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July 9 Live Feed Updates

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They are now talking about the Ali and Diane alliance. Ali is loose lipped.

Mike: Diane would be gnarly.

Mike: She is feeling very vulernable right now. If you were loyal to her she would change.

Nak: yes... some convo missed it

Mike: Yeah

Nak: this week is going by so slow

Mike: Yeah

Nak: I don't know if Jase is with them or not...

Mike: that is how I see it. I let the game come to me. I don't know who is with who and what. If the time comes to it, I will break off with Will. These guys think they are running shit. They have another thing coming.

Nak: If Diane and I lived in the same city, we'd be friends.

Mike: Diane and I had this same convo in this hammock last night.

Nak: so have you talked to Jase about anything. I'm really scepitcal about him.

Mike: he's a big frat guy.

Nak: a real alpha male

(I"m missing tons of talk between)

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Feeds back. Dr Will in HT with Diane, HowieMarcellas sitting on side. Talking about past seasons. UGH!

Living room discussion. Janelle talking about season 6. How she used to tell maggie to F*ck off. We move on to Dani talking about things from her season. Then Janelle's sign to evict me. Talks moves to April and we get FIIIIIIRE

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Nak & Boogie sitting in the hammock & talking major strategy.

Nak says when she played chess w/Janie, Janie was really good. Booog says Janie is aloof & is playing every minute. He wants to send all those America's Choice folks back. They are arrgant. Boog says we got to take them out early. They say you can't backdoor but U can. Nak wants James out 1st. She can see him turning on his teamates but he won't do it til later in the game. Boog agrees James will flip eventually but thinks Janie/Howie/Kaysar will stick together til the end.

Boog: we have to keep spreading the permeation that if Howie wants to be a Jedi that he is like the evil empire. James as willing as he is to ride that 4-pack he will break of when he has to.

Boogie feels that Danielle will be a better ally to break up the SOV.

Boog: the 1 person I can't size up is Marc. He is shrewd... (sorry but all day when I try to rewind my feeds for clarification they screw up & I have to restart thus losing them)

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Nak and Marc where playing pool.....talking about James I think

Dr Will said something about if he had the budget for the show and then FIRE

Mostly everyone is in the Hot Tub....Jas and Dani sitting outside the HT....Dr Will said How dare BB not let planes go over the house and then FIRE

Still Fire

HT people talking about The season with Marc and Dani.....Marc went back in the house ....still angry :angry: Now talk is about Dani being robbed....

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we pop in from fire to Marc attacking Dani.

Marc: I just have to clear something up. you guys weren't on the jury Danielle I love you now but this whole "robbed" thing is shit. If you talk to anyone on BB3 this whole diary room wasn't true. I am sry Dee I am not trying to call you out but it was more about 11 people coming together in the end that didn't like you saying I am playing for my family blahblahblah. (in a long speach he basically says that she lost because no one liked her not because of her diary rooms)

Will: did you vote for the person you liked or the person who played the best?

Marc: Dani the biggest flaw in your strategy was taking someone to the end that you liked

Marc is dogging Dani big time (but trying to be nice?)

Will being a smartarse/tension is high

(the whole thing started because Marc thinks Dani's diray room comments started them having to have sequester)

Will starts talking game salary & friggin FIRE :angry:

James & Dani in the storage room. (James stoking the Dani/Marc fire)

James says Will isn't a real Dr. He only gives botox.

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Now Marc in Kitchen pointing out to James/Dani/Nak/Erika that the whole argument was started by Dr Will playing everyone (so I jumped to wrong conclusions above based on the feeds starting in the middle-dang Dr Will is good)

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10:57pm - James, Ali, Marc, Erika, Will, Mike all in kitchen going back and forth about food and the protein content in the soy hot dogs. Will got in trouble by BB for trying to break into the diary room. Will kinda paces back and forth in the kitchen and announces that he needs to talk to the shrink. A few minutes later, Will tells Mike that he needs to ttalk to him in private to 'talk him down off the ledge, that he's really annoyed" . He wants Mike to talk him into staying. He tells Mike that the only reason he IS staying is for Mike. The boredom is getting to Will - he's telling Erika about it now in the kitchen. He says he's been there 5 days and the most exciting thing that has happened is he was knocked off a pole by an asteroid.

