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Saturday, August 26, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother 25 observations, and screen captures here! If you post opinions or off-topic messages, I will move them here:  https://www.tvfanforums.net/forum/337-big-brother-25-discussion-dish/

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here) until Sunday, November 5, when Daylight Saving Time ends. 

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:06AM BBT

Cory: I need people to leave...I need a final 9 situation

Izzy: It's gonna feel so different as it gets smaller and smaller

America: You can already feel it

Izzy: Yeah

Cory: oh shit, there's like no one left

Cory then goes over the groups: You got the...

Bowie, Red and Cam

the Reilly people dwindling

Izzy adds:  The Jag, Matt, Blue

Cory: That's not that many people...but we are also at the final 13

Cory says he is going to sound like a "pouty little bitch" but he doesn't want a  Battle Back and then, probably, another Battle Back. "Bro! Come on, Man I don't want to do that!"

Izzy: It's really gonna mess with plans

America: Mm Hmm

Cory: It's gonna be like Survivor. 16 evictions? That's not cool.

Izzy: It's a big season

Cory: I wish this season was 84 days....it makes for a worse season, generally

America: It just drags it out....makes it obvious

Cory: This week will is gonna be unanimous (obvious)

America: I hate us. Obvious is boring

Cory: We are so boring





12:07AM BBT

Izzy wonders whether the viewers think it's a good season

Cory: I think about it all the time

[Certainly not a winning season so far, IMHO -ML]

They continue trash talking Cameron. Izzy says he is totally fake, "I think he is a secret cop. As a 34 grown ass man with a kid, he doesn't talk like......all his stories are from high school. A 34 year old man and all his stories are from when he was a kid. For Cory, we could understand, But..."

Big Brother: Cory, please go to the Diary Room downstairs

Izzy: Whoa

America: Get ready

Cory: Oh

America and Izzy tell Cory they are going to talk about him while he is gone

Cory: Please do

Cory walks away and they pretend to be happy he is leaving.

America: Finally

Izzy: Thank God

Cory: If I come out and you are asleep, I'm gonna be pissed

Izzy: We are gonna be making out

America: I was gonna say, you are gonna wish we were asleep

America: Oh God, Finally

Izzy: God

America: *sigh* that fucking kid. He is wearing on me.

Izzy: Are you crushing on him?

America: A little bit...a little bit. I'm not taking it super serious, but.... (she says he does stupid things sometimes)

Izzy: Aw! He is just so young

America: Yeah

Izzy: But he is so smart and funny

America: And dumb...It's whatever....but I'll entertain it for now

Izzy: Do you think it's mutual

America: Not really

12:30AM BBT

Izzy, Cory and America are still the only ones awake.


12:42AM BBT

BB: Izzy, please go to the Diary Room downstairs

Cory: Enjoy


12:58AM BBT

Cory and America are doing laundry in the backyard.


1:02AM BBT

America: So, I've rethought things, and yeah, I'm just.....just being mean with my Cam thoughts. He's not that bad. I was just feeling it in the moment.

Cory: Yeah

America: And you know, Izzy is so passionate about things and I was like....but he's not the worst person.


Just as America and Cory get settled in the hammock to talk more game...


BB: America, please go to the Diary Room downstairs

America: No way

Cory: Be quick....

America: *Big Sigh

Cory: fuck

BB: Sorry

Cory: I am about to talk hellish in tot he camera

America: Of course


(details on Cory's camera confession coming in a few minutes)




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1:03AM BBT

Cory is talking to the cameras in the backyard:  


Dude, it’s really nice to talk like full volume, for once, instead of being in the game room whispering my ass off. You know, the more and more I think about it, this Cam thing winning HoH is pretty fucking incredible.  Assuming I'm not the replacement nominee, which it seems unlikely right that I would be the replacement nominee. America made a deal of protecting me. Which good on America. What a team player. And even more importantly than that, Cam likes me. Right? I I've invested time into Cameron and other people haven’t so I feel good about that!


