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Saturday, August 28, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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In 1993, San Francisco held a referendum over whether a police officer called Bob Geary was allowed to patrol while carrying a ventriloquist's dummy called Brendan O'Smarty. He was.
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Big D makes a comment that the Cookout alliance is POC....people of African descent

Tiff- you can't say POC because there was more POCs in here than just us

Big D- I know. I'm glad you educated me on that


(Tiffany suggested Baby D be included the first week of the season, but her request went unacknowledged by Ky and Xavier, but especially Big D)


Tiff- that's why my feelings were hurt that y'all didn't include Derek X

Big D makes a very WRONG statement about Baby D that angers MamaLong to her core... 

Big D- (rolls his eyes) He'll be alright. There will be  a season for him with Helen and the rest of them All Stars

Tiffany's mouth drops open in anger and she smacks him on the arm with the hand towel she is holding

Azah- Oh, no....what you are NOT gonna do, is get me fucking cancelled

Big D laughs at himself as if what he said was the funniest thing you ever heard

Azah- Shut up! Not today! (she is frustrated with his remarks, too)

Big D- I wonder if Twitter is not having a big war

[Of course they are, and you just made it worse, foolish one  -MamaLong]   

Big D- Could you imagine? The BB alums are definitely fighting (he makes discharged ammo sounds)

Azah says if they had included Derek X, "by day three, Frenchie would have found out"


[I disagree with Azah. As I said, no one in the house, not one houseguest, has put the 6 in the Cookout together because they've been careful about not being seen together in the house, and they each have their own honest (and negative) opinions about each other which they freely share with everyone. Example: Azah, Big D and Tiffany have all expressed their annoyance with Kyland.  Big D even implied that Ky was a bit less worthy since he is biracial. Big D questioned including Hannah in the early stages of CO, as well,  because she is also biracial. That's when I made up my mind about Big D y'all! Another example is that as much as Azah, Ky, Xavier and Tiff agree with the mission of the Cookout and want the Cookout to reach final 6, they have stated they would not have naturally chosen to work with the Cookout individuals in the season if not for the mission of the Cookout. The Cookout's ability to play their game as both an alliance of 6 and individually is what is truly impressive to me.  -MamaLong] 


Tiffany says that if Frenchie was the uninvited step father of the Cookout (in Big D's opinion) they should have had the step child, Baby D

Bid D- you are never gonna give it up about him (Derek X)

Tiffany- That's true. I am still mad about it.

Big D says if he doesn't make it, he will not be upset. He just wants the 6 to get to final 6 and one of them win.


They continue counter-commiserating about Sarah Beth. They are all really annoyed that SB has been crying around the house. [So am I -ML]


Tiff- this is the first time the 6 of us have been alone together...we've never done this. In a few weeks, we are gonna be able to have this all to ourselves....and if I hear any of you MF whispering, I'm gonna know you are conspirirng against me. 'What's that about?'

Kyland laughs then leaves to head back to his Sarah Beth who is still falling apart in the Have-Not Room

Big D- Bye Kyland, with your paranoid ass (Ky is playing it as if Claire, Alyssa and SB would figure out what is going on with the Cookout, but they truly haven't put two and two and two together to equal 6. Besides, Ky wants to go console SB some more) 

Tiffany- And X will be right behind him. (to Xavier as he comes out of the loo) Thank you for coming in here. We didn't want to do this without you.

Big D, Hannah and Tiff apologize to Xavier for waking him up to do their rally ring.

X- I'm fine with it. Y'all are cute.

Xavier wants to know what he should say to Alyssa to explain Hannah waking him up.

Tiffany tells Xavier that he doesn't owe Alyssa any explanantion.

Hannah suggests he tell Alyssa that she needed to talk because she (Hannah) is still crying over Derek X.

Tiffany says no (she clearly thinks that is ridiculous) and repeats that she has never felt a need to explain to anyone about any of her conversations

Big D says that it is hard because Alyssa is his person and will want to know. 

Hannah agrees that X should just say Hannah wanted to talk and it was personal.


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Azah leaves to go to bed.


12:04AM BBT

Tiffany says they need to be aware of what they say in goodbye messages to the jury memebers.

Big D- I don't need to say shit

Tiffany- I don't need to say it (Cookout) after the Battle Back neither

Hannah- I'd rather they come to their own conclusions....let's say it's us 3 plus Azah in final 4..I don't want the first two in jury to say, 'let me tell you what happened'

Big D says he hopes they (jury) will just understand, "If I go out, I go out happy and I'll be like, we had an alliance"

Tiff says, "No, we started off with an agreement to not target each other. That's what it was."

