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Friday, September 8, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


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Thank you!

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12:04AM BBT

In Comicverse, Izzy tells Cirie, Mecole and Bowie Jane that if this really is the last week of Have-Nots, Cameron will never have to be one, "because everyone but him is a Have-Not this week."

Mecole: They a wrong with this (Have-Nots) They are dead wrong.

MeMe says she will just eat oats in the morning and fried pickles for lunch..."then we'll see"

Cirie says she just may not eat because she doesn't drink milk, so protein shakes are out of the question.

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11:33am BB Time   


(In HOH)  Jag just went on for half an hour to Cameron on why they should work together.  (very repetitive and awkward to be honest.)


Cam: I don't trust you at all.


Cam:  I love hanging out with you, you are my dude...things got muddied


Cam:  I really want to put you on the block next to Blue...BUT I think you are right it won't benefit us...but I want to do it.  IF I decide not to put you on the block, I want to know with certainty that you won't put me up at all next week.....


Jag:  Everyone will want you out next week, but I will hold up to that promise.


Cam:  One caveat, if I don't nominate you this afternoon...and any of this conversation comes back to me.....it's over.  Completely over - I will make sure you go home this week.


Cam:  this is your one shot.  I need you to know that I am serious.


Jag: I am very serious.


Cam: when you leave this room, you are going on the block...sell it hard.


Jag: should I act confused when I am not nominated?


Cam: act however you need to act...my plan A is to nominate you...the ball is in your court.


Cam: do not discuss this conversation with anyone...if it gets back to me....its over.


Jag: I will hold up to this deal, I promise.


Cam: Let me think it over.


Hugs, "love you man"


Jag leaves the HOH Room.


Enter Jared.


They talk smack about Felicia.  Jared thinks Jag is jealous of his relationship with Blue.  He is mad Jag is still here.....


Cam: we got played...pay attention to Jag today....because he just walked out of here....(He then relays some of his convo with Jag, mainly about how he told Jag he doesn't trust him)


Jared is worried Blue will be on the block with Jag as a pawn.


Cam: You just be you for the rest of today.  You have a reason to be pissed today since they didn't pull you in and talk to you. 


Cam: we gotta put some trust in Matt, but not too much.


Jared doesn't understand why everyone switched to Red and no one talked to him in time.  Jared has a big issue with Felicia.

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12:14 pm BBT

HOH Room 


Cameron and America.


They are talking about rumors, America thinks Cam has leaked info about her.  Cam says he's never mentioned her as a possible target.  


Cam: pay attention to who is telling you what and what those people have in common.  

A: they say I threw the pressure cooker

Cam: you did.  But that's how you play the game.  

A: its not just physical is mental as well, I made a deal I didn't throw it.   She's mad because the rumors are crazy and she wanted to talk to Cam just wasn't sure she could trust him.

Cam: I have a target on my back, everyone is coming after me.  Awfully convenient that everyone is tell you I am talking about you.  No one should trust anyone in this house.  I am not coming after you.  I wanted Red to trust you and work with you, but he didn't.  I think he talked crap this week.  

A:  I feel like both of you were talking shit about me all week

Cam: who is they?  I have no reason to come after you.  I want to work with you. 


America tells Cam that "they" were talking shit about Cam to Red all week. And "they" couldn't keep their lies straight.


A: they definitely drove a wedge between us


 Cam was going to throw the HOH to Red.  





Jared and Blue in scary room.

Jared:  Jag goes up, just not sure who goes up next to him

Blue: it will be me, "he" told me that he needs me to play into the veto

Jared: I really don't know what Cam is going to do, he is mad at everyone.


Agh, Jared to downstairs diary room.

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1:46PM BBT

In Comicverse, Cirie wonders aloud about the farts in the HoH Comp.

Cirie: I'd be tickled to know if all of those fart times were real or just placed there for the show.  

Felicia: I think a majority of them were. Some of them were...

Cirie: Questionable

Felicia: yeah, questionable.....But I think most were real. I mean, we do a lot of farting in here.

Cirie: A lot of them are silent then. I was like, oh! I didn't know Reilly farted








1:58PM BBT

Izzy has been grinding down the oats with a can instead of the rolling pin. SHe says it does a much better job of grinding the oats. Mecole started dancing, so Izzy made a new song for the BB25 album. Mecole dances along and adds some beat boxing.


"Making flour in the kitchen.

Making flour in the kitchen.

