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DVD Question

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Before the show starts & it gets even crazier in here, I wanted to know if anyone knows where I can get copies of the full seasons of BB1-BB6? I went to Amazon, and it only shows BB3 and BB4. But the BB4 looks confusing, because they said that it stars Eddie, Josh, Curtis & Jamie (from BB1!!). So that one worries me. Not to mention that it's only 4 hours long. Did CBS ever come out with videos of all 6 seasons?? :unsure:

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I have been downloading them through torrents. It does take a long time to download them this way but these arn't small files.

I've taken some quotes from this thread to help you. Honestly you should probably go through the whole thing it's quite helpful.

Kelly :)

You need two or three things. Two of which are available at the same site. You need the latest version of Java (Free) and a bittorrent client (free). You then need a place to search for Bittorrent files (Also free).

May I recommend Azureus to you? Its a great free bit torrent program and has zero adware, or spyware. Totally free - though every now and then they ask if you like to send them a few bucks - Just hit no if you dont want to, it doesnt affect the program. Here's some instructions for you..

1) Download and install the latest Java Client (Often called the JRE) You can download it at http://azureus.sourceforge.net/

2) Download and install a Bit Torrent Client. You can download Azureus from http://azureus.sourceforge.net/

3) Restart your computer.

4) Open a web browser and find a bit torrent search engine - I myself like http://www.isohunt.com though there are many many others. If you use this one the search bar is right at the top top left.

5) Search for either "Big Brother" or even better "Big Brother USA" and search

6) in the results, move your mouse over top of the "Torrent Name" which might be something like "Big.Brother.USA.season.2.part.2.episodes.2-10" and click once. This will expand the search to show the torrent details.

7) Once the torrent details are expanded, you will see in big bold letters something that says "Download Torrent" click on that. If it asks you to either open or save, click open

8) Your bit torrent client will open. Azureus will ask you where on your computer you would like to download the file to - Select that location and hit ok. Then wait for the downloads.

9) Enjoy!

For those of you having NAT problems I found the awesomest site the other day. It gave step by step pictured instructions on how to set your modem or router. It's called port forwarding.

This link has 26 pages of Big Brother Torrents


I saw stuff for the US UK and Austraila there may be other countries I don't know. I've only gotten through a few pages.

Dreams Torrents - http://www.demonoid.com/files/details/337574/

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