Hannah says she would rather control the narrative "instead of having all those people in jury coming together and saying 'these black people were targeting us from day 1.'"

Hannah adds that it needs to be a group decision. (how they explain themselves)

Tiffany says she needs to see how things go.

Big D- We can all make that decision next week.

Azah enters the bathroom and tells Big D to come to bed.

Big D- I know, Baby. I'm coming. I know, we are past our curfew.

Azah- Yes!

Big D leaves and Claire comes in repeating to Hannah and Tiffany that she feels bad that Tiffany had to give up the HoHR.

Tiffany- Don't feel bad. I flipped the coin and lost.

Tiff goes on to say that she actually prefers sleeping in the "open room...that's my room...I like to be there,and I'm a firm believer that everyhting happened for a reason."

The girls discuss that it seems Sarah Beth is panicking not knowing who the true target is. They begin laughing that SB plans to ask Big D to play in the veto if SB gets houseguest choice.

Hannah mocks Big D, "Veto don't do nothin' for me Honey, but I'll try."

They are getting  good giggles out of Big D and things he said.

Claire- what kind of fuck game is he playing?

Hannah says he reminds her of a Josh combined with JC "all over the place" [YES! -ML]

Tiffany- It's almost like it was scripted for Frenchie to be on the Jokers and pull Big D, but no...this shit really happened.

Tiffany says that Ky told her SB is upset about DX saying she was playing Nicole F.'s game. They agree that SB is pretending to be a naive player and everything she has done has been "orchestrated," even her outfits. Tiffany begins using her SB voice and mocks her, 'I didn't know you were so upset at me taking out DX...because he was your protection'

Claire- Like, did you ask me? You didn't ask me. (meaning SB never asked Tiff's opinion)

Tiff-(about SB)  But if you weren't so busy sleeping on the couch with your glasses on, you would know what was going on in this house. 


12:15AM BBT

Back in the HNR, Ky is continuing to console SB, "Do not let a random situation take away something you fought for. You have to fight for these moments. This moment is yours...no one can take that. Everything else can go wrong, but no one can take your visualization. Nothing taints it without our permission...right now, no one is taking this moment from me."

Kyland continues to coach her through a visualization exercise...how to wake up tomorrow with an attitude of, "Today is mine. Good luck everyone. Y'all are gonna need it...it doesn't matter. It's already mine. Whatever walk works for you. Whatever posture...feel it...walking to the sliding door, hand goes over the counter. Feel it. Move your feet. Move your hands.....feel the ground beneath you. Everything we get to do. Feel. That's visualizing. That's how I do it. It's a good thing all we have in this house is time."  

SB- I know! I can definitely do that. Thank you!

Ky- Thank you!

SB- I feel good.

Ky- Me too.


[The control room has a little fun zooming in on the big red button (like an escape hatch) then the red auto rag that Ky offered as a snot rag and which I associate with Guy's Burger Joint on Carnival Cruise Line ships. They use them to wrap the silverware in keeping with the classic auto feel.  -ML]


SB- okay, I'm going to let you go to bed

Ky repeats his encouraging words and heads downstairs


12:30AM BBT

All of the HGs are in their beds, but the house lights are still on because they are still talking.

In the YBR, Big D and Azah are telling Hannah she should not be feeling guilty about Derek X's eviction.


In the sea glass bedroom, SB, Tiff and Claire have settled in their beds and are commenting that "he" is so loud (he = Big D in YBR who doesn't know how to be quiet)

Tiff- I can't believe my shoes say Millffy

SB- Millfy?

Tiff shows SB

SB- Whoa. Are they trying to say something to you? *laughs*

Tiffany- I don't know.


12:31AM BBT

Tiff- (to control room) Everyone in the open room is in bed. Can we please have the lights out? Thank you.


12:37AM BBT

Back in the YBR...

Hannah- It was really cool, though, being in the bathroom for first time in 51 days.

Azah- mm hmm

Big D- It's the first time since we been here. We are just in an environment where if we don't..."

Azah tells him to be quieter. Azah and Big D are playing chess while they talk. 


*the lights finally go out in the sea glass bedroom


Azah makes a great chess move.

Big D- You are just something today! (implying she is playing a tough game)

Azah- I am nothing but a good girl!

Big D- mm hmm! My ass! Damn Azah!

Azah- Damn Daniel!

