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BBUK: House revealed in new ad

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At last - after the break flashes, the countdown and the web ad, the first main ad for Big Brother 7 has aired.

Like previous years, the ad features an animation of the logo mixed with images of the house - before the full logo appears on screen and the C4 logo (all spiraly!) and programme details appear on top.

As previously reported, the theme of the house is "Inside Out" with carpets and wallpaper outside, grass and concrete inside and lots of glass around rooms so there is no where to hide!

The highlights: (courtesy of DS forum members)

More (from Digital Spy forums):

The garden had a red chair more suited to being indoors;

The garden heavily featured pink on the walls;

There were astro-turf dogs;

There was lots of red, pink, green and yellow;

Glass was prominent;

Diary room bell is back;

There's what looks like some kind of strange black chair.

Kitchen has silver appliances and seems to exist mostly outside;

Chandelier in the garden;

Red and white material hanging up on the garden walls imbetween the mirros;

Lots of red and greet outside and blue and red inside;

Red, black and white boxes outside to sit on;

The carpet is red with big white swirls on it;

Two chinese style blocks indoors, like cabinets, could be used as tables;

Stainless steel high tech kitchen;

Very large dining table outside with white chairs/stools.. set for 14;

Small "arched bridge" leading from inside to outside;

Bedroom moved to near doors - looks like bedroom and living area have kind of switched places. Lots of blue around the bedroom.

Plain blue furniture can be seen inside the bedroom;

Strange screen in the kitchen - looks like hi-tech cooking!

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http://www.big-brother.me.uk has the video up now, as do various other sites!

Screencaps at http://bbuksite.net/index.php?subaction=sh...t_from=&ucat=1&

A prediction of the houseplan, based on the info so far:


UPDATED: (You may need to refresh if you see my previous plan!)

The bits in red are educated guess work. There is a door in the bedroom which presumably leads to the bathroom.

We know the diary room is behind the spiral mirror - and I assume the door next to it is how you get in!

Also, there is a mystery door in the garden - I've stuck the storeroom there as I can't see another door which could be it!

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