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Thursday, February 17, 2022 - Celebrity Big Brother 3 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Celebrity Big Brother 3 observations, and screen captures here! If you post opinions or off-topic messages, I will move them here:  https://www.tvfanforums.net/forum/305-celebrity-big-brother-3-discussion-forum/

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal commentaround the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Standard Time(See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

As you know, there are two Houseguests named "Chris," both with last names beginning with "K." For the sake of clarity, we will call Chris Kattan, "Kattan" and Chris Kirkpatric, Kirk." This could change with the HG's interactions.


To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Cuckoo Clock Bedroom (CBR)
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Pink Tile Bedroom (PTBR)
Ski Lodge Bedroom (SBR)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:24AM BBT

Todrick and Cynthia are talking in the bathroom. Cynthia says she is definitely misplaced in the house because he has Miesha and Todd has Lamar. Todrick tells her he meant it when he said he hoped she would make it to the end. They laugh over Todd and how he was acting that he didn't know the game but then became unstoppable (How is Todd unstoppable. Make me understand.  -MamaLong) Cynthia says on the wall comp Todd was naming off all of his injuries. "You can't make this up, right?"

Cynthia: I don't even know if the blood pressure machine is real or if it's part of strategy. (so funny)

Miesha enters the bathroom and Cynthia says her superpower is that she can't win a thing. SHe says she thought she would do well in the ice thing and the spice thing, but she didn't.

Cynthia: I'm excited I made it this far because, honestly, I thought I'd be the first one (evicted)

Todrick: I love it! 


1:35AM BBT

Todrick talks with Miesha over his fear of being "canelled again." (Yeah, Todrick....you know.  -MamaLong)



Carson and Cynthia are talking in the Chocolate BR....just random stuff.

They begin talking about Todd.

Cynthia: He has risen

Carson: Call him Jesus. He has risen.




1:44AM BBT

Todrick tells BB they have stopped atalking and asks for the lights to be turned off in the Cuckoo Clock BR. In the HoHR, Todd tells Lamar he is about to go to bed.

Lamar is staying with Todd in the HoHR. They discuss their next adventure. It sounds like they will both be on a reality show about old people going back to college. They get in bed and Todd warns him that if he is going to be farting, he will have to sleep downstairs.


2:05AM BBT

The CBB3 house is dark with sleeping CHGs.

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9:01AM BBT

WBRB Glitter for Wakey Wakey

9:14AM BBT

The feeds return to Cynthia and Carson still lying in bed but chatting game.

Carson talks with his eyes closed because the light is to bright. Cynthia says there is no way they can break Todrick and Miesha apart, but since they didn't have to honor their deal because Todd won HoH, maybe they will work with them.  They talk about the veto meeting being today.

Carson: The best thing she can do is leave the slate this same with me and Lamar and have them not get rid of me.  

Cynthia: Right, and if that happened, Todd would be next instead of me. Todd hasn't offered us anything.

Carson: Never

Cynthia: Lamar is half in and half out. I don't think he is really with anyone, and he has said he wants to take Miesha and Todd out. Lamar told me he wanted to get rid of Todrick and Miesha.  I don't think we got out without a fight. (They want to propse a deal)

Carson: D we go to them now, I mean Miesha has been trying to get rid of me every week.



9:17AM BBT

These two are sharing pipe dreams about somehow trying to move the target away form Carson

Cynthia: THis is our time to fight and win. We haven't made deals with anyone, accept that one.


Cynthia: Here's the crazy thing, Todd keeps telling me that he wanted to keep me. He said they wanted to get rid of me. I'm thinking Todd is trying to pull a fast one.

[No! TOdd tolde her the truth. Miesha wanted Cynthia on the block!  -MamaLong]

Cynthia plans to ask Todrick and Miesha if they really wanted to put her up.

Carson: You should ask them separately and make sure they can't get to each other in between.

Cynthia: I have to get to work before htis meeting because I have a feeling...I need ot find out if we can trust this Todd.

Carson: Right, Todd versus Lamar

Cynthia: The thing is, I went ot ake a shower and you went to the diary room and Todrick was in the shower.

Cynthia tells Carson that in that conversation, Todrick asked Cytnhia, "what if Carson didn't have to leave."

Carson: All right. You should do this research work like I don't know it's happening, and then last ditch effort on the live show on Friday is we say to Todrick that we had a deal...we had a pact to look out for each other.

Cynthia: Okay, I'm gonna talk to Miesha first and tell her it's bothering me that...why didn't he put me up...and see if Todd is playing me

Carson: I think you will get the straight answer from Miesha

Cynthia: And then I'll ask Todrick if they have a final four (Miesha, Todrick, Lamar and Todd) We have nothing to lose

Carson: We might as well give it a shot. I want to honor my early deal with Todrick, so he should want to honor it with me.

Cynthia: Exactly



Cynthia: Todrick is telling me that they are always trying to keep me; that Miesha was wanting to keep me. You and I are a hell of a lot more asset to have around cooking and cleaning

Carson: Absolutely; and today's mission is to get Miesha to not use the power of vetp

Cynthia: THat's the agenda. The clock is ticking though. I got to get up. 

Carson: See if you can find Miesha now.

Cynthia: Yeah


9:30AM BBT

Carson: Thank You

CYnthia: I'm just like, why are we waiting for them to offer something. We need to offer them. We still have power. There is power with us staying here.