Big D keeps repeating "Damn Azah" and she repeats "Damn Daniel" (very highly quoted vine)

Azah- I am JoJo right now 'Get out! Right now!' (singing)

Sarge- Please stop singing!

Azah- I forgot about that. My bad.

*WBRB Bubbles


1:00AM BBT

Big D has fallen asleep in Britini's old bed. The lights go out in the YBR.


1:05AM BBT

The Big Brother House is dark with sleeping HGs determined to perform well in the veto competition, except Big D, who has no plans to win a veto given SB wants to select him to play for her if given houseguest choice.

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7:00AM BBT

The HGs are still sleeping.

Coral Reef Bedroom = Xavier, Kyland, Alyssa

Yacht Club Bedroom = Big D, Azah, Hannah

Sea Glass Bedroom = Tiffany, Claire, Sarah Beth

Head of Household Bedroom = zero, zip, nada

Ky eventually moved to the Have Not room to sleep with Stanley, his new best friend.


[I am expecting a Zingbot visit soon since zings are typically gifted to the final 8 or 9 HGs. I'm also hoping for a very early wakeup and grueling veto competition today.  LOL! -MamaLong ]

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8:01AM BBT

WBRB Bubbles for Wakey Wakey Houseguests!

8:14AM BBT

The feeds return to all house lights on and HGs trying to find their consciousness.

Kyland is in the shower. Xavier is exchanging his batteries in the storage room.

Big D is lounging on one of the loungers in the bathroom area.

Alyssa is still sleeping in the coral reef room.


Sarge- Good Morning Houseguests! It's time to get up for the day.

Alyssa opens her eyes.


8:16AM BBT

Azah enteres the bathroom area and says good morning as she grabs her toothbrush


8:18AM BBT

Sarge- Kyland, please go to the diary room downstairs

Ky- see y'all in about 5 minutes, maybe 4. (He is still showering) Did y'all get called last night, X?

X- mm hmm

Ky- What time?

X- 12:30 (he asks what time Ky was called)

Ky- around 1:30


Alyssa has fallen back to sleep in the coral reef bedroom


Tiff walks in the bathroom and looks around seeing Ky, X, Big D and Azah in there "Damn! We got to stop meeting like this."

Xavier- 5 is too many

Tiffany- Derek, you got to leave

Big D stays put, but Xavier leaves.

Big D comments that he wants to hear what people are saying (he means the audience)

Tiff comes out of the loo and addresses Big D, "What are you doing, waiting for the shower?"

Big D- yes, what you thinkin.....I'm just laying here? (because that is what he usually does)

Tiff- yes

Ky and Big D begin talking about the Have-Not shower and how it gets hot the longer you leave it on.


8:23AM BBT

Alyssa sleeping soundly in the coral reef room

Sarge- Rise and shine, houseguests.


8:24AM BBT

Alyssa is finally out of bed and heads to the loo. The HGs tell her good morning when she enters the bathroom with a sleepy walk.


8:26AM BBT

Ky finishes in the shower and Big takes his turn.

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8:28AM BBT

Sarge- (someone?) please go to the diary room downstairs

Azah- who did they call?

There is no response to Azah while Big D talks over her to Ky about body wash

Azah repeats- Who did they call

[I did not hear over Big D either...he is loud, even in the shower with no mic on. -MamaLong}


8:30AM BBT

Hannah is still sleeping in the YBR


Sarge- Wakey Wakey Houseguests


Calire is out of bed and heads into the loo.

Big D- Good Morning Claire

Azah- Good morning, my dear. How you doing?

Claire is not audible (no mic)

Azah- Good.


8:37AM BBT

Xavier is lounging on the nominee love seat in the LR under a blanket. Alyssa is on the sofa.

Ky comes through talking about Brent describing a town "as 'small town/big energy' and Brent said, 'And you know, a year later that's what they changed the slogan to. I don't know if they got it form em or what.'" Alyssa laughs.

Alyssa- Who is still sleeping?

X- SB and Chaddha

8:45AM BBT

Claire walks into the gym where Tiffany is applying her makeup. They greet each other.

Claire- Do you want to do yoga before the veto?

Tiffany says yes. Claire tells Tiff that she asked the DR for more rules.

Tiff- they can't tell you

Claire- They said they would get me more information if they could

Tiff- they can't listen to this conversation (signaling they will get a warning talking about production)

Claire- oh, yeah. Sorry.


