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House of Cards


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Big Brother 19 served up a heaping pot of RealiTea over night Friday night! In an unexpected turn of events by the early hours of the morning this morning most HG pulled an all nighter and one HG blew up their own game. The game has been on a fast forward track with nominations happening early Friday morning and Veto players drawn Friday night.  By 12:35 am Saturday morning we had a new Veto winner and too many 1-1 conversations to cover in a blog. 


Friday began with some rumblings as Dominique made the decision to follow Elena's advice and have a conversation with Alex after Dom lands on the block next to Jessica. Last we left our tea, Alex won HOH and Jessica and Dom were the likely nominations. The truth of the matter is that Elena made a valiant effort to prevent Dom from being a nominee over someone like Xmas or Ramses but Alex and Paul had other plans and her efforts fell short. 


What's mind blowing to me is that while everyone is comparing notes many of the details circle back to Paul. Cody and his attempt to cause some chaos to creat cover for Jessica with his talk show interview worked! No one is really talking about Jessica by mid day. Mark does not like the idea of being a potential pawn and has no idea this proposal originated with Paul. The target on Dom comes from Alex  but only by way of Paul. 


The problem is Dom got tangled in her own web she's been spinning to Mark for weeks that Elena is jealous of Dom and/or Dom/Mark's relationship. Dom's constant efforts to spin this fictional version of reality finally bit her in the rear but not by anything Elena did.


Dom was so tangled in her own web she approached that convo with Alex suggesting her delusions with Alex knowing that Elena spent quite some time going to bat for Dom. So when Dom unleashes her theories that it was Elena that created a target on Dom because she's jealous and hates Dom's closeness with Mark it leaves a bad taste in Alex's mouth. This is truly the key to what unfolds as the day and night progresses. 


Dom decides to have 1-1 convos with each HG. She's seeking details trying to figure out why it seems her own group is willing to sacrifice her. Dom tries to spin the story she's weaved and some facts regarding Paul's hands in the pot. The RealiTea when a person seeks answers to support a position they've already clung to they can easily stack the cards to appear to justify their original assumptions. Remember what they say about when you assume? 


Dom's convos with each player lead each HG to walk away quickly playing telephone with what was said and with Dom as the facilitator this leads to more questions than answers. As we all know she speaks in riddles but in a way that makes it obvious most of the time who she is speaking about or the point she intends to weave. She's obvious in her attempts to point fingers and make accusations but from Dom's perspective if she doesn't name names then she hasn't betrayed anyone or been a rat. Unfortunately for Dom that's not the perception of those around her. 


After an entire day of trying to create mistrust within her own group all she accomplished was widening the mistrust Paul had orchestrated around Dom. 

The unfortunate part for her is that while 50% of what she shares is actually fact the way she goes about attempting to gather intel and spread paranoia she's blown up her own spot. 


Everyone is sharing details with each other, which means Paul. By 5:20 a.m. Alex and Paul are hyped at Dom's own suggestion she's plans to call a house meeting. While Paul, Mark, Jason, and Elena have spent hours trying to convince Mark to be pawn under the pretense it's the safest move for Mark since he's the only one truly loyal to Dom the tea boils over. Before we get to the fireworks finale there are a couple of important game notes to point out. 


    1.    Mark should not agree to be a pawn! 

    2.    All the arguments and justifications being thrown at him about why he's the best candidate to replace Jessica OTB he easily counters those are the same reasons he's not comfortable being on the block. 

    3.    For the life of me unless Alex is going to replace Jessica with her actual target there is NO reason change the nominations. 

    4.    Mark's most substantial argument being that with what Cody did throwing Dom's and Mark's names out increases the risk. His concern that those who may be pondering the validity of Cody saying those two told him to nominate Xmas (half true) could very easily flip the votes and send Mark home. 


The next pot of RealiTea is that Paul did in fact have a hand to some degree in Dom being targeted. However, in BB when you are in an alliance you never want to be the low hanging fruit. The players at the bottom of a group are easily dispensable! Dom should have known this.


Building friendship with Mark was never enough to move her to the middle of the group order and this is actually where you want to be. By hovering in the middle you have big targets at the top acting as shields and are far more likely to be targeted before anyone else. However when it comes time to negotiate, and this time always comes, the group will always volunteer the least valuable player-low hanging fruit. 


