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BBUK: 11 HMs evicted in first 24 hours

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(If this press story is true - speculation is Endemol may have constructed the story in the attempt to overshadow the launch of rival reality show Celebrity Love Island)


May 15 2005

BB chiefs' dirty trick on 11 'dummies' Con victims will be voted off in hours Churchman & male stripper are housemates

By Euan Stretch

BIG Brother bosses have devised their most dastardly plot yet - conning 12 contestants into thinking they have been picked for the show.

The evil plan involves two teams of housemates - one a "dummy dozen" and the other for real. Neither will know the other exists.

While the "dummies" are ushered into the BB house after packing their suitcases and saying tearful goodbyes to families and friends, the real ones will be shown into another part of the building.

A few hours later - after they've unpacked - 11 of the "dummies" will be booted out by public vote, leaving just one to join the real team.

Last night, a BB insider said: "This has to be the ultimate con - 12 poor hopefuls are going to believe they've been chosen and 11 will have their dreams shattered almost straight away." The Sunday Mirror can also reveal who 16 of the 24 housemates - real and otherwise - in BB6 will be. They include an ex-cop, a stripper-turned-dustman, a nurse, a stunning female builder and BB's first gay couple. One contestant is aged 56 - the oldest BB housemate yet.

The Channel 4 insider said: "We've picked the most ludicrous medley of misfits ever, including three beautiful maneaters. We want the craziest, raunchiest show in British TV history - I think these guys guarantee it."

We can also reveal how:

IT will be the longest running Big Brother yet - lasting 100 days.

HOUSEMATES will be handed

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Pure Evil is right... :evil:


But, I bet it makes for great TV.

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An earlier rumour (though I actually heard about the Sun/Owl house thing before this!)


This year's Big Brother house will be like no other, designed to confuse and disorientate the housemates by turning the notion of living upside down - LITERALLY!.

No standing under showers for your daily clean up - the water will spring up from grates in the floor.

And if you thought that was strange, all the sinks will be upside down with just cold water - making washing up virtually impossible.

Doors will be hung back to front and open the wrong way

And forget comfortable beds - this year there are no bedrooms - but there is an inflatable room which will have to do.

This years housemates will be challenged in more fun games - but the threat of EVIL still remains!

See: http://bigbrother.digitalspy.co.uk/article/ds7583.html

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