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It’s Official Foute is a FLOP!


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It was a very long weekend for some people in the house this weekend! Both sides know everything comes down to the veto! Balls to the wall for all the players this week! There is no throwing this competition. There were shocking and exciting moments through the end of Saturday! Sunday was very laid back for everyone except Angie. For the 7 th week in a row we should have a blindside and the team that can swing the votes will be in the best positions in the game heading into the next two weeks! 


Veto players drawn and feeds return about 9:40 a.m. Angie is with Haleigh having a meltdown about someone cussing her out (Kaycee maybe). 


Players are:


Nominees: Angie and Angela 

Hacker choose: Tyler

Draw: Kaycee and Faysal 

Host: Brett 


Kaycee and Angie exchange words off the feeds early Saturday morning. We don’t see it but oh do we hear about it! Kaycee is not messing around this week and Angie can’t stop whining about being put OTB again! This is getting good!


We only get the retells. After Bayleigh’s delusional perceptions of what people said and did versus the RealiTea of what was said and done I will reserve judgement until we see a clip on an episode. 


At 9:54 a.m. Angie enters the HOH to talk to Haleigh. Angie says they have Faysal, herself and Haleigh to play in POV comp. Haleigh says versus Angela, Tyler, and Kaycee. She also is suspicious of Scottie, “can you see him in DR saying I wore the f*cking hoodie and one suspects me.” Haleigh says it doesn't make sense unless Scottie doesn't want Tyler being BD. Both agree that they don't think the hacker is Tyler. 


Wait no, now Haleigh thinks it's Kaycee and she picked Tyler so he can take Angela off and even if Haleigh puts Kaycee up she will have the votes to stay. Haleigh thinks Angela, Scottie and Brett would vote to keep Kaycee. Kaycee would cancel 1 of their votes. Haleigh says it could be that Scottie likes the jacket.


They agree they have to win veto. They also decide to see how often Scottie wears the Hacker sweatshirt because that will be an indication if him wearing now means anything. Once again wearing the Soggy T-shirt haunts him. 


Angie said they need to take these pretentious b*tches down. Kaycee told her she was a grown *ss woman. Haleigh said she knew something was going on cause the DR would not let her leave when she was done. She asks Angie how the convo started between her and Kaycee. Fish. 


Feeds return quickly. Angie can been seen saying  Kaycee said, it wasn't f*cking me, I f*cking tired of people ccoming at me. Angie said, I'm not coming at you. Watch your mouth! Kaycee said, I'm not the f*cking hacker, everybody keeps accusing me. I'm tired of it! I'm about to pop off! Angie says she said it's a real weak *ss move to put me up.


Haleigh tells Angie they have to stop hanging out, (yeah cause that always works out when your friend is OTB). Haleigh says that is the reason they put Angie up, to hurt Haleigh. Angie mentions that Kaycee was always upstairs w/Angela. Haleigh does not want them to put them up together. 


Listen Angie doesn’t hang out with anyone else but Sam. She only hangs with Sam this much this week because they need her. I am concerned for Sam this week. She’s turned the corner and been more upbeat again. If Angie goes home Sam is back to being a loner and it’s part of what stresses her out. Feeling alone. We do eventually hear Sam talk to Kaycee this weekend. 


Sunday Sam asks Kaycee if she, Kaycee, and Tyler are still good? Kaycee reassures Sam they are. Don’t worry nothing has changed. Sam explains Tyler is hanging out with Angela a lot so she was worried. Sam also tells Kaycee on several occasions she will vote for Kaycee to stay. 


What Sam doesn’t know is it won’t be Angela/Kaycee OTB come eviction night. She will spiral again this week having to choose between two of the ladies she’s closest with in the house. I hope Tyler talks to Sam before the veto ceremony and softens the blow. I’m not confident he will. This could be a big mistake but it’s a double edged sword. If he does she will leak it to Flopte. If he doesn’t she won’t like being gut punched.


Angie’s inability to hear herself when she talks is crippling her game. When this comes up again later in the day, not hanging out so much because they’re seen as a pair, Angie’s responses answer her own questions! She says Angela and Kaycee were in the HOH together all week lash week! So what’s the big deal? 


Well, Angie you just validated Haleigh’s point! YOU guys put Angela and Kaycee OTB together because THEY ARE A PAIR who hang out together all the time! Ya dig? This is NOT the only or most significant reason Haleigh is saying this to Angie. Haleigh understands Angie is OTB and should be downstairs making friends (for the first time all season). Also, Haleigh is tired of Angie being in the HOH ALL THE TIME! 