8:46AM BBT

Big D and Azah are getting dressed in the YBR. Hannah is still sound asleep in the middle bed. They do not try to stay quiet knowing Hannah has already received 4 wake up calls. Hannah finally gets up.

*WBRB Bubbles (likely to wake Sarah Beth)


Back in the gym

Tiff- I think if Alyssa wins next week, we are going on the block.

Claire shakes her head in agreement.

Tiff- Believe that.

Claire- If Ky wins next week?

Tiff- They are going after him.

Claire- You think they are going after the guys? I believe that.

Tiff- He is the one who says stuff... and he knows we are good with him. He knows he is about to lose. (she means losing SB)

Azah walks through.

Sarge- Azah, please reattach your microphone. Tiff and Claire comment that Sarge is always after Azah.

Claire- Tiff, I shouldn't have picked at my face last night.

Tiff- I told you. It's just not worth it.

Claire- It's not worth it.

Azah asks Tiff if she will please part her haiir in the middle so she can wear pigtails.

Claire- Cute.

Tiff parts her hair.

Azah- Ooh! That's perfect.

Tiff- I know because I'm perfect. I'm just kidding.

Azah- I feel like my hair smells like chicken.

Sarge- Azah, please reattach your microphone.

Tiff- Girl. I am done with you. They are gonna find you!

Azah says she is going to have so many deductions.

They joke about how everyone's check will be different amounts and people will be wondering why.

Sarge- Azah! Please reattach your microphone.

Tiff- I'm done.

[Azah rarely responds to requests on Sarge's time. She keeps her own time.  -ML]


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8:54AM BBT

In the YBR, Big D is squeezing into his "Spanks" (this is what he calls his compression outfit)

Big D says he can't wait to get home and use Tide (laundry detergent)

SB-You just like the way it smells?

Big D- I need more chemicals for my clothes.


In the bathroom, Big D enters the loo and Tiffany calls out to him to try the squatty potty, "It has changed my life."


[As Xavier was preparing for solitary confinement, he mentioned that production planned to give him a squatty potty. X meant a poop bucket he would have to squat over (military style), but Alyssa brought up that a "squatty potty" is a real thing and went through how much they improve passing bowel movements through lining up the evacuation route by simulating a squatting position. Alyssa went on and on raving about its benefits. Tiff validated her sentiments saying she has one and it works wonders. Friday morning, the HGs woke up to a real squatty potty in the bathroom, thanks to production. (It's a foot stool that fits around the toilet)  -MamaLong]


9:07AM BBT

Sarah Beth enters the bathroom and comments to Hannah and Tiffany that she doesn't think there will be a host for the veto today because with an anonymous HoH, it's too hard for them to choose a host. Tiff tells SB she is usually right with her competition predictions. They begin speculating what the veto comp will be. They mention sling shot and face swap. Hannah says that many HGs have similar features.



9:22AM BBT

Kyland and Claire are talking movies in the kitchen. Ky says his favorites are The Godfather movies. Claire says her favorite is Clue.

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9:23AM BBT

In the Sea Glass bedroom, the camera moves to Tiff admonishing Big D already mid-conversation with a strong mama tone, "...your funky attitude...let that shit go. That's petty. That's the last of that. I'll keep saying that about your attitude."

Big D- okay

Tiff- It's the worst shit you could be mad about. Let it go.

Big D- Okay I'm trying...I am. I am. I really am.

Tiff- No, what you are not trying is, you are not trying to not. You are holding on. It's old. Forget about it. 

Big D- yeah

Tiff- Please!

Big D- okay...sorry! I'm trying.

Tiff- Give me a hug.

They hug.

Tiff- Bring my firend back.

Big D- I'm trying.

Tiff- Don't try, just do it.

Big D heads into the YBR where Azah overheard the conversation.

Big D- I'm just beat up. I'm trying to get myself back, but I can't. 

[This edginess and depression could very well be nicotine withdrawal because Big D has recently stopped smoking. -MamaLong]

Big D sits on the bed. Azah sits by him, wrapping her arms around him.

Big D is very emotional but holding back.

Big D- I'm just trying to let it go. It's just hard. That's all.

Big D sighs, "It's hard when you feel like you done something wrong and you gettin' puniched for it. I have to get myself together. It is what it is."

Azah warns him that all the time in the house gives them time to swim in their thoughts. Big D knows he needs to get past it.