Also, like in terms of targeting Jag and Blue, I want Jag to win. Put Jared up! I’m fine with that. Right? So, it’s Jared and Blue and we vote out Blue. Fuck. I can live in that world. Keeping Jag…keeping the Unreliables. I can’t tell if Jag is not a good player or if he is just in a bad situation and the game is hard.  You know? Cuz I'm in a good situation, and I feel like it's not that hard. But you know,  I don't know… I think I’ve also been doing a good job. Here’s what I know about my position. I'm really banking on certain people not talking to each other and comparing notes, and I try to cover my ass. Right? So, like you know… I tell Izzy, or rather I tell Cameron that Izzy was basically behind the efforts to flip some votes against him and then I tell Izzy that you know Cameron is suspicious that she is flipping votes against him. You know, so if there is some comparing notes, I could claim plausible deniability.

Um, I am wondering if the me and America thing is becoming a problem to the rest of the alliance. If Izzy kind of gets in on that it could help it a lot.. she could vouch to CIrie. I don’t think I'll ever lose Jared on this. But the thing about America is, she really is helpful beyond just an ally to me. This whole Cameron thing.  It's not a real thing, but it could be important down the line and that's been made a lot stronger with her in it. Right!  So in in that kind of end game, which is no way we get to… but you know, I still have America. Yeah, if  Jag sticks around, America's huge…hugely important for that. Um, so that relationship is really important. I am really glad now that I told her Zach being on Survivor because she she reciprocated. She told me a secret… she went to Brown. Very cool, I love Brown.  And look, the thing is, I probably didn't even need that… need to tell her anything because she was already vouching for me to Cam, so I probably was all right. But I don't think it hurt. I don't think she's going to run to Jared as long as she feels confident that I will take her, which… which I will over Jared, right now.Whom… Who am I closer to alliance wise? Probably Jared. But, America's a much better person to take, obviously. I don't know. Jared is kind of a dick, and I like Jared. You know, we get along really well. But he's a bit of a dick.



1:07AM BBT

I think the fauxmance is a funny alliance. I do wish less of it was like less of the fake flirting, not in lieu of actual flirting and whatnot. But she is very flirtatious person. Yeah, that's not really me but I'm trying to you know play whatever part I can.

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Can I say something? This is might get me…give me some trouble. Cirie? I'm getting a new understanding of her as a player. Right? Survivor and Big Brother, they are different games for sure.  But, man. She really has a bad read on things. Like, do we remember two days ago when she was saying that there was an alliance brewing between Blue, Jag, Matt, Red, Bowie and Cam… like America, I think, too? Llike, just the thingslike that where if you think for five seconds you can list 100 reasons why it's the stupidest thing you ever heard. That's interesting! Yeah, playing this game with Cirie! You know, I had her on such a pedestal for so long, and now I'm kind of like….ehhhhhhh.  Nothing can take away… Nothing can take away from what she's done. She's a legend. She's more of a legend of Survivor than I can ever dream to be in Big Brother. Like, yeah, it's nothing like that. It’s  just you see these people up close and talk to them… strategize with them.. and it's like…  I feel like there's several conversations where I have to go to Cirie,  like dude, chill out… like what are we talking about here? Like, this makes no sense.



But I do want to clarify the Hisam thing a bit. So when it comes to I actually think it would be in Felicia, Cirie and Izzy’s best interest to keep him. I never understood why they were targeting him in the first place. It felt like it was an impulsive reaction to something... you know,  to him being a bit of a dick during his HoH and competitions and whatnot. So, you know, I I get why they wanted to keep him, but once you back door him it's, like, kind of hard. Right? Like, the way I see it is, that ship has sailed. Maybe you could reign him back in, but…For them, I do still think it was probably the right call to get, you know, there. For me, it was incredibly important to get Hisam out of there because look what happened. I mean Cam won HoH and I’m chilling.  Right?  So,  I'm doing really well with that.


I'm really happy that I managed these past two weeks the way that I have.  Because, I am I'm far from running the show… like, I'm not     I'm, you know… I'm a small part of an alliance. But I do think, like, I really… if I really pushed for Reiily to stay or pushed for Hisam to stay, it would have happened. You know! It was me kind of poo pooing these ideas of flipping the votes that made them stay the same. And I apologize for entertainment purposes!  But I I'm trying to try to figure my shit out here, you know. It's kind of complicated. I'm trying to stay afloat as long as I can, but I mean, this week is this week should be good. I like the idea of Red, Cam and Bowie being here because, collectively, they all are huge target…. and they're going to get nominated at some point, so there you go.  And the nice thing is, like, if Jared wins an HoH and nominates them, it doesn’t even blow up my spot. That's fine!


