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Friday, June 21, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Update From Audio Leak

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There was an audio leak on the live feed page on Friday at about 9:39am BBT.  It was between Christie and Nicole in the HoH (Christie is the (2nd?) HoH).


9:39AM BBT Christine and Nicole in the HoH alone talking

Christie said she had a major crying meltdown and broke out in hives Thursday night.

She says she wants to nom a guy and a girl
She thinks boys are more dangerous since they literally form bro alliances 30 seconds in a storage room
Christie's plan is to make the least amount of waves
She doesn't trust (Jackson) Michie because he was one of four people who volunteered made a pact in the beginning not to put each other up (Cliff and Jess told Christie about the pact) but then (Jackson) Michie turned around and nominated all three of them
Christie thinks Michie and Katt have a thing? Michie and Jack are bros.  So she doesn't want to put Michie up - too many other connections already that could come for her
Christie thinks lots of other houseguests don't trust Michie even though he cooks for everyone and does the southern hospitality thing.
Christie said she told Cliff he's an option for her to put up, but she straight up loves him and doesn't think he'll go home
Christie says she'd never vote Cliff out. She spoke to Sis (?), (Isa)Bella, Holly, Tommy and they said they wouldn't vote cliff out, either. Ovi told cliff he wouldn't vote cliff out.
Jess (a Libra) was crying about her cousin in the bathroom Thursday.  Nicole (a Capricorn) also crying about her grandma and mom with Jess.
Christie says she doesn't like Nick, he's not her type
THEN, Christie confesses to Nicole that she's a lesbian, but she had two boyfriends before the long term female relationship (Tommy's aunt)


10:01 BBT Ovi (Scorpio) comes to HoH to ask about taking a shower in the HoH bathroom and Christie said "of course."

10:02 BBT  Christine says she doesn't want to nominate Nicole, Jess, Ovi

10:05 BBT Christine doesn't like Katt's energy and her paranoia level. Katt also talks about "her meds" all the time and Christine doesn't like that.

10:06 BBT Katt fell first in the HoH comp

10:07:45 BBT Audio cut away




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