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Rachel is Taking Lumps and Bayleigh is Talking Baby Bumps!


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Wacky Wednesday inside the BB20 house today. From the wee hours of the early morning well into the evening there’s a lot of moving and shaking going on. Even a twist no one would have predicted preseason. Get comfortable because you will want to sip all of this RealiTea why it’s still hot! 


Faysal and Tyler chat it up in the HM room around 1:20am. I actually heard something astute from Faysal! There was a convo about JC (who just exited). Faysal points out that JC talks a lot of crap all the time. 


Faysal tells Tyler with JC you have to weed out the b.s. with him. He also accurately speculated that you always have to be cautious of him because he goes to everybody all the time. He may be telling you all of this stuff but then you have to wonder what’s he saying to all the others.


Wow! Is Faysal actually paying attention to someone other than Haleigh? Then he and Tyler go in to discussing who would target whom. Who does Tyler think would target him? Faysal clarifies of Tyler thinks the 3 girls (Kaycee/Rachel/Angela) would really nominate him. Tyler says yeah. He’s always good at listening more than he speaks and being very careful with what he does say. 


Tyler then goes on to reinforce the idea that Rachel was the rogue vote last week. Faysal says he knew it wasn’t Tyler. That would be such an obvious and stupid move. 


Tyler and Faysal eventually circle around to discussing Kaitlin and her declarations to each of the guys on Day 1 (Tyler) Day 2

(Brett) and Day 8 (Faysal). Time to check in with Bayleigh and Rachel’s sleepover in the HOH. 


Tyler and Faysal are essentially doing the same things here. They are feeding each other little bites to see what gets a nibble. Tyler just does is more effectively because he’s always 5 steps ahead. I give Faysal some credit for his efforts to sniff out where Tyler’s head lies. 


1:40 am HOH  Bayleigh is thanking Rachel for keeping her secret. LOL! Rachel is playing right along about how she wouldn’t do that she’s OTB and she’s gonna spill about Bay’s power? Nah she Would never do that. 


Good job Rachel. She let Bayleigh talk about the evolution of Bay/Chris in bed in the HOH room for a good hour prior. Rachel appears to be sleeping up there with her. Once Bayleigh gets nice and comfy and brings up how she freaked out on herself after she told Rachel her secret.


Eventually Rachel confirms the power expires after F9 week ends. This is true. 

The power says when 8 HG remain the identity theft power is no longer in play. 

Eventually we see them proceed to study days and events.


1:55 am

Tyler/Brett talk in passing. Tyler asks Brett if he told/asked Scottie about the only he might stay is if he can make Rachel blow up. Brett says no, Scottie said to me that the only way Brett could stay at this point is if Rachel has a major blow up. Brett is annoyed Scottie lied to Tyler about that convo. Scottie did lie, just to clarify. He was the one to tell Brett that. 


11 am HOH Bayleigh 

Bay says she (Rachel) has no idea about anything that is going on. Like she has no clue. Bay tells Angie that Rachel was like why would Tyler win this veto i’m so confused? 


I am laughing at this point. The irony of these two who are the most clueless on the game thinking they are boss b*txhes calling shots and actually making fun of someone else saying they are clueless is HILARIOUS! Bay says “she has no clue.. poor thing.” 


Oh no it didn’t stop there! LOL! Angie tells Bay that “A lot of people have no clue what’s going on. A LOT of people (LOL)” 


Ok Angie you kinda are right here.  A lot of people don’t have a clue. However all of those clueless people are on your own team! You are the one that knows the

Least! HAHAHAHHA I’m sorry but Foute is just so bad! Later you will hear Kaycee and Angela’s take on this topic as well. 


 Bayleigh does show that she is not 100% all in on Scottie. Clearly JC, Brett, and Tyler’s efforts to grow the mistrust she has is working beautifully. Bayleigh tells Angie “we got to watch Scottie. He’s sneaky!


They don’t see targeting him as a priority right now because they believe Scottie is on everybody’s radar so those people can take him out. Let’s see if they still think that come Thursday! 


Angie keeps regurgitating the fact she believes ‘the odds are in our favor’. She does point out that things have gone so terribly bad, but finally they are going to be on the right side of an eviction. Bay is so delusional her attitude is ‘finally we get something we just need to keep it.’


Well considering your side of the house has owned every HOH except Sam’s and you are blindsided week after week...hmmm seems to me having ‘something’ doesn’t mean squat when you’re Foute! 