1:13AM BBT

Sorry about the HoH today. The Pressure Cooker! Are you kidding me? What the hell! I’m sure you are tired of me fanboying over it, and whatever. But it was cool. It was really cool! I had a lot of fun. It was miserable and that's part of the fun. Also, you know, a bit of a knock on this cast… it is pretty drama averse… I mean Izzy will give it to people at times, and I think eventually, if I nominate her, it'll be a big blow up… and if I turn on Jared,  it'll be a big problem. And like we're not at the point of the season where people are making big backstabbing moves except for the Hisam thing, which was dramatic. It didn’t result in, necessarily, a blow up.


But the point being, like, in this Pressure Cooker, it was pretty fun because I do really like most of the people there. And here’s the thing about Cam… he has a lot of quirks that annoy a lot of people. And… I get it. Right! You know, the way he describes certain people, I am not a fan of. But on a level that is no deeper than surface level chemistry, I like the guy. You know, we laugh, we chat…and get along.  And I… I have the ability, I think, and maybe this is, you know, part of just… you know being a part of my identity… like demographic and everything… A lot of the stuff could just roll off my back  and it's nothing that bad. It’s just like….You know, the way he talks to women…especially when he is flirting with them, is kind of interesting. But maybe he has a p-card. I don’t know. But I like Cam, and I'll leave it at that. Red kind of weirds me out, but I think he's a nice guy, too.


1:14AM BBT

I love Bowie. I love Bowie! Like, outside of this house…there is not one person in this house that I am more confident that no matter what happens, I will walk away liking them and wanting to see them than Bowie…….and I want to see, maybe, Reilly! And that’s probably a hot take for you all. I get along well with Reilly. She's… she's very fun. I’m sure she was a fan favorite. HoH! Builds a majority alliance, Is indignant when she was being targeted. It's total package! But I like her. Who knows what America’s and my relationship will be like after this. I guess we will be like, just good friends. It’s kind of a weird foundation, but, but yeah that's funny.  Me and Jared, hopefully, we're good buddies.

So Pressure Cooker. I am throwing this competition, of course. And I hope you all believe me. But to be fair I kind of have a track record that would suggest I throw competitions. And here’s the thing about me and throwing competitions. I don’t need to throw competitions. I could just lose them. I can’t win these things at will. Of the competitions I played and could have one… Escape the Netherregion. I would have had basically a 50/50 shot cuz I knew the car was safe, in the final round. But, you know, outside of that I couldn't have won any of these competitions, really. The only one that I didn't throw is Hold on Fright which I lost, obviously.  So, I throw this competition…Like, again, if I win, what the fuck am I going to do? Put up Cam and Red? Well, look, Cam and Red want to work with me. This week is evidence of that.  Put up Jag and Blue? Well I’m in this Unreliables with Jag. It’s bullshit, of course. It’s funny, I enjoy it!  But it’s bullshit.  Blue would be annoyed. Probably Matt would be annoyed. Again, that probably even wouldn't be that bad, but I don't think Jared would want me to nominate Blue, so it's messy. And then we're out of options cuz I'm not fucking nominating anyone in For Real For Real, which in my head was a better alliance than it actually is. It's a good alliance in, like, an ironic sense because, you know, there's so many fake alliances. But it's not very catchy. It doesn't roll off the tongue, exactly. Great fodder for Diary Room stuff, I guess.