Janelle and Nak are outside talking on the red couches and Ali came out to tell them there may be some yelling or drama after Wills announcement that he was losin it.

F1 & 2 janelle, Nak, Marc and James sitting on the red houses going over past season stuff again...talking about April's birthday and how that all went. They are talking about how April really thought that K-Mart wanted to sponsor her. James and Jani are laughing at it.

F3 & 4 Mike, Will, CG preparing food forthemselves and cleanin up some. Seems CG tooks Wills advice about eating the high protein hot dogs

A few minutes later Will and Mike are in the kitchen alone (Will is washing dishes) and Will says taht tomorrow is a NEW day and that he will be positive, but the two of them are laughing under their breaths saying they can't wait for tomorrow (I musta missed something)

11:13 - F1 & 2 - Janie, and kaysar hanging around on the hammock. Dani and Erika are laing on the hammock. (will to the DR) - we get fire. It looked like alison and Jase began to play the duck game (I think) in the yard... or it looks like they are throwing pool table balls at towels for points. Game goes to 10. Danielle wants sushi bad and is told that after the live show the one who gets to stay gets to pick the food "treat" they get. Dani says she would definitely ask for Sushi.

All Four Feeds on the Hammock area, just not too much going on.

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All four feeds now on red couches with Diane and Nakomis are sitting with Mar and James. James states that he must be in love because he knows there are women he knows he could be with , but he knows he's in love cause he doesn't really care about having those other women.

Nak is talking to Diane about her relationship with Donald (Naks) - she tells the group that you shouldnt' sweat the small things cause in the long run, 'i know i am going to be with him, so the little things just dont matter"

N: "We end up wrestlingon the floor with him holding me down and farting and me calling him a butt face

D: eww gross

11:28bbt - Wil walks out to the red couch area. They all ask if he got in trouble. He reports that he did, he can't talk about it and in short, furniture is not allowed to be taken outside

Dianne: that's cause you broke that chair

Wil: yeah, i didn't mean to though

Dianne: you meant to do all that other stuff though.

Will: I'm pretty much not allowed to talk to anyone..ever...never...they wouldn't even let me see the shrink. <laughs>

Will: evidently the plane didnt go over well either

someone: the plane?

will: yeah, they didn't like that much

I got in trouble for everything. I was like can I talk to the shrink....and

someone: and they said...nope'

Will: yep...nope....

11:32p - janie is filling howie in on the coversations she had earlier...feeds just switched to here, so I'm lost.

Janie: I think Erika would throw it

- their code "amber alert" is mentioned...laying low like Amber did in Survivor and then winning the whole thing.

H: I will blast that girl..for everything she is, for everything she stands for (dont know how he is talking about)

J - dont get mad about it howie?

H = what else did she say about me?

J - nothing really, dont' worry about it

H - she's a freak, shes a nerdherder

h - so you're saying she wants me out next week, i'm gonna destroy her

j - do what kaysar said about competitions. He said just close your eyes and do i like that

h - just like that?

j - yeah.

h - they dont talk to bb6 ppl. they are out to get us?

j = but why?

h - they are jealous of us

j - but do you think everyone is jealous?

h - of course.........(later)....that freak nakomis...if i get hoh she's goin up. i hate her.