Big D- I hold myself to a high standard and when we been here for so long and we made connections and all and certain people make me sound good and some don't. Obviously things I been doing the fans like. I'm just afraid of the way I'll be projected

Azah tells him it is easy to jump into a rabbit hole based on one thing, "Get yourself out of the funk. It's not helping your game. And that's it. At this point, America already knows what you are. Just play the game."

Azah reminds him that at the end of the day, they are there to play a game not to play to the fan's wants and wishes, "$750,000 is all that matters."


[I have no idea what has Big D so upset. It could be that the DR warned him about his negative comment toward DX and Asians; I truly do not know. Tiffany has a tough love approach which many could find cold and harsh. I understand Tiffany because she is much like my own mama. That tough love approach is there because she has experiences in life that forced her to choose the high road rather than playing victim, constantly complaining, or holding a perpetual pity party, like Big D. I'm more of a nurturing mama, myself, but I have regrets for not being more like Tiffany with my kids because, as adults, they take failures, inconveniences and disappointments in life so hard...almost like it's personal. Life is hard, y'all. Walking through thinking your path is paved is just ignorant. I am grateful to my mom for forcing me to be a strong, independent woman like Tiffany. -MamaLong]



9:32AM BBT

Azah tells Big D that sometimes things do not work in their favor, like her crushing on Xavier. SHe says it is clear he is not into her so she will just move on, "I want a man that pursues me." [Yes Ma'am! -ML]

Big D comments that he has been fliritng with Ky, but it's not real...just play. He agrees there is too much money on the line and he needs to get his head back in the game.

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9:38AM BBT

Tiff talks to the cameras in the coral reef room, "Hi America! Well, as we know, your girl got dethroned. But, that's okay because I get to play in the next HoH. And, I am STILL gunning for it unless there is a safety involved. I want safety. But, if there is not safety involved, I am going for HoH. Right now, me and my girl, Claire, are HoH. Well I got dethroned so I am not really HoH, but my noms stayed the same so I feel like HoH....I need your energy because they sucking up all of mine... I want Sarah Beth out of this house, and we are so close. Oh my God.....Since day 1 we been together and I almost had to play my own game, but we stayed with it.  Not gonna say it was easy because y'all know at some point I was like nah, I'm gonna have to play my own game. But then week three, we came up with a plan. Master plan in place and everything looks good. We are very close. I can't lie. I am super excited. I don't think this has ever been done in history that people aligned and stayed together. We all still in it. We all trying to fly under the radar.  I gotta make sure Ky and X stay safe this week. Alyssa and Claire have got to go next. It is what it is."

Tiffany tells her family not to worry about her. She has everything handled and got everything she needed. She shouts out to her son, Christian, and her friends.

Tiff- Hey! I got dethroned and the anonymous HoH still did what I wanted. That's dope! I need this win America! I am so close.


9:44AM BBT

WBRB then quickly to RCHS for Nomination picks.

10:09AM BBT

The feeds are back after veto picks.

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Playing for Power of Veto today: Kyland, Sarah Beth, Xavier, Alyssa, Big D and Hannah

Azah is Hosting


Xavier picked Alyssa for houseguest choice


10:27AM BBT

We have RCHS back on the feeds


10:28AM BBT

The feeds are back

10:32AM BBT

SB and Big D are talking PoV in the YBR. SB says she hopes it's not Ready Set Veto, "Y'all saw what happened to me the last time I tried to run fast." Big D tells her that she can do what he calls a "jupe" by pretending to start but wait and let them false start, "Oh I could proabbly do that.....it would work just one time though."

Big D- I'll be like, you just got juped by Sarah Beth  (pretty sure he means duped)


10:35AM BBT

In the bathroom, Tiff tells Claire that she is convinced that Xavier and Alyssa really do love each other, "I'm gonna call them Lex"

Tiff says all of the comnbination of names that people have comed up with hin the house have sucked, "except for ChrisAlys." Claire says that America picked that name.

lTiff- Oh they did?

Claire- Well, that's what they said.


[Not true....Christian and Alyssa were playing around with their names,and Alyssa was the one to first put their names together as ChrisAlys. It's likely Alyssa told Claire that to steer her away from the idea they were a showmance before they were ready to admit it. -MamaLong]



10:46AM BBT

Big D and SB have fallen asleep in the YBR

Sarge- No napping, Houseguests

SB- Sorry it's my fault.

SB claims that they just follow the nominees around and get after them.

SB- if I leave it will probably be okay.

She leaves the YBR.


