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Land Mines


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The RealiTea of the Big Brother house is one small step in the wrong directions leaves a player in a mine field with no map to a safe route out of danger. What looked like a boring day of feeds after the Veto ceremony this afternoon quickly turns into another explosion and the casualty count is still under way. 


12:16 pm the feeds return to Mark and Paul in the BY. Jason did not use the POV! From a game perspective, this was a smart move by Jason and it's the first major push by Paul that failed. For the Paul haters, stand up and celebrate! As you know my feeling was there was absolutely no reason to use the veto at this stage in the week. Dom had locked herself in as the target for the week and Jason and Alex were both going to create problems they didn't need to push a Paul agenda. Jason came to the conclusion that Mark and Jason were in a good spot and this would only create a potential problem for Jason down the road.  Jessica and Dom remain OTB and we see Paul telling Mark that he and Elena are the ones that have Mark's back and Mark just needs to stick to his word and vote Dom out. 


Speaking of sticking to your word in this game...later in the afternoon this becomes a point that makes them pot of RealiTea boil over! Mark and Josh are playing a game of pool around 3:20 pm. They made a wager and the loser will have to drink a cup of pickle juice and hot sauce. During the game, Josh is doing what he always does which is talk a lot of smack! Josh double taps on the eight ball, in RealiTea losing the game. Before we continue on this path there are a couple important facts to note. 


First, we we have our Have Nots for the week. Josh, Mark, and Ramses are the HN. When this is announced Saturday my first thought was....Josh and Mark+slop for the week is a recipe for the week of #crybabies. Mark is a big guy and a week of slop for this guy isn't going to be fun. Josh on slop-well that's just going to be a week of misery for live feeders! He's such a whiny little mama's boy to begin with add being hangry to that and we are going to be force fed a kid who has no sense when he is well nourishes to begin with. Then Josh takes the 50/50 gamble and ends up losing that bet leading to not one but now two weeks of HN for him! 


This leads me to the second point we need to address before diving into the pool game yesterday. Since Josh entered the house he has been all bark and no bite. Josh is constantly sh*t talking with all of the guys and making bets. The problem is Josh writes checks he can't cash! If you don't have the live feeds then this is important to understand. Week 1 Josh made a bet with Kevin and when Josh lost he starts back peddaling saying he isn't going to follow through. This established a regular pattern of Josh making gentlemen bets and then crying and never following through on his word. 


Several times over the last 3 weeks LF's have watched Kevin, Mark, and Josh have heart to heart conversations with Josh about as a man when you give your word you have to keep it. Jason of all the guys delivered the most sensible eloquent man to man child conversation about how not being a man of your word effects how you look at yourself and affects your self value. Jason explains that every time Josh goes back on bet Josh will lose respect for himself.


When you say you are going to do something no matter how annoyed or disappointed you are you have to follow through. Jason makes it clear not only does it effect Josh's own self esteem, since as a man the one thing you have to have is your word. The more Josh cries and whines about something the less the men in the house respect him and this will show up in the game. So stop making the bets or suck it up and take your punishment. I'm not doing the conversation justice but you get my point. Don't walk the walk if you can't talk the talk. This entire situation has everything to do with why Kevin loathes Josh as much as he does. 


Now that we have covered the back story it's time to return to Monday afternoon 3:20 pm BB time! Josh loses the game but refuses to accept the loss. After spending the entire time playing antagonizing Mark, calling him meatball and just being typical obnoxious Josh when he double taps he insists this isn't a rule and that Mark lost. Mark had put up with all the smack talk with a good attitude but when Josh loses Mark is not going to role over. As they begin to ask for a ruling by others in the house as to whether a double tap means Josh lost, Josh still cannot just own his b.s.. 


Josh heads in the house to get the cup of hot sauce and pickle juice thinking he's going to make Mark drink in. Elena makes a joke that Mark should throw the cup at Josh. She repeatedly says it was a joke, that's not a good idea. Josh returns and Mark approaches Josh asking if Josh double tapped. Josh says yes and Mark replies, I'm a man of my word takes the cup from Josh's hand and throws it directly in Josh's face telling him he always goes back on his bets and he needs to be a man of his word! Now, if you don't have Feeds let me make it clear, Mark is smiling and I sincerely believe he thought it would be funny. It wasn't some heated conversation that goes left but...it wasn't cool! 


