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Sunday, August 6, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here) until Sunday, November 5, when Daylight Saving Time ends. 

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (BPL)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in and talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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  • morty changed the title to Sunday, August 6, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

First time here, first time on live feeds but willing to give this a shot.  I am in the Central Time zone.

Sunday Fun Day: HGs are in their swim suits and enjoying the now open back yard!

America, Reilly, Luke & Jag played a game of pool, then decided to move to the actual pool.


1:37pm  HG in pool hanging out/floating on toys:  Matt, Jag, America & Reilly on pool floats.  Cameron talking to Luke, Kristen looking on from the side of the pool.

1:39 Jared & Izzy plotting in the bathroom area.  Izzy thinks they should put out into the universe that Luke has to go so the "other side" think it is their idea.  Jared trying to shower but Izzy won't stop talking.  "Meme is with ME.  Hear me.  She is with us, but she is with ME".

1:42 Cirie, Red, Hisam & Corey in the kitchen,  Red is cooking.  Hisam called to upstairs DR.  Corey & Cirie go upstairs to investigate who is still in the house.

1:45 Cirie & Corey in HOH room,  Cirie tells Corey that she knows that he knows some of her history, but she plays loyal in the game.  Corey agrees "yeah, I've seen it".  Corey sees his spot in the house as being not in the power structure, but that they believe they have him.  He said he does feel like he owes Reilly for saving him.  Cirie is telling Corey that he is welcome to join discussions in the comic bedroom and that she is open to working with him.

1:54 Red still cooking in the kitchen.  Blue passing through to change swimsuits so she doesn't get tan lines. Izzy & Hisam also listening to her body jewelry descriptions and complimenting her on looking good in her suit.

1:57 back to HOH room with Cirie & Corey. He's asking Cirie how the other guests perceive him.  Cirie tells him that he is on the fringe and is a number for the power side of the house.

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2:09  Cirie & Corey still chatting in HOH room.  She is sharing experiences from Survivor with him.

2:10  Izzy & Hisam on the bench in backyard discussing who is working together.

2:11pm Corey asking Cirie more about Survivor.  She tells him that he knows more about what happened than she did and she was there.  Corey feels that he can use Reilly to advocate for him to help get him further in the game.  He said he has also talked a lot with Cameron, but Cirie has not talked game with him at all.  Corey feels that Cameron & Reilly are the two who might protect him if his name comes up for eviction.  Cirie says that she can be that person for him from her side.  Corey is terrified of winning HOH, but doesn't think he has the luxury of throwing competitions.  Cirie replies "You better not".  Cirie says that Hisam is a stand-up person, so she will have a talk with him on Corey's behalf, but she warns Corey not to bullshit him because Hisam will see through it and will walk away.  Corey assures Cirie that he has not heard anyone mention her name.

2:21 Corey & Cirie still chatting.  He has not had a chance to talk with Felicia, she encourages him to do so.  They are back to talking about Survivor and that Cirie was first on in 2005.  Cirie is going to talk to Hisam and is open to "whatever".  Corey said he likes Jared and Izzy - so does Cirie.  Cirie is afraid to initiate game talk with the others so she isn't seen as "the legend" going off.  Cirie says: "Even Ray Charles can see the split"  so I know you see the split.  Cirie likes the idea of her, Izzy, Corey & Jared working together.  She will have to talk to Jared.  Corey said they all know they are far down the list of the power alliance and they don't want 10th place.  They also want to add Felicia to their covert group.

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3:00  Jared doing dishes. Kristen talking to Jared while he works. Cameron & Red sharing random statistics and facts around the counter.

3:05 Corey & Luke at the counter talking about sleeping in the Have Not room. Corey was comfortable on the hot dog bed, Luke was not comfortable on the cheese.

3:06 Felicia & Meme on the couch in the backyard talking about conversations with others.  Felicia says they should go after power people (Jag & Reilly or Reilly & Matt).  They see Corey at the bottom of their group and not important to get out yet.  They also think Cameron is a leader in the other group.  Meme says not to underestimate Red because he is too vocal to let someone lead his game.  Meme thinks they need to pull Luke in.  Felicia plans to ask him questions about where he stands.  Felicia believes that Bowie is on their side, but Meme is unsure. [lots of planes flying over this afternoon]

3:25  Felicia & Meme still chatting in the backyard about where everyone is in the game,  Who they trust, who they are unsure about.  They both like having general conversations with Cameron - he really is a nice guy.  They're wondering about a showmance.  They are hoping for Reilly and Matt to get together and think they would be a cute couple.