What else is going on in my life?  I think I'm doing well! My biggest concern is I've got a lot of…I’m saying a lot of contradictory things to people. To Cam, I am targeting Jag. To Jag, I am targeting Cam. To Cam, I am worried about Izzy. To Izzy, I am worried about Cam. To Cirie and Izzy, America is kind of my henchman. And to America, she is my final two. You know,  so there’s a lot of shenanigans like that.  But everyone's got Shenanigans, right? It can’t be just me! I am not overly worried about that. And my thought is, like a lot of the stuff can come back to bite me, but I should have enough ammo in terms of information to, like, fight back. Cause that’s the whole thing…Like, Cirie and Izzy really can’t betray me right now because I just know way too much about all their shit. Same with Jared.Same with…I mean, I don’t know what America would do. I wish America would feel better about her position in the game. I think I have to stop… talking to her, like, what I'm doing is being very transparent. Like, yeah, people are telling me to get close to you so we're certain we're going to have the votes on Thursday, Which is the truth and I think the transparency is good but like… She's already having doubts about the alliance..and,  you know, because the thing is with her is I don't think she realizes how okay her position is. Like, honestly… like is she disposable? yeah, but not much more disposable than MeMe and unlike MeMe and Felicia, she has other shit going on. SHe has Jag and Red and Cam and Bowie. It’s not bad. If we get a couple more back and forth HoH situations, she could be in a really really nice spot spot going to the end game. I do think she is going to have problems with the jury. I don’t know…it’s giving me Holly from season 21 vibes. Maybe I’m wrong. I think she has a more strategic head on her shoulders than almost everyone. I like America. She’s really good.



1:20AM BBT

Look, I think, basically, the way to summarize it is…I am playing a really good game, and I am also playing a little too cute. It could come back to bite me. And I anticipate that it will and I’m gonna have to figure it out. I am also going to have to pull out some competitions at some opportune moments. But, look, I am not here to play a perfect game. I am not good enough for that.  I am a very flawed player. I tell people too much information.But that’s also what makes them trust me. It’s double edge. I hope y’all don’t get annoyed too much, me talking to the cameras. If it does, I implore you to fucking tune out. It helps me organize my thoughts. And when I get a few minutes alone, it is nice to say it out loud. Especially a setting like this where I can actually say it outloud. Hm? Who is gonna be the replacement nominee? Probably be Jared. Right? I am gonna talk to Jared and see if he would be alright with me pushing his…(coughing fit and cameras move to sleepers)



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1:35AM BBT

The cameras return to the backyard, but America is out of the DR now.

Cory: DId you have a good time?

America: Yeah

Cory: Did you tell them I said hi?

America: Of course


2:29AM BBT

Bowie Jane joins them in the backyard.

America: Hi, how is the cheese bed.

Bowie Jane: It's fine. It's just I get a few hours and them I'm good. There is no point in just lying there.

Cory and America tell her they are still working on their laundry.

Cory begins talking with one of his token saying, 'Here's the thing..' then he stops and makes fun of himself.

Bowie Jane: points out that at least it's not Hisam's "Right, Right, Right"

[which is not the same as Cory's "Right".....Hisams "Right" is super aggressive, as if saying 'I am right, and you are wrong' -ML]


4:36AM BBT

All cameras are on sleeping HGs. Matt can be heard snoring.


7:32AM BBT

The HGs received an early wake-up for PoV Comp Day.


8:56AM BBT

RCHS for the Veto Picks


9:27AM BBT 

The feeds return.

Playing for Power of Veto today will be: Cameron, Jag, Blue, Red, Jared and Mecole with Izzy hosting.


9:28AM BBT

In the Upside Down Room, Jag asks Mecole, "If you win it, are you like 100% set to...

Matt walks in and interrupts the discussion

Jag: If you were to win, are you....

Mecole: I'm not like...I mean, I am open to it. 

Jag: Cameron said there is no target. I mean I am on the block and so is Blue.  I know at the end of the day...I am way more comfortable with you winning than anyone else, other than me, of course.

Mecole is whispering but she does say she would like to win a competition ...."Whatever it is, it might be a long one."


10:22AM BBT

Mecole talks with Cam in the kitchen, "If I win, you want me to leave them the same.?"

"Yeah, go for it....that would be awesome. Just do your thing."

Mecole: Okay, I just wanted to check.


12:12PM BBT

The HGs are just waiting for the Power of Veto Competition.


12:54PM BBT

WBRB Gold Swirlies


1:09PM BBT

The feeds move to RCHS

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6:01PM BBT

The feeds have returned. Jag came in 2nd place.

Izzy: Wow

America: That was close

Cirie: Who was it?