10:47AM BBT

We have RCHS then feeds switch the WBRB Bubbles  (yes, in that order)


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10:49AM BBT

The feeds return to Claire talking to the cameras in the coral reef room mid-conversation, "We will talk more after.....Do I think everyone in the house knows it's me? Sort of. Do people believe it's Tiff. Maybe. I'm very proud of Tiffany for getting this win because I don't trust anyone. I still feel like maybe we can pull Ky in. Maybe not. Alyssa and X are scary. We'll see. *some inaudible things because Claire is a master whisperer and the control room never clues in that she is not audible* That's Big Brother. Do I feel like there are two sides? Yes. We need a win.'

Claire walks into the sea glass bedroom and begins chatting with Tiff.


10:52AM BBT

Tiffany has to maneuver something so she can change without cameras seeing everything, "I know she is happy I didn't get picked."

Claire- yeah

They discuss that SB is sleeping in the sea glass room to keep an eye and ear on Tiffany. Tiffany tells Claire that Ky moved from the coral reef room to the HNR after his late DR session. "He has claimed it as his room to share with Stanley." (Stanley is the junk-friend creation of Xavier during his isolation punishment. X refers to himself as Stanley's "daddy")



11:00AM BBT

Xavier and Alyssa are studyin in the coral reef room.

11:11AM BBT

Alyssa interrupts their studying session jumping and saying she has to poop really bad. She tells him to start thinking of questions and runs out.

Xavier- isn't she lovely? Make conversation and she gotta go make a poop. What can you do?


In the YBR, Big D, Tiffany, Claire and Azah are speculating that they could ge tthe Black Box comp today. Big D and Tiffany are both excited about that prospect. Claire says she doesn't think they will do Hide-N-Go Veto this year because the house is full of too many breakables.

[That's true. Azah, SB, Big D and Alyssa have all proven to be quite fragile. Oh, right....she meant house decor.  -MamaLong]


11:13AM BBT

Back in the coral reef room...

Xavier- (to himself) She really did go and do a whole ass poop while we were studying. That was rude.

*WBRB Bubbles


11:15AM BBT

Alyssa has returned to her study session with Xavier where he ribs her for interrupting their study session. alyssa counters with X being rude by leaving the door open and blinding her late last night when he was called to the DR, "You didn't even care about me....at all."


11:23AM BBT

Hannah and TIffany are studying the memory wall photos for a possible facemorph competition. Tiff is coming up with ways to remember the features and what separates the HGs that have similarities.

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Kyland is listening in and giggling over Tiff call his a bull nose because it flares out.


11:35AM BBT

Azah and Big D are napping in the YBR. Azah is wearing sunglasses.


11:37AM BBT

Claire has joined Hannah and Tiffany at the memory wall to study facial features.


11:45AM BBT

Tiffany is eating breakfast, which Kyland prepared for her. He made pancakes.

Tiffany and Hannah begin seeing the BBC theme song. Tiffany comments on Britini and how talented she is.

Ky- Yes. She is.


11:48AM BBT

Tiff and Hannah go back to singing the BBC song while Hannah washes dishes at the sink.

Xavier begins humming.

Tiffany- I didn't know you were a singer

X says he is but he keeps it to himself because their voices are better.

Ky- He is not a bartender. He is a singer in a bar....or a stripper

Xavier- You are getting closer.


11:53AM BBT

Sarge- Hannah, please come to the diary room downstairs.

Hannah- coming

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11:57AM BBT

The cam moves to the YBR where Azah and Big D are talking to each other from their beds.

Big D- I would love to have an apple. Sometimes I can be an asshole.

Azah- What? You would like to have an asshole?

Big D- Sometimes I am an asshole. I haven't ate. I love apples. 

Azah- Mm hmm. Yeah. I have never had an apple. I have had a Fuji apple, but never a apple.

Big D- What did you have? What would you like to have today?

Azah- eggs

Big D nods is head and lays back down.

[These two are talking in code, but I'm not sure if they are having the same conversation. I think I understand, but don't want to assume. So, take that for what you will. -MamaLong]


12:25PM BBT

The houseguests are just hanging out and having random conversations.


Sarge- Claire, please go to the diary room downstairs.

Tiffany- Have fun

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12:42PM BBT

Kyland is laying on the floor in the gym. He is n ot working out.


12:45PM BBT

Tiffany is sitting up in her bed with her shades on and the Bible on her knees. I think she is asleep.


Big D, Azah, Xavier, Hannah, SB, Claire and Alyssa are at the kitchen table talking about the HGs this year and snacking. They are playing some sort of match up game based on facial features (who looks good together).


