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The FEEDS are Live!


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The Feeds are Live!

Are you ready for some RealiTea Bites! I have a hot bucket of tea and a mouthful of information for you to chew on so let's dive right in! 


Feeds went live at 10 pm PST and we quickly learn Megan's memory wall photo has gone dark! In all honesty I've had an insane week so I didn't log on to the LF until early Friday morning and was swimming in drama. The best time I found to get the most background info (since we are late to the party) was around 12:04 (cam 1/2) 6/30. 


Jason And Xmas help Paul scare Kevin. 
The comradely is nice to see considering all the drama already in full swing! Oh there's so much tea! Megan is gone!
The feeds go live and Megan's memory wall photo is dark.


Alex tells us she is now a nominee which Christmas seems way too thrilled about considering all the other players who either have made themselves a bigger target or are in reality bigger threats. Clearly Jessica has her claws into Cody and manipulated the replacement nom by her jealous caddy girl ways. If you have the feeds you know what I am talking about if not...well Jessica is already snuggled up on the HOH bed with Cody and she has a target (Alex) and expects Cody to execute her marching orders.


Alex didn't help her cause by blowing up at Megan but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Spoilers will follow so if you don't want results this may not be the time to finish sipping tea with me. Come on back after Sunday's episode 3 appears. For the rest...sit back and get comfy because it's going to be a bumpy ride! 

Paul won the first vote (no shocker here) and receives the temptation of 3 weeks safety.


As you know if the player tempted accepts someone else receives an opposite punishment. It seems perhaps Ramses got 'bitten by the snake' in response to accepting the temptation offered in the den of Temptation. From what I gather each HG entered the den of temptation. After Paul accepts the others may have been offered a choice of boxes in the room and whichever HG chose the box with the snake inside gets 'bitten'. I have no idea at this point what that entails but chew on that until Sunday. 


Jessica and Cody are already kissing and cuddling. Mark and Elena are getting very friendly but is it strategic flirting? Nope this cast seems too be trying to recreate BB 18 so we have another season of showmances. Raven and Matt seem to be stroking the flames as well. So far Raven and Matt seem more flirty while Mark & Elena and Cody & Jessica have marked their territories. It's the first 12 hours of feeds I am replaying here so for now that's what I have seen. 


Paul must be having flashbacks and nightmares of BB18 showmance central. I swear Casting must create EHarmony profiles of all the applicants at this point! The quick matches and details needed to select not one, but two or three sets of players who immediately pair up so quickly, that's the only explanation. (LOL). Either that or these are all Tinder users who swiped Right immediately upon entering the house. 


There are some rumors swirling because Paul and Raven met last year at some venue his band was playing at. Time will tell if those two have a past or casting just capitalized on six degrees of separation on Social Media between two potential cast members. Paul and Raven are pretty friendly but not like the three pairs we currently have working under Cody's HOH. 
Based on what I've seen on LF, Paul and Raven don't seem to gravitate to each other at all and Raven is smitten with Mark. 


Let's address the dark horse in the room. Megan apparently floated a lie (possibly generated by Paul's hands you can watch his version on FB for Friday a.m. 'Friendship chat') about Jessica referring to Alex in a racially motivated manner, as a Panda. 


What Megan, as I predicted (playing too hard too fast), didn't count on was Alex being the kind of woman that addresses things face to face. Once Alex questions Jessica about the alleged comment Megan was thrown in a boiling pot of hot water which seems to have overflowed uncontrollably leading to her sudden exit. Allison Grodner (Executive Producer) did say in an interview prior to feeds going
'Live' based on what she was seeing that Megan was playing very hard very fast. 


Remember on Thursday night's episode Josh and Monte, oh sorry Cody...(same difference) did do is treat Megan harshly in front of everyone. Josh yelling at her and making a scene. Cody nominating Megan like the callous militant personality he is says plainly, "Megan, I just don't like you." 
So clearly there is a serious barrage of grenades being thrown at her from the beginning.   


Megan actually released her version of events (6/30) and explanation about what led to her being unable to continue. Here's the link to the article. You can read it and draw your own conclusions. Sunday should tell us in story form by the edit how things ended the way that they did. 



I recommend you Flashback (FB) to Paul this morning 6/30/17 talking to LF around 10:30 am where he shares his strategy and suggests he had a hand in Megan floating that false intel to Alex. If this is true Megan got beat by her own strategy which would ironic. In her Jeff interview she announced her strategy which aligns with the series of events leading to the decision to leave. 


