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Yesterday was a snorefest. Everyone is getting along as long as they stay away from Cody and Jess. It is like summer camp in the house. I think a lot of this is due to the HG that have ability to talk down situations and offer psycho therepy sessions. That includes Christmas that draws the moths into the light and they all listen to what she has to say in awe. We have Kevin that is like a Dad who lets the kids talk and then puts in his words of wisdom in a humorous way. Then we have Dominique who is a motivational speaker that listens and tells them what to say and how to say it. She moves them in the direction she wants and sets back and observes. Not to mention Paul who is only 23, but has the maturity of a 40 year old. He knows the game and has gained their respect. He knows not to make big moves this early in the game and is hanging Cody out to dry, not because he has a vengeance for him, but because that is what the house wants. He will live to rule the day again, at least until his Pendant of Protection"Safety" is still working.


As a side note, here is wishing Christmas luck with her surgery today and hope she is back in the house tomorrow, feeling well enough to participate.


Sure glad it is Wednesday and tomorrow will be Cody's eviction and a new HOH will be in place. It will be interesting to see if anyone from the "Other side" steps up to get in power, but looking at the HG on that side, the only one that can win a comp would mean Alex, or maybe Jason, however, I get the feeling he does not want to get into power and might even be willing to be evicted before Jury because he is losing money not working the Rodeo Circuit right now.


As much as I like the couples side, we need a little less talk and a little more action please. ZZZZZZ

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