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First Eviction

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We had our first eviction, not counting day one with Cameron being voted out. With a vote of 8-4, Jillian was evicted out of the BB house. She was totally shocked because Josh and Kevin voted for Christmas. She thought the vote would be 6-6 with Cody voting as the tie breaker. But that wasn't how it went, so Bye Bye Jillian, nice to have known you.


The house will be totally different this week with Paul as the HOH. He has an agenda planned already with the plan to back door Cody after the VETO. Paul found out that Christmas was going in for surgery Monday to put pins in her foot, but will be back Monday night.


This is the plan for the week:

Friday night or Saturday: Den of Temptation #2
Friday: New Have-nots, and nominations (will Ramses use his punishment this week?)
Saturday: Veto comp

Sunday: Network Show followed by premier of  Candy Crush Survivor vs Big brother
Monday: Christmas out-patient surgery - at least she can make it through the comps for the week before surgery


Sounds like it should be a great week with Paul as HOH and Cody/Jess all out of sorts because they lost their power and bedroom. They definately had a bad attitude during the "Who wants to see my HOH Room" party. Cody didn't smile and stood by the door with his arms crossed and Jess came in late. Let the games begin.



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