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Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 - Episode #9

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After a week of deception, scares and shattered alliances, the game resets tonight as a new HOH moves into power and another celebrity moves out of the BB house for good. Welcome to Celebrity Big Brother!


Previously on Celebrity Big Brother, Tom, Kato, Lolo, Natalie and Ricky had a 5 person alliance. But Tom didn’t trust Ricky from the John. America gave a new secret power to Tamar but Tom nominated Joey and Kandi, thinking one of them had the power. When the power wasn’t revealed, Tom started to suspect Ricky had it and he pitched the rest of his alliance into back dooring the running back. But Lolo and Natalie ratted Tom out.


After Natalie scored the game winning veto, she protected Ricky from Tom’s back door plan. Tom and Kato suspected they were being double crossed and after things finally came to a head, Team Fun was officially done. At the live eviction, WHOA, Joey was sent packing. Tonight, another celebrity will be kicked to the curb - but first, a new HOH will be crowned and a veto will be won. All this LIVE on Celebrity Big Brother!


Good evening, I’m Julie Chen-Moonves. Welcome to Celebrity Big Brother. It’s day 20 inside the BB house and with 8 celebrities left in the game, it’s time to kick things into overdrive. Within the next hour, a new HOH will be crowned, the POV and veto meeting will play out and another famous face will be headed home. So - who will rise to power and who will find themselves walking outside the front door? We’ll find out live tonight.

#ButFirst, the vote to evict Joey may have been unanimous, but this house is far from united.


We pick up after Joey’s eviction. Tamar tells us she & Kandi have their issues but she couldn’t vote her out because she feels like they just made up. She also feels like the 4th wheel in her bedroom alliance. She had to make sure she had allies in the house.


Tom whispers to Kato to pretend it happened exactly like they expected. Tom tells us he wanted Joey to go home, but he didn’t know it was going to be a 6-0 vote; he thought he’d be the tie breaker. It’s like a blind side in his favour.


In the WA, Ricky, Natalie and Lolo believe that Kato and Tom are doing a good job acting. Natalie believes Tom thought he’d have the power to break the tie. Natalie tells us right before the live show Tamar had a change of heart about the vote. We flash to Natalie and Tamar in the lounge, Tamar doesn’t feel safe with Natalie and Lolo’s connection. Without Kandi, she feels she’d be alone. Natalie tells us switching their votes means Kandi won’t be coming after them later.


After eviction, Natalie goes to see Tamar and tells her to make sure Kandi doesn’t switch to Tom and Kato. They’ll have a problem if that happens. Kandi is being lovey-dovey with Tom and Kato and Natalie doesn’t play that. Tamar assures her Kandi is good and if she wins HOH, she won’t put any of their alliance up. Tamar tells us she thinks Natalie and their crew need to keep their eye on Tom and Kato, not on her and Kandi. She needs to figure out where Kandi’s focus is, so she can keep it off of them.




Tamar goes and finds Kandi. Kandi expresses that Natalie, Lolo and Ricky have too much power. If Tom or Kato goes, Tamar will never get the other 3 out. They’ll always have the majority and the ability to pick everyone else off. Tamar wants Kato gone first. Kandi doesn’t agree. Tamar tells us she went out on a limb to keep Kandi in the house and if she goes after them, they’ll come after both of them. Tamar recommends telling them what they want to hear if she wins HOH, then do whatever she wants.


Time for the HOH competition. The BY looks like a subway station. Tom is hosting. “Celebrities are used to gracing the covers of magazines. Sometimes the photographs make us look amazing, but sometimes an edited photo can be a photo fail. This competition is called Picture Imperfect and it’s all about trying to spot something wrong with Big Brother’s favourite magazine covers! 2 at a time, you’ll face off at the podium. You’ll be shown 3 magazine covers. Your goal is to be the first to buzz in and answer which magazine cover has a mistake. If you’re the first to buzz in with the correct answer, you’ll stay in the game and your opponent is eliminated. Then choose the next 2 players to face off. If you answer incorrectly you will be eliminated. The last person standing will be the new HOH.”


Lolo tells us she really wants to win this HOH for the group. Everyone wants to break up Tom and Kato so really, they just have to beat one person in this competition.


Tom tells us if Kato doesn’t win, he feels like they’re going home.


Ricky and Tamar are up first based on a random draw. They are shown 3 covers. Tamar tells us she’s a visual person so this is her game. Ricky buzzes in first but is incorrect. He is eliminated.


Tamar chooses Kato and Kandi next. Kato tells us it’s obvious they picked him first because they want him gone. He says bring it on! Kato buzzes in first and is correct. Kandi is eliminated. Kato chooses Lolo and Natalie next.


Lolo buzzes in first and is correct. Natalie is eliminated. Lolo chooses Kato and Dina next. Dina tells us she picks the cover with Jonathan because she misses him so much. She buzzes in first but is incorrect and is eliminated.


Tamar and Lolo are up next. Tamar buzzes in first and is correct. Lolo is eliminated. Last up are Kato and Tamar. Kato tells us he has to win this for him and Tom. It’s the 2 of them against the world! Natalie tells us if Kato wins, then she, Lolo and Ricky are in serious trouble. Tamar buzzes in first - and is correct! Tamar is the new HOH!


Tamar is super excited in the DR. She is hard to understand due to her exuberance. Now she’ll have to use her power - who knew she was going to win? She came to play!


Kato apologizes to Tom. Tom tells us it looks like they’re screwed but he’s not giving up. He still has some fight left in him. Game on!


Time for the nomination ceremony. Tamar nominates Tom and Kato - to no one’s surprise. Tamar nominated Kato - big big threat in this game. Tom - is also a threat. It’s not personal, it’s a game.