12:50PM BBT

Aha, Tiff is actually awake listening to the HGs in the kitchen. It is currently SB's turn and she matches up all the HGs but skips herself. The rest at the table tell SB she is trying to be slick by skipping over herself. When SB acts like she can't decide or make a match, Tiff throws her hands up with a sort of nod to what she has been accusing SB of this season...playing naive.  SB matches herself to Azah.


12:53PM BBT

Sarge calls Azah to the DR and the HGs at the table get excited but tell SB to keep going.

Kyland walks into the kitchen and Big D tells him Azah was just called to the DR.


12:56PM BBT

Azah comes out of the DR saying they aren't ready yet.


1:02PM BBT

Azah is cooking at the stove.

Sarge- Azah, please go to the diary room downstairs

Azah- Can somebody....darn it. This is not ready.

Kyland comes to the rescue. Azah gives him instructions so she can head in the DR.


1:07PM BBT

Tiff is out of bed and joins the HGs in their match-up game at the table.



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1:14PM BBT

We get WBRB Bubbles on the screen imeediately followed by Rancho Coastal Humane Society.

It's time for the veto competition.

[Welp, let's see what happens. If Xavier wins veto, he will pull himself off and there will be no need for a replacement nom since he was the third nominee as a punishment. I'm confident Big D will not win because SB is expecting him to take her off the block. He will try to throw it. I believe all other players will leave noms the same except SB, of course. And if Ky wins, he would pull himself down. Should a nominee come down, Alyssa would be the replacement.   -MamaLong]

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5:35PM BBT

The feeds are still on RCHS. It's been almost 4 1/2 hours.


5:41PM BBT

The feeds have returned.

Hannah won the veto.....and....Hannah won a movie. 

In the YBR, Hannah tells Big D not to be mad. She tells him she is taking the three nominees.

In the sea glass bedroom...

Claire- Yeah this was Chaddha's comp. It could have been SB's comp.

Ky said he was sprinting the entire time.

Claire says she thinks Enzo timed out on this comp last year.


5:43PM BBT

Hannah is in the bathroom dancing to the cameras and holding her veto, "I won the golden power of veto. What? I actually won something. Are you kidding me? Now I have the power to send Sarah Beth out the door and I am so excited about it. Plus, I can use this to potentially take Xavier off the block and get myself a little further in this game when we get down to 6 people. All is going to plan. Oh my God, I am so glad we get to watch a movie and we get to eat and have snacks and get drinks. I'm really excited. Okay I'm gonna change."


[Must be the comp where they put the photos of past HGs in chronological order with the fastest time winning. -MamaLong]

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The veto players are wearing tshirts that say BB High School with Benny the BB squirrel. 


6:13PM BBT

In the coral reef bedroom, Ky asks SB if she is okay. SB says she is just really angry with herself. Azah hugs her and tells them they did great. Ky gets called to the DR and SB comments that she hates veto DR sessions. She asks him to tell them she will do hers later.


6:22PM BBT

Azah, Claire and Big D are prepping dinner. Tiff is washing dishes. Azah thinks BB gave them collard greens. Claire thinks it's kale. Big D tells Tiff he appreciates her doing the dishes.

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Alyssa begins helping by cutting up limes. Claire asks if she cooks a lot at home. She says she does but need recipes.

Azah- but she has flavor combinations down pat

Alyssa asks Claire if she cooks at home. Claire says she does and can follow recipes but also make some things like chili and curry by memory, "I don't eat meat, so it's easier."


6:28PM BBT

Azah asks Alyssa to embed the lime in the chicken. ALyssa doesn't understand, so Azah has to show her.

Big D- What's she doing?

Tiff- she be doing like Mama Pat

Tiff comments that last time they made kale it was so good. Azah says there isn't as much kale as before.

Tiff- I bet they are so glad they don't have to shop for 15 people anymore.


6:30PM BBT

Sarah Beth is crying to Kyland in the coral reef room.

Kyland- You're so smart.

SB- Not enough to win a veto.

Ky gets her some tissue, and SB blows and blows, "Oh my God. How many times to you have to see me blow my nose?"


6:34PM BBT

Xavier is sulking in the YBR. Alyssa tells him it's just one comp and he can't be great at everything.

Alyssa- is it the time or the fact that you lost

X- my time, that I lost, that I'll still be sitting there on eviction night

Alyssa offers to get Xavier a Sprite Zero and leaves


6:37PM BBT

Sarge- Sarah Beth, please go to the diary roo downstairs

SB- Noooo. I literally cannot.