Making flour in the kitchen with the lentil can.

We making fried olives in the kitchen.

We making fried pickles in the kitchen.

We on slop, we don't like it. we are Have Nots.

We making flour in the kitchen."




2:00PM BBT

Blue and America are talking in the Have Nots Room. Blue wanted to see how America's talk with Cameron went. America says Cameron claims he doesn't have a replacement nomination, but she thinks it could be her. Blue says Cameron's move to put her and Jag back on the block is stupid.  America tells her if noms stay the same and it ends up being her against Jag on the block, Blue will be the one staying.

Blue: I just can't have Jag win...that's all

America: I am going for veto, girl. And I will use it on you. You know I will.

Blue: Let's kick some butt.





2:04PM BBT

Back in the kitchen, Mecole and Izzy are singing their slop song, again, complete with beat boxing...

"We on slop.....we Have Nots...  we on slop...We Have Nots....we on slop..."







2:13PM BBT

In Comicverse, Bowie, Cirie and Felicia are chatting about the nominations.

Bowie: If they stay up (on the block), I wonder which direct everyone will go

Felicia is sure it will be Jag that is evicted because he is the biggest threat. "What is this? His fourth time? He took hisself  [sic] down with veto twice."

They discuss that if Jag stays to the end, he could win the game because of being on the block so many times.

Felicia: That's how Taylor won...because Taylor was up on the block five times... and made it to the end.

Cirie: And she wasn't an asshole

Felicia: She was a genuinely nice person, and that's why they selected her.



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2:45PM BBT

In Scaryverse, Jared is sharing with Blue that he is really annoyed. "I can't.....Izzy grinding those fucking oats.....I cannot bring myself to doing it...Izzy grinding those fucking oats. It's either fucking listen to somebody grind oats or talk to Cory talk adverbs. And this is what y'all want me to vote for?"

Blue: Someone is grouchy

Jared. I am bro. It's like, leave me the fuck alone for a second. I just don't get it. What the fuck? Why do you want me a part of these meaningless ass conversations....that shit is so annoying, bro...I'm, like, trying my hardest, but fuck.

Blue: Want me to destress you?

Jared: Shut up! Shut up!

Blue: HoH?

Jared: I wish....that's the thing, with HoH I can just put the headphones on. But this gotta be woke shit, it's like, come on!



Jared: Oh my God, bro. I don't know how I'm gonna get through today. I'm just so fucking over it. It's like come on...

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[FLASHBACK: While we wait for the feeds to return post nominations, let me serve you some BB Tea. At 12:45 this morning, Blue met with Cameron in the HoHR. He basically told her she was going on the block with Jag. Blue turned on the tears and bawled her eyes out to him saying she had already been down that road...Jag will win veto and pull himself off. She will not have the votes against anyone else. Cameron basically stuck to his guns despite Blue's water works. Cam left her alone in the HoHR to get herself together, and when he left, she spoke directly to the cameras saying she deserved an Oscar for the best fake tears shed on Big Brother, ever.  Of course, she went to her man Jared and told him what happened. He acted upset about it but told her no more tears.  -MamaLong]


4:10PM BBT

The feeds have returned.

The HGs are talking about getting pied.

Cameron nominated Izzy and Felicia for eviction.


The HGs are confused. America tells Blue that Cameron told everyone it would be Blue and Jag.


Jag keeps saying, 'I'm being backdoored."


4:12PM BBT

Cirie meets with Cameron in the HoHR. 

Cirie: I hope you know I have to comfort them.

Cameron tells her that it's not personal....others had brought their names up, too.

Cameron assure Cirie she is safe.


4:14PM BBT

Cirie has joined Cory and America in the Have Not Room

America: That was so cool

Cory: That was bizarre

America: He is so badass ....that was so cool

Cory: Felicia thinks everyone is in on it.



4:17PM BBT

In Scaryverse, Jared tells Izzy that he knew she was going up, "but you are not going home....that's not a worry in my mind"

Izzy: If Felicia gets pulled down, who is he putting up

Jared: Moms

Izzy: Fuck....fuck

Jared: We cross that bridge when we get to it

Jared tells her he will keep pushing for Jag to be backdoored


4:18PM BBT

Izzy asks Jared who she should pick if she gets Houseguest Choice. Jared tells her he would be happy to go to bat for her. 'If you pick me...I am going for it. It ain't not question."