*howie brought 3 pks of cigs to barter with...janie brought in 400 cigs)

j - if she wont hoh, just dont piss everyone off cause cg is already has pretty much pissed everyone off. it was so funny!

h - what?

j - danielle just called him out on it..she was like your wife watched the seasons, but you didn't? mmhmmm.

h - i would leave today if i could smoke cigs everyday

j - i'm so thankful jase agreed with me and didn't backdoor me like they wanted him to. why do you think he agreed?

h - he likes us, he wants us in with him

Jase walks in.....

they are all talking about nakomis and how much they dont like her

Ali walks in and asks about the tarantula. It seems obvious she's wanted "whatever convo happening" broken up. She seems nervous and peeking around the corner.

Will is in room now also.

W: I'm not allowed to talk anymore on this show (after insulting howie (lol).

Will is talking now about George's snoring and how hard it was to wake him up. hes demonstrating to the others how he was trying to wake george up.

all feeds switch to Nak and Marc outside on the couch

Marcellas is talking again to Nakomis about their his season and talking about jason, and danielle. he says the person that plays best and makes the best decisions win the game.

Will was starting to talk about his diary room scolding when the feeds switched immediately.

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11:37PM BBT

Howie and Janelle talking about Nikomis.

Howie: Come on, I'll give you three packs of smokes like I brought. If you use the veto, put her up, and we'll vote her out.

Janelle: Hmm?

Howie: If we get her out of the house this week I'll give you my three packs of smokes.

Janelle: You brought cigarettes? [laughs]

Howie: Yeah [laughs]

Janelle: Why?

Howie: To barter with.

Janelle: [laughs] Oh god, Howie. [laughs] "To barter with." I've got fucking two -- four hundred cigarettes.

Howie: Do you?

Janelle: Yeah. I only smoke three cigs a day.

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11:48bbt - Kaysar is sitting on the ground outside F1,2,3,4 talking with Danielle and Erika (still in the hamock) . They are talking about what their favorite movies are. Erika and Danielle agree they both love epics). They are talking about "On Demand'and dvr and how great HBO is. Danielle loves period pieces - the costumes and stuff-

K - what was that award winning show on hbo?

ED - band of brothers

"" - ohh you will like that

Erikas up checking to see if her laundry is done.

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1145 BB time

Nakomis and Marc sitting outside..Marc explaining to Nak that a smart player takes the person to the end they can beat..rehashing the earlier season 3 argument.

Marc: Anyone coming to this game leaves background at the door.

Nak agrees with Marc saying look at Drew taking Cowboy smart move.

Marc says look it also matters how you pack that sequester house...

That is why bb6 has to go we need to do something Nakomis says.....

Marc says well I aklso think Will and Boogie were under radar and now after tonight will is overplaying his hand......

(For some reason camera switches back to hammock :(

Dani and Kaysar determine that nak and marc are talking about the game due to the uintensity of their conversation.

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Kaysar - the game this time is different. It's more laid back. No on is talking strategy, nothin.

Dani - yeah! you noticed that too? I"m like....what's goin on, whawt's happenin? what are people thinkin?

Kaysar - i'm not like in the funny conversations, or around anything. I mean, if something is going on I should know about it already?

Dani - I would think so

F3 & 4 - back to Will, James,Jase, Howie, Mike and allison and Janelle are all in the tropical?(?) room

They are talking about Jennifer from bb6 having given 80something blow jobs in a row. Brief fire. and then

W: so she said it and then you st arted calling her JBlo?

Jan - no, it was an internet thing. The internetters went crazy over it

W: see, i think that's what happens, is they pick out one little thing and then they go crazy over.

- more internet ppl talkers. more wil making fun of will by wil james and mike. Will is talking about how monica would ask stupid questions. (apparantly will got told to lay off the monica stories some). He says that every time she would have a question it would be completely off the wall 'kinda remotely make sense, but not really'

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11:45 Hamster time

The camera is jumping around to different conversations.

