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Friday, September 1, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother 25 observations, and screen captures here! If you post opinions or off-topic messages, I will move them here:  https://www.tvfanforums.net/forum/337-big-brother-25-discussion-dish/

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here) until Sunday, November 5, when Daylight Saving Time ends. 

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in and talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:38 BBT Matt and Jared in the HOH room, Matt told Jared that he saved Jaq. Matt and Jared are talking about how the nominees will be Red and Cameron. Jared tells Matt he talked to Mama Felicia and Mama Cirie about putting up maybe Cameron and America or Red and Corey, or a different combination, but they said that it had to be Red and Cameron to guarantee one of them goes home. They discuss how the issue is if they only put up Cam or Red, if Red, Cam or Bowie plays they would remove Red or Cam if they win veto. Jared reassures Matt that they are good. 


12:44 BBT  Blue and Jaq are talking in the Scary bedroom about what is the bigger squad that Corey and America is working with. Blue says that she thinks Corey and America are playing different games. She says she believes Corey has alliances with everyone, but that America has only Corey. Jaq says how after week one only one side blew up - there side, and how no one is questioning why the other side is still working together. Blue wants to keep discussing this, and believes America is still a big part of their game. Blue tells Jaq to talk to America to reassure her. Blue says that with Jared being HOH they don't have to worry.


12:48 BBT Jaq is asking Blue about how much she trusts Matt. Blue says she believes Matt is loyal to Jaq and Blue. 


12:49 BBT Cam and Matt are in the backyard playing pool. Cam is saying how his brain is fried. 

12:50 BBT In the backyard Matt and Cam are playing pool. You can see Mama Felicia and Mecole talking on the patio chairs. (Audio is on Matt and Cam, not on Felicia and Meme.)

12:54 BBT Blue and Jaq are talking in the scary bedroom about who they can work with. Blue is saying how America is their next choice. They are discussing how their only options are Corey and America. Jaq says he thinks Corey probably doesn't have an alliance with Bowie, Red, and Cam. Blue worries about Corey talking to Jared, and Jared's proximity to the other side. Jaques and Blue are saying that for the next couple of days they need to focus only on America, because she (America) wants to play a big game / move. 


12:58 BBT Blue is telling Jaq about how Blue and Jarred got into an argument about 2 days ago, and she was down in the dumps. That brought her to talking game with America. Blue said that's when she asked America "Are you working with Cameron?" and America said no, and Blue says that's when America and her both said they were avoiding working with each other but want to work together. 


1:02 BBT Jaq and Blue are discussing how the other side shares information with everyone in their alliance. 

1:04 BBT Jaq is telling Blue how he talked to Izzy about how it was odd America knew about the other side, and how America told him (Jaq) that she (America) knows that Jaq told Izzy what America told him. He is telling Blue, how did it get back to America. 

1:07 BBT Blue carries a bag up to the HOH room, and starts a conversation with Jared about how she was talking to Jaq about what their feelings are. She says they were just talking about how crazy everything is. 

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1:18PM BBT

At this point, Jared is talking with Blue and Matt, trying to decide who to put on the block next to Red. Jared's target is Cameron, but he is thinking a backdoor may be the best option.









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Jared and Izzy, unintentionally, dressed alike today. 


1:30PM BBT

Izzy and Cirie are talking in the bathroom. Cirie tells Izzy that she talks to her like she talks with her son, Jamil. She says Jamil is the best one for her to get advice from. Izzy brings up that Jared calls her his "Mil" because he, too, feels like Izzy is the one he can bounce things off like he does with his brother, Jamil. Cirie is hoping they are not saying Jamil's name or "Mil" because she mistakenly mentioned his name the other day. Izzy confirms that he doesn't say names around the other HGs. Talk turns to this week's target.

Cirie: The worst thing that could happen is Cameron winning veto.





1:51PM BBT

Cory is playing cut throat billiards with Blue and Matt in the backyard.