Izzy: My thing is, this veto has got to be physical....that's why I am picking you or Jag...If Cameron wins, he is keeping them the same, which is good.

Jared: Anyone sitting next to Felicia and Felicia goes

Izzy: I've got...you, moms, Cory, America, Blue, Jag

Jared: Regardless, we are gonna be straight. I mean that.


4:21PM BBT

In Scaryverse, Cirie tells Jared that Felicia is pissed, "She think we sabotaged her or something."


4:22PM BBT

In Scrambleverse, Jag, Matt and Cirie ask Izzy if she is okay.

Izzy: Don't look at me like that....the awkward silence

She says she just needs a minute and then she will go talk to Jared. 

Jag: Okay

After Izzy leaves the room, Cirie says she was so sure she was going to be nominated. Apparently, getting pied meant you were safe. Cirie was one of the last to be pied. Izzy and Felicia were not pied by Cameron.

Jag: The more I think I know what is happening in this game...I had no clue...I have never been more shocked   [Jag is doing a good acting job here -ML]


Jag: Bruh.......Bro just went rogue

Cirie leaves to check on Izzy in Comicverse



Izzy: I'm okay

They hug

Bowie tells her she will be fine because Felicia has been lying to everybody. She suggests that Blue knew it wouldn't be her, "She took off her mic before she got pied."

Izzy: I'm going to take my time going up there (HoHR) What do I say to him

Cirie: Just keep it real with him. Don't bullshit him.


Cirie: I hate that she feels we knew that this was going to happen....there was no way I could have known. I would have told you

Izzy: I know. Stop it.

Bowie: This is old news. It doesn't matter. Now it's just smaller. Now it's just Bye, Bye  [Bitches = Felicia is ousted from the alliance]

Izzy: She can say whatever she wants. I'm going to keep it real.


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4:30PM BBT

In the HoHR, Jared tells Cameron that he was afraid he was going to pie him first and give away that they were working together

Jared: Wow! That was a fucking show

Cameron: Step back. Step back and watch it fucking burn, baby. Watch it fucking burn. The whole house is fucking annihilated right now. 'Can I get key lime pie?'  No! 'I got to take my tooth out.'...No! No you don't...Izzy! 'I gotta take my glasses off!'....You need to leave them on. I want you to see this whole thing.

Jared: They about to lose their shit

Cameron: Step one, have the entire house believe I'm gonna put up Blue and Jag. Step two...

Jared: Execute

Cameron: Put up Felicia and Izzy...Step three, have each one of them believe they are the  pawn. We are in step three. Step four is coming.

Jared laughs 

Cam: The whole house was like, what the fuck!

Jared: Oh yeah

Cameron: It got real quiet after Jag

Jared: Yeah

Cameron: And went to Blue

Jared laughs

Cameron: And left America hanging

Jared: I know she pissed herself.

Cam: SHe is going to not be happy with me

Jared: She pissed herself. I was looking at her face the whole time...Obviously I knew about the one. But the other...I was like where is this man going......you were walking...and like, nah, not you.....not you......I'm like, this mother fucker having too much fun

Cameron: Chaos

Jared continues laughing

Cameron:....no food...shitty sleeping arrangements....yelling into a bullhorn whenever they pee...gas masks in the middle of the night...pies to the face...this week is only starting.

Jared: Hell week

Cameron: I'm the king

Jared: Hellllll week


Jared: Hell Week

Cameron: I'm done...I'm fucking done

Jared: Hell week

Cameron: Bro, I'm fucking done

Jared tells Cameron that he still needs to really get Jag out. Cameron tells him it will be in about a week.

Jared: That took balls Bro. You know how crazy the next episode will be?

Cameron: I know...watch them throw rocks at each other. I'm gonna sit back and watch...mayhem ensues

Jared: Bro, this place is about to get fucking bananas

Cam: Good! Good!


[BB25 has been revived with this week's HoH! I love it!  -MamaLong]








4:43PM BBT

Izzy rings the bell then enters the HoHR to talk with Cameron.

Cameron: Come here.

They hug  "I'm sorry"

Izzy: You don't have to be sorry. I mean, this was planned.

Cameron: I don't want you going off the rails here

Izzy: I have no interest in going off the rails

Cameron: You are not the target

Izzy: Okay...please know that is, maybe, hard to believe

Cameron: I know. I've been there. 

