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Stirring Pots


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There has not been overflowing pots of tea for us to sip in week 2. The first few days following Paul becoming the 2nd HOH to the Veto ceremony lack luster this week. It's been much calmer waters but some players are mastering their strokes. Let's sip some RealiTea Bites from nominations to the Veto ceremony. 


Cody/Xmas have a 1-1 convo. Cody is trying to clarify some details about his actions, not to make peace with Christmas or even campaign for votes this week. Cody's agenda is to stir the pot while trying to 'help' Jessica's position going into week 3. Of course it's Cody so what he plans and how he executes never achieve the desired outcome. As Cody is talking he implies that Mark knew the whole time Cody was going to nominate Paul week 1. While that isn't true, what he means to convey is that Mark knew prior to nominations that Cody wanted to get Paul out. 


Xmas takes what he says this way (bases on how Cody fumbles around constructing any clear thoughts. Cody was referring to prior to big couples alliance even forming and clarifies a minute later was that Mark knew Day 1-2 that Cody wanted Paul out and that was his goal. 


Cody is spilling all the tea on his group. We see here that Cody understands more than many fans gave him credit for re:how the game works and should be played.


Where does Cody fail here? He is clarifying implied details. If he was truly smart strategically he would leave the open ended version of truthful details just that...open ended. This would be a masterful way to create doubt purposefully and position Jessica better and potentially himself if he were to return in some battle back twist. That's how you create doubt and paranoia without lying or betraying. 


On to the next bite of Cody's toad-ally slimy week. Cody has been banking all week in the idea he will get to compete in a battle back. He tells Alex, Jason, Kevin, Jessica they need to evict girls next because he would then be guaranteed to beat them in any comp allowing him to return. Delusions of Cody. While not a bad strategic play his executions are some of the worst of the worst in BB history. 


Monday, sometime between 12-1 pm

Cody tells Jessica that 'if Josh messes with him one more time he's going to tell Josh that when he leaves the house he will tell everyone Josh is a sexual predator'. Cody justifies this because 'he peeps over the shower when girls are in there and opens the door to the BA when girls are using it to try and get a peep at them.' 

Yet another replay of Monte and Morgan from BBOTY where they latch onto a version of someone else's story and clings to it. Problem with Cody is like Monte, his plan to attack Josh outside the house has nothing to do with game and everything to do with ego. 


What's key for me here is this:

You see the idea come to Cody's mind. 

He visible gets excited at the thought of disparaging Josh publicly just to retaliate at him announcing "I will hit him where it hurts!"


Even more to my points about Jessica all along is everything she does has an angle for a storyline. She encourage this idea and then goes on to predict 'he will run crying to the DR'. She has an enormous influence on the level of despicable behaviors Cody displays. They feed off each other and it's gross. The only credit I will give Jess is hers is game motivated on some level at least 50% of the time. Cody's is only so about 15% of the time. 


It's working! At least camera time on LF because most of the time there is a camera zooming in on Jessica and her body, showcasing the non-stop fondling and sexual exhibitions of Jody. Whether they use the footage to portray her how she would like or at all is another thing entirely. She's a mean girl. Together they feed into the darkest parts of each other's character and they will be in a for a shock when they return to the real

World and see the majority of fans loath their behaviors even if they crave the drama it created on the LF. Problem is, like Paulie, I don't think either will care. 


Early following the Veto ceremony Jessica goes to Paul in the HOH to try and gain some sympathy. Like any sociopath she delivers a D-list performance telling Paul she knows she needs to socialize with everyone. Feel sorry for me because I don't support the things Cody did but he's alone in this house and I can't abandon some guy I met 19 days ago for $500k (like I said in my preseason video). She basically sums up all the same things I've said she's doing wrong which sounds good but Paul and LF know she's calculated this and it's falling on deaf ears with Paul. 