In real life, this is literally a move that would make anyone come out guns blazing. In the game, this is an awful move by a guy who just missed hitting the block by the skin of his teeth! Now as a LF who watches Josh rinse and repeat this same sissy move of bet and renig, bet and renig it was GLORIOUS FEEDS! Josh is a tea cup poodle that is constantly yappinf at the big dogs in the house as if he believes he's a Mastiff. He finally got nipped by a Labrador. 


Quickly Josh heads inside and we see him washing his face in the sink. We hear him saying Mark just disrespected him on live TV and his family is going to see this. Meanwhile outside Elena is scolding Mark telling him tha was stupid and he shouldn't have done that (while laughing). Josh begins telling anyone in the vicinity that Mark just disrespected him as a man and that he is #pissed. Raven and Xmas are in the BA as Josh stomps around having a temper tantrum (understandably to a degree). Raven wants nothing to do with it and says as much and exits the BA. 


Xmas really empathizes with Josh but she's trying to talk him down telling him repeatedly he needs to calm down before he does something he woll

regret. At this point others in the house like Paul, Matt, Ramses, Xmas feel bad for Josh and think Mark was wrong for what he just did. Paul is making a calm effort to diffuse Josh but also trying to give Josh time to collect himself but telling him don't do anything stupid bud. Let it go. Walk away. It was f'ed up but be the bigger man. 


This is Josh of course and he's going on and on about it got in his eyes, his eyes are burning, this is messed up. He disrespected as a man on TV! Josh heads to the storage as Elena is still chastising Mark. Josh grabs a bottle of ketchup and mayo, returns to yard, tells Elena she better move away from Mark and proceeds to fire both bottles all over Mark sitting on the lounge chair. Now, Mark takes it. He knows what he did was messed up and takes his punishment like a man for a second. Problem is Josh just keeps telling about how Mark slandered Josh as a man saying Josh isn't a man of his word and calls Mark out for not being a man of his word and that Mark said he wanted Paul out week 1! 


Shoot! Now I need popcorn because this is going to explode! In this game, one small thing can quickly turn on a dime and Josh took a low blow at Mark on point that Mark has been steadily trying to defend and deny since Cody painted Mark and Dom as the teammates. This was a bad move on Josh's part. Xmas warned him, others 100% took Josh's side in the moment and everyone was going to take his side that what Mark did was wrong...but now this is about to go left quickly! 


This is leads to the entire house in the BY After Mark came out and calmly tries to apologize to Josh and admit what he did was wrong. Problem is Josh has the spotlight which is what Josh craves and this kid has no common sense! Dom finally emerges from the BR and attempts to calm Josh and as he's yelling and interrupting Mark's apology she even calmly tells Josh to let Mark finish. As others make their way to see what's happening and Josh circles back around to Mark not being a man of his word and drags Paul's name into it again. In the midst of his rant Josh said, "I don't run around here pretending I like you washing dishes and cooking food and running around trying to fit in with people and reporting back to people. If I don't like you I don't like you!"


Dom can't help herself and nods her head like "YES! Finally someone else who is willing to bring Paul's strategy up," Paul sees this and he chimes is asking Dom why she's nodding her head. Now Dom and Paul start in. 


Soon after Elena and Jessica insert themselves. Elena does so calmly and is asking Josh to clarify his statements. But Jessica calls out Josh for lying about voting for Xmas to leave week 1 when Cody was HOH. She points out that Josh told one side of the house he was going to vote Xmas out (Jessica and Cody) while he told Xmas he was voting Jillian out so Josh shouldn't be talking about anyone else not being a man of their word because Josh's word doesn't mean anything! 


All the whole Matt/Raven standing to the side visibly eating this up! We can see Matt give a thumbs up behind Raven's back as this is all unfolding because Josh has just put himself back in the line of fire and he's trying to pull Mark along with him. 


What's even more noticeable to me is we see Jason, Alex, and Ramses sitting on a bench under the shade together reveling in the front row seats to a show. At one point we can see Jason in the background miming a noose and Josh hanging himself (which is hilarious). Ramses and Alex are laughing and enjoying this show just as much!  When I see the 3 of them sitting together giddy I think...you three should NEVER be seen sitting together! If I were in the house it's small things like this that would later have me going hmmmm? 