Cameron tells her that Felicia is the target and that everyone has said Felicia is a problem. "This is a house thing. If I put up Blue and Jag I thought it would be weird. In this scenario, it is to show that we are not together...not anything like that. But you are not the target."

VS--StreamBigBrotherLiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-82465’11” (1).jpg





Izzy tells Cameron that his speech was the best one of the season yet.

Cameron: I tried to save you face

Izzy: Yeah....okay

Izzy says she is trying to find out what the reality is and she hopes he is being honest with her

Cam: You have an incredible knowledge of this game....an incredible social game....and you understand the competitions.....  I think we can work together...and I love Cirie! I love Cirie!

Izzy: Well, you know I love Cirie, as well...I think the three of us could do something

Cameron: There you go! That's how I feel...and Felicia is a loose cannon, sometimes

Izzy tells Cameron that she echoed the sentiment that Cirie had with how uncomfortable I was with the things Red was saying about him...."I say that because I want to show you that that's the working trust I have with you...that to protect you was important to me."

Cam: I was hurt that I was left out of the situation 

Izzy: I have been saying this from week one, and I hope my actions show that you can only learn from the mistakes you make

Cameron: We have turned that leaf...We are going to be okay

Izzy asks if noms will stay the same if he wins veto.

Cameron: No! You know who my target is now, and we are going to that. It's a simple target. 

Izzy asks if Jag and Blue knew

Cameron: I didn't trust anyone

He tells her no one knew  [bold face lie with that one, Cam  -ML]

Izzy: You made a great nomination ceremony

Izzy says she will not throw Felicia under the bus, but she will fight to prove her value, and no matter how silly she may look trying to win a competition, she will fight for it

Cameron: I am serious about this. I love you and I love Cirie. I want it to work.

Izzy leaves

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4:53PM BBT

It's Cory's turn in the HoHR. He enters with a silly look on his face

Cameron: Hey, you got some pie on your face

They laugh

Cory: I was perplexed by the Jag/Blue noms

Cameron: What about them? That I told you that's what it was going to be?

Cory: No, I didn't tell you shit...you didn't tell me shit. That's fine. Now it makes sense....fucking hell man!

Cam: Watch the chaos ensue

Cory: but, fuck. That was crazy. That was a moment....and a half. I think it was probably the right fucking choice, too. I don't know how the rest of the week plays out

Cameron: Chaotically...with humor

Cory: I do appreciate, in all of your diabolical plans, I am not on the block

Cameron: You were never gonna be

Cory: I know

Cameron: and I couldn't tell a single soul what I was going to do...I kept you safe by not telling you anything...now everyone knows you didn't know

Cory: You got me...you got America...you got Jared....but I am still worried about Jag. He will put you up.

Cameron: Everyone is (worried about Jag)




Cory: Can we keep something between you and me? 

Cory tells Cameron that after nominations, America was jumping up and down for 15 minutes, 'he's so cool....he's so cool'

Cameron: It's going to be a good week, Dude

Cory: Fucking shit, Cam!






5:30PM BBT

Blue takes a turn with Cameron in the HoHR. Cam tells her that he's sorry, but he couldn't just straight out tell her. 

Blue: I do appreciate you. Thank you. Thank you.

Cameron: If you are as smart as I know that you are, then you know what this means next week

Blue: Yeah

Cameron: What this means next week is, we've got fish in a barrel that can't win a god damn thing  without me or Red over there!

Blue: It's Family Style

Cameron: Family Style  (This was referencing their alliance with Reilly)  We're good

Blue: Some people are looking for me (she gets up to go) I appreciate you. Thank you!

Cam: I told you, we're good...and please tell Jared I hate him

Blue: Okay

Cam: For real

Blue leaves


5:38PM BBT

Big Brother: Felicia, please go to the Diary Room downstairs

Felicia: Okay


5:38PM BBT

In Comicverse, Cirie and Izzy are talking.

Izzy: I know this sounds crazy, but if I win the veto, I am not going to pull myself down.

[That is indeed crazy, Izzy! -ML]

Cirie says she is going to go get on the bike

Izzy: Wait....The bike? You?

Cirie: Here's the thing, and I don't know how you feel about this...bad case scenario, it stays the same

Cirie: Listen! I know we got Jared, me, Jag, Blue, Matt, Cory, America

Izzy: I'm not pulling myself down because guess who goes up next to Felicia? You!

Cirie: I know

Izzy: So I'll keep myself the same and Felicia is going home

Cirie: I know! Listen, this is a good thing. We are getting rid of Felicia.