Here's what smart players in the house and watching for Jessica to do. If she's flips out and falls off the rails again when Cody leaves they will label her a threat and she's at the top of the eviction hit list. However, if she chills out, stays quiet, blends in the walls we know she's broken and she's not a threat and we can put her on the back burner. Some even believe this latter reaction week 3 may make her a person they may want to pull in and use. She will be without anyone. 


I hear many HG's (and fans) debating where Jessica will land in the hierarchy next week.  I feel as though they all have it ass backwards. If she's volatile and OTT she remains a target and I would want to keep her for a few weeks as a shield. She will always make herself a bigger target than me. If she's quietly blending back into the fold she's dangerous! I want her gone people are forgetting what she's capable of and considering secret alliances with her and for me as a player would feel she's the biggest threat to my long term game if she were able to bottle the mean girl. Tunnel vision on Cody in some cases prevents some players from seeing Jessica as a potential threat. This is BB! 


I will tell you as I refill my teacup that Paul and Alex have the best reads on Jessica this week. They see her manipulating ways and are using it to their advantage to some degree but they both seem to be subscribing to the if she can settle down we can use her and that's a huge mistake for their personal games. 


Alex and Paul two will move to the front of the line quickly as the strongest threats very soon. They need a shield or two. Kevin also perceives Jessica as a threat but wants Alex, Jason, Kevin, Ramses, and Jessica to form a group and take a shot at one of the big dogs (excluding Paul) on the opposing side this week. Alex wants nothing to do with that plan and shuts Kevin down FAST! 


Alex has the BEST read in the house on all

Players this week. She brilliantly quieted down and stopped being aggressive and boisterous this week and has done exactly what she should and what Jessica is tip toeing around potentially trying to do, but like Cody she has no skill in the art of execution. 


Alex is off nearly everyone's radar despite sitting on the block this week. People are all in varying conversations repeating the seed Paul planted early in the week gracefully. At varying times with varying combinations of HG 90% of the discussions have been everyone listing Ramses, Jason, Jessica, Josh as the order of the next evictees they want (unaware they want it because Paul has done a lot of work to be sure everyone makes their list according to his seeds). Alex also understands that the Larger voting block will begin to look Around at each other over her soon after Cody leaves.


With still no committed defined alliances in the game it's beginning to be a lot of work to uncover who is really riding for whom. Of course besides  Jody and now Marlena apparently (Tuesday night). Although I am referring to the figurative statement versus the literal. Just a little rated X tea for those who don't have LF. My point is as we approach week three there are very few handshakes to reveal. 


Kevin has promised he will never vote against Alex or Paul and states this to each about both. Alex/Kevin seem to be happy working together. Paul and Kevin are not only well matched opponents they are so hilariously entertaining on the feeds. If BB19 were a movie it would be Paul as the neighborhood kid that the local gangster takes an interest in. Then the protege surprises the mentor. These two constantly bantering and discussing random rapid fire topics brings me so much joy! That's personal so I will leave it there and get back to current events. 


Jason attempts to discuss an alliance with Paul who says he doesn't do alliances he's a you scratch my back I will Scratch yours kinda player and that's what Jason should be too. Paul tells him trying to do that will Widen the target on Jason's back he just needs to prove he's a 'team player' by nominating Ramses and Jessica if he wins HOH next week and that will

Prove to others he's on board with the majority. In reality Paul is dangling carrots and planting seeds all the time. There are times he's pushing to hard and needs to sensor his delivery. Come on let's be honest-it's Paul. #Nevercared


Paul struck a deal with Alex and whole Alex agreed to Paul's face she let's us know she will ride that until it doesn't benefit her then she will come out guns blazing. Alex is the most dangerous player in the game this week and no one knows it. No one is talking about Alex. She was in your face week 1 and now despite being OTB she melted into the fold and has purposely chilled. 


