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Week 10 Results

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Tenth HoH 2 Tyler
Who Will Win The Jury Battle Back? 4 Scottie
Will the returning HG win HoH? 2 No
Will the returning HG be nominated or backdoored? 2 Yes
Nominee #1 1 Scottie
Nominee #2 1 Hayleigh
Veto Player #1 1 JC
Veto Player #2 1 Sam
Veto Player #3 1 Kaycee
Veto Host 2 Brett
Veto Winner 2 Kaycee
Will there be Have Nots this week? 1 Yes
Veto Used? 2 No
Saved Nominee 1 --
Replacement Nominee 1 --
Enter DragonCon here for a free 2 points! 2 DragonCon
Who is the first HG to vote? 2 Brett
Evicted HG 3 Scottie





This weeks Point standings


gishy333tx     40  Points

Fuskie              40 Points

Amy123        37    Points

splatgun      18 Points

BBWatchr    15     Points

vyvashuss44  11  Points

KatFer            8   Points








Total standings


gishy333tx         101 Points

Fuskie                  94  Points

vyvashuss44       57 Points

Amy123               52 Points

BBWatchr            52 Points

KatFer                   50 Points

monadyan           46 Points

Dade                     32 Points

kitten200             18 Points

splatgun              18 Points

Kakidoodle09        6 Points

Flickz                      6 Points

nataliebb23           5 Points

Jinx                         3 Points

Nataliebb23           2 Points

Vampirelover         2 Points

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