At first, we watch Howie and Janie talking in the brown/orange spider room. (On the other side of this room is the green room--you can see it through the spider tank, which is web-shaped and clear). Howie is saying that he hates Nakomis, and if she puts him up, he will "destroy her." I missed the beginning of this conversation, so I'm not sure what happened to bring it about, but Howie seems genuinely upset at Nakomis. Janie says that she is "so grateful for Jase" because he saved her. Howie asks how he saved her, and she says he saved her when he agreed with her about the nominations, even though he was asked not to do so, and he could have disagreed. She wonders why he would save her? Howie says "Two reasons. One, he likes us and wants to hang out with us. Two, he would be nominated." Howie says it would be stupid to do that and be up on the block and take that chance. Janelle asks Howie if he thinks that Jase might feel like James did last season--like he is not part of the core group. At that moment, Jase walks in, and Janelle immediately tells him that Howie can't stand Nakomis. Jase says "Well, yeah!" (Earlier, Janelle mentioned how Nakomis backdoored Jase). Jase asks what happened, and Howie starts to tell him. He says that he asked Boogie to tell another Monica story, and Boogie said he couldn't, so Howie asked why not. (At this moment, Janelle sees that Ali is hanging in the doorway, eavesdropping. She is caught at this, and just giggles and says "I thought..." and lets it drop, and walks into the room and bounces around, asking which spider is which? Janelle tells her the names of the spiders (four of the houseguests that didn't get in the house) and Ali looks at the spiders and says she can't stand them, and tries to blow into the cage at each spider. At that moment, a priceless thing happends--Ali starts to climb up halfway onto the dresser, which has a big scorpion statue on it, and she touches it with her leg, looks down and screeches. She nearly fell off the dresser, saying it scared her to death--she didn't see that thing. She looks at the spiders and says there is a thing sticking out on one, like a wee-wee, and then Will walks in the room. She asks Will if that is the spider's wee-wee. Will looks briefly at the spiders, and Howie says that they are nocturnal, and that's why they aren't moving--they are asleep. Someone turns out the lights, and Howie says that won't work--the light in the spider house is still on, and they don't turn it off until everyone is asleep.

The feeds switch to Erika and Danielle in the hammock. They are talking about a movie--a scary one.

This only lasts a few seconds, and switches to Nakomis talking to Marcellas, who seems bitter still about Monica. He says that someone (he calls him "he") said that Monica would have beaten him if he had lasted in the game, and if he thought that, it wasn't because of her gameplay! Marcellas talks about Danielle, and says Danielle made a stupid move in the her BB season, which wasn't smart gameplay, but that has nothing to do with THIS year, and how she will perform THIS year.

Kaysar is talking to Danielle now, on the hammock. He asks if "those two" are talking game over there (Nakomis and Marc) and Danielle says "Of course!" She asks Kaysar if he is enjoying this year more than last year, and he says yes, but he will be on the block soon, and Dani says "Not necessarily." Kaysar insists he will be on the block. He says that he doesn't understand the game at all this year, and Dani says she is glad he said that--she was worried it was just her.

Kaysar says he wondered how BB would pick the people for the house, and how it would work, but when he got in the house, he thought, "Okay." He feels that there is no "dud" in the group. Dani agrees and says everyone has something to offer in this house, and if they don't believe that, they are wrong. Kaysar says, if anything, he is the dud. Dani talks about when Kaysar was filling up condoms in the pool, and he was so serious about it. She is laughing with Kaysar and he says that it was like an assembly line. They think that probably a picture of that will be on the internet, with Kaysar holding a condom. Dani says that's the game and it could be worse: He could be wearing a condom. Kaysar and Dani discuss whether they could get Howie to put a condom on his head.

Talk switches to Will at midnight hamster time. Dani wonders why Will acts like he hates the game so much this year--why walk into the house, then? Kaysar says Will is playing his game. Dani says she knows that.

Marcellas joins them. Marcellas says that he went to the HOH room and no one was in there. Dani says when Marc is HOH, there will be a neverending stream of people in his room. Kaysar says that is how he was--he never left his room. Ivette would say "Hey, if you want people to like you, do this!" Kaysar thought, "Give me a break."

