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Adam Pike discussion thread

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adam-pike-tv.jpgAdam Pike

Age: 27
Hometown: Spaniard’s Bay, NF
Occupation: Oil Field Worker
Relationship status: Single
Describe yourself in three words: Positive, courageous and motivated.
If you could take one thing inside the house, what would it be and why? This necklace I’m wearing, it’s from a friend who passed away and it has a quote on it that we used to say to each other.
Do you have a strategy to win "Big Brother Canada"? I want to create a four-person guy alliance and I want to keep it as hush as I can. I want everybody in that alliance to get close with one other person in the house and that’s eight votes right there.
What are you known for? I’m known to be a very positive, energetic and happy guy.
What part of the "Big Brother Canada" experience do you think will be the hardest for you? I don’t think it’s going to be very hard at all, to be honest. I’m used to being away from my family and I’ve lived with numerous people over the years.
Who is your "Big Brother Canada" (or "Big Brother") idol and why? Dan Gheesling ("Big Brother" seasons 10 and 14) and Derrick Levasseur ("Big Brother" season 16) because they played great games.
What do people from your hometown have that gives them an edge to win "Big Brother Canada"? I’ve lived away for the last 10 years and I just recently moved back home to Newfoundland. I think my time spent living and traveling across Canada gives me an edge to win.

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