Tamar tells us Kato and Tom have got to go! But she does know she needs to get rid of some of her roommates (Lolo, Natalie) in order to get to the end. If she was them, she’d sleep with both eyes open cause it’s gonna get scary.



In the HOH room, Tamar, Dina and Kandi discuss the next vote. Kandi wonders if one of them pull themselves off the block with the veto, who would go up? Tamar says Natalie or Lolo. Kandi suggests Natalie - she has knowledge in the game, plus athleticisim. She has Dina, Kandi and whichever guy comes off to vote Natalie out.


Tamar tells us Lolo is predictable, Natalie’s a little smarter and more hungry. She’s the better choice. Hmm….


Time for the live veto competition. Tamar, Kato and Tom, along with Lolo, Dina and Kandi (chosen by random draw), will be participating. We head to the BY for a special performance that will be crucial to win the POV. Julie tells the HG’s to focus on the stage. Pay close attention because what they’re about to see will be essential to winning the POV. Legendary performer and comedian, Gallagher, is introduced. The sign on the stage says “Smashing Success” and all the HG’s are wearing goggles.


Gallagher shows the HG the latest invention in kitchen revolution. It’s sledge-o-matic 2.0! He knows they just missed out on a Super Sunday so he’s got that for them - smashes stuff all over them. Says lactose intolerant? Smashes more. Broke a nail? Jello will fix that! Smashes more. What a life they live in the BB house - 24/7 they are on TV. They need to fix their face, and he has a cream for them. Smashes more.


They even have a child sledge-o-matic. They can puree and make their own food! Like apple sauce. Smashes a plate of apples. And melons! Smashes melons.


Time to begin the POV competition. This competition is called Smashing Success and here’s how it works. Julie will ask a series of True or False questions based on the show they just witnessed moments ago. Every correct answer gets one point. The HG with the most correct questions after 7 questions will win the POV.


1) True or False. The first streamer Gallagher hit was orange. Answer is False, everyone gets a point.

2) True or False. Gallagher smashed the chocolate milk before he smashed the face cream. Answer is True, Tom and Kato do not get a point.

3) True or False. The table Gallagher smashed things on was blue. Answer is False, everyone gets a point.

4) True or False. Gallagher was wearing suspenders. Answer is False. Everyone but Tom got it right.

5) True or False. Gallagher cleaned the hammer before he smashed the apples. Answer is True. Kato, Tamar and Lolo get it right.

6) True or False. The second hammer Gallagher used had a yellow handle. Answer is True. Only Lolo gets it right.

7) True or False. Gallagher smashed the face cream before he smashed the sundae. Answer is False. Tamar and Dina are incorrect.

Lolo wins POV!


Time for the live POV meeting. Julie congratulates Lolo on her win. Lolo is asked to give her decision on the POV; she chooses not to use the POV.


The HG’s want to know who won the superbowl. Julie advises she is not allowed but she will tell the evicted HG. Julie reminds them about the power and that since it wasn’t used, it has now expired.


Time for the live vote and eviction. Final pleas.

Tom - That was amazing seeing Gallagher. Growing up, he was one of Tom’s favourites and that was definitely a highlight. It’s been a lot of fun. Thanks CBS, Julie, crew and all the HG’s. They are amazing HG’s and was great to get to know all of them. Thanks America. He hasn’t been outside in more than 20 days and he is 47 years old. Wishes everyone good luck, they’re all competitive. Do your best, cheering for everyone especially Kato.


Julie says that wasn’t a plea, that was a goodbye speech. Tom says he has a feeling. Kato - What Tom said. (pretends to sit down) I’m kidding! Carl Rheiner is a director and writer, he wrote a play called “Enter Laughing”. Read it. Day 1 we all entered laughing. Day 2 we still laughed. I told myself I would exit laughing if I got evicted, and I will. I had so much fun. You guys are fantastic. I think game knowledge and spread wisdom has happened here. I taught you a lot, you’ll thank me when you get a gambling addiction from the poker games I taught you. Tom, thank you. Loyalty means so much, it is key. They wanted me to throw you under the bus, I wouldn’t do it. Plus my bus license expired 2 years ago, you were safe. Thank you.



Ricky votes to evict Kato

Kandi votes to evict Kato

Dina votes to evict Kato

Lolo votes to evict Kato

Natalie votes to evict Kato


Kato says Tom owes him a beer. Kato hugs everyone, grabs his stuff and hugs Tom before he leaves. Kato asks if he opens the door or they do and Tamar says he does. He enters the studio to loud applause and hugs Julie.


Natalie and Tamar are doing shout outs while waiting for Kato’s picture to go black and white. Ricky tells Tom he’s not as fake as Tom thinks he is.


Kato feels very surprised the vote was unanimous. Tom thought that it was going to be him. They had never met before BB, and they bonded so much in 20 days. Julie tells him their power couple name is Tomato. Julie reminds Kato of Tom’s decision to backdoor Ricky. Was that smart? Kato thinks it was - there was always 4 in a room. Something was going on. Kato says it all comes down to missing the one buzzer in the HOH game and Tamar getting HOH.


Julie wants to know why he chose to align with Natalie and Lolo considering they turned on others before him. “Cause they’re beautiful!” Kato shouts. Final thoughts? Kato said it inside - loyalty. He’s going to be friends with Tom forever. It’s a special thing to go through. Julie tells him he’ll be back for finale night next week to crown the winner. Kato says he’s going to wear the same outfit - he’ll wash it first.


Tune in Thursday night at 9pm to crown a new HOH. Friday night at 8pm is a double eviction. You don’t want to miss this 2 hours where 2 HG’s are sent packing.


Goodnight everyone!



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