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Calm Before the Storm


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It's Monday morning and as I start the day reflecting on where the BB house and players lie there are few perspectives that seem prevalent. Most of the weekend has been spent inside the game discussing the Paul/Dom saga and whether Mark should be a renom at the Veto ceremony. 


Let's get Dom out of the way. As of this morning she's still the target and will likely be headed out to join a battle back. Whichever HG leaves this week will more than likely fave off with Cameron, Jillian,

Cody for the chance to return to the house.  Dom would almost be the strongest contender for the most drama.


Let's consider that Dom is correct in informing everyone that Paul has a deal of some kind in some way with every player in the game. Also, if Mark actually stays off the block and votes against Dom this will effect how she returns because he's been her only real allie all along. Mark needs to seperate himself from her to some degree because Cody dropped the dime on them as he hopped out of the house. Dom has completely isolated herself since the blow out. Never appear to be a wounded animal in a house full of hunters. But a revolving door for her will shake many foundations and hopefully give her a new jumpstart. What's bad for Dom is we don't see her considering even a possibility of a buy back chance and her current plan is to drop some bombs before she leaves. That could be what sends her immediately back out the lucky door so she needs to be strategic and no emotional about how she handles this. 


What a difference a week makes? Before Alex won we all would believe a Cody return would be the most volatile. Personally, for the game's sake, I would prefer a Cameron return. He would shake the house up in a very different way. I mean the kid never spent one night sleeping in the house and all of these crossovers amongst alliances would scramble to make him fit into their game somehow whether it's targeting him or adding a number. Ramses needs an unknown factor to help him that's for sure! 


As for rhe blow out and whether Paul was responsible for how her game blew up? Eh. Paul created the initial target and his plan aligned with Alex desire to put someone from that side up without appearing as if she's targeting the larger group. Once Dom was up...everything that happened can be traced back to Dom's actions. The talk show. The chat with Alex where she wrongly accuses Elena. Retreating into solitude and poo-pooing the initial efforts by Paul and others to remain cordial. Those choices were all made by Dom. 


I may not be a fan of how Paul does things all the time but he's winning! I do respect the influence he has over every single player as a result of a LOT of effort. Last season Paul, the first half of the game, was vicious. Let's not forget his verbalized goal to 'break' Bridgette. We also remember how awful he was to Meech and Natalie. That's was not game play it was just for his own entertainment. This season he may be aggressive, OTT, pushy, and some would say a bully but its purely strategy. We know this by watching how he varies his approach based on who he is talking to. 


Paul is excellent at defining what method of delivery is most effective to achieve his goal. Josh and Jason get a very in your face no this is what you need to do, shut up you have no idea I'm a vet and I'm telling you, but do what you want just don't cry to me when what I just told you what would happen happens. With Raven, Elena, Matt, Paul's approach is vastly different. His tone is calmer, he articulates in a critical thinking manner of expression and isn't in their face screaming at them saying "NO! I'm telling you what you need to do," kind of way that he does with J/J. 

Paul demonstrates a Dan Gheesling level of knowing which speech each player needs to hear even if at the base of it all he is saying the exact same thing. 


This week wasn't all about Dom for Paul. This week was about the fact the Paul is in his last week of safety. Paul has no intention of trying to make it to the end with showmance +Dom/Xmas. He purely capitalizes on Cody's bad game move to gain enough trust to use the players as the pieces he has to move to win. This week we know he wanted to shake up the big group. He did just that and by doing so people have developed some targets they didn't have. In doing so, he's no longer going to be the biggest target in the house when week 4 begins. That was his goal and we will see next week how it plays out for him. 


Every season we have one player the first 5-6 weeks that is working the house and running things. Every season by around week 6 that person becomes the enemy #1 and it's usually from their own mistakes getting too sure of their spot. So much has happened in just 2 1/2 weeks it feels like week 6, but it's not. There is still A LOT of game left to play. Paul's tactics could very well be discovered by savvy players like Alex, Matt, and especially Ramses. Dom's opinions may not have been given much thought now...but mark my words some time in the next 2-3 weeks something will be said, or done and one of the stronger players will begin to put all the Paul puzzle pieces together. In that scenario Paul needs to hope its someone he sees as an asset and has already drawn in so they see it as an advantage and not as a means to eliminate Paul with the support of the house majority. 


Paul's tireless efforts to get Mark sitting next to Dom this week is one of those moments. There has already been a few times where players like Kevin have said to others, 'why is Paul pushing to get Mark OTB?' If Elena, Mark, even Ramses gets confirmation and Paul doesn't know that he's in serious danger. 


Speaking of Elena...I see a pot of RealiTea beginning to brew. There's been a lot of discussion amongst various HG's that the women this season are very strong. Elena mentions this to Xmas in a way that makes me suspect she is sniffing out an all girls secret alliance. We know from feeds Elena does not want to shape her game completely around being a showmances and put all her eggs in Mark's basket. She says this before all hell breaks loose with Dom and as the dust settles we see some subtle yet potential signs that she's got some other plans. Imagine if Elena, Jessica, Alex, and even maybe Xmas joined forces! 


We have seen some alliances and final two-three-four discussions developing finally. I'm thrilled with this. Week 3 is the time players should begin to assess who they want to ride for. Enough time has passed. Some game moves and reactions have happened over 3-4 weeks. Kevin and Jason, perhaps even Alex like a final four with Jason, Kevin, Alex, and Paul. We've seen Paul protect Kevin which is a good indication that Paul sees he and Kevin going far. 


As this week winds up, we should head into week 4 with some more well defined lines. Alex has done an excellent job so far this week. I really like the way she's playing and she's going to be a player that has a great chance of making it to final 6 if the week ends and no one is looking at her as a threat. I don't think she should be pushing for veto to be used. Leave Jessica OTB. We really won't know what's going to happen with Veto until the ceremony happens today. It's been yes then no about 400 times in 48 hours. Until then...the RealiTea is we are going to have some exciting days ahead with the Temptation voting results and likely battle back! 


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