Carson: We can tell them their odds are better with us two in the final four than with those two.

Cynthia: YES

Cynthia heads out to find her first conversation. 'We would be stupid not to do this. We have to do this. We made it this far for a reason. Okay that's the plan."  



9:32AM BBT

Cynthia comes back into the Chocolate BR with their batteries, "Oh my God. Lamar is not in his bed. Where is he?"

[They do not realize that Lamar stayed up in the HoHR last night with Todd.  -ML]

They leave to search for Lamar.


9:34AM BBT

Cynthia: We got to get to work. Time is ticking. Todd can see us (on spy cam)


9:35AM BBT

Cynthia and Carson don't find anyone downstairs. They decide to go speak with Todrick and Miesha in the Cuckoo Clock BR

Cynthia: WHere is Lamar? That's weird

Carson: Maybe he is outside

Cynthia goes to look

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Cynthia asks Miesha if they can talk in private follows her to the Chocolate BR. Cynthia shares her ideas about Todd not putting her up and wants to know Miesha's side of the situation. Miesha says she was surprised that Todd wasn't going to put up Cynthia and Carson together.


9:44AM BBT

Miesha tells Cynthia that she thinks Todd must want to work with her (Cynthia) further in the game.

Cynthia: But he hasn't said that to me.  If you don't have a final four with the two of them (Lamar and Todd), can we have a final four with you, and work with you? But if you already have a final four with them then you can't do that. But if you don't... 

Miesha: That's interesting

Cynthia explains that Todd has not talked with her about working together so it left her assuming the four of them were tied together (Todd/Lamar + Miesha/Todrick) . Miesha says that Todd was sure that if it was Carson and Cynthia on the block together that Carson would be chivalrous and not want to put Cynthia in danger.

*WBRB Glitter



9:49AM BBT

Miesha explains how the athlete alliance formed, "We have been together since, but his strategy is strange."

Miesha says that Todd has always been steady with her, but he has been a hot head.

Cynthia: Well, this was just our opportunity to see if we could make a play to keep us here, but it sounds like y'all already have your thing.

Miesha: I don't want to speak for Todd. I honestly did not feel Todd was a threat. I didn't think there was a chance he could win any HoH. I really did try. I promise.

Carson: Okay

Cynthia: Thank you so much for your honesty.

Carson: Okay, so this is what we do. We don't rock the boat and we stay under hte radar. I don't want her to use the power of veto. That's get through this meeting and we will move on to plan B.

Cynthia: Yeah;; and that was good. I feel she is being straight with us.

Carson: You know we are a package deal and they are trying to get rid of the two of us. I just have to make Todrick good on his promise.

Cynthia: That's the next meeting. Lamar must be in the HoH

Carson: We just leave it alone. We don't want to shake it up too much. Our next job is to look cute for this meeting.


10:07AM BBT

Miesha tells Todd in the kitchen about the conversation she had in the Chocolate BR

Todd: He's gone. There is no way he can win.

Todd tells Miesha he had a horrible night because of Lamar, "he killed me up there"

Miesha: Why did he want ot be up there?

Todd: He moves, he talks, he is big

*WBRB Glitter


11:57AM BBT

Feeds cut to Glitter then to RCHS


12:44PM BBT

The feeds return to Carson looking for something in the SR


The CHGs begin prepping food. Banana pancakes for now and fish for later. They have some farm raised halibut.




12:47PM BBT

Miesha sits with Todrick, "I love you"

Miesha: I love you, too. I feel bad, though... But we aren't supposed to give people more chances to win.

Todrick: No


[It sounds pretty clear that Miesha did not use the veto.  -MamaLong]


12:52PM BBT

In the SR...

Carson: That worked out as best it could. I was worried she would switch it and have both of us up there together. She said she wouldn't and she didn't. It shows she is

Cynthia: Very trustworthy

Cynthia: Mm Hm



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2:05PM BBT

Lamar is napping in the Gondola Lounge


Carson, Miesha, Cynthia, Todd & Todrick are talking about Cirque du Soleil and Vegas shows.




2:11PM BBT

Carson and Cynthia decide to go nap in the Gondola Lounge because it's super cold downstairs. They thank Todrick for telling his story about how he first got on Broadway. (the story must have been told when the feeds were off for the veto meeting)




3:38PM BBT

Todd is prepping the fish for dinner






3:45PM BBT

Todrick and Miesha are napping in the Cuckoo Clock BR



4:04PM BBT

There's nothing going on in the house because everyone is napping except Todd, who is playing Solitaire at the dining table.

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4:09PM BBT

Carson heads downstairs

Todd: I've already seasoned all the fish. It won't take long to cook.

Carson: Perfect

Todd: I put some butyter on it, too

Carson: I'm gonna make an apple pie

Carson and Todd begin whispering at the dining table

Todd: You know something....I think they are going to cut my throat

Carson: who is?

Todd: they are...I think they are gonna cut my throat next week. I can tell by the way they're talking.

Carson: Oh! Really?

Todd: I would have kept you....only because I had that deal or I would keep you. They're dangerous.

Carson: Well, it's only a matter of time (he counts 1, 2, 3 pointing to himself, Todd and an imaginary someone that could be Cynthia or could be Lamar)

Cynthia is up now. too.



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