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Big Brother Worldwide: All the twists we can think off!

Brekkie Boy

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I just thought it be interesting to have a thread looking at all the major twists that have been employed by Big Brother around the world - so it's very much a group effort so feel free to add.

I'm starting off with the UK, followed by a few more countries - but it is by no means a complete list!


Nothing unusual in BB1. BB2 began with the twist of viewers voting an 11th housemate into the house, and ended with the twist of one of the final four being evicted the night before the final in a surprise eviction.

BB3 also began with a surprise eviction after one week in which the viewers voted for two nominees, with the HMs having to decide who to evict. After a couple of weeks the main twist began with the house divided into a rich and poor side by glass bars - and HMs competing each week to determine where they live. We can't take credit for that one though!

BB4 had alot of twists actually, beginning with nominations on the first night. Each HM had to nominate one person who would automatically be up for eviction in the first week. The Reward Room was also introduced, with HMs competing each week to enter the room (which changed each week).

The big twists though was one HM swapping places with a HM in the BB Africa house for one week - though other countries (Spain/Mexico I think) had done this before. We also voted a HM back in - but they weren't eligible to win.

BB5 and though the format remained essentially the same, the show was hugely revamped as Big Brother got EVIL! To begin with HMs had to nominate noe person not to receive their luggage, but the main twist was yet to come.

In a fake double eviction two HMs were removed from the house and placed in a secret bedsit, where for five days they could watch and listen to everything happening in the house - plus also dish out some punishments - before returning.

The other main twists were the Boot Camp task, in which two HMs had to get the other HMs to pass the task to save themselves from eviction - and automatically put the other HMs up for eviction. The final twist at the end of the series saw the finalist in last place called to the diary room and immediately evicted - without the other HMs knowing.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 (and while we're at it, I think we did the first Celebrity Big Brother) pulled off that trick again - this time in fancy dress - but the main twist was bringing in Brigette Nielsons former mother-in-law after a few days. Yeah, Jackie!

BB6 was all about secret missions really, beginning with one HM being challenged to get the other HMs to nominate them in order to not be up for eviction.

After four weeks three HMs secretly entered the house and were placed in the Secret Garden with no food, clothes or toiletries. One HM (Makosi again) who pressed a button placed in the house was placed on a secret mission to provide them with clothing and food - plus escort them into the house for showers. After a few days two of them were allowed to enter the house, with Makosi having to choose who was evicted.

There were also some secret missions regarding the tasks. The main one was Room 101 - in which one HM had to do menial tasks in a small booth next to the house believing all the other HMs were doing the same in order to complete the week's challenge. In fact, the other HMs were having daily luxury parties and the real task was to ensure "Worker Number 1" didn't find out about them.

These three tasks from BB6 have all since been used in BB Germany.

I nearly forgot the big twist. BB told the HMs he would lie to them twice that week, and then told them nominations were optional. The HMs who did nominate were then told they were up for eviction. These were the two lies though, and it was the HMs who didn't nominate who were up for eviction. The two with the most votes from viewers were revealed as the nominees, with the other HMs having to vote for who they wanted to leave - in front of them!

The final twist saw one HM called to the diary room and offered half of the winners jackpot. What he didn't know was if he rejected it the jackpot would double to

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For me, the U.S. version of Big Brother is the most boring of them all. You know from the start that there will be 2 big alliances. Alliances should be banned to let each individual "fight" for him/herself instead of riding coattails (Cowboy comes to mind ;) ).

Ok, that was my rant....back to normal programming now :P

P.S. Thanks Brekkie Boy for all the work you do on keeping us informed about BB around the world.

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