicia. We are going to blindside them." [the other group-maybe the group Bowie is in?]

Bowie: "Okay, because technically they haven't told me. Which is rude, even though it doesn't matter."

America makes herself comfortable on the lounge area. Says Blue started cooking and she had to walk away because it smells so good. Everyone is drooling for food.....

Cameron also comes up and takes the corner lounge area. Watching Bowie and Jag play.


8:30pm BBT

WA - Matt comes into washroom to check on Felicia who is still sitting alone. He asks her how she's feeling. Felicia tells him that everyone's change in behavior is showing/telling her that she's the one going out the door tomorrow. Matt encourages her not to give up, keep fighting. Things are always changing. Felicia says it's hard to have faith in that when you can "see it." Behavior speaks for itself. Matt says it's gotta be hard to be on the block, especially since it's Felicia and Izzy. He understands. Felicia says she'll try to stay positive, and that she just needed to have some space. She tells him she will come back downstairs. Matt says he doesn't blame her because there are all types of feelings involved. Felicia tells Matt the worst part is that everyone is so indecisive. Matt says he's always tried to play an honest game with the most integrity. The things he hates the most is the lying and deception. He says it's not fun and he's not good at that. Felicia tells him she hopes he goes all the way, she really does. Matt tells her that he has a lot of respect for her. That she definitely has her own story to tell, that she deserves to be here too. He reminds her of how hard she pushed herself at the last veto and didn't give up. Felicia thanks him. She mentions how everyone thinks she's "so old, and can't do...." then laughs it off and says she definitely has more game left in her. Matt says the crazy part of this is that after this week, they're all stuck in the house until November (Jury). "I know......I just wanted to get to Jury! I wanted to get into that Jury house." Matt mentions that he signed off on training for the next two months, so he's going to give this all he's got. That it would be devastating if he was sent to jury early. Matt says he's got a lot he's given up and this means everything. Felicia is adamant that he will go far. She says she could see him making it all the way to the end without ever being a nominee if he plays his cards right. Felicia tells Matt that she's enjoyed her time in the house, and she promises she will be coming to Paris next year with her family to see him swim.

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8:45pm BBT

Game Room - Cameron and America just hanging out alone. Izzy walks quickly through and says "hey, what's up." America shakes her head once Izzy is not in view. She looks over at Cameron who isn't paying attention, and shakes her head again. A moment later, Izzy comes back through and it's obvious she's looking for someone. 


Cameron: "Embarrassing."

America: "She's freaking out. She's bugging out."

Cam: "She's always freaking out."


- Cameras all switch to the WA where Felicia and Matt are still Chatting -

Izzy quickly comes into WA and starts taking off her pig onesie, readying for the toilet. 


- Cameras 1 & 2 switch back to Cameron and America -

Cam: "I joke about it but honestly if you really put it all into perspective, she (Izzy) busted her ass to get here. And she loves this game, she really does. And it's really sad if you have to leave before you get a chance to go to Jury. That is exactly why I needed her to leave this week or sooner."

America: "I don't want her in jury."

Cam: (inaudible)  

America: "No no no...Cuz if she's this persuasive here, she's gonna be the same way in the jury house."

Cam: "That, and she hates me."

America: "Exactly. If you're in the end with her in jury, there's no way."

Cam: "She had to go."

America: "Mhmm hmm."

Cam: "Yup. I've been trying to think up some good one-liners to tell her when I hug her goodbye."

America: "Oink" and laughs

Cam: "Good Game."

They both chuckle. 

Cam: "Check. Checkmate. Cuz I can see it. Her face is gonna go nuts. Then Julie will ask 'What did Cameron say to you?' And she's gonna have to say it."

They both laugh, covering their mouths. Cameron says "Sorry, sorry.....serious moment."


- Cameras switch to WA -

"Izzy! You get a FIVE on the Stink-O-Meter!"

Izzy: "Nice."

Izzy washes her hands, and then puts her pig onesie back on.

Felicia: "Oh that's bad. You gotta take off your shoes to put that on?"

Izzy: Smiles at Felicia and reminds her "Don't talk about production."

Felicia: "Yeahhhhhh..."




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8:48pm BBT 

Living Room - Ciri is sitting in a chair relaxing. When Izzy is done with the WA, she talks quietly to Ciri. Izzy is wondering where Cory is. She tells Izzy to go check the Scary BD. No Cory, so they assume he must be in HOH. Ciri tells Izzy she should go "make up" with America. Izzy tells Ciri that America is with Cameron right now. Ciri tells her to go ask America to go talk in the HN room with her. 

Ciri: "Yeah, and you know....go hug her and tell her you're so sorry that your feelings were hurt and that you feel like you have a genuine bond and I really like you. We can always know it's not a big deal, I'm just on the block and I'm super sensitive, yadda yadda yadda."

Izzy: "Ok."

Izzy goes off to get America.


8:50pm BBT - HN

America: "What's up?"

Izzy: "I just wanna say I'm feeling "all type of way" from earlier and I want to apologize. 

America tells her she doesn't need to apologize.

Izzy: "No no no no....please. Please because I'm just like, feeling all the things because I'm on the block. And nervous. 

America: "Of course, yeah."

Izzy: "I don't want a fucked up relationship with you because I like you."

America: "No, I know. I don't feel any type of resentment for you. I just feel really bad."

Izzy: "So I just wanna say, I fucking forgive you. Cuz I've made so many mistakes in this game. I've accepted your... But I've settled. (Izzy is really nervous and stumbling over her words) And I just wanna say that I value our friendship, yanno? And I've done this to everyone... Getting myself heated and intense. I just wanna say that it's not my judgement on you or anything moving forward. That I'm sorry..."

America: "You don't have to apologize! You do not have to apologize. You didn't do anything, it's totally understandable that you're a little bit more on edge because of the situation. We're all so hungry, but you're on the block and I don't know what that feels like, and you're going to be there tomorrow, Thursday, live and it's completely understandable. Don't worry. Everything is gonna be heightened for everybody, especially you."

Izzy: "I just want to say that I still wanna be friends...."

America: "Izzy! I fuck with you.... I know and it's for me, I'm a little sad too cuz Cory is mad and won't talk to me. And he's my number one."

Izzy: "Yeah, and I want you to feel like you can come talk to me about stuff, and like Cory... I don't want you to feel alone if there's anything with Cory. And I know Cory supports you no matter what. And I do too. Like, I do with the people that I've chosen, and I've chosen you. And so... That's all."

America hugs Izzy, and tells her that she doesn't need to apologize and she means it.

Izzy: "And I felt like such a bitch. I care so much about if you vote for me. Not because I wanna stay, but because I care about our relationship. And that was fucking mean."

America tells her it's okay. Izzy admits that she's embarrassed and overwhelmed with the chaos that happened today. America apologizes for her attitude, and that made things more chaotic as well. She tells Izzy to not worry about it and she gets it. Izzy reiterates that she felt the need to apologize, that she's been thinking about it since it happened. America thanks her and tells her that she feels better about things now. They hug it out again. 

America gets 1 kick from her spin.

Izzy get's 4 kicks.

They go their separate ways.

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