1:59PM BBT

If you look closely, you can see Red is napping on the backyard couch.



2:01PM BBT

Cory is meeting with Jared in the HoHR

Cory: You've got an easy HoH. How did it go? (talking to Cam and Red)

Jared says that Cameron begged him not to use him as a pawn and pushed for America.



2:02PM BBT

Cory: Well, he knows he's the house target, right? Yesterday, it seemed he knew.

Jared says that he alluded to the fact it would ruin their relationship (if he were nominated) and continued pushing for America saying "anyone else would ruffle feathers"

Cory says America will be fucking furious (that Cam was pushing for her to go up)

Jared: I already told her, and I told her to chill...don't do anything

2:05PM BBT

Cory says that Felicia is talking too much. Jared says that's why he doesn't see Felicia making it to final 4. "People don't trust her enough."

Cory: You're fucking golden...

He tells Jared his girlfriend was just on the block (obvious reason to target Cam)

Jared: SHe's not my girlfriend

Cory: Kitty Kitty Purr

Jared says that's why she could never be his girlfriend

Cory says there are a lot more reasons, and Jared laughs.

Cory says he tells Izzy and Cirie everything, but they don't know he is strategizing with Jared. They discuss Jag being upset the vote was 10-0. Cory says that Jag was gullible and believed he was staying because he heard the same thing from 4 people.

Jared says he wants to put up Cam and Red but wonders if a backdoor is a better idea.

Cory: I think you would get everyone pissed. It's not even the fact that Red could win veto and take of Cam then we're fucked. Red and Bowie would both pick him for Houseguest Choice.


They discuss the HoH competition. (it was a head to head comp situation)

Cory: Cam is not an idiot. He saw how that comp played out.

(The first pick was Jared picking Red and Bowie)

Cory: You're such a clown...playing llike you didn't know who to put up

Jared: I really just think the picks after those 3, it was like, whoever

(It sounds like their strategy to get Red, Cam and Bowie out first worked)

Jared tells Cory he would like to pick him as Houseguest Choice because it might be mental

Cory: This one I want to win and give a petty ass speech. Be skeptical...when it gets down to the end game....Here's your two options: trust people or win all the comps. So, it's like who do we think will take us? I think Izzy would take you far. CIrie would take you far, but I think eventually you are too big a threat. I'm looking around and don't see too many answers. I guess my question is, How long can I keep America in the house because she is causing me a lot of problems, but she is also loyal to me.

They talk about America no longer being a problem once Cameron is out.

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2:21PM BBT

In the kitchen, Bowie and Red talk about Jared and how they don't really talk game with Blue. They are worried Blue has a lot of influence over his nominations.



2:26PM BBT

America is talking with Izzy in Comicverse. Red comes in to get his laundry and when he leaves, they both say he will immediately go tell Cirie they are alone in there talking. 

America: For me, I am staying with the 7...you're all I've got

Izzy tells America that she's got her, "I'm gonna keep telling you I got you until anything changes. I got you right now"

America: Same





2:29PM BBT

Cirie walks into Comicverse and America says she wants to make sure they all have their stories straight for Jag because he keeps pressing her for exactly when the vote changed. America told him there was no certain time. Izzy felt like Jag interrogated her about it, too.

Cirie: He knows better than to press me

America: I just told him that I talked with Cirie and she was going to talk to everybody but we couldn't get the votes at the end of the day




2:35PM BBT

WBRB Gold Swirlies


2:38PM BBT

Jared and Cory agree that America will go home in 4 weeks.

Jared: It will be Cam, Red, Bowie, Jag then America


 2:41PM BBT

In Comicverse, Cirie is upset over America telling Jag that she talked with Cirie then Cirie was going to talk to everyone else "She is covering her fucking ass...why is she trying to get Jag to feel a certain type of way about me?"

Izzy says that Jag is probing because he wants to know which person made the decision to vote him out.




2:48PM BBT

Jag and Blue are whispering in Scaryverse. Jag says he has to figure out how to navigate the Cam and Red situation.