However, the guys (Cody, Josh, and to a lesser degree apparently Mark) were VERY aggressive and nasty to Megan night 1. Yes, it's Big Brother not Big Baby but for me, Grown men speaking to any woman (or person in some cases) the way they were is despicable. Regardless of the reasoning, Game or not. It's reflective of the current social climate in our country.  Fundamentally, BB simply mirrors what is going on in society from a global perspective. Every year we are
served a melting pot cast that reflects society.  


For the fans that loathe the first night evictions this is a perfect example as
to why they aggravate us! It is disturbing to me how BB handles these ridiculous Night 1 evictions...Cameron went home night 1! A guy whose dream was to Play this game. Gone.  


Now with Megan's unexpected departure fans are left annoyed and frustrated. The RealiTea is, based on what I am seeing on LF, production will likely be kept chasing their tails this season.  This is why you don't send anyone home right away. They could already have some pre-planned battle back deal on the map. They
could also send Cameron back in. It's. It unprecedented since they did so Season 9, I believe it was. Again, we will have to wait to find out how one less HG will effect the long game. 


Now that we've covered all the rumors and speculation let's return to what LF are revealing to us. Some of my mental notes as I watched the first hours of LFs is that Ramses whisper game is strong but so far that's the only part of his game is strong. 

Ramses like a few others are finding a clear path to float around from group to group being friendly and sociable with everyone.


Ramses is making it a bit too obvious because the fact he is doing it has been discussed.  Paul, Kevin, Christmas, and to a lesser degree Dominique have done a marvelous job at being social and friendly with all 3 groups that have developed. Each has a (for the moment) main group but they seamlessly float from one group to the next building bridges you need to survive the long game. 


Everyone else is one team or the other and no crossover really. I will keep a close eye on how they maneuver this ship as the weeks play out. These players are key to watch. The best games involve balance and a strong social game allows a path to a player in a time of need further down the road. Cody will not be able to go to let's say Jason at some point to get a lifeline because he only socialized with the people in his group. 


The groups as usual we have the couples/barbies and kens who have the power and the numbers currently. Paul, Christmas and Dominique floated to the power. The outcasts (Jason, Jillian, Alex, Josh, Kevin). Then we have Christmas, Paul, and for now Dominique who are doing a great job of establishing relationships throughout the house. 

Cody is retracing Monte's steps rather quickly. No surprise for me. As you read my reaction to preseason info was he will be inflexible, overbearing, and lack the ability to let water roll off his back. 
Did you hear him tell Josh to "move loser" during the HOH completion as he passes by him? What an arse! Josh is our Devin of the season. 


Now that we are on the LF we can clearly see that everyone is avoiding or annoyed by Josh. Even those who placate him when he's present immediately exhale exhaustively the second he leaves the room. Especially Paul and Alex. Kevin has some great comments and is seen as the wealth of random knowledge and father figure for now. 


I switch feeds most of the time when Josh appears because it's like FISH. The same
Reel playing over and over. 'I'm sorry. I'm not a bad person'.  Josh seriously just likes to hear himself talk. You know what I mean. We all have that one friend/acquaintance who is saying the same point you are but stands there insisting they debate it in their own words despite the fact you both agree. Josh's game so far is riddled with 'I am going to argue just because I need center stage at all times'. Ugh, of course this guy is safe the first week. 


The comfort I have is that Cody has created the enormous target on his back winning both the safety comp and the HOH in the same night. His lack of social game and strategy will burn this trail quickly since he enters a showmance rather than developing rapports with others HG and building some shields. 


The feeds going live last night leaves us entering behind the eight ball but it's clear Cody hasn't done any work with those outside his group other than bulldozing creating the high points for his enemies to stand above and easily see the best point of attack on Cody who won't be able to compete in next HOH comp. 


There is no chance Paul (if he has any influence) will allow 3 couples to work together. He did not return to play the deja vu game this season. While Cody is in power and there is a large group with him in power as of now, things change on a damn once the power is up for grabs and seriously it's week 1! I can hold out a little to enjoy the victory of eliminating Cody from the game. A little. 


If you have the feeds Check out 6/30 12:47 am Cam 1/2. 


As for how others seems to be fairing and interacting. You can see Kevin/Jillian discussing who was offered temp. Kevin it wasn't me. Even if they had offered it I wouldn't have taken. Jillian it wasn't me but if they offered it I would have taken it. Jillian-come on girl you are on the block!