Bayleigh asks Angie about DE. Bayleigh has no idea really how the night plays out on a DE night. She needs to because Bayleigh’s goal is to wait and use her power during the DE. I’m highly doubtful her power will make it to a DE. Pretty unlikely Bayleigh will either but she has better odds of being there than being there with her power. 


Bayleigh is showing some mild concern about Brett trying to make Rachel pop off and shift the target. She mentions it briefly but then like most things glosses over it and doesn’t address the potential problem. This is a very Foute way of viewing the game. They see or speculate potential twists and turns every week but it’s like they think because they thought of it their jobs are done! 


Last week when Haleigh was worried about Kaitlin staying she made a plan and went to work. She made some real strides and secured Kaitlin’s eviction.


That’s how L6 works week after week. Whereas Foute says what if this happens and then drops it. Every week the exact same strategy they never bother to problem solve or eliminate a threat they just sit back and get slapped up side the blindside heads week after week! 


I credit some of that to Tyler and JC always being 5 steps ahead to make them feel secure enough to not be motivated to do anything. But come on. One blindside I can see it. Maybe even 2 but considering the comp stats and casualty counts by this point Foute should be over playing to make sure nothing gets by them. 


Instead to this moment (Wednesday) the day before eviction they are lounging comfortably in the HOH all morning and afternoon talking about how they are all knowing and all seeing and confident just because they want something this week they’re going to get it. 


One thing I’ve failed to touch on is Sam’s mood this week. She’s had some meltdowns about feeling isolated again. She says to Bayleigh she feels like she is dismissing her again. Sam is back to feeling like people ignore her. They do actually until they need her. Except for Kaycee and Tyler for the most part. 


Some of that is Sam is always finding quirky things to entertain herself and occupy her time. I’m guessing her feeling isolated led to her other meltdown on Monday where she’s crying over feeling fat and being surrounded by all of these fit and perfectly statuesque women in the house. 


I’ve heard people shade same for wanting to hug people all the time. Especially in reference to their perception that Sam lingers in her hugs with Kaycee. From my point of view this is Sam’s way of both connecting with people and getting some comfort with physical contact. Not in a sexual way but a human contact kind of sensation. Sam is vulnerable again this week. This comes into play a little later in the day. 


I will tell you this, if I’m playing survivor or naked and afraid I want Sam on my team. This gal can create anything out of nothing. She’s always crafting. Making loofa’s out of old T-shirt’s. Creating bubbles. Making hooch. Capturing spiders and bees and keeping them in jars and caring for them. It’s happened so much the others have encouraged her to sell her stuff in on Etsy. 


Around noon Angie and Bayleigh are in the HOH. This gets interesting real quick! Last week Bayleigh kept mentioning she hadn’t gotten her period yet. We all know there was some tickle me Elmo action happening with her and Soggy. Primarily because we heard him telling Faysal about it in great detail. 


Suddenly Bayleigh asks Angie how she knew she was pregnant? Angie says because she threw up. Bayleigh says she wishes Soggy were there.


Bayleigh is in her robe in bed (looks like she's maybe not feeling well). Bayleigh says she doesn't know what pregnancy symptoms are. Angie told Bayleigh for her she just felt pregnant. She went on to explain that meant she felt crampy but something just felt different. 


Oh Jesus take the wheel! Please tell me this young woman didn’t get pregnant during BB20 playing hide the cucumber with a guy she’d known for 6-14 days. More importantly why is she talking about it on the LF! I felt the same way about Soggy revealing details to Faysal. It never happened on the actual LF that we saw so had he kept his mouth shut (a problem clearly both he and his last have in common) we wouldn’t have known! 


This could actually explain her sudden erratic behavior I suppose. I mean it doesn’t excuse all of her bigoted and culturally insensitive commentary but the mood shifts and tyrannical outburst could easily be coming from hormones. I genuine hope that this isn’t the case. She is young and finding out your pregnant on national tv by isn’t a moment you want to commemorate in this way. Or maybe she does? Either way now you have that RealiTea to sip on. 


12:28 pm Haleigh walks into the HOH while Bayleigh is talking with Angela. When Haleigh just walks into the HoH room Bayleigh yells "KNOCK!" Haleigh goes back out and knocks, then comes back in. 


Hmmm. I guess the real question is...Is Bayleigh just really a b*tchy girl that has been holding back until she stupidly won power? Or is she b*tchy all of a sudden because of hormones? This is exactly the kind of tyrannical behavior I was referring to. Guess we will find out along with her eventually. I mean two more months in the game or the jury the answers will become clear whether she likes it or not. 