Angie has been the one saying all the time she hates these people. Then constantly complains those people never talk to you! Angie never talks to anyone! Let me just say by the time Sunday rolls around I’m really tired of listening to Angie. 


Haleigh and Bayleigh commented all the time Angie follows them around everywhere. You are behaving counter productively to what you say you want. You’re (ridiculous) argument to Tyler is that Angela and Kaycee only started buddying up to him last week when they needed him. That’s exactly what you and Haleigh are doing. UGH! Foute is Flopte! 


Angie tells Haleigh that Tyler, Faysal & Scottie have a deal. That Tyler works the other side & Scottie works their side and  they probably exchange info. Haleigh wonders who to put up next to Angie that is guaranteed to go home? Angie is half right here. That’s what Scottie’s game is. Not Tyler and Scottie. But it is what JC and Tyler have done all season. It’s also

what Brett and Tyler are currently doing. 


What’s most frustrating about Flopte is they do consider the right things. They speculate accurately but never bother to ask themselves the next question or answer the original. They hit a wall and leave it right there. I’ve heard Angie be spot on over and over this season. 


We are now heading Haleigh question and grapple with why votes have never washed out correctly. She questions Brett suddenly seeming to be with them. She is threatened by Tyler. She’s skeptical of Scottie and JC intermittently. But she also dismisses these ideas because it doesn’t fit the narrative of what she wants to happen this week. That leads me to view them like a broken clock. Even a broken clock has the right time twice a day. 


Haleigh explains to Angie all the camera's followed her when she won Hacker. She heard Kaycee jumping up and down during the Hacker comp. Haleigh tells Angie she observed all the camera's were on Kaycee when they came back, which is what happened last week when she won. 


Angie goes to BA & lays down on couch. Haleigh lays down in bed. This is the first time I’ve heard Haleigh present a valid reason for adamantly believing Kaycee is the Hacker! She still doesn’t have confirmation but this makes sense! She also continues to speculate throughout the weekend that Brett, Scottie, or Tyler could also be the Hacker so don’t get excited.


The fact she could hear Kaycee really sticks in my craw! Production needs to prevent crap like this. It’s very simple to do, noise canceling headphones! This is the second time this has happened! Bayleigh and Soggy overheard Sam win her power app week one! Now Haleigh heard Kaycee during the Hacker comp! Get it together already you’ve done this for 20 SEASONS! End Rant! 


Saturday 10:27 am Kaycee/Tyler

Kaycee tells Tyler that Angie is probably in the HoH telling Haleigh what happened. Kaycee says she told Angie, Welcome to Big Brother! Kaycee said Angie was shook when Kaycee said Scottie got taken down and he was not the hacker.  


Tyler says He is so pumped. Not a doubt in his mind (they will win Veto). Angela said after the veto ceremony she should stand up and say she was the hacker. That would actually be funny. Monday morning Kaycee tells Tyler when she is put pack OTB she’s just going to say that’s cute, I’m not the Hacker. But, ok. Then she confirms that’s not too aggressive. She doesn’t want to make Sam mad is my assumption here. 


Brett and Haleigh talk throughout the day. Saturday morning Brett asked what Haleigh plans to do if the veto is used. Brett throws out he doesn’t know where Tyler stands. What does she think? She’s not sure yet. She tells Brett Tyler and Scottie are close. She’s certain Tyler isn’t close to really anyone else. He’s alone. He only hung out with Angela and Kaycee last week because Angela was HOH. 


We see both Brett and Tyler have these same conversations about each other with Haleigh. They really do a beautiful job of disguising the fact they are a team. They also make Haleigh feel more comfortable about Brett by doing this. Poor Haleigh. LOL.


This is exactly what Brett wants to hear. It’s mind blowing to L6 that Flopte are always so wrong about everything. Don’t worry guys LF feel the same way! LOL


We do finally have some chatter about the 2nd power. Production (accidentally) threw the cloud onto the monitor last week. Tyler was scared when it happened. Only a couple HG saw it because they pulled it off the screen almost as quickly as it went up. But this stirred the pot about the powers again.


The DR probably also asked Haleigh as the HOH is she concerned about the other power. She wasn’t but she’s thinking about it. Which comes into play as the weekend plays out 


Haleigh begins speculating what a ‘cloud’ power could be. Eventually she lands on well if you sit in the cloud perhaps it gives you safety? Sadly by the end of the day Haleigh is pretty sure Kaycee or JC have it. What if she tries to put Kaycee back up and flushed her power out, she needs to think of alternative replacement nominations. 


