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June 27, 2017

Part 1 Premier Show


I hope you're ready to join me for some RealiTea Bites. Let's chew on the events of the first half of the BB19 season premier. 


Sixteen HG enter the house. As the cast home videos roll on I find myself taking mental notes of the predictions I made that were SPOT ON. Let's review Cody being a Minnie Monte (milder version), inflexible, boorish, and all together off putting. 

Christmas being way too strong of a personality to have longevity. I do want to get behind her but...she's the alpha female. Ramses being his own worst enemy way to much energy. Megan too much too fast already making enemies. 


Simultaneously, while smirking over my cup of tea I am making mental notes in the side column about players I predict will go further in the game then others. Raven is a ghost hunter? Smh. Matt being the ladies man. How many of the ladies sat up for his salt and pepper hair? Cameron throwing the first competition?! What was that super fan?! Bye. I have a hard time feeling bad for any player who threw the very first comp willingly knowing safety was on the line. I hate premier night evictions but he had his fate in his hands and let go!? 


Alex-YOU GO GIRL! All in all I'm thrilled with the cast. Thank you casting for mixing it up! Yes there is the too loud, too cocky, too much players. However, production is evolving in the sense that they see the need to  create the same dish people love. I can appreciate attempting to use a variety of new ingredients to recreate a favorite dish that keeps us coming back for more! The world changes and the game should to. It is entirely possible to do it in a way that doesn't effect the integrity of the game we all love. 


I heard a lot of fans deflated on the season because Paul is back. Despite the fact I was not a Paul fan season 18, if they were going to throw a returnee in the mix I'm not mad at this one. Paul fits in nicely with this crew. IMO, fan of Paul or not, he was robbed of the win BB18. They didn't make it easy on him. He wasn't guaranteed entrance into the house.                        


Although Victor let the cat out of the bag that Paul was in the running to return, I find myself interested his ability to evolve his game play. Oh yes he did go scan his Instagram you can see for yourself. Don't worry I stalk the trending conversations across multiple social media platforms and serve up the most pertinent Bites for you right here all season long! 


This season Paul will be forced to play offense before a final 4 scenario. BB18 his entire game was defense and he spent a lot of time untying knots he made.  So many HG know him. Many of his fellow HG's liked his game. Which means they KNOW it. He can't be in defense mode all season this year.  He's played the game now versus last season where he KNEW NOTHING and managed to secure a spot in coveted final 2. Bring it on Paul, let's see what you are made of. 


For those of you who are annoyed a player went home the first night. I share the idea that we as fans are robbed of the chance to see Cameron in the house and develop our stand on our feelings about him as a player. These HG go through a rigorous series of elimination rounds to get into the house. I agree that Cameron endured and accomplished all those hoops potential players must jump through to gain access to those doors.  I agree with those who feel Paul was handed a second chance.                                             I would ask you to consider as a fan...Had Kevin (anyone) not taken the 'temptation' Paul wouldn't be afforded the opportunity. 


If Kevin (or any of the other 5-6 HG who pushed the button too)hadn't taken the $25K and Paul returned then Cameron wouldn't necessarily have gone home the first night. The players Controlled this fate. CBS put that power in the HG hands and Kevin played his card. 


As far as twists go I lean in favor of the ones HG can control. That's the game! I prefer that over BB deciding it. I prefer that over fans deciding it. I mean in this scenario we weren't force fed this twist. Paul could have just as easily been sent home if someone didn't accept the bribe. Yeah, I knew someone would take the money. Didn't you? The bottom line is they didn't have to. Choices in this game can change your fate in the house on a dime. The game has begun and we should all be ready for it! 


Now that we've taken a huge Bite out of the events of the first episode it's time for a sip of tea. My best laugh of the night? I lost it when Paul called Mark 'Johnny Bravo'! I was ROTF spilling my tea everywhere! He nailed that! I was shocked, amused, and blown away I hadn't made the same connection all at once. I didn't mind the snake reference to Nicole either. I mentioned in my preseason blog that Mark reminds me of Ronnie from Jersey Shore but Cameron also looks like Nelson Lewis' (Southern Charm Savannah) little brother don't you think? Google him you will see what I mean! 


For a premier show with everything happening right from jump and the highs and lows of meeting the HG, I was entertained! The feeds aren't live yet but this was entertaining to me. Bring on the twists! 


Paul having to choose 8 HG to give safety to. Wow! That was harsh and I loved it! He's a returnee and that's an advantage. I heard someone compare the friendship bracelet gifting to the first impression rose ceremony on the Bachelor. That was actually an interesting comparison. Yes, people always say target the Vets but no one ever does. This made people show some element of their skills by having to go to Paul and seek safety. Paul had to show some cards selecting 8 people to save. Fair trade on that end. However, the people he didn't save...well he now has some serious work to do. 


Speaking of decisions. America gets to vote for which HG is offered a 'temptation' in the temptation den. Now we can vote for what temptations players are offered but when it comes down to it...the player will have to decide whether or not to take it. With every reward there will be a consequence so if the temptation offered in the temptation den is accepted another player will have to suffer the punishment whatever that is. 


The first item offered? Safety for 3 weeks!  Can you feel Christmas coming in July? The buzz around her is huge. She told us she has an enormous Social Media  (SM)following. It's kinda a no brainer it will be Paul or Christmas since this is Broadcast BB and LF won't control the voting.  I make this point because Julie told us, once a HG receives the votes for a temptation we can't vote for them again. 


I won't be surprised or disappointed if Christmas comes in July. I personally have a short list of players who can go ahead of her. Maybe this would give her time to step back and evaluate the board and her position in the game. Now, this is just a prediction. Casual Fans that want to see Paul on the show entertaining them will likely vote for Paul. But this Part 2 premier episode was heavy on the 'Xmas is in trouble'. Regardless of who you like I encourage everyone to vote! 


Christmas was on the chopping block night 1 edited in a way that showed her in fear of being sent home. She also stayed in the challenge long enough to show she can compete but not so long as to develop a growing target on her back. Being one of the fit players who naturally draws attention from any player who came to play and win. If she had been evicted I wouldn't have any more or less sympathy for her than I did for Cameron. Never throw a life or death comp in the game. Never.


I may not like Cody (as a player) in the game but I respect that he held on for dear life just like Alex! Cody however is oblivious to the fact he just widened the target on his back. And the whole boo hoo Paul didn't pick me after I sat next to him saying nothing and being completely abstinent about refusals to play to him even through he had the power to save me. His hate for Paul is made up in his own little mind Just as Monte's was for Justin. PLEASE do not let Cody get offered the first temptation providing 3 weeks of safety! His ego will suffocate the first weeks of the game. If he is to stay let him earn it. I don't see too much chance of this based on his edit. Work for it and my respect and accolades can be earned. Now that this tea has left a bad taste in my mouth let's keep it moving. 


Josh, Josh, Josh. My man. You are no Victor. Come up with a new game plan because Paul is not feeling friendship for you man. Josh is annoying everyone in the house and I predict he will on the feeds. I haven't come across one Josh fan yet and when he was posted by CBS Big Brother on Instagram he had 32 likes! Lol. Stop impersonating Devin from BB16! Otherwise after this week of safety is over I will happily support your nomination buddy. Even though there are bigger fish to fry. 


There we have it. That's the relevant tea from premier night and meeting the HG. Tomorrow the feeds go live and we will get a piping hot pot of fresh tea to spill. Until then, the RealiTea is I'm looking forward to the new season and getting a front row seat on the feeds to all the drama and developments as they happen in real time! 

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