12:40 pm Angela arrives in the HOH with H/B/A to ask about what Bay told Rachel about Tyler bringing up her name. Bayleigh doesn’t tell the whole truth but she does admonish Tyler of any wrong doing. She reassured Angela Tyler isn’t coming for her. It was more Bayleigh shutting Rachel up for being annoyed. 


However, now Bay is furiously on the hunt for Rachel. How dare she tell Angela what she said!? I mean she said someone was targeting Angela and Rachel telling Angela doesn’t seem like a major violation but in Queen Bay’s kingdom, like Faysal, you are clearly expected to ask her permission before speaking to anyone else. I’m so over her power trip. I didn’t dislike Bayleigh before this week. Now I’m HERE for someone sending her arrogant tail out the door with it stuck between her legs. 


Bayleigh finds Rachel campaigning to Sam in the BA. She curtly summons Rachel. Bayleigh yells at Rachel for telling Angela what she said about Tyler and Angela. Bayleigh says that didn't need to get around. 


Rachel goes back to the bathroom area. Sam asks what was that all about? Rachel says she was asking about something I said. Sam says she appreciates Rachel. Sam says we can talk more. They hug. Sam says don't walk on pins and needles it doesn't help. Rachel leaves. 


Even I am feeling a little bad for Rachel at this point. I mean once she volunteered to go OTB she backed herself into a no win situation. Neither side was ever going to put their necks on the line to save her and that’s a hard pill to Swallow. Especially when you thought you were positioning yourself to be golden between the two sides. She just can’t win this week and I’m not talking about BB. I mean no one will throw her a life line after her self sabotage. 


1pm HOH Angie and Haleigh continue their ‘planning’ once Bayleigh heads downstairs. They run through who they think would target whom. Angie points out that JC is just going to skate by. Who else will actually put him up? She’s hesitant to nominate him because she doesn’t want the LGBTQI people coming for her because she targets the only G guy in the house. 


Angie gnaws on this issue for a while. She keeps dragging on about how she doesn’t want her LGBTQI people to drag her for evicting him but no one will beat him at the end. I can’t sit next to JC and no one else is gonna take the shot.


Then they discuss who in the house would be mad? Faysal. For sure but he can’t say anything because he hasn’t done anything. Maybe Sam. But Sam almost put him up. I went up instead so that gives me the perfect excuse to nominate him. Like hey buddy it’s really your fault I went up Sam’s week so take a seat. 


Really Angie? You are not someone that should be rationalizing anyone doesn’t matter because they haven’t done sh*t because WTH have you done? NOTHING! You’ve actually just outlined the reason people should be looking at you! 


When Bayleigh returns we hear her say for the millionth time she hopes Soggy comes back this week. UGH! Shut up no one is coming back pre-jury! Kaitlin was the one who had a chance how do you not realize this!


Haleigh talks about they need to win this next HOH. Bayleigh says the only thing that would better is if Soggy comes back. She says she would literally jump on him. Haleigh had a dream he came back. GIRL! Stop! Enough he’s not coming back! I know you want to tell him how worried you are but don’t fret I’m sure the LF grabbed the video clip and tweeted it to him. I mean isn’t that how every man wants to hear he may be having a baby? 


Imma need you to STOP THAT Bayleigh. I told ya’ll last week that I hoped she’d stop after the power app played out but she hasn’t! Omg! It’s just pathetically annoying how oblivious to RealiTea she is this week! Maybe it is baby brain. That is a thing you know. 


Rachel is still running around every 30 minutes checking she still has their votes. Sadly by their I mean Foute which are actually the only votes she goes have. When she checks in with Scottie he tells her she’s good with him.


Scottie says, “be prepared because Brett threw Rockstar under the bus in the last speech so to be prepared”. Rachel is reading Bible verses out loud to Scottie.


Shut up Scottie! You’re the one that said to Brett the only way you think the vote could flip is if Rachel flips out. Do ya’ll hear that? That’s the sound of Scottie’s stock crashing this upcoming week. 


2pm Wednesday Angela and Kaycee are discussing how Bay’s side is always walking around like they run the house but L6 always controls the votes. They agree they need to win the next HOH. Angela accurately points out that look what we’ve done and haven’t won. LOL. 


Kaycee drilling on the fact that Foute meets openly all the time. She pointed out that they talk so much that they are cocky and drop the ball all the time. Versus L6 that has quick check ins and rarely meets as a group and have most the control over how each week plays out. They’re so stupid. Tyler makes a similar point later in the day. 