In the original power alliance with all 3 showmances Paul and Xmas were the low hanging fruit. Once the shift happened and Cody/Jessica were out Dom fell to the bottom with Xmas and did nothing to rectify that. In RealiTea I didn't see a time where she even realizes that's where she landed. Hosting the talk show which lead

to some (unplanned) revelations were served she again put herself in the middle of a storm without any cover. Paul sees three steps ahead. 


5:38 am Paul gets Dom after Alex had returned to the HOH with news that

Dom is stating their is a snake in her own group. She also said there is a tempter in the game. Problem is again while she doesn't specify a name she makes is pretty clear she's talking about Paul and we all know Paul isn't one to allow anyone to try and turn attention to him and his game! So she Alex reveals that Dom said she's going to confront the whole house and call people out...Paul says let's do it right now! I have nothing to hide. Bring her in here. And so it begins! 


If you have LF go back and watch from 1 am-7 am for all the convos and watch the drama unfold. To skip straight to the main attraction grab your tea and biscuits and FB to 5:20 am. 


What I can tell you without giving a running record of all that was said is that Dom was not prepared for this fight. Paul is effective in this game because he uses facts and can twist information in a way that even Ramses would question if he was the third hinky vote for himself. Dom comes in with a lot of attitude and this idea she has 'right' on her side and will be victorious. Honey this is BB not confession. 


Every general or round about statement Dom makes or is questioned about making Paul counters with facts and details. Now I will say in this argument 85% of what Dom says about Paul is true!


However, her credibility was already in question and everyone trusts Paul. So when the tennis match of versions of events and conversations occurs Paul is far more credible because he gives word for word details of what he said to Dom, or to Alex, or to Elena. Dom was not a credible witness for the jury (HG) and as her flame begins to smolder she would allude that well everyone isn't here or I can't speak for Jason he's not hear. 


Paul of course has an answer for everything. Add to that he replies to 'well so and so isn't here so I don't want to speak for them or they can't confirm what does Paul do? Let's get them up here. He

wakes people up over and over until the room is now filled with:







The end result was Paul looked like he was being truthful and only wants to clear his name. Dom looks tongue tied and can only make general statements versus providing details verbatim. Once he discredited comments she made 3 times its really a wrap. The nail in her coffin was denying for 90 minutes she didn't call Paul a snake, she never said he was the traitor in the group because she never used names she finally admits she was talking about Paul all along! 


If you are going to LIE, you never steer away from the original story. She would have been slightly better off not admitting it but by the time she finally does she's already drowning with no one willing to throw her a life preserver. Not even Mark. 

This is a rule Paul mastered long ago. 


Did Paul target Dom? Yes! Is Paul playing both sides of the house? YES! Was Dom the 3rd vote? No. Did Dom lose the confidence of several people with that talk show fiasco? Yes! Is Paul manipulating people? Absolutely! But people in the group want to believe Paul! He's playing extremely well even if he does too much sometime he's quick to gain control of any wrong turns because he's laid so many paths that interest he always has an escape route. 


Paul handling the showdown was very reminiscent of how Vanessa twisted things she found out to work for her. Like Derrick when Paul saw a potential storm he called the house meeting himself and had everyone convinced because he pays attention to the details. Everyone in that room had all the information they needed to realize Paul is in fact doing much of what Dom claims and he came away with more loyalty than he went into it. 


Finally, as the daylight breaks and the house wakes from just a few hours sleep, Paul is keeping HG laughing with self directed jokes about being a snake and Dom has taken a page from Audrey's play book and retreated under her blanket and when she does appear doesn't talk to anyone! This makes her look even more guilty! 


Jessica rises and suddenly the cool kids want to hang out with her again. So much happened and while there were still convos about replacing Jessica with Mark,

by 4 pm even Jason is like forget it I am not using the Veto and let's just leave nominations the same. 


It was a wild ride and watching it unfold was the most action we've seen on feeds since Cody blew up his own alliance trying to target who? Paul! Remember how I said that doing these talk shows, like the old school food comps is a great way to have people let their guards down and reveal things that can hurt their game? Dom gave us all a real life example of how quickly someone can blow up there own game and never even realize they were doing it. Week 3 is only 3 days in and it feels like a month of feeds. We will all have to

wait and see how the schedule plays out. Until then the RealiTea is that Paul is the most dangerous and most revered player in the house at the moment and only time will tell if he can sustain that once his safety expires at the end of the week.

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