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Confusion and Deceit


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The first week of the new season of Big Brother was jammed packed full of new showmances, betrayals, blindsides, arguments, and glorious feeds!  As we settle in for the first live eviction of the season its necessary to remind fans that this in RealiTea is the 3rd eviction of the season at the end of week one.  Let us not forget that Cameron was evicted during the premier episodes and Megan self evicted before veto could even be played.   Heading into live eviction night Jillian and Cody were oblivious to what was about to happen. The overconfidence these two rode into the night on was a United aIrline flight and a confused passenger is about to be snatched off this plane. 


RealiTea Cody and Jillian’s ignorance to the coordination in the house is most relevant because Cody is the catalyst for how this vote will play out. Jillian elected to rely on someone else to pack her parachute.  Jillian was absolute in her confidence that the word of Cody, who’s entire alliance deplaned early in the week.  Let’s think about this.  Jillian’s willingly chose to put all her eggs in Cody’s basket after Alex wins veto and Cody chooses to go rogue and attempt to replace Alex with Paul.  This is a guy who lives in his own universe and you choose to rely on his assurances that he will save you this week?  Alex chooses to fly stand by with Cody after all of the other HG’s he was aligned used their emergency parachutes to float their way over to Paul.  Matt/Raven, Mark/Elena, Christmas and Dom all abandon Cody and the whole house can see they are working feverishly to repair the damage Cody caused their individual and collective games openly confessing they were never aligned with a plan to nominate Paul.  As fans sit on the edge of their seats watching the HG’s enter the diary room to cast their votes we see that Jillian will pay the price for relying on the information she was getting from Alex and Cody.  In this house, when you put your BB life in someone else’s hands willingly you really have no one to blame but yourself. After Julie announces that Jillian has been evicted by a vote of 7-4 we watch Cody and Jessica melt down like a Hawaiian shave ice on a summer afternoon in Las Vegas.  Let’s dive right into the tea that fans without live feeds (LF) may not be aware of.     



LF should know that Jessica came on BB with the intention of promoting her VIP concierge business.  She’s told Cody this and frankly her reaction to the eviction was OTT.  We all see Jessica was livid that ounce again she is being punished for what she tells herself is a direct result of Cody’s game play.  Jessica chooses to unleash her inner Scrooge on Christmas. Here’s where I take issue with Jessica’s perceptions. Jessica chose a side in the fallout of Cody’s tyrannical HOH nominations.  With every decision in life there is a consequence. In the BB house that is no different.  In her mind no one should be upset with her. Jessica says it was cowardly to for Christmas to mention her on live TV when she can’t defend herself.  What show do you think you are on?  We’ve seen plenty of unexpected reactions during the live show! The RealiTea is she does a myriad of things to get herself into this mess.  My impression of her watching her on feeds is she is purposeful in her reactions seeking a sympathetic edit from production.  She should have put that same amount of effort into interacting with everyone else in the house all week.  Instead she spent 99% of her time mounting Cody in the HOH room except the few times he discharged her to go downstairs and ask or tell someone something. Girl bye!  I love all the drama and it’s a great fuel to get everyone revved up for the new HOH competition though. 


The HOH is a CandyCrush shop theme. The comp is similar to BB2’s food competition and more recently the BBOTT HOH competition Perfect Shot.  That’s the HOH where Krissy wins.  In this competition balls are launched into the yard. HG break open the balls looking for carnival tickets.  There is also a conveyer belt where swirl lollipops are and constantly rolling out.  HG can also find tickets inside the wrappers of the suckers.  It’s blatantly obvious to everyone that those who voted Jillian out are clearly coordinating. Well, excdept Kevin he’s shaaring tickets with no desire to win this HOH.  We can see various players like Raven, Kevin, Christmas gathering tickets and handing them off.  Raven, CHristmas, and Dom are hadning off tickets to Paul or Matt to roll the ball attempting to make it around the looped ramp into the hole at the end.   What we also see is Jessica playing solo and doesn’t care about anyone or anything standing in her way of getting suckers with tickets. Alex and Ramses work together some of the time.  Josh is also sifting through the candy shop searching for tickets solo as well.  