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3:35  Felicia & Meme have been joined on the couch by Kristen, Izzy & Hisam.  Someone fell into the pool (Felicia) and they are commenting that only one other person has ever done that.  She is hoping the cameras missed it - Hisam says "the whole f****** show is caught on camera!  You really think they didn't catch that?"  They are all laughing about it and Felicia says her husband is probably saying "I told you so".  Hisam is trying to get Felicia to wear a fanny pack to help hold up her battery pack. He tells her she can bring it back into fashion.  Felicia is called to DR.

3:40 Jag & Reilly in HOH room bathroom talking quietly about having a chill day with no comps coming up.  Reilly really likes Felicia because she is a trooper and she is just doing her thing and is happy to be here (not worrying about being on the block).

4:05 (so 2:05 BBtime) Group on the couch in BY discussing meal prep and not wanting to waste food.  Going through options for meals.  Red decides to go inside to start prepping hamburger to make meatloaf.  Jared joins the group wearing sweatpants and they give him a hard time about being in the heat in them.  He has a tank top on and says that he is ok with one long and one short item of clothing - his legs don't get hot, he does this all the time. [I was expecting Cirie to slip up and comment yeah, he does!]


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4:13  Reilly, Jag & Corey in HOH room talking about people feeling comfortable to come up to the HOH room without needing an appointment or feeling like it's a meeting.  Jared joins the group.

4:14 Red cooking, joined in the kitchen by Hisam, Blue and America.

4:15 Jared talking about visiting the HOH room feeling like a formal event to some people and he wants everyone to feel like it's a hangout spot.

4:16 Hisam whispering to Blue & America about people wanting Kristen to go, so he doesn't plan to change anything so he doesn't upset the house.  He said he promised Reilly that he would stick with her decision if he won POV.  Red returns to kitchen and talk returns to cooking the meatloaf.  Hisam said he has offered to help but Red does not need any help.

Blue is offering to teach Red some Korean (she did this yesterday with Corey) and he gives it a try.

4:20  Hisam has joined the HOH group.

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2:20PM BBT

Lots of silly chatting in the backyard with Felicia and Cameron




2:25PM BBT

BB: "Reilly, please go to the Diary Room downstairs."

Reilly: Shit

Reilly heads out in her tiny red bikini (she truly has a beautiful figure -ML)





2:30 PM BBT

Cory is teaching Jared how to play chess.

VideoScreenshot--StreamBigBrother2021LiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-34814’55” (1).jpg

2:38PM BBT

Izzy joins them in the game room loft to learn about chess then Kirsten and Luke join the tutorial, too.


2:40PM BBT

BB: Jared, please go to the Diary Room downstairs.

Jared: Damn, I hate it when they catch me mid-learning, bro.

Izzy takes his place at the game board




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2:25 (BB time)  Jared talking about being public property now that they are on camera.  Reilly says she loves everyone in the group SO MUCH and it is the best cast of people.  Jared says that he was excited to see all of the different personalities and everyone seemed like they were excited to be here. Reilly called to DR.

2:29  Corey is teaching Jared how to play chess.

2:34  On the couches in BY:  Meme, Hisam, Cirie, Felicia, Cameron and Bowie. Kristen wandering around.  General talk about being nice to people they meet.  Felicia tells a story about inviting a stranger to Thanksgiving.  Cameron said that he feels that is a military thing as it is something he has done also.  Blue has joined Bowie laying on the ground in the shade.  Bowie and Cameron start talking about bartending and she said that she is retired from that.  Felicia says that in the military that where ever you move, that is where your family is.  Cameron also adds that when someone can't get home to see their own family then you invite them in and they become part of your local family.

2:43  Corey is now teaching Izzy to play chess while Kristen & Luke watch and try to help.