Alex and Kevin get into an interesting tit for tat. Alex bets Kevin he will never make it to final 3 because he's a place filler. Wow! Alex you are on the BLOCK! Am I stuck in the twilight zone? Where do they find these people! Come miss Superfan gamer! You should know better. Kevin or not. 


Alex is over Cody and Jessica already. She knows they don't like her. There is some serious bad blood between Jessica and Alex and it's not going to be diffused. The rumor from Megan may or may not be influencing her feelings although it seems there was already girl fighting happening prior to Megan floating the alleged 'Panda' comment to Alex. 


12:50 a.m 6/30 
Alex tells us Cody told her he wants to take all Couples to the finals. Why is he sharing his pregame strategy with someone he just nominated?


This leads us to the showmances. 


Based on what I have seen this time for FB is a good time to watch because you get a lot of background info in one little session. Especially since at 12:53 a.m. the camera 3/4 switches to Jessica and Cody cuddling in HOH kissing. 


Alex is fired up! I'm glad. Spitfire on the loose. But be warned baby girl you have to be aware of everything you say. Don't leak valuable insights when you're venting. 

I see a lot of this already. Josh is self
Destructing. Jillian is revealing too much to a big mouth (Josh). Alex and Jessica each are letting their fires burn out of control. Cody who really seems to be keeping his opinions and ideas as HOH pretty hush hush even from his own people told Alex his game plan? 


Back to the tea! Alex goes on to tell Kevin he's a filler. Kevin is amusing me with his ignorance about the game and the reality of what his perceptions are about how things should be. What's even more amusing is about 1:20 am we hear Christmas in the BA with Mark and Elena that Kevin knows everything (pure facts not game knowledge). I hope he hangs around I am entertained in the same way Justin in BBOTT and Paul's oblivion BB18 as far as being green to the game of BB. 


Here's an Example-Kevin asks Alex who should would nominate in her place if she wins POV. Lol.  Josh has to explain Cody chooses the replacement. Kevin also nails the point that if you take out the entertaining players what are you left with? The show would have to move to the WB! Lmao! 


Alex knows someone else suggested to Cody to nominate her. I'm guessing it was Xmas and Jessica but don't have confirmation. I know Jessica had a strong hand in Alex being nominated. Xmas told us she wanted Alex out and she is part of the Cody clan but...we didn't have feeds so....time may or may not give us insight on Sunday. They have a lot of content to convey. If you're behind like I was this is the time to flashback (FB) and get caught up quickly. 


Oh and the HN room was revealed. The Beds are made of spikes. Jillian, Josh and Ramses are HN. What you won't believe is that Cody, even though HOH, is eating the slop! What is that? 


Kevin refers to the HOH as the "house of virgins". Lmao I swear Kevin is channeling his inner Remmy and I am eating it up! His reaction to Jillian taking her extensions out at 1:21 a.m. screams Remmy! 


Paul seems to have melted into the fold of the power in the house for the time being. Smartest move considering Cody wants Paul out but isn't telling his 'team' that. Paul's current plan is to gain trust from each player with 'good advice and friendship' so he can then delegate bad advice creating or widening divides between players. 


So what is the important Bites as far as the game? 

At this point around 1 pm Friday.

Possible Raven +Matt
Paul (kinda), and working on Dominque 

Alex and Jessica are already at war.
Cody has a taste for Paul's blood
Christmas wants Alex out
Megan self evicted by 1pm Thursday 

Kevin is just FUNNY
Josh continues to Unravel
The couples alliance is sketched by their undefined sense of Ramses. 

Jessica is obsessed with Alex



Jillian, Ramses, Josh 


Safety temptation went to Paul-who hopes not to have to reveal he took it the next 3 weeks.


Veto is under way today
Cody, Alex, Jillian, Matt, Raven, Jason
The veto power is up for grabs and this house is already in full chaos mode Day 2.5. 


It's going to be a long season people! So sit back and let's enjoy 3 months filled with RealiTea Bites together! Until next time, the RealiTea is these HG came to play and aren't taking anything lying down...except Cody and Jessica at the moment. Until then the RealiTea is this is Big Brother some things are always going to occur it's the players and their actions that give us some variety! I will be back Monday to spill new tea after the episode has aired and I can fish around SM to get a good read on what we need to chat about! 




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