Cody is clearly praying Alex wins. Analyzing this next moment is key because we’ve assumed Cody is oblivious to how a ‘team’ functions and that working cooperatively is a key element.  He demonstrates to me he is in fact capable of working cooperatively when he knows he doesn’t have control.  Cody does in fact have the capacity to consider others.  I observe this when he offers Alex a water bottle while she waits in line to turn her tickets.  Alex takes a sip, passes it behind her to Ramses to take a sip before returning the water bottle to Cody.  There’s no reaction to her doing so which is also good to see.  Why?  After the eviction both she and Cody suspect Ramses may have been one that voted to evict Jillian preventing a tie vote that would have given Cody the final word in the eviction to send Christmas home and save Jillian.  This is the first time I’ve seen him show this kind ‘team’ effort beyond his own game. What this tells me is he does know how to do it. These are the smaller details that can tell you a lot in a short period of time. 


Alex, Ramses, Jason and Josh are all working hard.  Jessica is a lone wolf and doesn’t care.  She stands in front of other players right at the exit of the conveyer belt snatching up suckers before anyone can try to.  Josh does at some points stand right next to her alternating (trying to take turns allowing her to take one then he leans in and grabs the next).  We see Dom do the same towards the end of the comp.  Most HG are just examining at the suckers to see if there is a ticket if not they toss them to the ground.  Jessica is standing at the conveyer and repeatedly smashing them on the metal working out her frustrations.  As she does this she is being very aggressive with how she’s trying to find tickets.  At one point we see Matt and Alex tackle each.   These two both attempt to recover a ball launched into the yard. This is shocking to Kevin, with such the dad reaction, “We are tackling people now WTF?”  If he was at home with his kids I believe he would have ended the game and made them all have a group hug. LOL  Kevin didn’t want anything to do with winning this HOH.   It was obvious and he later confirms this on the feeds.   What’s great about Kevin in the comp is his reactions to things.  He delivers the comedy for viewers and we are always guaranteed a good laugh with Kevin in the house.  However, this older player in the house that has HG and fans laughing when he tells his nightly stories, or reacts to how people behave, or refers to selfies as onesies or emojis as mojos is much more than constant entertainment in the game.


Cody, Alex, and Jason all question Kevin about his vote and quickly determine there is no way he flipped on them.  Why? Kevin plays off the vote like a gangster!  Watching him up to today has been put entertainment for LF’s.  However, his hand is stacked with more than just social game.  Kevin’s ability to show how smart he is at some moments and the comical reactions at others disarms people.  That leaves most of the other HG’s feeling like he’s far less threatening to their current game than he actually is.  The RealiTea is Kevin plays right along with Alex and Jason’s outrage and has no problem deflecting the evidence to Ramses as the best suspect.  Its brilliant to watch him express shock and awe that someone in their group would vote for Christmas to stay and betray everyone.  Cody and Jessica latch onto this along with their correct assumption that Josh had to be another.  Kevin is gas lighting these three and coming out without so much of a grain of sand of suspicion that he may have been one of the ones to change his vote and lie.  


Let’s take moment to take a bite of the fan reactions to this comp.  The RealiTea is there are always fans who think every thing in the BB house is a conspiracy.  There was no shortage of side eye by me as I surfed through SM.  The RealiTea is every season some feel that production conspires to help those players they like.  This season we aren’t even in week two and those conspiracy theories are already spinning in cyber space. After the HOH some fans share that they are certain production allowed HG to work together was an attempt to stack cards in a certain a player’s favor.  I would tell those fans to please sit down.  We’ve had plenty of previous comps over the years where HG’s are permitted to choose to coordinate efforts to take a win.  


If you watch BB you know that alliances intentionally throw comps for someone to win.  In the fall, during BBOTT Perfect Shot and BB Barcode HGs were given similar directions that they may keep what get or share it. There are plenty of comps where BB goes out of their way to keep players from sharing intel or coordinating, they are sequestered for hours and hours in separate rooms of the house when these type of comps are played.  Long time fans should know that  we’ve watched just as many where its play however you want.  