Brett has the most logical theory about the cloud despite having no idea Tyler has it. He theorized that a cloud you back things up to secure your data so if your computer crashes you can ‘reset’ and everything goes back to where it was before. He’s spot on really. 


Tyler backs up his safety in this cloud and when he uses it the HOH goes back to having to selecting a different nominee. Good work Brett. Now I’m gonna need you to shut up! LOL.


Brett’s flirting with Haleigh is effective. They were hanging out in the HOH and he’s paying her lots of compliments telling her he likes her eyes as he rubs her arm while they lay in the HOH bed talking! LOL he better PRAY Faysal doesn’t come walking in!  Brett says to Haleigh he is going to grow out his hair and bread and go running around the house screaming for Winston. 



They have a strategy session to discuss what they will do if they lose the veto. As they run through things they are confident they have Brett. They probably have JC because Faysal feels good about JC. Brett is with them this week, we have the numbers this week. Haleigh says why would he go with the other ‘side’ if they don’t have the numbers 


Pause right here. This is where Flopte shows their inability to see past their own noses! All summer long we’ve heard ‘those people’ and ‘that side’. Who are ‘those people’ and which people are on ‘that side’? However like every week when they discuss votes they blur the lines when they count votes and seem shocked when the vote doesn’t go their way.

Week. After week. After week! 


So you realize their are sides but NEVER realize who the other side is? Even in the blow up last week Tyler says in front of everybody that Bayleigh told him she sees Kaycee/Angela/Brett/Rachel as a foursome. Ok, stay with me here. Rachel

Went home so now according to Bayleigh’s theory that leaves a trio as far as they know. 


Magically the 3rd in that trio is a lone wolf with no one in the game and your new best friend! You believe he has left what all of you have said over and Over and over for the first 5 weeks of the game is the ‘other side’ even though you lost a number the next week? 

Knowing all that you know, with 5 blindsides happening to you on eviction night, YOU still don’t see that your own math makes NO sense? 


To add insult to injury you’ve pulled in Scottie and are putting a lot of weight in what he tells you. You do this after weeks of saying HE is the one throwing all the votes off and screwing us all the time. This is the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over and over

expecting a different outcome. 


By Flopte’s own thinking how do Kaycee and Angela remain the only one’s left on ‘that side’? It makes Zero sense! They always talk about the problems but NEVER shut up long enough to really take a step back and problem solve why it is happening. They always do the same thing week after week, oh this person is voting with us for sure this week!  JC would never flip on is because of Faysal but spend a lot of time telling Faysal JC is playing him, he’s running from side to side all the time. Despite the fact Scottie repeatedly tells them JC is the one who has been messin up the votes! 


I heard a perfect analogy about Flopte recently! They are the epitome of Charlie Brown and the football! That is a PERFECT analogy for this group! Every week they are  certain this time when they go to kick the football (vote) they are going to be able to do it. Yet week in and week out the football (vote) gets pulled away from them and they land flat on their tails trying to

figure out why they continue trying to kick the football! That ladies and gentlemen encompasses Flopte’s entire season to date! 


So at least if Tyler doesn’t win they can still BD him right? That’s the plan! WRONG! Angie says to Haleigh we shouldn’t even BD Tyler this week right? We need to get Angela out! Not Tyler who has the most veto wins in the house. 


Not Tyler? Not the guy who has played in 6/7 vetos and won an HOH? Not the guy who technically won half of them? 


Although in RealiTea he has one more!  Last week he did win the veto competition but gave the actual Veto to Angela. Let us not forget Week 1 he threw it to Faysal to avoid being seen a competition beast having already won the HOH. Why would we get rid of the strongest player in the house? We need Angela gone. 


Oh just wait it gets better! They’ve now convinced themselves Angela is at the center of everything. Angela is closest with Kaycee. She’s the only connection Tyler has over there. Without Angela Tyler goes back to being a lone wolf again because he’s only with them this week because they are using him and he is falling for it because she saved him last week! 


Yep! Here they are again! Creating a narrative where they have all the elements they need to actually finally wonder has Tyler been working with them all along? Nope! Let’s just cut the ties between Angela and Kaycee and that eliminates the problem. It’s not because you want to avenge Bayleigh! Nope. Who cares now that Bayleigh is gone it’s all about the numbers we have 5 they have 3! 


I can’t with these people! I just can’t. They are there own worst enemies in the game and they may as well go ahead and evict themselves. Oh yeah they may just end up doing that this week! 