2:46  Hisam and Cirie talking on the BY couch.  Hisam is still unhappy about being tired and hungry. (he complained yesterday that he is not getting enough calories as a have not to be able to sustain his workout routine).

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3:24PM BBT

In the kitchen, Cirie tells Luke he seems to be doing better on Have-Nots today. He says the sun made him feel so much better. Cirie then feels something touch her shoulder and flinches, telling Luke she felt something touch her shoulder and thinks there must be a Big Brother ghost. He claims its a ghost of Have-Nots from the past that had 4 weeks straight.

Luke: We got a Big Brother Ghost!

Cirie: From HELL!

Luke says he doesn't understand how anyone could do Have-Nots for four weeks, "I don't think I could do another week."



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2:56  Hisam saying that he is eating Tums and cough drops to get some flavor in his diet.  Kristen, America and Jared have joined the BY group.  Jared is telling them that he found a spider and they all hope he got rid of it.  Hisam is sharing that he has a salsa machine to make salsa so that it is easier to make.  Felicia is talking about foods that she shouldn't eat, but sometimes does anyway.  Felicia still talking.  Cirie comments to Hisam "Miss Felicia is crazy".  Hisam agrees - she is a character.  Hisam leaves to go "decompress" alone.

3:03  America says they can only vacuum on Thursday.  Felicia comments that the floors are dirty.  She says that others need to clean up after themselves and wash their own dishes.  America says "I've never had 16 roommates before".  General conversations about roommates they have had before/what it is like sharing space with others.

3:09 Jared back to the chess board with Corey.  Cameron watching/assisting.

3:22  BY group talking about sweating. America says that people come into the derm office where she works to get botox injections in their arm pits to stop the sweating. [the sweat conversation dried up quickly. ~AuntD]

3:26 Luke in the kitchen stirring stuff for Red, who is cooking dinner for everyone - shoeless and shirtless with his crack showing.  Red says that bacon grease is a condiment to be kept near the stove.  Red is concerned that Felicia touched stuff after touching raw chicken when she was cooking earlier.

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3:30PM BBT

Luke is asking Red about Felicia's gross kitchen encounter. Luke explains that she used raw chicken fingers to open a hot sauce bottle but couldn't get it so she used her mouth. He was cringing the whole time wanting to wash the bottle but didn't want to correct her because he was taught to respect his elders. He was thoroughly grossed out, though. 

[Honestly, that beard in the meatloaf is grossing me out, too! -ML]



VideoScreenshot--StreamBigBrother2021LiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-34876’26” (2).jpg


VideoScreenshot--StreamBigBrother2021LiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-34878’46” (1).jpg

3:38PM BBT

Kirsten is confiding in Izzy that she has nothing negative to say or feel about anyone in the house (regardless of what she has heard) but has been trying to figure out her tribe. "It hurts because it doesn't change that I will still support them." Izzy talks her up but says she isn't trying to negate her feelings because they are valid. Kirsten tells Izzy she will totally respect anyone who takes her off the block and will be loyal to them. She says she confides in Izzy because "I know that you're someone that I 100%..." (cameras cut but we can infer she meant 'trust')


Cirie has a pretty bad cough today.

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3:39 Kristen & Izzy in bathroom lounge area.  Kristen feeling bad about being on the block.  She is not counting herself out and feels that others are expecting her to be sad.  She said that she is trying to figure out who her tribe is.  She said she will respect and support anyone who takes her off the block this week and will be loyal to them.

3:42  Luke now with BY group sitting on ground eating.  He is telling them that Red is amazing with slop.

3:46  Izzy & Cirie in the game room chatting.  Red stops in and offers them a taste of slop burger - they decline.  Reilly joins and takes a taste and tells him Luke was raving about his slop.  Cirie asks Reilly what she is doing.  She replies "I was going to take a sh**."  Cirie says that she doesn't want to talk to her while she does that. Reilly says she can wait and they move to another room to talk.

3:50 BY group talking about zodiac signs. Corey talking about what he likes to do on his birthday.  Jag says he can't go out to eat for his birthday because it falls on Valentine's Day and the restaurants are busy.  Now talk moves to restaurants including Medieval Times and Dave & Busters.  Cameron says he plays to get the most tickets so he can walk out with a teddy bear.  Corey says he played for tickets and ended up with an XBox and a Wii.