In all honesty the comps where players can work together if they choose are the most informative ones.  This is a great way for a savvy player to collect valuable intel on others in the game if they are paying attention.  I’m not just saying the obvious information like who’s working together.  The subtle actions can be very telling. It’s one of the reasons I loved the food competitions back in the earlier years. It wasn’t because those comps were so great and appealing to me. The realiTea is I always appreciated when the house competed to win their food for the week.  People aren’t scheming for position in the game. They are hungry and want food.  In this scenario their actions aren’t as controlled. Players say and do things perhaps they otherwise wouldn’t.  The more relaxed, non-competitive competitions people can forget the game.   For a few moments they are distracted by hunger and those paying attention in the house are often given a perspective they wouldn’t have otherwise had. Think about it. Some of the very best brewed tea in the house happens when someone’s guard is down and they forget they are playing a game. 


Now back to the current game. There are plenty of places to find the stats breakdowns of attempts, tickets collected, etc…the bottom line is that at 7:39 pm Paul Wins! Here’s what happens immediately after, you might want to grab a snack and put your feet up this is going to be more than a nibble!


Jessica immediately seeks out Cody behind the candy country and we hear 

Cody say,

“F*^@$ off Paul!  Hope the fans love BB18. That’s all this is.”

We see Kevin walks past. Cody tries to catch his attention but fails.


As everyone congratulates Paul we see Jessica and Cody stand at the ticket counter isolating themselves just as they have done for the first 16 days. 7:41:26 cam 2

After 3 minutes pass they come out from behind the counter and into the yard but still go off to the side away from everyone else. These two are boiling and their tea pots are about to overflow! 


7:41:30 we get FISH we have audio though.


7:42 we hear Paul tell Jessica: good effort (genuine). 

then we hear a ?HG (female): you got to think about it homie…


7:42:19 It’s difficult to hear on any one camera because so much talking going on in the BY after comp.  You can hear Cody say something about lying to someone.  Turns out that Cody attempted to take a swing or something similar at Josh.  Jessica and Christmas will face off soon after but the beautiful fine china tea cup this is served in comes from what we hear from production since they went to FISH so we can’t see what is happening but left the audio on:


We hear BB say (cam 3): separate guys hey! 


7:42:44 Then suddenly we get : Hey guys it’s Rich.

Quiet down, quiet down and listen.  Listen emotions run high in the BB house, like we talked all of you about. I don’t want anybody getting nose to nose or any stuff like that happening.  You can say anything you want to each other we won’t police that but, but you know you’re playing a game. Say whatever you want is fine but do not get in each other’s faces.  We do not want to have to step in. 


7:43:19 we hear Paul cam 2 calmly speaking to Cody: This is a game.  From a game perspective it’s not worth it.

We hear Cody talking:  He straight up lied to my face. A couple people.

Paul:  Just don’t let it get under your skin.


We suddenly hear Dom calmly say:  You can’t take to me like that in front of all these people. You can’t. 

Paul: It’s not worth it.


Cody:  We are just going to relax this week.


Now we can her Jessica and Christmas squaring off.


I just know we have to live together so we can be cool and cordial.


That’s how I felt all week! I asked you how you were doing that was on a friend to friend level.  You took it as in assessing your injuries and I wasn’t at any time.


Ok.  Noted. Just we are going to live together and be cordial 


That’s all we want to do is just hand out with each other




Cause I know one of us is going home so


Well I mean I respect that

Cody yeah


I’m not gonna poke, I’m not gonna say anything, I’m not gonna like shit talk or anything.  We have to live together I would like this to be as peaceful as possible

and I think we can all agree to that.


I’m cool with that


Cool.  On another note that was fun as sh*t.


Jessica to Cody

I thoroughly enjoyed smashing lollipops (giggle)

Cody you re so sticky

J-Can we make up our HN bed.

C-I told you we should get used to it

laughing both


7:45:05 feeds return as the house reopens and HG are given directions about their athletic mic’s.


As soon as warning ends you can her most still discussing comp, how many attempts, the lollipops.  I heard some speculations about Xmas/Jess confrontation but we find out a from Mark a little later in the BA what happened. 


