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BBUK: Secrets of the title sequence revealed!

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Full article at The Big Brother Show

The titles are designed by Hello Charlie and feature lots of eyes, words associated with the show and shots of the logo climbing the walls of an underground world.

They include random words such as "temptation" and "divide" along with phrases like "you are being observed" plus try subliminally telling us to "blink"

The opening frame of the titles says the following:


In agreeing to take part in Big Brother you agree to abide by the rules. Big Brother reserves the right to change the rules at any time.


Big Brother's decision is final.

Copyright Channel 4 Television MCMIII

The copyright date of 1903 is the year George Orwell was born, with many other things in the titles being related to his book - with "1984" spelt out by the camera numbers on screen - while the time on screen stops at 77:77:7 77/77:77 - as this is the seventh series.

There are also references to the Golden Housemate with appearances of people painted gold.

Full article, plus caps and video of the title sequence at The Big Brother Show (Also the titles if you haven't seen them!)

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