Izzy: I'm sorry!

Cirie: Don't be sorry. Remember, he said this weeks ago to Jared...that was his plan. Let me go get on this mother fucking bike

Izzy: We both are going to stay

Cirie: We have to. We have to. And we get rid of Felicia

Izzy: Okay, we will talk later

Cirie: Don't laugh at me (on the bike)

Izzy: I'm watching






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Bowie meets with Cameron and congratulates him on his nomination speech.

Bowie: You didn't tell anyone. That was perfect. And Felicia is running around thinking everyone knew. And apparently MeMe is pissed, but I don't understand...I don't know if that is true

Cameron: It doesn't feel good to not be told the truth....The whole house was out of the loop

Bowie: exactly 

Cameron: I was the one that looked like a dumbass on national TV. Now the whole house looks like a dumbass.

Bowie: Your speech was great!

Cameron: We are going to be okay. You're fine! I will be in a few crosshairs. If I didn't make this move, I would be the one out of here next week



5:59PM BBT

Cameron: People are excited I made this move right now

Bowie: A lot of people are excited. It was intense

Cam: They all wanted me dead. It's going to be an exciting week.

Bowie: For veto, just let me know if you are going to pick me so I can be prepared

Cam: I'm not telling you anything

Bowie laughs


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6:02 BBT:  Cirie and Izzy are talking in the comic room.  They are gathering their blankets to bring up to the have-not room.  Both of their hands are full and Cirie can’t find her gas mask.  She looks on top of the dresser and lifts a blanket with her teeth.  It’s not under there.  She concludes that she HAD to of wrapped it in her blankets because it was on her bed.  They both leave the comic room and the BB camera zooms in on Cirie’s gas mask.  It’s hanging off of her arm.


6:09 BBT:  Cirie and Izzy are talking about what the possible comps could be in the next vet competition.  Izzy thinks that they will be collecting letters from some goop.  They are going to think about words…humiliating, humiliation, competition, trombone…. Izzy says she believes in Cirie.  Izzy wants Cirie to know that she can believe in her.  Izzy starts tearing up.  Cirie says if she wins it that she would take Izzy off.  Izzy suggests that she puts up Blue.  

6:12 BBT:  Cameron and Bowie are talking in the HOH room.  Cameron says, “They are in a world of shit and it just hit them”.  Bowie agrees.  She’s going along and agreeing with everything Cameron is saying.  Bowie says that she was having a ball eating the pie in the comp.  Cameron said that he thought to himself, “I’m going to give Bowie the pie that I want.”



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6:08PM BBT

Cameron: Fuck 'em

Bowie: This was great. I am so thankful you won and you had the balls to do that. That was great television. I would be hanging off my seat

[I am, Bowie! I am! -ML]

Cameron: Let them lose their shit! Let them lose their fucking minds. You just keep being Bowie....you just keep being Bowie. Let them lose their ever loving minds.

Bowie: What happens next week

Cameron: I could tell you but it's the next part of my plan....just let it happen...more to follow. This week has just begun.

Bowie: Don't tell me. I trust it will be excellent

Cam: This week has just begun

Bowie: But what happens next week?

Cameron: What happens next week is that they don't have me pulling for them. They don't have Red pulling for them. We got fish in a barrel. They keep voting out another one of their own thinking we still have the numbers....and now, you're with me. Matt's with me.....All I know is, It's Cirie and MeMe...

Bowie: two people

Cam: the other two are sitting on the block. And it just hit them

Bowie: They're idiots

Cameron: It just hit them....right now, they know exactly what happened

Bowie: I kept saying this is what could go wrong with the numbers and they wouldn't listen to me. That was fun!

Cameron: I'm glad

Bowie: I had a ball!


6:19PM BBT

Oh, goody! Guest is here....so I'm out. I am leaving all of you peepers in great hands. Stay tuned  -MamaLong

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6:14 BBT:  Blue and Felicia are talking on the couch.  Blue is telling Felicia how she was crying to Cameron last night saying to Cameron, “There are people that have been mean to you this week and it’s not me.  They want you out, so why put me up?”  She says that Cameron said she has to play for the veto.  Felicia says that they will wait to see what the house does.  She says people might see her as a threat because she cooks a lot and people would want to keep her around.  “Probably not, but you never know.” They talk more and Felicia says that she thinks that Izzy is Cameron’s target.  Felicia says that a part of her thinks that Cameron is aligned with Matt.  Blue leaves and Felicia asks if she can ask Jag to come and talk to her.  She sips on a cup of something while hanging out on the couch.