Mark and Xmas have a convo discussing that Paul is gaining some negative attention in the house and rather than realize they should allow that to grow they need to actively work to protect Paul! What?! Yes, this is how good Paul has been doing that they feel the need to protect him! Not monitor the situation, not nurture the target gracefully but we need to help Paul get back to the 500k. There is a lot of this and it's both a side effect of lack of game savviness and Paul's hard work to surround himself with people who will work to save him. He knows he will become a target and has been laying the bricks to lead to a path of escape. 


Paul struggled early in the week with being too overbearing and aggressive in his delivery of where the votes need to go, who needs to do what in veto, etc...All

Week I was thinking chill out! Massage your delivery the ideas are on track and great but tailor the delivery so people want to listen long term and don't get tired of your tactics. What helped Paul reset was his ability to see how others were perceiving Christmas' similar actions and slowing turning against her. Which is grey for Paul! As the week progresses she's speaking in a way (for whatever reason) that resembles Cody and this doesn't appeal to many in the house. Mark and Xmas already had some bad vibes after the group discussed how to nominate to achieve BD Cody. He didn't like the way she spoke to him and that festers over

time. Xmas should have sensed this and gone in an done some damage control but whether the meds or the ego she fails to see this. Paul however doesn't and his falls into his hands and opens a crack for him to start chipping away at the loyalty HG showed in their votes to keep her without it looking suspicious on Paul's behalf. 


Paul has a VERY good eye for this game. I don't care for his approach all the time. He

Needs to reign in the always in your face approach and diarrhea of the mouth in knee jerk reactions many times. However, I felt the same way BB18. He was always at a defcon 5 level and usually as a result of some dumb ass thing he did or said so I had zero sympathy for that. Despite that he snatched one of those final two seats by the end, stayed loyal to Victor the second half of the game without fail and took second. Like or not he's earned some BB respect. I see a lot of growth but I also see many areas where he changes nothing and we will see how that plays out for him this time. 


Kevin is the spotlight a lot more often this week. In both good and bad ways and this isn't great for him although I don't see an immediate threat the blind notion he's and old man and no one needs to be worried about him isn't so blind. Kevin admits to Jason that he was the one who voted against Jillian and initially Jason doesn't believe him. Wth? Why would Kevin lie about something that only hurts Kevin? 


Jason is all over the place and knows he's on the list of targets but his efforts this week are as scattered as his conversations. I can see the good ideas or reads behind Jason's eyes at times. The problem is when he's talking game but he never manages to get it from his brain to his lips without fumbling all over everything and this exasperates those talking to him. That's not all a bad thing because this does keep the focus on Ramses ahead of himself but come on man! 


Think before you speak. Develop the dialogue over a length of time. In this game Jason has to know Communication is not his Strong. People never understand Jason's main idea. I know that's a lot to for a HG like Jason or Josh but the point is in this game that's what these two Should be doing. I mean look at Cody. Every time he opens his mouth he drops a grenade on not only his own but his allies games. 


It's looking like business as usual for Paul's HOH. The back door plan worked. People are collectively in agreement to vote Paul out. Well except Kevin perhaps. Paul has asked Kevin to throw a hinky vote to Ramses to create some drama before HOH. Great idea, bad delivery. It's not what Paul says but how he says it. Here's the bottom line though. Paul reads people well and knows when someone is reacting some kind of way and he commits to damage control tailored to that person. 


That's the RealiTea of where players are landing this week. Not much drama other than Jody being hateful nasty people and I won't give that a solid platform when it's not strategic. Alex is in a great spot and may be both primed for a week 3 HOH win if its endurance as well as the player with the most global understanding in the game. Kevin is still doing very well but beginning to reveal too much as times and we should keep an eye on that. Cody is set to leave but is counting on a battle back. Xmas is doped up and that's not good for anyone’s game. She will be out Wednesday for surgery and

potentially return before LE. Jessica is a lone frog with no

Lilly pad for now without Cody week 3. Ramses is in trouble and needs to put in serious work. 


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