In a matter of minutes we went from a boring afternoon of HG cooking together in the kitchen (Paul, Matt, Raven, Jason, Xmas, Ramses) to land mines exploding all over the game! Josh was heated and he just has diarrhea of the mouth and by attaching Mark about not being a man of his word it leads to things again being said without forethought like, "I stick to my word with people I'm loyal to!" And "I was with them!" (Meaning the showmance alliance). He says he went to Xmas and promised him her vote because he was really with the big group not the outsiders so what he said to Cody, Jessica, Alex, Jillian, Andy Jason meant nothing. This isn't a good look for Josh screaming at Jessica the same way he did Megan and Kevin comments later about this. 


Also, in the midst of all of this Dom is making her only group appearance since the infamous HM early Sat morning) and the Veto ceremony so she's now planted herself in the mine field while trying to help Josh.  


Paul and Dom exchange a few tit for tats but Paul doesn't make the mistake of turning this into a situation where he becomes the center of attention. When Paul asks why she nodding her head she says,"Why are you even talking to me." Paul calmly replies I can talk to you and Dom turns back to Josh and says, "I'm just agreeing with your perception of this game." Josh replies and says, "I'm so heated don't even make this about anything." Dom, "and I'm not."


Uh yes you are!  I say this only because Dom has been in full Audrey mode with a side of JaCosta thrown in for good measure. She should have never inserted herself because now the house in gathered and she doesn't need to open herself to another poorly developed debate.


Dom has completely isolated herself and suddenly when a fight that has zero to do with her or her situation inserts herself into it and tries to capitalize on the rantings of a mad man is not a good look. It's  as a terrible move. Dom and Xmas already had a face off after the Veto this afternoon where it's clear that no one is giving any consideration to anything Dom has said because of the way Dom has behaved since the HM.  Dom choosing to pop out just to do nothing more than twist an incident where she was no where to be found when it began makes her look even more shady and manipulative than she already does. While Dom's unraveling began with Paul manipulating the talk show incident to create a target on her she has only fed the fire and signed her own BB death warrant every time she's opened her mouth since. Stop! Just stop! 


One little game of pool turned into a myriad of HG side stepping land mines! Josh loses the sympathy of the house. Josh drops names and details he should have NEVER mentioned and now he has stepped on a mine! I will say while Mark doesn't take kindly to Josh trying to stir the pot about the Cody accusations again he does not immerse himself and follow Josh's lead of reacting emotionally. He's done a lot of work this week making sure to clean up the mess Cody attempted to leave at his feet as he exited the game.


The fact that Mark didn't end up as a replacement nom shows that the work he put in was in fact helping his cause so I was happy to see he didn't let Josh completely undo all the efforts by engaging and having some knee jerk reaction to Josh trying to allude to the fact Mark is a snake. Elena also calmly coming to Mark's aide was an action that reassures Mark that Elena has his back. She's lucky it didn't back fire she really shouldn't have dipped her toe in this tea purely from a game point of view but I think it did extinguish the lingering doubts Mark made have had about her loyalty to him (right or wrong). 


All the while, Kevin is sitting on the sidelines quietly annoyed with all of this outlandish behavior. At one point later in the day Kevin remarks that Josh's actions screaming at women is cowardly and in the real world would get his a*s whipped. Kevin's comments about Josh and the his childish behaviors all season long are the comedic relief the HG and the LF need! I love this guy! He stayed out of it, but his ability to summarize things is amazing!  


This incident from beginning to end lasts about 2 hours! It was amazing feeds and it led to Josh making himself enemy number one in the game. Ironically, I think he has some twisted need to be at the center of all drama. Just yesterday Alex told Josh he's done a great job of blending into the fold and no one is talking about him. Meaning no one is targeting Josh! I think all Josh hears is no one is talking about me?


I don't think Mark will come out completely unscathed but we will see where the power lands next week. It could easily end up Josh and Mark OTB and they both just hand delivered reasons for anyone in the house to justify taking aim at either or both of them. Josh's only take away from the entire explosive afternoon? He doesn't think he's going to play pool anymore. Lol.


The RealiTea is the smallest this can quickly become the reason a player goes home. Just ask Dom Thursday night when she joins Julie on the stage after live eviction. No matter who wins the DOT this week it won't be available to use for the week 3 eviction so she will be the one to go. 

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