6:21 BBT:  Cameras cut to Bowie and Cameron in the HOH room.  She’s being chummy with Cameron.


6:22 BBT:  All cameras are back to Cirie and Izzy in the have not room.  Cirie is saying that she doesn’t want to talk to Jared a lot since she can’t read how close Cameron is to him.  They laugh about Bowie Jane.  “She’s so stupid,” Cirie says.  She continues by saying,  “I’ll say this…and it will slap the glasses off of you with this.  You have to promise that you will do the god dang thing” (I think with Jared if for some reasons she is backdoored this week).  She tells Izzy that she needs to watch her facial expressions though because people can read them.  Izzy agrees and they both smile.


6:27 BBT:  Cirie says that if Cameron ends up coming for her that Jared will come for him.  “That’s my boy.”  She tells Izzy to ease up on Jared so that maybe Cameron can pull him in closer.  Cirie spins the wheel, one boot kick for her.  Wait….she wants to bring her toiletries.  One kick, she grabs her drink, and she watches Izzy spin.  25 kicks.  She’s having a rough day. They both laugh.  On their way out Cirie reminds her that they have some word studying to do.  On their way downstairs they tell Matt and America (who are playing chess) that Izzy got a 25.  Blue and Cory are hangin’ on the daybed by the bumper pool table.


6:32 BBT:  Izzy comes back saying that she got another 25 (she must have had to go back for something).


6:33 BBT:  Cirie is going against her own advice and talking to Jared in the bathroom area.  They are talking about what Cameron is thinking.  Jared says that he wants “one of you to go home”.  He doesn’t have a specific target, but wants “one of them” (meaning Cirie, Felicia, and Izzy).  Jared, Blue, Matt, Bowie, Meme.  5 is enough votes to get someone off the block.  Jared thinks that Cameron will pick him or Matt to play the game.  “I don’t know if all of his views changed from before about Felicia.  Felicia the other morning swung the door open”. Jared interrupts, “Cameron said she swung the door open and lied to my face!”  He said Cameron wants to see how chaotic it gets.  Jared says that when Cirie talks to him that she should say “I’m not feeling the way that Felicia is starting to talk.”  Cirie says she wants to chill.  That’s what she’s doing. 


6:38 BBT:  Cameras cut to Felicia and Izzy talking on the living room couch.  Felicia said that she’s going to talk to Cameron.  She wants to tell him that he needs to think about how he was mad when they blindsided him with Hisam and Red.  Now, he’s doing it to everyone else, so how does that make him a better person?  Felicia says her gut says that she thinks it’s her going home.  She also tells Izzy that she thinks that Bowie Jane is ‘with them’ because she isn’t talking to her anymore.  Felicia hypothesizes that maybe everyone threw the HOH comp to Cameron because everyone wants them out.  Izzy says, “But he still had to answer all of the questions right.”  Oh.  Felicia just accepts that they lost it. 

6:43 BBT:  Cameron walks to the storage room and doesn’t say a thing or look at them.  Matt and Jared aren’t far behind walking to the back rooms.  Izzy asks if Felicia has talked to Cory.  She hasn’t.  “I don’t know…I just feel a different something”.  Felicia is saying that she feels like this is a house decision, not a random something.  She says that she can’t get a sense.  Felicia thinks that Cameron made his decisions based of his conversation with Bowie Jane.  Izzy just uh-huh’s and says that they need to play veto.  Felicia says that Bowie didn’t ask her to ride the bike.  Instead, she was riding the bike with Cory.  [Felicia is in her thoughts today-Guest]

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6:47 BBT:  America is in the HOH room with Cameron.  She’s sitting at the table saying, “That was so fucking cool…that was so fucking cool.”  They hug.  Cameron takes out a wrap and asks her not to be mad that he eats it.  America says, “How dare you put me last!  That was so fucking cool.”  Cameron listens while he eats gushing on how cool he is.  She said it makes her feel better about him and us.  That’s what she would do if she had any power.  “Let’s play!”  She tells Cameron that she’s fangirling, totally boosting his ego.  She said he definitely moved to the top on the live feed updates that she follows (maybe it’s this one!)  Cameron says, “Is that what you think about?”  She says yes.  She would repost, retweet, everything.