Both ladies also discussed how happy they will be to not have to tolerate Rachel and her need for attention all the time. Also the fact that one thing made her turn on the group. They also discuss the fact that JC won’t have to compete for attention against Rachel anymore. 


We’ve been hearing this same type of conversation all over the house the last 24 hours. Almost every time you pop in on a conversation in any room where allies are together they as brainstorming which HG will target which people? They’ve also been creating their target line ups as



Everyone on Foute says they will target Rachel/Angela/Kaycee except Angie. She plans to target Brett/JC and  perhaps if the opportunity presents itself BD Tyler. 


What’s humorous is that Foute is so overly confident they’ve run through most of the other HG’s and genuinely believe people like Tyler and JC will also target the women on the ‘other side’ of the house.


While ridiculous to us, what this reveals is they are seriously falling hook, line, and sinker for JC, Brett, and Tyler’s smoke and mirrors. It’s conversations like these that are very telling about what people really believe. 


Meanwhile the team that can actually get stuff done is playing a coo. They are prepared in case Bayleigh changes the nominations if they win the next HOH. They are prepared to flush her power out. They are prepared to take shots at Bayleigh that’s for sure. 


My only concern within L6 is Angela. In her conversations with Kaycee she keeps saying that they need to win this next HOH because Bayleigh will change the nominations and then they won’t have to get blood on their hands. This is cryptic to me. She’s been 100% loyal to L6, but she also flipped on her ride or die Rachel this week. If she will flip on her if I’m in the house I’d be wondering who she will flip on next. Put a pin in that. It’s definitely something to pay attention to.


The good news is Rachel told Angela today to brush up on her days for the competitions ahead. This information tells us she still isn’t suspicious and is in Rachel’s mind still a situation where she and Angela are straight. Trust me she wouldn’t be saying this to her if she really thought she may be going. 


Later this afternoon JC checks in with Faysal about the votes. Faysal assures JC by his count there will be 8 votes to evict Brett and tells JC not to worry. Again Foute is as in the dark today as Rachel. He then later tells Rachel not to worry it should be unanimous tomorrow. 


Brett has been practicing his eviction speech. He plans to say something along the lines: 

“I know everyone's nervous I'm gonna say something crazy, but I'll keep it heartfelt. Rachel told me all about the all girls alliance. She also told me all about Bayleigh's power app. She has the ability to replace nominations.”


This could seriously cause a major shake up in the house heading into the next HOH. The primary goal of course is to set the stage for the vote flip that will send Rachel out and keep Brett in the game. The secondary fallout could be far more exciting! I mean they want Bay to not be so angry when Brett stays by justifying (Angela/Kaycee/Tyler/Sam) for targeting Rachel. 


However, remember Faysal is the only person on Foute that knows Bay has a power and what it is. So picture Haleigh and Angie’s faces and reactions to learning their teammate has this extraordinary power and she didn’t tell them? Not only didn’t Bayleigh tell them but they are finding out from BRETT of all people and learning he knows because Bayleigh told Rachel and

Not them! 


I suspect this is where the focus will remain. Exposing Bay’s power is a risk v. Reward situation. While I’m not convinced this part of the speech is the best move, I do believe this fun fact will distract from the vote and create some dissension among Foute heading into the next HOH.


My guess Haleigh could likely flip on Foute week 6! She’s over Faysal and his dramatics. Now Bayleigh the anchor of the team and her closest ally trusted Rachel over her?! 


I’m here for it! Foute will be fuming Brett stays. Bayleigh will rake slaps to both sides of her two faces. First being her target stayed (again)! Secondly the blindside that Rachel spilled her secret, Brett outed her, now the whole house knows! Finally the likely backlash from her allies! Listen the higher you rise the harder you fall. Her treacherous reign of over inflated ego as HOH will result in her game blowing up! 


Angie is going to be pissed too! She’s going to be more focused on how the hell shes always the last to know anything and gets screwed by THAT GUY winning again. She will forgive Bayleigh quickly because she has no where else to go. But...I expect to hear another week of whining out of her. 


Faysal is going to be dumbfounded and run to Bayleigh and then JC. He’s going to be like a chicken with his head cut off. Bayleigh is gonna snap so hard on him in her own frustration his head may actually come off. LOL. Don’t worry Faysal JC and Tyler will be there to direct you while you vent. 


