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Mark Drelich discussion thread

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mark-drelich-tv.jpg Mark Drelich

Age: 29
City: Edmonton, AB
Occupation: Travel Guide
Relationship status: Single
Describe yourself in three words: Energetic, rebellious and nerdy.
If you could take one thing inside the house, what would it be and why? A deck of cards because you can never get bored with a deck of cards.
Do you have a strategy to win "Big Brother Canada"? I have a three-stage strategy. Stage one — for the first several weeks, form a really strong alliance, don’t win any HOH competitions, and rely all on my social game. Stage two — during the middle weeks, evict the comp beasts and the players that do have a good chance at making it to the end. For the final stage — turn on my ride or dies, destroying any friendships I made in the house and win every HOH and POV competitions that I can until I make it to the end.
What are you known for? I am known for being the rebellious son in my family, the religious man who left his ways and chose a path of his own.
What part of the "Big Brother Canada" experience do you think will be the hardest for you? I think dealing with my immediate family post-show and managing their expectations will be hard. My family is religious and if I do something on the show that may upset them, it could be hard to manage once I am off the show.
Who is your "Big Brother Canada" (or "Big Brother") idol and why? Kevin Martin! ("Big Brother Canada" seasons 3 and 5). I see myself in him — his general persona, the way he approaches life. He’s energetic and fun but also very level-headed.
What do people from your hometown have that gives them an edge to win "Big Brother Canada"? I think my upbringing combined with all the places I’ve traveled to makes me an adaptable person. I can relate to the tough oil patch guys from Edmonton but also relate to any of the other cultures I’ve experienced through traveling the world.

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