The one thing I will do is give Scottie some credit here. Although he flopped back to Flopte this week he’s said a lot of things to create a narrative where Tyler isn’t a threat. He was the one to first throw out that Tyler’s only connection to Kaycee is Angela.


This is Scottie and not Flopte so it makes me curious if he’s simply making sure a female player goes out this week? Or is he possibly getting a female out this week to keep his BFF Tyler safe and set up the opportunity for the guy’s alliance to take over the game soon? Definitely something I will be paying attention to (DR’s) on the episode. 


You have to think he must be saving him intentionally. Scottie KNOWS Tyler is a bigger threat. Why would he push things that prevent him from being Flopte’s nemesis? 


Brett does check in with L6 this morning. He lets them know Haleigh isn’t planning to BD Tyler anymore. He’s good! She wants to put Kaycee back up OTB. Which makes no sense but hey this is great for us Kaycee would likely stay over Angie! Good work! Go Team! Break! 


When spoke about the twist last time I mentioned it’s entirely possible Tyler would use the Cloud if he doesn’t win veto. The stars align and surprise! He’s not going to have to use his power app! Best case scenario! 


This is exactly why he didn’t specifically tell his crew he was safe this week because he has a power! I mentioned last time I felt as though if he had to use it he would tell them versus just dropping hints. Well played Tyler! Now just watch Sam! Tyler must be the nicest person to walk the earth because the heavens just seem to keep opening up and shining directly down on him! LOL! 


Veto doesn’t get under way until late Saturday afternoon. HG are pumping themselves up all day and generally having some fun blowing off steam. 


2:45 pm Saturday Sam/Angela/Kaycee/Tyler/JC are all hanging out together in the BBR. Sam has seemed to be in better spirits today. I was surprised to see her anywhere near Angela. Sam says she wishes she had watched she LF before coming in here! At least then even a bunch of clips of LF I would have had a better idea of what I was getting myself into. 


2:57 pm Production has been telling JC to stop singing or quoting things for over an hour! It’s very annoying for the LF fish off and on all the time and mostly because every day he sings all damn day! 


However, in this circumstance LF and HG in the BBR have some laughs at Production trolling JC! I highly recommend you FB and then keep watching because I’m about 10 more minutes JC puts on the peanut costume which is so funny I watched it several times! 


I agree with Tyler who said JC better get a punishment before the end of the season! JC needs a punishment that includes a muzzle! Or perhaps a mime costume and no talking except when he’s ‘on-line’ then just leave him off line for a week! UGH! He makes the feeds go offline (fish) more than anyone in the house. I’d go so far as to say more than all the other HG combined. 


Production, “JC! Please stop singing!”... JC: “Bob (production announcer) you're so nice today. Did you have sex last night? You're such in a good mood. He never say thank you or nothing. 


Production responds with, “That's what she said!” 


Loud laughter from Blue BR crew

JC says ok Bob m, you got me this time! LOL! That’s what she said. Ok I don’t have a comeback for that one! Ok Bob.”


Finally someone made JC speechless thank you production! That was funny! 


It is a few minutes later when JC puts in on Kaycee’s peanut costume and everyone in the BBR starts singing the peanut song with him. Production even plays the tune for them! He gets a “Pleas stop singing” and the hilarity ensues from there! All you can see is his face and his feet! Once he grabs the weights he says OMG these are heavy and this is hot I couldn’t do this for an hour! LOL. 


Veto isn’t played until late afternoon and didn’t nearly take as long as we would have expected! That’s actually a good thing because southern CA has been ensuring an unprecedented heat wave this summer with high humidity not typical for this part of the country. OTEV is a really physical competition. 


Feeds return to Angie in the shower crying to Sam. TYLER won the VETO! As if this isn’t insane enough in such a pivotal week, Tyler won because ANGIE helped him with a question! 


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The rest of the night EVERYONE is talking about the fact that it was Angie herself that helped Tyler win! In one of the middle rounds Angie and Tyler had returned to the top. Angie showed Tyler her answer, he realizes his answer is wrong. He had enough time to go back down and grab the right answer and still got back up before Haleigh preventing him from being knocked out! 


What’s even more mind blowing? It sounds like it came down to the end and Tyler knocks Angie out because she returned with the wrong answer! She’s whining all season about not winning anything and being seen as weak. I feel bad for her at this point! It sound as though one of the most physical comps in a season Angie kicked butt but still loses. 