Kaysar and Dani thought Ivette would make it into the house as a fiesty Latina. Marcellas says he didn't think that Ivette would make it--maybe as a producer choice, but even that is doubtful. He asks Kaysar: Do we need a fiesty girl in here, or girls who have a game to play?

Marc says he doesn't need Internet "typers" to say that he claimed that they didn't have a game to play, either. And he was surprised that George was put in the house.

Dani says that George seems to be playing dumb--he says he didn't watch the seasons, but she thinks he did. He claims he doesn't know things. Dani says that George will pick a sore subject from your season, and then keep saying it. Marc says that he hasn't done that yet, but Dani brings up the golden veto question George asked, and Marc says, "Crazy like a fox." Dani says it could be an "Oliver Stone moment," but she thinks George knows what he is doing. She asks if Marc thought that George threw the veto, and Marc isn't sure. He expected George to act like Jerry and grab power when he could, but he didn't.

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1205a - bbt - F1 & 2 - Marc, Kaysar, and Danielle it seems are talking about CG and that they all realize that he's playing stupid and he knows a lot more than he lets on

F3 & 4 - Will chat....(too fast for me..sorry)

go catniptoy! ;)

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At the hammock, 12:09 a.m. hamster time

Marc, Kaysar and Dani are talking about Will. Marc wonders if Will believes that acting like he hates being in the house, and griping about everything he hates about BB this year, will keep him in the house? He thinks that Will overplayed his hand tonight, and before that, he was not on people's radar. He says it is like Scott Long saying that he drives an Escalade.

Dani: He doesn't realize that this is All Stars and we aren't dummies. You know what I mean?

Kaysar says that's the point--it is All Stars and there is no weak link.

Marc agrees. He says they have George, who could be an Amber or a Jerry, and Will who is....Will. He's like a Roddy.

Kaysar says that if Will is going to act so forceful, not just with the other houseguests, but with the people running the show, then that is to send a message to all of them--that Will is above all of this and them. He feels Will is doing a good job of it.

Dani says they should look at Will's face when he does that, and look at the face of the person he is talking to, and you can tell who Will has.

A plane went over today, as Will asked for last night.

Kaysar says that the plane flying over proves it--that Will can tell people what to do, and they will do it. It is going his way, and they are getting worked.

Dani: I'm not getting worked.

Marc: I didn't come here to get worked. And I didn't get here to rehash season 3.

Dani: Did I say anything? I haven't said anything.

Marc says that he has been leaving the room when this happens--it is making him sick.

Kaysar: The same thing happened tonight. How did that altercation happen? Will brought it up. He did that--He said he didn't know how Season 6 gets along so well together, and we had that little flare up.

Kaysar says that Will makes sure that the house is in a state of chaos, and he is going to keep it up, so they should brace themselves.

Marc says that Dani shut up during it, and Dani agrees.

Kaysar: I don't buy that whole thing about him saying he is getting reprimanded in the diary room.

Dani: You don't gots to lie, man!

Marc: That's the thing! This year, you don't have to lie!

Kaysar: I was just telling Danielle--I don't know who is playing the game, or not playing the game. I'm kinda out of the loop.

Dani says it is crazy--you don't know what the hell is going on.

Marc: But that's better, don't you think?

Marc says that during his season, he thought he knew exactly what was going on, but he didn't!

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Will tried to get an argument going about Marc and Dani's season, and apparently, Marc got upset earlier. At the hammock, Marc is saying that Dani was quiet when it happened, and Dani says that she was not in a good place to say anything, as her "ass" is on the block. He agrees and says that this is all "water under the bridge, and the water ain't rolling backwards, because that would be the end of the world." He says that none of this makes him use the veto and makes it all change, so they need to let it be water under the bridge. Dani says that she just didn't want to discuss it--doesn't want to talk about what happened during that season.