Blue: What do you mean?

Jag: Well, obviously one of them stays 

Blue says the focus has shifted and if Cam stay, he would target Jared. If Red wins, he would target Jared and America.


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3:00PM BBT

Red is talking with Bowie Jane and Cirie in Comicverse saying that Jared told him Cam offered to be a pawn against him..."we had discussed this scenario might happen but it would be a bad scenario because they would probably keep me over you....and that's what he says, too"

Cirie: It doesn't make sense, though. Why volunteer?  

Bowie: It's so weird

Red: He thinks if he has Jared he has Blue and if he has Blue he has Jag and if he has America, he has Cory

Cirie: But what about us?

Red: I think he is trying to flip to the other side of the house...Legend 25 because I'll be on the block and Jared would just be the tie breaker

Cirie: He don't have Jared. He don't have Jared

Red: I know

Cirie: Jared got Cory

Red: At best he thinks it will be a tie and he has Jared for tiebreaker

CIrie: It ain't never gonna be a tie. It was never gonna be a tie.

Bowie Jane: No

Cirie: absolutely no

Bowie: No, no

Red: Unless they think somehow they have Izzy

Cirie: Look at my face, you have to be Stevie Wonder cousin and Ray Charles brother to think that is a thing...the air that he breathes bothers her. (Izzy)








3:14PM BBT

Bowie Jane gets up saying she's going to go find Jared and see if he's in the DR


*At that we get RCHS for the Nomination Ceremony

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[While we are waiting for the nomination ceremony to finish up, how about a little update including a new alliance? After the HoH Competition, Cameron went directly to Jared and offered himself up as a pawn against Red. Talk about handing candy to a baby. Now Jared has a perfect week. Jared told Red what Cameron did, and now Red has given up on Cameron. The only ones who know that Matt was the one who won the power are Cirie and Jag. Felicia knows Matt played for the power, but she thinks Jag is the one who won the power. Cirie warned Matt not to tell anyone anything "because they all talk." This afternoon, around 12:50PM, Jag, Cirie and Matt formed an alliance. They discussed an alliance name for a long, long time including Three-peat, The Three Amigos, The Three Stooges, Survivors, Triple-Threat, The Promised...but they decided to just keep thinking on the name. They did secure their secret handshake, though. It started as a pop it, lock it, drop it but became a fist bump-thumb up - then shimmy. They practiced for awhile, which was solid entertainment!  -ML]






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4:33PM BBT

The feeds have returned. 

Jared nominated Red and Cameron for eviction. Jared is telling CIrie and Felicia that Cameron threw America under the bus and suggested Jared make a big move and put Izzy up.

Felicia asks about how Red reacted when Jared told him what Cameron did (throwing Red under the bus). Jared says that Red was upset and said he didn't want to play with people like that (done with Cameron). 



4:41PM BBT

In the loft, Cameron tells Cory he is the pawn. Cory asks Cameron what he will do for Houseguest Choice, "You can't pick Red"

Cameron: I don't fucking know


4:44PM BBT

Jared says he knows Cameron will come after him if he stays this week

Cirie: We got you...we got you

Felicia: I need you to hear me...One of us is gonna win next week...when we do, we gonna put up Cory, America and Jag and once those three out of the house, we runnin' the damn house.

Jared: I know


4:48PM BBT

*I'm out for now  -ML


4:56PM BBT

Cirie consoles Red in Comicverse and assures him that he isn't going anywhere, "Everybody loves you Red. Everybody." Red gets emotional and begins crying. Cirie hugs him and continues reassuring him. Red heads off to DR.


*Out for real now -ML




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4:52pm BBT  BY hammock

Blue:  I think at first she was suspect.

Matt:  That's understandable

Blue:  She's good now, you're chillin'.


Jared:  I believe that regardless of the circumstance that he's going to stick by someone that's a friend.

Bowie:  I think you're right.

Jared:  I told Red that by no means are you my target.  In my eyes, Red is staying.