My husband wants to start watching On Patrol!  I’ll be back on to post when it’s over!

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What does Julie Chen Mooves have to say about the latest goings on in BB25?


*You will also find Dalton Ross's Entertainment Weekly BB25 exit interviews at the above link. You'll get the answers to those questions you have about the evictees' experiences in the game.


7:03PM BBT

The Humiliverse strikes again as Izzy comes out of the bathroom

Loud and Snarky BB Voice: Izzy, you got a 3 on the Stinkometer

Izzy: Thank you, Big Brother!

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7:15PM BBT

In the bathroom area, Matt whispers to Cirie, "Felicia told Cam that I played (for the power)"

Cirie shakes her head in disapproval. Matt says that is why he didn't want to tell anyone. He then tells Cirie that he defended her to Cameron, saying that the only one to mention targeting Cam was Felicia, not Cirie. 




8:25PM BBT

In Scaryverse, Jared tells Jag and Blue, "Me, at the end, watching him win, will fucking burn me inside, Bro. Like, anyone else, I would be willing to swallow that pill. But, him? I would be like, Bro. No way! No fucking way....but I really believe in the fate of the game. But, like, her picking my chip was crazy....you know what I mean?...especially in the time that happened. That was my first veto....first veto ever being played and I get picked by her....and she was on the block. So, like what better story than that."  

Jag: The script! The script this season is crazy!

Blue: Scripted!  Scripted!

Jag: They script this season? They couldn't have written a better season so far.

Jared: I can't help but see that, Bro.


8:26PM BBT

In the HoHR, Bowie tells Cameron that voting with the house will be easy, "much easier than being in that stupid alliance. They are all coming to me, now. I just want to say that....whatever you say will go."

Cameron: That is hilarious. I think we will be all right. There is only one scenario...outside of that, we'll be good.


[Why, what scenario could that be Cameron? He is not telling. -ML]




8:35PM BBT

Back in Scaryverse, Jared is saying that the coldest move for Cam at the end of the game would be taking America to Final 2. 'Yo, do you think Cory threw it?"

Jag and Blue contemplate. They aren't sure. Jag says "that shit was hard." 

Jared, agrees: I don't think he threw it.


[I wouldn't put it past Cory, who has openly claimed to livefeeders that he is throwing everything. -ML]


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8:40PM BBT

Once Jared leaves, Blue asks Jag if he is going to tell Jared about Felicia asking him to play veto for her. Jag says he isn't trying to keep it from Jared, he just forgot to mention it. "Today we are seeing it's not as solid as we thought. (Felicia/Izzy/Cirie) They are up against each other, but they are already, in a subtle way, campaigning."

Blue: Absolutely


9:05PM BBT

Jag and Matt are alone in Scaryverse. Jag tells Matt that Cameron told him he was going to flip the script with his nominations.

Matt: I wondering....it was almost like he just flipped it back

Jag: We have to figure out what we're doing. If one of them goes, what does that mean for us? We have to think about our relationships for jury. You are good with Cam and Bowie. Do you know, is Cam going to pick you for veto?

Matt: I don't know, maybe. For me, she is gone this week (Felicia)

Jag: Same, same

Jag: What is Cam saying about me?

Matt: He didn't say anything about you to me.

Matt tells him that Cam is building an alliance, "Bowie, Jared, Cirie, you, me,  maybe Blue"

Jag: And Bowie said that she wants you, me, Cam...wait, wait...Bowie, Cam, you...

Matt: And maybe Blue

Jag: Would we want Blue? because then Poo and Blue...including one might be like including both. We have to think about that.


9:08PM BBT

They talk about Izzy. Jag tells Matt that Izzy trusts Matt because she trusts Jag, "I like vouched for hou, hella....I was like, he is solid, solid. Cirie says she trusts Izzy with her life. So, I told Izzy that Cirie told me you and her are like this (fingers together) so I told her that's how I feel about Matt."

Jag encourages Matt to build something more with Izzy. "She is really smart and eventually she has to go."




9:10PM BBT

Jag: Izzy is loyal to Cirie and then to us. So, it's possible if Izzy goes and Felicia stays, Cirie comes with us. But the whole house wants Felicia gone. Let's see what happens with veto. 

Matt: Let's see if we win veto and then talk.

Jag: If Felicia wins veto, Izzy is gone. Cirie has an alliance with every single person.

