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Kailyn Archer discussion thread

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kailyn-archer-tv.jpgKailyn Archer

Age: 42
Hometown: Grand Prairie, AB
Occupation: Psychic
Relationship status: Married
Describe yourself in three words: Strong, spiritual and funny.
If you could take one thing inside the house, what would it be and why? My children.
Do you have a strategy to win "Big Brother Canada"? Hell yes, I do, but I’m not telling.
What are you known for? For having get-togethers and having fun with family, music, and food. I live in a smaller city and my husband is from the Caribbean so it’s nice to have good friends over and have lots of food and children running around.
What part of the "Big Brother Canada" experience do you think will be the hardest for you? Being away from my children… and maybe slop!
Who is your "Big Brother Canada" (or "Big Brother") idol and why? There’s a few I like. First, I loved Erica Hill ("Big Brother Canada" season 6) because she was so strong, a true competitor. Second, Hamza Hatoum ("Big Brother Canada" season 6) — I loved him, the way he just went in and didn’t give a shit. Then I’d say, Will Kenny ("Big Brother Canada" season 6) because he was nice and goofy and it seemed like he was there for a good time — I really enjoyed him.
What do people from your hometown have that gives them an edge to win "Big Brother Canada"? We’re all a very hardworking, family-orientated community — that’s our edge.

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