Bowie:  Is Cameron going to pull red down?

Jared:  He said he wouldn't.

Bowie"  That's f***ing disgusting.

Jared;  he told me that f I want to vote out Red he's on board.

Bowie:  You need to tell Red.  he can go for that. He can't be in the jury house.

Jared:  he told me that when things got tough that he's ready to get rid of both of you.  The people we mutually talk to all say they trust you and want you in this game

Bowie:  I asked him if he knew that was happening and he said "No".  I know he was flat out lying.  

Jared:  At the end of the day, if he feels like he can trust me, he's not someone I can trust.  friends don't take shots at friends.  the fact that he nominated Blue - you're not taking a shot at me, but at someone I

m directly connected to.

Bowie: yeah, that's just not cool.  We know someone has to go every week.

Jared:  he said that he was doing it so I can build trust with you all.

Bowie:  he doesn't need to be trust with me.  i haven't even spoken to him about you.  This building trust thing - F*** off.  That's arrogant.

Jared:  very arrogant.  I can't give him the opportunity to stay in the house more.  If he brings himself down, then we deal with it from there.

Bowie:  I was hearing all this stuff.  I sleep next to Red but have never had any conversations with him.

Jared:  I wanted to let you know all this so you don't feel slighted.  Thanks, Bowie, I appreciate you.

Bowie heads off to the toilet.

Blue comes over to hug Jared.

5:08pm BBT  HOH room

Cameron:  I already said goodbye to one good friend.  You can shoot me the straight shit and I got it.

Jared:  The moms are really pissed off at me.  People want to trust me, but they just don't what our relationship is.

Cameron:  I'm not the dude to do hypotheticals.  Tell me who's got what?  Tell me where the doors are?

Jared going through a list of where the votes are.  Maybe he can get MeMe on board.  She doesn't have a great relationship with anyone in the house.  Ya'll gotta understand that if someone is threatening to get me out pf the game, then I gotta do something about that.  I'm not sure about the whole Bowie situation.  In the event that Red comes down, America goes up and she goes home.

Cameron:  Does she know that?

Jared:  Who America?  No I don't owe her anything.

Cameron:  Does Cory know?

Jared:  Yeah, Cory knows.  I trust Cory for sure.  If she finds out, if she's upset, she's upset.

Cameron:  Oh, I'm not going to worry about any of it.

Matt comes in to use the bathroom

Jared:  You just come in here - I gotta be locking my door.  What if I was in here fu...

Matt:  What?

Jared:  What if I was in here... fun eating? (smiles and grabs a snack)

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6:00pm BBT  BY couches

America:  I drink Smirnoff Ice

Cory: They're like 3%.

Talking about acronyms

Cory: DYGI

Cameron: What?

Cory: Do you get it?


HOH room

Matt & Jared whispering even though no one else is around

Matt:  If I play, do you want me to keep it the same.

Jared:  Just reassure Red.  I told Cameron that it seems like the mamas are mad at me.  So in case he comes down, he won't put me up next week.

Matt:  Smart, smart.  You're doing good.

Jared:  I told him that when I talk to Matt it's not about game, it's just about friendship.  He said I think Matt is more of a free-agent than you think.  I told Red, I really don't want to get rid of you.

Matt:  I told Red, you're really not the target, don't let Cameron get to you.

Jared:  I'm going to the kitchen.

Matt: Smells like they're cooking up good stuff.

6:08pm BBT

Felicia & Blue in the KT cooking

Cirie & Jag in Scary BR talking  game

Matt was heading to work out

Jag goes to KT and Jared joins Cirie in Scary BR

Cirie:  He said he knew he was going to be on the block for his birthday as he's never had a good birthday in his life.

Jared:  I was like bro,  he said I don't understand why they're upset with me.  So he'll be coming hard to talk to you.

Cirie:  I'm gonna have to put jag on notice. I don't know what Cory told Jag.

I just told Jag that if there's any question, then we can get everyone in a room and go over it.

