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BBUK: Mary the Witch is first evictee of BB6

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"Big Brother House this is Davina"

"Craig, Mary. The lines are now closed and the votes have been counted and verified."

"I can now reveal the first housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house is..."

* Davina attempts to build the suspense with seconds of silence - only for it to be spoiled by the crowd chanting in the background *

"... Mary!"

One week in and the viewers have already made a mistake. Unfortunately, with 60% of the votes Mary is the first evictee - despite Craig being hot favourite to go 24 hours earlier.

In the 30 minutes before she leaves the house Makosi offers her sympathy - but doesn't reveal her secret. She'll leave that for Davina to do.

Mary leaves to a pretty decent reception by the standard of recent years. In the studio (now complete with studio audience!) Davina conducts a pretty decent interview with Mary coming across very well.

The big moment is obviously Mary discovering the twist to the nominations - with the footage of Makosi in the diary room on Wednesday night played. Mary understands the twist without explanation - though immediately calls Makosi a snake in the grass. She then learns only Saskia nominated her in the regular round of nominations.

The only other clips played are a compilation of her best bits at the end of the interview.

From a presentation point of view - the new studio is nice and though not as intimate as having the friends and family sat around, the studio audience were kept under control.

However, they need to move the eviction announcements back inside the studio. Once again the suspense was ruined (for housemates and viewers alike!) by the crowd pre-empting Davina announcing the evictee with chants of Mary!

So in conclusion - a disapointing result, but a pretty decent eviction interview.

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