Does Cody even know what game he is playing?  He and Jessica are sore losers.  How does he not recall that he flipped the entire house upside down going rogue and betraying his entire alliance by nominating Paul?  The when that blows up in his face he doesn’t retreat back to what his group wanted originally… he nominates another member of their supposed group? If he had just nominated Jason there may have been an opportunity to salvage the damage done by going rogue with the Paul nom. 


Now Cody/Jessica are playing victim and incredulous about the fact some people didn’t vote the way he ordered.   How dare they not tell him they were voting differently! There are multiple confrontations between Josh and Cody/Jessica as the night continues into the early hours of the morning.  Now, I didn’t like the way Josh handled Megan but I dislike how these two dog pile on Josh even less.  Josh sums up the entire scenario when he tells the, in the midst of their verbal assaults, “You two haven’t even talk to me in the last 14 days!” Basically pointing out the obvious.  


No offense but these two relying on Josh to vote in their favor was stupid!  The other group had persuaded Josh to save Christmas and they were able to because they may not like him either but they make him feel included and understood.  They laid the bricks to create a path to the vote they needed while Cody and Jessica sat up in the HOH room all week talking about how stupid everyone else in the house is. Josh’s lie about his vote was planned.  Everyone knew Josh is malleable, even Josh!  The truth is that the idea was to tell Cody/Jess/Alex what they want to hear but vote how you want (with the other side).  That way he avoided being tormented and bullied all week. It was a smart plan.  Very well played by both Josh and the Christmas voting group. Once again Cody is wiping the egg off of his face with Jessica’s weave by the end of the night.  


Cody’s reaction wasn’t some calculated reaction planned to out certain people and create distrust.  If it were I would accept it more easily even if I didn’t like it; I would give them credit for efforts and game play.   Instead these were childish temper tantrum behaviors by a guy who thinks everyone should accept their marching orders and fall in line with what he thinks should be done .  Cody’s identifying himself as the BB master and how the house crashed down around him this week was entertaining! It’s the worst kind of player but some of the best kind of feeds. You made your bed now you and Jess continue to lie in it.  Just the way you both have in the HOH for nearly 2 weeks. Jessica’s reactions as the night progresses do appear a bit more fabricated.  Miss #crybaby threatens to quit with all your ‘victim noises’.  Speaking of beds, as I predicted the transition downstairs for these two was not a pleasant one.  Cody has announced that he and Jessica will be moving into the HN room and sleeping on the spiked beds beginning tonight although HN’s aren’t selected until the following day.  


When the comp ended Cody could have just been a man and congratulated Paul.  Instead we saw Paul come to Cody after the comp and humbly shake his hand and be the bigger man. We see Paul again later as he walks through a bedroom and sees Jessica crying on Cody.  Paul approaches and extends her an olive branch offering her comfort and telling her not to cry “don’t let this game get to you like that.” We hear Jessica mention how others do things to get edits but the truth is that’s what she is trying to do a lot of the time.  As the night unfolds if you are really paying attention you will see how this chick purposefully reacts and then always within minutes ducks into the DR.  Not like Josh who gets emotional and attempts to retreat to a safe place or a private room where he can vomit all of his emotions without everyone seeing.  If you haven’t picked up on how Jessica does this it’s a good time to file that away in the back of your mind and begin really paying attention to her subtle manipulations and the conversations she and Cody have either just before or right after.  Even Cody frequently comments about how Jessica is focused on promoting her business.   


Okay, let’s wind up the immediate reactions of HG’s following the Paul win. 

Just before HG re-enter the house we can hear Cody Sounds questioning Kevin (cam 3) and we hear Kevin masterfully convey “No, I keep my word.  No one is…lying to you.”  Kevin uses this same finesse throughout the night and is quickly dismissed as a potential traitor which is brilliant to watch!   


7:46 pm HG return inside and we see Christmas (cam 3/4) telling Josh just be cool. Check it, check it, just be cool.  That’s what’s best for everybody.  


Cody, Jess, Alex, Jason have no idea who voted to evict Jillian.  They don’t need one for their blowout pity party extravaganza to begin.


7:47 pm cam 3 SR

Jess/Cody immediately head to SR when they return to the house.  Complain no food yet.  