Kaysar says that Will is using this tactic to get to them and find their weaknesses. He brings up Kaysar letting go of the button for Jennifer, and Marc giving up the veto. He tells them that they didn't hear this, but when Marc got upset, Will turned to Diane and said, "Now we've got a show!" (Marcellas looks very irritated and amused by this).

Marcellus: How did the universe line up to bring us back to this?

Kaysar says that for the others, after 4 years passing, it must be a trip. For Season 6 people, it is different.

Marc says for the season 6 people, it is like a "continuation."

Marc: You got a do-over. We didn't get a do-over!

They thank America again, in an ironic tone.

They comment to each other that the game started before they walked in the house.

Dani asks why they would say that?

Marc says it started before they walked in!

Dani: Are you saying people had alliances before they walked in? That's too bad.

Marc: This is the season unlike any other. This is the season when you have to play for yourself.

Dani wonders about Boogie and Will. You could say they would stick together, or on the other hand, it could be like basketball--it's a game. They might play to win.

Dani: Rob and Amber, that was an obvious alliance, and those mo fo's took it to the end. I don't know!

Kaysar says that they know what Will is doing, that he is toying with them, and yet he is trying to pit the others against each other first.

Marc. says that Will told him that if Monica had made it to the end, she would have won. (This is who Marcellas was telling Nakomis about earlier). Kaysar says Will contradicts himself.

Kaysar: You've seen what the representatives of season 2 bring to the table. They know no bounds.

Kaysar says that he feels "sterile" next to Will and Boogie.

Kaysar says Will and Boogie are "mesmerizing, in a very bad way."

Marc says he thought earlier, "Please tell me that I'm not the only person that sees this mind control thing that is going on!"

Kaysar says you have to sit back and try to see what it going on.

Kaysar: He's laying it on thick with some people. It's not working with me. I'll tell you that much.

Dani: On that happy note, I have to go tinkle.

Marcellas says that he hates people who have to talk, talk, talk, talk (says "talk about 15 times). He says he is a talker....but that's why he can't stand Howie.

Kaysar laughs.

Marc: I didn't come here to see some star f---er work their bullsh---. (Will and Boogie)

Marc says that they are trying to impress people--Boogie rattles off his website address.

Janelle comes outside.

Janelle: This is a really weird night!

Kaysar: What's going on?

Janelle: Absolutely nothing!

Janelle says that is why it is weird. Everyone is scattered around the house. Kaysar wonders if they are talking strategy. Janelle says "No--they're talking about Monica!"

They laugh and say that this year, Monica is the star of the show.

They recite:

Monica has a great rack! America, send her back!

Marc: It is a weird night.

Jan: Yeah.

Marc: Is that a full moon, or damn close?

They think it is, and maybe that is why they are so weird. Kaysar says the word is "anxious."

Janelle says Alison is working out right now--running.

Talk of Metamucil, and Janelle says she has some.

Marc asks why everyone in the damn house has a pill for everything, and he couldn't bring his fat burner!

Kaysar; I wanted to bring my fish oil!

Marc: I wanted to bring my Ephedra!

Janelle: I wanted to bring my Xanax!

Kaysar: They let you last year!

Janelle: No, they didn't!!

Janelle says, "It wouldn't be fair, because then I'm happy, and you're not!"

Janelle says he should ask Will for more pills.

Janelle: The thing is, I would never want to get rid of Will, because he has sleeping pills!

They laugh and say he is her pusher now, and Marc says that Will has all of his bases covered, from every angle!

12:40 a.m.

(Dani and Janie are on the red couch now, with Nakomis).

Nakomis says this has been the slowest day ever, and Janelle says it has been weird. The "Meet and greet" is over. They don't have to get to know each other now.

Nakomis wonders why the camera moves at certain times--what they are trying to film.

You're doing great, CurlyQ!

I'm sorry I can't stay online--I'm a little under the weather tonight. Not much is going on right now--mostly general conversation.

Happy hamster watching!

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