Angela did circle back around to Tyler today about Bayleigh’s power. He’s now clear that she only names original nominations-voiding the HOH nominees but she doesn’t have control over replacement. She also confirms Bayleigh’s power is good for at least 2 more evictions not just next week. That’s key information because it seemed like maybe he was under the impression they just needed to worry next week. 


This is great because he did attempt to ask Rachel about it. She shut him down refusing to say anything to him. Her talk she wanted to have...had nothing to do with the power. It was just her rationalizing why she believed Bayleigh about the Angela renom thing. 


I will be shocked if the damn light bulb doesn’t go off in this girl’s head. Tyler wasn’t supposed to know about Bay’s power. Rachel told Angela. Now she knows Angela blabbed. Plus the HG were shown a video this afternoon in preparation for the HOH competition. People scrambled to varying rooms in small groups to study. People are studying with Brett. This HAS to finally make her suspicious you would think. 


Seems as though Brett actually recalled the details the best after the video was over and people began studying. That would be amazing don’t you think? Brett being on the block the last two weeks, lost Winston, hasn’t won anything and turns around and wins the HOH! Plus he knows about Bay’s power so he and Tyler could surely make the best move to try and flush it out or BD Bayleigh! 


Needless to stay despite Foute spending the majority of their time hold up in the HOH together today we did actually have some new events develop between the HOH comp video preview, Bayleigh solidifying how naive she really is after her HOH reign, Sam/JC arguing, and Rachel withholding details saying she will share it when it’s pertinent. 


Rachel telling Angela was almost as dumb as Bayleigh telling Rachel about the power. A more emotionally stable and strategic player would have used this intel to propel her game not tank it. The minute Bayleigh told her and Rachel decides she doesn’t want to be a pawn she should have held that secret over Bayleigh’s head to get her to not make her a nominee. 


Rachel could have hinted to knowing and played it like keep me and I have a sure fire way to get over on Bay. Instead she impulsively reacted and fumbled any chance to use this information to her advantage. This is where we see that just because you know the ins and outs of this game doesn’t mean you can play it. 


Sorry Rachel but...your time in the BB game is about to come to an end and you aren’t even going back to Vegas able to proclaim you outlasted your good friend Jackie from BB17. I mean at least she made jury. 


Sam and JC had a heated exchange today! Sam was livid to hear JC say he threw the HOH endurance competition. She was angered because that implies she didn’t win it on her own merits but by default because people threw it. 


I’m confused by the whole idea her ego is bruised by realizing maybe JC threw it (he didn’t he slipped on accident). I mean Tyler threw it to her and that was ok? What difference does it make? My take is she didn’t care for feeling like JC was minimizing her comp abilities and she’s just spent. She’s tired, it’s almost week 6 people are starting to be annoyed by each other and she’s been feeling very insecure. Just a perfect estrogen fueled storm. We will see if anything comes from it but it got pretty tense. 


The only other new development was something Tyler mentioned that surprised me. Tyler said he didn’t think that Bayleigh was aligned with Haleigh and Angie but the way they’ve all been snuggled up in the HOH together today now he sees she is 100%. 


There you have it! Some new developments in the house today now that they are finally on LD. Being cooped up in the house always produces some movements because people are confined with less distractions or outlets. It still appears Brett will stay. 


Foute is still the dumbest alliance in history. Tyler and L6 still manages to win even when they lose. Check back tomorrow for the full breakdown of winners and losers in week 5. I will also be back with the results of the eviction and new HOH. Until then, the RealiTea is this season has no shortage of fun feeds and messy HG’s which means #teamgoodfeeds is still winning! 


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Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I love your blogs. I check for one every day. I think I saw that you were a middle school teacher - me, too! Maybe that is why I normally agree with you. We are back to work now, but I will keep looking for your blogs. Thank you!

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On 8/3/2018 at 3:24 AM, TampaMom said:

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I love your blogs. I check for one every day. I think I saw that you were a middle school teacher - me, too! Maybe that is why I normally agree with you. We are back to work now, but I will keep looking for your blogs. Thank you!

Thank you! Yes I have 10 days until I’m back to school. Have a terrific school year! 

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On 8/3/2018 at 3:24 AM, TampaMom said:

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I love your blogs. I check for one every day. I think I saw that you were a middle school teacher - me, too! Maybe that is why I normally agree with you. We are back to work now, but I will keep looking for your blogs. Thank you!

Tampa mom I’m reveling in my last 10 days off before our school year begins. Thanks for the feedback. I hope you have a fabulous school year! 

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