(just reviewing conversations they've had)



Blue & Felicia still cooking Red joins and says he is making butter noodles for himself.


BY couches

Cameron, Cory and America hanging out.  Cory & Cameron talking about music they were into in 2013.

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[Just an update on my previous update. I shared that after the HoH competition, Cameron had immediately gone to Jared and offered himself up as a pawn against Red, but I should have mentioned that this is what Jared said Cameron did. I did not witness this happen because the feeds had not returned yet, and through further conversation between Cameron and Jared, it seems that Jared could have just fabricated that story to pad his connection with Red and explain why he was being put up against Cameron.  -ML]

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8:15PM BBT

In the backyard, the HGs are talking about groceries and how things disappear so fast. Izzy says she is going to make pancakes with sour cream on them for everybody.

MeMe: You are NOT putting sour cream!


8:16PM BBT

In the kitchen, Matt, Jag, Felicia and Red are talking about religion and racism. Matt says everyone is racist to some extent because everyone is raised with their own belief system. Felicia agrees. Jag says that religion around the world isn't that different.... that people believe in God all around the world but it's still "God"...that religions define how they see God, "Someone might see God as Jesus Christ or someone may see God as Buddha or Allah or in my case, Guru Nanak...It's just like a name we've given God and what we have done is ascribed values to it....how to be better people."

Red: And an understanding that you have, yourself

Jag: Religion, for many folks, is that it shapes us and our moral, what we believe in, and it teaches us to be better people. People need something to believe in.  



9:02PM BBT

In the kitchen, Jag tells Red that he is grateful to still be in the house after a what would have been a unanimous eviction, "I am very open to things becasue I recognize your game play and I think it's very similar to mine. You are very loyal, and I feel I am very loyal...I just wanted to say that."

Red tells Jag the only time he was targeting Jag was when it was a majority decision.

Jag says hearing that he was a target for the whole house made him wonder what he did to make himself a target.

Red: To be honest, I seen you discussing my name with someone because I seen it in the mirror, so I asked them

Jag: At no point do I recall have I asked someone what would Red do (if he won HoH)

Jag says he has mentioned everyone's name before, but it doesn't necessarily it was making the person a target. "At no point did I mention or target you until I heard the same thing about you."

Red: I'm not a whisperer. If you want to know, I'll either give you silence or tell ya, and the only reason it would be silence is if I had promised someone to not say a thing.

Jag: I just want this to be a clean slate moving forward, as long as it is on your end as well

Red: Of course



9:32PM BBT

Cirie and MeMe are whispering in the Upside Down room when Cory walks in. Cory: Something is happeniing

Cirie tells Cory that Red and Jag have been in the kitchen talking for hours. 

Cory coughs on the way out of the room, "I hope they form an alliance."

Cirie: Why is he coughing?

Mecole: He has bronchitis or something. He needs to see a doctor, stat.

Talk turns to Bowie doing too much, "after sitting around swearing 'I will never work with Cam and Red....I will be a shield.....a double edge sword.'"

Cirie: I can't!....they all got to go

Mecole: Here she comes (Blue)

Cirie: Oh God. I'm putting my glasses on.

Mecole: I'm painting my nails....(laughing) look at us sitting quiet like we're invisible.

Cirie: She didn't see us...we got to fake talk every day

Mecole: Too much...y'all stress me out over here

They complain that Blue is always in the HoHR, so it's too hard to go up there. They discuss Red never talking to Jared and now all of a sudden he needs to talk all the time

Mecole: I swear, if one more person cries!...here comes Izzy...she is the hot mess express.