Ky- You literally can.

SB- I can't

Ky- Soldier on.

SB says she is going to take her hair down and take her glasses with her, "I don't want to do it. But, this is what I'm getting paid for."


6:40PM BBT

Sarah Beth heads into the DR


6:41PM BBT

Azah checks on Xavier int he YBR, "Are y ou okay? I'm not used to seeing you like this."

Xavier says he is fine "I'm not crying" and assures her he is fine.

Azah says okay and leaves.

6:42PM BBT

Tiff opens the door to the YBR and checks on Xavier. He says he is okay. Tiff goes into the sea glass bedroom and talks to the cameras, "Hannah won the power of veto. I am so freakigng excited. That means in one week, I won HoH, Claire won Coin of Destiny and became anonymous HoH and Hannah won the golden power of veto. That means we are gonna get that girl out of this house. Don't mess with us. They took out our boy and now she got to go. Chaddha told you. She told you, 'SB that's a bad idea'. Now she going out this house. She got to pack her bags. 'Cause she got to go, America. Hallelujah. It's been a long time coming. I've been waiting on this. Since at least week 5. When Christian was on the block and she was beside him. You know how excited Claire and I were....I was trying to flip this house. I said it was time for SB to go. But, that's okay. Timing is everything. Now's the time. Isn't that great? Or what? Three women won all the power this week. And not just any women, but the three women working together, me, Claire and Chaddha. I can't wait until she walks in that jury house and Derek gonna say 'who sent you?' *laughing*....It's a sweet revenge. I'm happy. Toodaloo."


Tiff goes back in the YBR to chat with X.

Tiff- Are you sleeping. You okay? You pouting?

Xavier- I'm just resting

Tiff- You pouting?

X- Girl! I'm a  grown ass man.

Tiff tells Xavier that the girls are happy because they are finally winning stuff, "We were feeling like a bunch of losers." X says he is happy for them.

Xavier says it's not that Chaddha won. He is happy for her, "It's just Damn, I'm still sitting on the block and I had to accept the damn punishments."

Tiff says she could use the veto on him

X- but that doesn't make any sense

Tiff- that don't make any sense


6:52PM BBT

Kyland is sitting alone in the gym just whispering to himself here and there, but it's inaudible.

There are loud noises coming from outside as production clears out the veto comp buildout.

Ky drops his head. He looks forlorn.

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6:56PM BBT

Ky seems to be giving himself an internal pep talk. He smiles then gets up and goes into the kitchen where Alyssa and Hannah are talking about playing HIgh School mafia in their comp shirts.

Hannah is wearing the splatter hoodie that belonged to Derek X.


6:59PM BBT

Hannah runs into Big D in the bathroom, "You aren't really mad abotu the movie are you?"

Big D says no, that he is annoyed about other things. He says he is confused.

Sarge- You aren't allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other houseguests.

Big D continues saying that he doesn't understand Kyland's demeanor, "I was sitting on the block and he..."

*WBRB Bubbles because Big D kept talking about his current strife.


Big D- I can't keep trying to be there for him like I do for all of you guys and then be like, what's the use.

Hannah- Can I tell you something? Just my observations?

Big D tells her yes. It's not anything he said, it's just when you're upset, I'm like what's wrong. It's just to me, sometimes, I'm just gonna be like, mind my business.

Hannah is in the loo so she can't be heard on mic.

*WBRB Bubbles, again


Hannah- Just let him have his moment and let him self implode if something goes wrong.

Sarge- Hannah, please go to the diary room downstairs

Hannh- Okay. COming.

7:13PM BBT

Big D is giving Xavier a pep talk in teh bathroom. SB walks in and it becomes a "double up" pep talk

The feeds move to WBRB then quickly to RCHS


[It's possible the movie screening that Hannah won is tonight. She has invited Xavier, Kyland and Sarah Beth to join her for the movie.  -MamaLong]


7:24PM BBT

The feeds return to Big D wearing cleaning gloves at the bathroom sink.


7:25PM BBT

Feeds return to WBRB Bubbles

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7:26PM BBT

Big D and Tiffany are talking in the bathroom. Big D tells Tiffany that he is frustrated because Kyland had "fucking 'tude" Apparently Big D said hi to him and did not like the way Kyland responded.

Tiff- that's why I told you you got a chance

Big D- Stop it. No.

Tiff goes into the kitchen

*WBRB Bubbles again

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