Izzy: It was Cameron and Jag came in 2nd

America: By 21 seconds

Izzy: I'm gonna go talk to him, now


6:02PM BBT

It sounds like Cameron won veto.

America, Cirie and Felicia are talking in the Comicverse.

Cirie: Jag told me before he left that, "Best case scenario, they stay the same (noms) because I got the votes."  Jag thinks he has the votes.

America: Yes. Again. It's like deja vu, all over. He was counting me, Matt, Blue, Cory, you (Cirie) and Izzy.

Felicia: He doesn't realize he is the main target

Cirie: I think he knows

Felicia: He is gonna be stunned when he ends up not getting the votes.


No, Red won veto


6:12PM BBT

In the Scaryverse with Blue

Jag: Man they cooked us fair and square. Hoh then veto. Back to back. Cooked.  

Blue: If Red keeps noms the same tomorrow, how do you want to go about the week because there is no way I am campaigning against you.

Jag: Fuck




6:15PM BBT

Blue is crying in the Scaryverse. America is comforting her.


6:17PM BBT

Blue: There is no way I am going to talk bad about your game. There is no way I am going to talk bad about you as a person.

Jag: Same


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7:12pm BBT 

Cory and Izzy Billiards/Game loft


Cory says he feels like they never talk about life, he ask how she met her Gf ..she said they met on tinder, Matt joins them

Feeds switch to kitchen 


Blue eating  in Kitchen 


Cameron talking about the POV comp with America and Meme Cirie at table eating 

Lots of chatter about shoes and food 

Jared has joined Kitchen 

Felicia is cleaning up wipe counters as Blue joins kitchen 


7:16pm we get Golden Sirl


7:20pm BBT 

Feeds back 

Matt Izzy Cory and Felicia upstairs Billiards

Izzy sharing how they met then didn’t see each other for a month then Covid hit and they moved in together. 

Cory talking about finding the right person and Izzy said yes we clicked Cory agreed and said it is finding the one who can deal with your bullshit and you can deal with their bullshit. 

Izzy says she has brown the most with Paige than any other person and she is definitely the better person and her Dad loves her and is more excited when Paige comes over tha her 


7:23pm Golden Swirl 


7:24 BBT

Kitchen Red Cameron Felicia Cirie

Chit chatting Felicia left to get lotion 


Red and Jared talking about sauce on chicken and how he wants cayenne pepper


7:27pmBBT Kitchen

America and Cameron talking about snacks and how he wishes he would have gotten more Oreos 

Red and Cameron talking about fig newtons and cam likes 

America thinks a fig is a dried up figs (they are two separate fruits)


America is insisting they are the same .. dry a fig up and you get a date 


Feeds switch to Comic Bedroom 


Cirie and Jared talking about her bugging and nervous and can’t sit still

Jared says I know she’s nervous and stuff, but she needs to chill

Cirie says she’s pushing it. She needs to chill. 

( I am not sure if the she is Izzy or Blue)


Feeds cut to Swirls 


7:33pm BBT

HOH Cameron and Felicia 

Talking about how Cameron has hearing issues 

Felicia telling Cameron to go see who is out there at game room

Cameron goes to see


7:34pm BBT

Feeds switch to Cirie and Jared 

Jared says he can’t stand to be around Bowie and Cire agrees 

And goes on to say she has to not be around her because she looks at me and people be seeing her look at me and I gotta stop being around her and I know she is feeling it 


7:36pm BBT

Cirie ask Jared so the vote is Jag ? Jared says for now it’s Jaffa 

Cirie says she is gonna go upstairs and see what they are talking about 

Jared leaves and Cirie grabs a jacket and goes to kitchen to get water 


Kitchen ,Red Cory America talking about fireballs ..and Fire performances 


7:38 pm BBT…HOH room 

Cam and Felicia waiting on others to come up and have a meeting watchin spy cameras 

l Cameron talking about eating cheese and the cheese cake 

And how Cameron has been adding cheese to his diet and Felicia said I know ..but omg ..Cameron says we do have the gas pills now 


7:40pm BBT Storage room 

Cory and America talking America saying she doesn’t have anyone else in the game everyone hates her 

Izzy interrupts ..