Izzy walks in after taking her shower. She wants to go in Comicverse but the room is full of Bowie Jane, Cameron, Matt and Felicia

Cirie: Cameron thinks he is gonna be in there

Mecole: All Night


9:40PM BBT

Talk turns to Red and Cameron

Cirie: What is going on? Mortal enemies yesterday and now (Red and jag) and you two were buddies, drinking beers, chillbilly riders (Red and Cameron) and now he can't talk to you

Mecole: And now Red is mad. He said, "I'm just gonna gun it for the veto"

Cirie: I hope he win it...and if he win it, he's gonna say come on in Cameron, let me say goodbye

Mecole: I want to be right in on the melee

Cirie: It's gonna be intense

Izzy: And I want popcorn


9:43PM BBT

Cory walks in

Cirie: Where did that moustache come from?

Cory: Okay, I need three honest opinions

They all say they like it, "Keep it"


10:22PM BBT

Matt and Cirie are in the SR practicing their secret handshake. 



10:25PM BBT

The backyard opened, and the HGs started filtering outside. Cory tells America in the loft that they won't go outside unless they see MeMe and Felicia out there.


10:48PM BBT

Jared has been talking with Cameron in the HoHR. They see Izzy is coming, so Cameron hides in the bathroom. Izzy comes in and tells Jared that Red really needs to talk with him. Izzy has a nervous posture and is breathing heavy.

Jared: Are you good?

Izzy: Yeah, I am good but Red really needs to talk to you

Jared tells her to send him up. Once she leaves, Jared says "Clear...clear...clear"

He tells Cameron that Izzy was breathing hard.


10:52PM BBT

In Comicverse, Red tells Felicia, Cirie, Matt, Mecole, Bowie Jane and Izzy that, "it's not the noms, it's the situation that put me in the headspace, it's who put me there. Being stabbed in the back by a close friend is not good. I don't understand what he thinks he's gaining. It doesn't make any sense at all."




10:53PM BBT

The cameras switch back to the HoHR because something interesting is going on

Cameron: I told you! I told you! It's over. We can't do this shit anymore.

Cameron begins pushing for Jared to make a huge move but we do not hear the name, "From the temperature check I've had. You would be a legend. It would be hero shit. No one would come after you. You would be pulling the trigger that all of us didn't want to pull yet. But now it's over. I can handle her ass. I can handle America."

Jared: And I can handle Blue...let's get it tomorrow

They promise to not tell anyone about their conversations

Cameron leaves, passes Red in the hallway outside the HoHR and they actually fist bump then Red enters the HoHR

Red: That boy is shadier than I thought he was

Jared: He is losing his shit right now

Red: Because I'm not talking to him. I told you I wouldn't

Jared: and he getting more and more shadier, bro, and he is pushing shit.

Jared assures Red that he is totally fine, "If I knew this would show his true colors...it's getting on my fucking nerves, bro"


When the feeds return, Jared is telling Red that Cameron did this same thing to Reilly who he claimed was his daughter in the game, "And now his best bro...I can't handle this shit"


11:05PM BBT

Cirie and Jag have been talking in the backyard.

Cirie: I want to give everyone a hug. This is crazy. As much as you want to move to the next phase of the game, I still feel bad for these people. It's crazy.

Jag agrees 

Cirie: It's lonely, though. That's the problem. I don't want to see people lonely. I didn't want to see it for Hisam. I didn't want to see it for Kirsten. I don't want to see it for him.

Jag: Is he? (Is Red feeling lonely)

Cirie: Yeah

Jag asks about Cameron

*WBRB Gold Swirlies

Cameron comes out and Cirie asks for hug. Cameron agrees.

Jag: Can I be up next? (for a hug)

When Jag hugs Cameron he tells him he is sorry, knowing it's a tough position to be in, and wants him to do well in veto.

Jag: I love you

Cameron: I love you, too...11 in a row...the champ

Cirie: Yeah

Jag: What did you say?

Cameron: I'm 1 for 10...comps

Jag: Have you played in every competition?

Cirie: Every one....every single one...yep

Jag: Oh my God, Dude

Cirie: Every one

Cameron: Captain Chop N Block reporting for veto, Sir. (he salutes) Good night, y'all.

Cirie: Good night

When Cameron leaves Jag says he feels bad for him, too. "I hate to paint anyone a villain."







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