With all of this happening on the feeds last night it did make something I had not really thought of before. Angie is a mom. If you’re not a mom you can’t understand what I am about to say. She has 3 young kids. 


Angie came into the game just 6 months after giving birth to her 3rd child! When you have a baby you have MOMMY brain! Your brain actually changes! For years you endure sleep deprivation, stress, constant demands 24/7 and your brain turns to mush at certain points we’ve all said it as we experience and no one really can explain to you what this does to you. 


So, I can cut Angie some slack. She should actually be REALLY proud that she came so close. Angela and Kaycee went out first two round. She actually could have won this! 


This house is high stress. Constant demands to stay on your toes, be quick thinking, pay attention to the details is a key part of this game. Add all of this to the fact her team has zero sense...she was doomed! She doesn’t do anything to help herself by only hanging out with two people in the house the entire season. It’s like 2 is her maximum capacity for social interaction and all of her insecurities prevents her from even trying to find common ground with anyone else. Horrible game play. 


Enough about my theories on why Angie can’t think straight. When the feeds return Haleigh and Faysal in the HOH and they are PISSED! Why did she do that? She’s so STUPID! Faysal says at this point Angie is liability and we may as well vote her out.

Haleigh says she better not come up here crying about it! She did it to herself. OMG! I’m so mad! 


They’re not wrong. Haleigh and Faysal wind up bickering. At one point Haleigh tells Faysal sometimes she just doesn’t trust him. As you would expect after

53 days in the house this sends him into a tantrum and he leaves.


Haleigh said earlier that after they win the veto comp she’s popping open her bottle of wine so they can all celebrate. Since that didn’t happen decides before she

talks to people she and Angie should have ENTIRE bottle. 


After the veto competition Haleigh and Scottie have a talk. Scottie and Haleigh have spent a lot of time talking game 1-1 this week. Haleigh tells Scottie that he has more pull on him (Tyler) than she (Angela) or Kaycee does. Him and Angela havent been close until she saw it beneficial to her own game. When has she talked to Tyler before she had to take him down to put Bayleigh up! 


BOOM! Yes! That’s exactly true! They have worked very hard to ensure that is people’s perception so you don’t piece together they have been a team all along! Wait until tonight when she has a 1–1 with Tyler and uses this as an argument to him. I don’t know how he manages to keep a straight face.


Angie goes downstairs to fetch Tyler after she and Angie are drunk. Haleigh is in the bath and after some initial greetings the first thing Haleigh says to Tyler is he looks so cute right now. Tyler is like ok I’m out of here! Angie had wanted to talk to him 1-1 but now Haleigh insists they sit in the BA and all 3 talk. 


Angie says she has a safety promise from herself, Sam who never breaks a promise, Faysal, and Haleigh. So that’s four people that would keep you safe if they win HOH.

She goes on to ask how many people do you have keeping you safe right now, 2? 


Maybe 2 that have won 1 HOH and 1 Hacker comp let’s say...whereas Faysal has won a lot of vetos (2 and Tyler handed him the first one week 1). Sam who is a crazy person hanging on a tree. I’ve almost been, I’m coming up on mine let’s be real and this one (Haleigh). That’s four people promising you safety. You can

Check with Sam/Faysal.


Tyler asks what about Scottie? Angie starts to talk but...Haleigh says are you kidding me? Your best friend? Angie says Scottie is 5 people but Scottie is like your boy! Angie says that’s 5 people. I want to be here extreme amounts. I fought for my life.


Haleigh tells her she did so good. Angie says if they (Kaycee/Angela) didn’t throw that comp to you, then that was them fighting for their lives in this game (sarcasm)? 


Haleigh speculates they threw it. Tyler says no way. Haleigh offers to tell him her idea. Kaycee was the hacker, picked you to play making a deal that if you won you would take Angela down, so she thinks I’m gonna put her back up. She (Kaycee) has a power so she’s gonna take herself down and then I’m left here! 


Listen Tyler was in there for well over an hour. Closer to 80 minutes. Angie is present for quite a while but then Haleigh has some 1-1 chats with him. 


Haleigh and Faysal get into a tiff. They are both furious with Angie for inadvertently helping Tyler. He would have been knocked out that round leaving only Haleigh, Faysal, and Angie in the competition. Instead Tyler wins and they agree she has no one else to blame but herself.


They also agree she’s a liability at this point. They are over Angie! She is so bad at the game. She’s always shadowing Haleigh. Faysal says at one point he doesn’t care if she goes home. You can watch the exchange here:



Haleigh and Angie and talk. Angie is whining and complaining. Haleigh is like why did you help him! This is terrible I’m breaking out my bottle of wine we need to get Tyler up here and I will flirt my way into his heart! She believes flirting with meek, vulnerable, lost little puppy dog Tyler. 