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3:46PM BBT

In the HOHR, Cirie tells Reilly she trusts her implicitly. Reilly was worried that they thought she was trying to pull some random shit.

Reilly: I was so nervous.

Cirie tells her that there has been some stupid game paranoia, but they know she wouldn't. 

Reilly: I have never even considered changing my mind. I hope you know that!

Cirie: We know that! I feel like if Jag is good with you, I'm good. Jag is in the circle so I know everything is good.   

Reilly: Jag is my buddy.

Cirie: I know that. I was like, Reilly is a thousand percent.

Reilly: I would never let her leave this house this week. And nobody in their right mind would go against what I want right now. 

Cirie: If me or Ms. Felicia win....forget it bitch.

Reilly: Is she good?

Cirrie laughs: She is cursing everyone out in the backyard, She is good.

Reilly: Good

They finish talking and Reilly leaves to go to the bathroom saying "Wish me luck." Cirie says apple juice worked for her.

Back in the loft, Cirie fills Izzy in on the talk she just had with Reilly. "I just wanted to reassure her."



4:09PM BBT

In the bathroom, Jared and Kirsten discuss the competitions and how they haven't even been physical. Kirsten agrees they have been mental. Jared says he needs someone to be loyal to him that is a competition beast. Jared tells Kirsten she should focus on Reilly..."I don't think Jag gonna give you the time of day, but Reilly would...influence is a lot." He adds that Hisam could change the game.

Kirsten: at the end of the day, Ms. Felicia and I aren't in the same cohort so they had to try something. It sucks that it went down like that and they are trying to act like it didn't go down like that. But I got confirmation from Reilly. Back to you and me...this house can flip between the two of us.

Jared says there is no way to know what will happen in the next five days.

Kirsten: On the real, I think I have seen enough. I have been observing actions and know what's going on. I think...I gave you some real and we didn't even fucking know each other. We didn't fucking have to, so I am looking at who can I commit myself to. People are fucking lying and the people think they are working with??? That shit ain't fucking safe. People are trying to get the strongest people out first. Look at Red cooking! You think that's on accident. He know he has a strong persona.

Jared: What I am saying is don't give up, bro. People are going to start realizing more and more that...my thing for you is, if I was in your position right now...I don't care about nobody as much as Hisam. He is the only one!

Kirsten: They are on him heavy. But me and Hisam? Hisam is the first connection I made in this game.


Jared says Hisam is the only one who has control of his fate and can take him down. (insisting she needs to focus on HIsam)

Jared says he likes to have control of his own fate.


Jared continues advising Kirsten to stick with the one who holds her fate (Hisam) and that he will have her back. Kirsten assures Jared that she felt a connection with him right away and never needed words. She declares she will fight for every HoH.

Jared: You just got to get your ducks in order. Work the other side.

Kirsten: I am not shakable!

Jared: I just know, like, come Monday, it's a new week. A fresh week. And people are already getting rampant. People are gonna start making decisions.

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4:37PM BBT

In the loft, several HGs are discussing the temp of the house. Everyone is so cold, but Izzy says she is adjusting. Mecole says she uses a space heater in the summer. Cirie says she has decided to appreciate her husband more, "...because he always just says, 'okay'."



4:41PM BBT

Luke joins Jared, Jag and America in the bathroom. He hugs Jag telling him, "You're gonna be okay." and tells the others that is exactly what Jag did/said to him last night. He walks over to Jared and slaps hands in greeting. Jared chastises his stiff hands and gives him a lesson to improve his "weak ass daps" Jared gives him several pointers and tells him not to look so uncomfortable.





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6:44 pm  Cirie talking with Meme in the storage room.  Meme doesn't trust Corey.

6:47 Izzy & Bowie talking in the comic BR.  Izzy tells her to stop asking Cirie questions - they make her nervous.  Bowie heads to the gym.  Izzy blows out air & raises eyebrows - seems she did not like the conversation she just had.