Jag says you know it’s Jag and Izzy say yeah yeah I know 

She leaves 

Tells America Jag freaked out to her, Cory says someone told him about the 7 

America says Jag lied to her face, she asked him are you working with them, she even asked him how can you count their votes you need to campaign 


Cory says we are being to transparent being in the middle, it’s okay right now, but we need to be careful 

He says Izzy 

Jared comes in and Cory asked if Izzy would target Cameron next week ..

Jared says Izzy is on his fucking nerves, Cory said he vouched his ass off for her otherwise it would have been Izzy up right off the bat

Cory says he thinks they are all solid 

Jared said next week it is gonna have to be them up 

Cory said Cam and Red and Jared says yes. But she is like a fly in my face



Comic bedroom

Felicia and Jag 

Talking about the POV comp and how he had to walk thru it and he had to keep switching up 

Izzy comes in and Blue went in the bathroom with Cirie and Jag says we all need to talk and Izzy offers to come get them he said yeah we have to have conversations

Jag: If red uses it don’t mention Bowie a name 

He promised Jared and promised America 

Cirie comes in and Joines conversation 

Cirie says Cam wants us to come in one at a time so we can tell him what we want jags says Red won’t use it one me 

Red comes in 


7:53.pm BBT Feeds switch 

Cory and Jared still in storage Blue has him so pissed off acting like she is so safe and isn’t gonna campaign but suggest she come off and is pushing Bowie Jane to go up and it is pissing him off

Red pops head in and says you ok ? 


7:54pm BBT comic bedroom 

Felicia and Blue talked earlier and is going to ask them to put up Bowie and she is gonna have to offer them something.

Felicia says Blue is trying to save everybody.

Cirie how you gonna save everybody 

Felicia says this is what I am saying if they take one of them down, then put someone else up and the whole house vote for who they put up.

Cirie says I don’t see that happening, we gotta go up and see 

They all exit and Virie and Felicia go upstairs 


759Pm BBT

Feeds switch to Jag and Blue in scary bedroom 

Jag says I think we need to see who his real target is …

He says I don’t think he would ever use it on me but if you have a chance even if it 000.0007

I don’t think no matter what I offer he isn’t going to use it on me 

Blue are you still going to talk to him 

Jag yes we are still going to have a conversation, but I don’t think I can ask him to use it one me i have nothing to offer him. I have thought thru all the options logically 

Blue yeah we can talk about the 7 … whispers with hand by mouth 

She says they need to tread carefully because he is alone on this island essentially ..

Jag yeah 

Blue I don’t know …she asks where is Red and Cory and Poo says she hasn’t seen them, she said Izzy was in HOH 

Jag says he is gonna go check out the scene and see what’s popping





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  • morty unpinned this topic

11:32 PM BBT:  Izzy and Red talking in the comic BR.  Izzy says she wants to know how to “reset” with Cam.  She tells Red she “wants to be better.”  Red stands and they hug, as if he’s leaving, but then they continue to talk.  Red says he doesn’t want to end up like Hisam.  Izzy says “Hisam was unstable.”  They both recommit to their alliance.  Izzy leaves and goes to WR.


11:40 PM BBT:  Felicia and Jag whispering in WR when Izzy walks in.  Izzy leaves; Cirie, Felicia,and Jag start talking at the sink.  Jag is pledging his loyalty to the two of them (if they save him this week).  Izzy walks back in and joins the conversation.  Cirie tells him they need him there, and are going to keep him.  But not to walk around like he knows it.


11:50 PM BBT:  Cirie and Izzy have left WR and are in comic BR.  Cirie says “I can’t fucking stand Cameron.”  Felicia comes in the room and joins the conversation.  They reaffirm what they’re planning to do (save Jag), but not tell Jared (or Blue - or both? - not sure) until Thursday.  They recount the votes, they have 6 to save Jag.  Matt walks in and they stop talking game.


11:58 PM BBT:  Bowie, Jag and Red in the kitchen.  Bowie talking about having trouble sleeping in the have not room.  They turn the lights out for two people, not one.  Bowie says the room is cold; she says she can handle the diet, it’s just like if she were trying to lose weight.