Haleigh and Brett touch base before the Tyler pitch. She confirms he will vote with them this week. Nothing new or significant comes from this.


Haleigh begins having these 1-1 convos in the HOH around 8 pm. She and Angie proceed to drink the entire bottle of wine during this. As if this wasn’t bad enough Haleigh elects to take a bath in her swimsuit for the entire FOUR HOURS she’s holding meetings while drunk!


Yeah this is gonna end well for her! I can NEVER understand why people in the HOH think that drinking and holding strategy sessions or 1-1 meetings is ever a good idea! It’s not! 


What happens from here is going to go down in BB history. This is the WORST pitch in 20 seasons of BB! It’s such a train wreck. The only thing that makes it worse than the deal they pitch and the things Haleigh and Angie reveal is the fact they believe it worked! 


Angie goes down and gets Tyler and brings him to the HOH room. Hilarity ensues. There are so many facets to how horrific these two manage their pitch to him! They truly believe that he’s insane not to accept this idea he would be safe from 5 people for 2, 3, 5 weeks? Then proceed to tell him who they are working with. Everything they believe to be true.

It’s just so bad! I can’t even begin to summarize it with any chance of conveying just how awful it is! 


Tyler gets in plenty of digs along the way. If they were listening at all they would know when he leaves there is zero chance of him not using it on Angela. In fact they give me 100 reasons to use it on Angela even if you believe what they believed to be true!


So you’re saying you are 6 people right as a voting block at least and I should be willing to let go of one of two people you know are with me at the moment? In what universe would anyone take their deal? Oh and you put Tyler OTB days ago! 


I’ve included a link to the entire absurd pitch below. You will just have to watch even the first 15 min to have a clear understanding of why I am now for the remainder of the season referring to them as FLOPTE! You will laugh hysterically! 



Tyler keeps asking Haleigh if she was the hacker last week, and she keeps saying she was. He wants to know why Bayleigh got into it with him and not Haleigh. Haleigh keeps saying over and over Tyler is not her target. Haleigh confirms she wants Angela to go.  Tyler handles this brilliantly. I know I keep saying I can’t believe he’s able to keep a straight face while listening to them. 


Sunday was basically an entire day of Angie saying, “Tyler would have to be an idiot to not take our deal.” He would he say STUPID to not take the deal! There’s no way he doesn’t take the deal. Production had one camera on her the entire day and at any point you switched to her these were the words coming out of her mouth! UGH!


At this point I feel as though she’s saying it because she KNOWS deep down he will not take the deal.


Monday morning arrives! Finally we can stop listening to everyone talking about whether Tyler will use the veto! Scottie is the only member of Flopte that is sure Tyler will take Angela down. Angela uses veto on Tyler last week and Haleigh put Tyler on the block. Why wouldn’t he take her down! 


Tyler uses the veto! Kaycee is the replacement nominee. Tyler takes some time to tell Angie how sorry he is that she’s the one paying for Haleigh’s move last week. He feels bad but Haleigh took a shot at him he couldn’t turn around an give her what she wants! He then goes into the GR with Kaycee and talks about how dumb it was for Haleigh to think he wouldn’t. Angie interrupts. 


Tyler again tried sell the narrative that it’s Haleigh’s fault she’s in this position. He has nothing against Angie. He Likes her but Haleigh made this happen. Angie says it isn’t Haleigh’s fault and asks to speak to Kaycee alone. 


Wow! Whew! I’m glad that’s over with! What a week so far! As of now Kaycee does have the votes to stay. Angie doesn’t think that and neither does the rest of Flopte! We will see how today plays out. Angie plans to start blowing things up which is exactly the opposite someone should be doing if they believe they have the votes to stay! 








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19 hours ago, BigBrotherHBIC said:

I heard a perfect analogy about Flopte recently! They are the epitome of Charlie Brown and the football! That is a PERFECT analogy for this group! Every week they are  certain this time when they go to kick the football (vote) they are going to be able to do it. Yet week in and week out the football (vote) gets pulled away from them and they land flat on their tails trying to figure out why they continue trying to kick the football! That ladies and gentlemen encompasses Flopte’s entire season to date! 


Thanks so much for your blog posts, I always look forward to reading them.  And thanks for the bathtub video.  Still shaking my head @ how Haleigh and Rockstar thought this was working. 

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