J-I have legitimately been gotten blindsided in every aspect of this game every single day I have been here

C- yeah

J-so if they want to play dirty I will lie, I will backstab, I will throw everybody under the …bus

C-we don’t have the numbers anymore now and Paul’s the HOH so they’re going to put us against each other .  I’m not saying I’m defeated but like it will be either me or you I guess.

J-I’m fine with that I don’t regret anything.

C-I don’t either.  I mean I made those deals to stay loyal to them, you know what I mean? I’m not mad that Christmas had a legit gripe against me. She projected on you.  I don’t know why she did it to you.

J-In the most cowardly way.  Like when I couldn’t actually say something that’s when she…ugh we get FISH for 5 minutes then back to Jess interview with Jillian.   


Um wait wasn’t this the same guy laying in the HOH bed professing he will make himself the target and be her hero?  Isn’t this the same guy who told everyone in his alliance he made a deal with Alex and Jason solely with the intention of saving all of them and he will gladly go home week 2?  At one point in the HOH he was listing all the things he will say to Matt attacking his manhood to be sure the target stays on him (Cody) and they have to send him home and keep her?  Where’s that guy Jessica? LMAO



8:34 pm CAM 4  Mark lets us on Cody’s inquire to Mark about how his vote landed.  What’s important to note is how Cody approaches Mark versus how Cody pounces on Josh.  Cody would NEVER speak to or behave towards Mark, Kevin, or Matt the way he does to Jason or Josh.  


If you do me wrong and you didn’t tell me you weren’t going to do that, I can’t get over that.  If you look mean the eye and tell me you won’t do something and you do it, I’m done.  Its over I won’t trust you.  


-Elena is essentially expressing the same reaction emotionally that Cody/Jessica are having to being lied to.  However she is sitting relaxed in the BA with various HG rationally explaining how she reacts to it.  


8:38 pm Mark explains that Cody confronted Mark after Paul won HOH.  According to Mark, Cody asked him who he voted for.  They had a moment and Mark told him straight up he voted for Christmas to stay.  Mark said he felt like they were good after that.  Mark goes on to say that he “after I picked him (Paul) up (after he won)I don’t think we’re good anymore.” LOL


Matt lightens the mood with:

He looks like an ass on national tv plenty of times.  Just chill out we got squad goals to focus on. 


Matt has really won me over the last two weeks.  He is the most rational well balanced player on the male side of things in this game.  Matt moves with a perfect balance between social and strategic game.  He knows how to talk to people and of the three showmances this is the only one I don’t want to stab myself in the eye when I am watching how they interact with each other.  I said preseason I suspected he would easily make it to the middle of this game but if he continues on the path he is on he may just be an end game contender.  Its week two and everything I would want a strong player to be doing, Matt is doing.  Next week will be very telling.   


8:40 pm Mark, Elena, Dom funny moment to watch. 


A random bit of tea we are served later in the BA is that Mark was born with a club foot.  We find this out when Dom mentions she noticed he has one leg is bigger than other.

Interesting fact about Mark but watching the body language variances between Elena and Dom are the more interesting moments here.  As the night continues LF realize they may want to switch from tea to coffee because it’s going to be a long night of amazing feeds to be enjoyed! I will leave you with one final note.



9:05 pm

Kevin/Alex cam 3/4

Kevin commits to Alex: 

I will say moving forward, from this day on, I promise to always vote for you and Paul.


We haven’t seen any golden handshakes or hard and fast pledges of allegiance since the showmance alliance splintered.  We have seen Kevin easily smooze everyone in the game but we certainly haven’t really been able to nail down who Kevin is really considering aligning with. So I am shocked to hear him say this.  It’s actually a great trio, Paul is on one side in the house, Alex is on the other, and Kevin is welcomed by everyone.  As the evening’s events and conversations unfold this will be something to circle back around to in the next blog.  For now I am going to brew a fresh cup of tea for the HOH reveal and various whispering happening throughout the house for next time.  The RealiTea is from eviction to conclusion of the HOH competition there was an ocean of tea to swim through and more than a few bites of drama to digest. There was no shortage of confusion and deceit on eviction night and that sets the tone for the week ahead. 

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