12:02 AM BBT:  Cirie talking, whispering, to Matt in the comic BR.  She tells him “we have to keep Jag.”  He agrees, saying “they” will pick them off next if they don’t keep Jag.


12:03 AM BBT:  Felicia and Izzy in the upside down BR.  Izzy says “I just fucking hate him.”  Then describes her personality issues with expressing herself (basically), and Felicia gives her a major pep talk.  Tells her to rely on herself, she can do this, etc.  It brings Izzy to tears.  They hug for a moment, Izzy thanks her, then goes back to the comic BR.  Izzy joins Cirie and Matt, they all reconfirm plans to save Jag.  Matt leaves comic BR.


12:17 AM BBT:  Izzy and Cirie talking in comic BR, about how stunned “they” will be when Jag stays.  Izzy says she can’t wait to see Cameron’s face.


12:20 AM BBT:  Cirie is telling Izzy she’s really upset about the “stupid shit” Jared did today.  She’s planning to talk to him about it tomorrow.  She says Blue is leaving, says “bye bye Blue,” and makes a waving motion with her hand.  Then says it’ll be better for Jared’s game anyway.  She says she’s going to “pull the mother card” and tell him she needs him to vote to keep Jag, period.  She’s also going to tell him not to tell Cory anything anymore.  


12:40 AM BBT:  Izzy finally leaves Cirie.  Blue, Jared and Jag are sitting outside talking.  Jared is talking about the BB prize money being nice, but that it’s not worth “tarnishing your character” for, that he’s seen it happen to “a lot of people” and at the end of the day, “in the real world 750 is like” and snaps his fingers.  Meanwhile nearby, Izzy and Cory have started playing pool.


1:18 AM BBT:  Bowie, Cirie and Red in comic BR.  Red gets in bed; Cirie wants to have a meeting with all the women and tell them all they need to go to bed, and take better care of themselves (physically); Bowie had been discussing the difficulties of being a have not, and not being able to sleep with the light on.  Next Cirie talks about Izzy getting upset and “storming off” today.  Cirie said she has to separate herself from that kind of behavior.  She said Izzy had gotten herself worked up before the Veto ceremony (worried she could be a replacement nom).  They discussed Red talking to Izzy today about her behavior.  Cirie said Izzy isn’t a bad person, just super sensitive.  Red tells Bowie to go ask Cory either to come to bed so they’ll turn off the light, or she needs to use his bed (the cheese bed isn’t comfortable to Bowie).  Bowie leaves the room.  Cirie tells Red she feels bad for Bowie, that she seemed upset.


1:45 AM BBT:  Jared and Blue are under a blanket in the upper level lounge.  It sounds as though he’s teased something to her - told her something - regarding him being related to someone in the house.  She’s asking questions, it doesn’t sound as though he’s told her the exact relationship; she’s mentioning siblings.  Blue said whatever it is, it wouldn’t change her game play at all.  And that it sounds like she’s “being tested.”  Jared replies “you are.”  They stop talking because they think they hear someone “creeping” around nearby; they both listen intently for a couple of minutes.  They then dive under the covers, and discuss (literally) positions; sounds like they settle on “spoon.”  Then, gold swirlies.  Feeds return after a minute or so, and BB calls Jared to the downstairs DR.  They ignore it.  BB repeats the call; Blue says “I’ll be waiting.”  Gold swirlies again for a moment, then feeds return.  BB says “NOW.”  He gets up and goes downstairs, and Blue goes downstairs and out to the dryer and gets clothes out.  When she goes back inside, Jared is near the bottom of the stairs.  Blue says “how did you get them to let you off the hook?”  Then gold swirlies immediately.  Feeds come back a minute or two later; they’re back upstairs in the lounge area, under the covers, Blue giggling loudly.  Gold swirlies again for a few minutes.  [wow, is Cirie gonna be pissed when she finds out he spilled something to Blue about an in-house relation; Jared may have just sealed Blue’s fate.  ~Angel411 ]



2:30 AM BBT:  Feeds return and all are on Cory, America and Matt, all on the hammock (Matt facing Cory and America).  They discuss “poor Jag” seeming down today, and that “it will definitely be Jag.”  America says this must be the most boring season, with unanimous votes; Cory grins and says “that’s why we had to crank up the romance.”



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