6:51  Felicia & Hisam relaxing in the hammock in the BY.  Felicia asks if we win, who should the nominees be?  Hisam doesn't think that Matt is a threat.  He says that Reilly has already made herself a big target.  Felicia says that Reilly told her she was offended by Luke right away, so he is a potential nominee.

6:56  Cirie, Izzy & Reilly on the BY couch.  They tell Red he should make a slop cookbook of all of the slop options he has come up with.  He said I just "winged it".  Luke is on the ground letting Izzy crack his back.  Reilly asks Jared why his underwear say "Pumama".  He comes closer to show her that they say "Puma". but the writing overlaps at the seam.  They find Pumama to be funnier.

7:00 Reilly telling Blue about the underwear mistake, but she can't stop laughing long enough to tell the story.

7:03 Bowie walks to the BY carrying weights and doing squats.  Jared joins the group on the couches.  They shout out to Jag about being fit.

7:05  Izzy in the storage room telling Meme about her conversations with others.  She says that the house thinks she and Cirie are a duo and wonders if Meme sees the same thing.  Izzy tells Meme that she is her number one.  She said that explicitly trusts Meme, Cirie & Felicia.  Izzy thinks Meme needs to find time to talk to Cirie.  Izzy thinks final four is Izzy, Meme, Cirie and Felicia.  She also feels good with Jared, but she thinks Corey is an opportunist and will go where ever HOH goes.  She believes Reilly is the most powerful/is the ring leader along with Jag.  Izzy thinks Corey would rather help the "underdogs" take down the "big buff people", so he will join them rather than be at the bottom of the list for the other alliance.  It is Izzy's personal mission to protect Cirie & Felicia to show the world that you don't have to be 22 to win this game.

7:14  Kirsten enters and Izzy leaves stating that she was just getting some meds.  Kirsten asks if Meme is going to workout with the others.  She said she can't workout after just having a meal.  Kirsten tells her she looks 18 because she is so petite.

7:16 Lots of BY activity.  Cirie & Red playing pool.  Reilly working out on a mat. Felicia & Hisam still in the hammock.  Luke spotting Bowie on the equipment.  Izzy on the couch telling Jared about her Meme conversation.  Jared tells Izzy to work on those who are on the fence, like Luke.


7:24  Izzy leaves & Matt joins Jared on the couch.  Jared asks Matt to switch spots with him as he knows Matt can hear better on the other side. [nice move, Jared! ~AuntD]  Matt is asking what to expect.  Jared talking some game and being supportive of Matt.  They are watching the workout across the yard.  Matt plans to bike for 25 minutes, then work on shoulders and legs.  Jared says that he will join him later for a workout.  Izzy has come back out and is quiet, but is rearranging all of the pillows and cushions on the couch.

7:29  Izzy moves next to Jared to talk about his mom.  He said it feels nice to be able to say "Ma" when just Izzy is around.

7:31  Cirie & Felicia in comic BR trying to sort out what Meme said to someone else.

7:32  Matt has joined Hisam in the hammock and is explaining that the needs to have one-on-one conversations as it is hard for him to hear when multiple conversations are happening at once. [Same. ~AuntD]

7:35  Red in the kitchen and offers Felicia a milk caramel.  She thought it was slop on the counter.  He said he usually cuts them and wraps them individually.

7:36  Cirie in the bathroom area.  She asks Kirsten how she is doing and said she hasn't checked in with her today.  Felicia comes out of the WC and says she got her mike wet again.  Cirie says "again?" and tells her that she is going to be in trouble, so "I can't associate with you" then laughs and walks out.

7:38  Bowie in the KT asking Izzy if she has tried the caramels.  Felicia comes in and tells them that she dropped her mike pack again, but thinks she caught it before it got wet.

7:40 Matt & Hisam in the hammock talking again about needing small groups to get comfortable and get to know people.  Hisam asked if there was something he could do to help him.  Matt declined needing any assistance.  Hisam shared that he also had a period of hearing loss, so understands the challenges with trying to keep up with conversations.

7:43  Red and Corey working together in the kitchen to fill the water pitcher for the fridge.  They get water all over and place blame on each other when Meme comes in.

7:45  Cirie talking with Izzy in the bathroom saying they are maybe being paranoid for no reason. 

Have to work in the morning, so have a good night everyone!

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