[You got that right, Jag! -ML]

Jag; Let's see what happens with veto. Hopefully you get picked or I get picked and we will see what happens from there. We have to win, first. Once we win, it helps build...I want to play and win because maybe that will build trust with Cam.

Matt: Yeah

Jag: We can't hang out that much.

Matt: Yeah

Jag: At this point, what is Felicia going to say or do?

Matt: Yeah, yeah

Jag tells Matt about Felicia asking him if he would consider playing veto for her, "I told her I'll consider it. I don't know where Izzy is at. Izzy could pick Jared, pick me, pick Blue...I don't know.

Matt: I'll see that Cam picks me

Jag: Overall, I'm just glad I am off the b lock this week because this week could have been bad for me.

Jag tells Matt he needs to talk with Cirie more.

[If you only knew, Jag.....wake up! You just said Cirie has alliances with everyone. One of them is sitting right there.  -ML]

Jag: We need a name Bro! And then you, me and Cirie need a name.

Matt: The Campaign?

Jag: We'll think about it. What's a cool name?

Matt: I'm trying to look around to get ideas....But what's our thing? Our thing? What is it?

Jag: I'm thinking! It doesn't have to be our thing...just a cool thing. There was an alliance called the Hitmen with Derrick and Cody...random names of alliances? [Hitmen = Amazing -ML]

They sit in silence a long time trying to come up with an alliance name.

BB: Jag, please move your microphone forward (it was facing his chest)


9:19PM BBT

Jag: What's a cool name?

Matt: The Minutemen? Like going back in time to change the course

Jag: That could be good. Where is Minutemen from?

Matt: the future

Jag: It's from Back to the Future?

Matt looks confused and does not understand Jag

[Matt has said the hardest to lip read in the house is Jag -ML]

Jag: Is it from a movie? The Minutemen? What is it from?

Matt: like just back in time and changing things

[Could these two really be this dense about American history? Mt teacher self is cringing! -ML]

Jag: That could be cool. Do we just call ourselves the Minutemen?

They agree on The Minutemen for their alliance name and shake on it.

Jag: Yo! The Minutemen!

VS--StreamBigBrotherLiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-82742’26” (1).jpg

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Jag: we got to come up with a secret handshake, too...something with time

          *loud tummy growls*

Matt: Is that your stomach or mine?

Jag: Mine

They practice some hand shakes and settle on a hand shake then looking at their imaginary wristwatch, finishing up with a nod


9:21PM BBT

Matt leaves the room

Jag: The Minutemen! Let's go!

Jag leaves a few minutes later



9:38PM BBT

Izzy and America are up in the loft complaining about the other HGs. They don't want people to cook or clean for them.

Izzy: I cook for myself. It doesn't have to be a thing.

America: Yeah, like sometimes I just want a sandwich

They begin talking about the votes.

America: It switches every two weeks. You know that.

[More like every two hours. -ML]

BB: Felicia, please go to the Diary Room downstairs

Izzy: That's twice today and I haven't been called.


10:11PM BBT

Cirie, Felicia, Izzy and Jared are talking in the Have-Not Room. Talk centers on Bowie being so obvious.

Felicia: She ain't talking to no damn body

*WBRB Gold Swirlies


10:12PM BBT

In the kitchen, Blue asks Cory what music he requested for his HoH.

Jag: Let me guess.....Kidz Bop 1-20

Blue: Girl!

Matt: Why? Because he's 21?

Cory: Yes! Yes, that's why he is asking...let's see...JiB, Carly Rae Jepson, Charl XCX, Sawayama, The Marshall Mathers LP2

Blue: Oh you actually asked for Sawayama?

Cory: Yep

*WBRB Gold Swirlies for more Humiliverse


10:34PM BBT

The feeds returned 


11:00PM BBT

Cirie: You ok?

Izzy: Yeah

Izzy tells Cirie that Felicia told her she has had her fun and she's okay to go home "It's insulting"

Cirie: Then send her ass home

Izzy: She also thinks the house is all in on it

Cirie: Still? She said that this morning.

Izzy: And she thinks Bowie is now with Cameron, completely

Cirie: Yeah, right

Izzy: And she also thinks that Jag, Blue, Cory and America will go with Bowie

Cirie: Maybe and maybe not

Izzy: Look, I am grain of salt with everything, but they are saying all the right things

Cirie: What you mean

Izzy: They are saying they want me to stay

Cirie: To me, too....Felicia cooked her own goose



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