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Friday, April 21, 2017 BBCAN5 Live Feed Updates

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As many of you know, we didn't get enough help this season to continue our social media program that included having live feed updaters that were scheduled, and would also post here in the forum.  Since there's no longer a schedule, you are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, someone else take over!" or whatever so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


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Thank you!

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Rewound a bit to see what was going on.....

Started watching at around 9:30 bb time.....all my own recaps:

Not much happening. Kevin, William, Dre, Jackie and Bruno hung out in the blue bedroom for a while, talking about past seasons of BBCA and Sindy's departure on them compared to this season. Sindy got JP out on her past season (thru a backdoor move, I think) and immediately was evicted at the next eviction. So basically, Sindy is having to deal with the same setup this season, with entering the jury house right after backdooring Neda. Jackie makes the comment that even though Sindy went out upset and didn't hug anyone on her departure, Sindy told her (Jackie) that it's only fair to vote as far as how people really played in the game, that voting for your best friend isn't fair. (Although, I feel like that was a talk Sindy had with Jackie to get Jackie's vote for the jury house because I think Sindy really believed that Jackie was getting evicted over herself). Talk resumes to how dramatic this season has been, and how most people are afraid to go home and watch the episodes. Bruno is excited, and wants to get smashed to watch them back....party on!

Kevin and William have some alone time cuddling/kissing in the bed in the blue bedroom once everyone steps out. 

Around 10:30 BBT: House-guests are all in the kitchen, snacking on some fries that Demetres had fried up to share. 

10:56pm BBT: Dre and William are in the pantry looking inside the refridgerator, and they are speaking quietly to each other in french. We hear BB say "Dre.....William" and William answers with "Oh, Sorry....."

William tells Dre about a conversation he had with Kevin, where Kevin said that after the POV, he started to not trust Jackie because she was going back and forth between the two sides of the house, and specifically talking to Ika about the things Sindy was telling her. Dre seems confused, and chuckles in disbelief questioning William about the situation. 

William is saying he is having a problem speaking English fluently tonight, and his head is only speaking in French. 

Anyway, Kevin doesn't trust Jackie. Jackie was making deals with Bruno and Kevin to go thru the rest of the game with them, and Kevin wanted her to be on his side. But, he doesn't trust her now because she was talking a lot to Sindy, and going to go speak with Ika, which alarmed Kevin, and now he's questioning what Jackie will do. 

Dre says that she cannot be "friends with Jackie," but she does want Jackie on "their side" meaning with her and William. Dre is concerned with Jackie flip-flopping around the house, so she is going to be careful and not give much information to Jackie yet. She goes on to reinforce how Kevin cannot be trusted. That he (William) needs to trust Dre, and not let Kevin take him down with his sinking ship. Dre says that it's getting hard for her to protect William when he's always hanging out with "them" meaning Kevin, Bruno and Jackie. Dre says she'll try her best to protect him, and do what she can do to make sure that they aren't targets to anyone. She will keep an open mind with William, and wants him to be honest with her, and she'll keep an open mind.....but right now she just cannot trust Kevin. If Kevin came to her with strong arguments, and true definite information, that may sway her to feel differently.

11:15pm BBT: Dillon and Dre are hanging out in a corner outside the kitchen area. Dillon asks Dre if she got any information. Dre says that yes, she thinks they are sitting pretty comfortable this week. They are whispering, so it's hard to hear and see everything being said....

Dre goes on to tell Dillon that Jackie went to talk to Ika, and they made a "truse" (sp?) and they are good now. But, Dre doesn't know how to feel, or what really is going on between Jackie and Ika now, so she feels like she needs to watch Jackie.

Dillon says something about backdooring "her" and that they need to take advantage of the situation to get "them" broken up because they are both strong players, and are together. (I'm only assuming they are talking about Ika and Demetres) Dre is so happy that Demetres won Hoh, but she's very conflicted. She's loyal to Ika, and loves her....Ika knows that Dre is 100% loyal to her....but Ika used that to her advantage in the beginning to play both sides of the house. Dre says, when it came time for Ika to pick a "side," she chose to stick with her and William. But....when they were talking about possibly backdooring Bruno during William's hoh, Ika ran off to the other side of the house to warn Kevin. Dre says she can't trust Ika anymore, but Ika thinks she can trust Dre 100%. Dre is worried about everyone in the house making "final four" deals, and says if they don't approach her to mention a "final four" with her, then Dre will feel betrayed, and feel like they are going to screw her over. 

They continue to discuss strategy about getting the vets out moving forward. There's not much wiggle room in Dre's mind on how they are going to separate Ika and Demetres, and be able to get Kevin or Bruno out because they are all so tight. Dre then starts going over all the things that were planned in the house, Ika only told her about those situations after the fact....she's worried that Ika would tell people that "they" together planned moves, when in actuality, Dre wasn't really involved. Ika would tell Dre that the reason why she waited to tell Dre anything until after moves happened was because Ika said she was trying to protect Dre. Dre is really starting to have a realization on how much Ika has been using her. Dre really wants to be able to take her out, but she needs it to happen soon, and it has to happen before the other side of the house has a chance to take a shot first. Dre then goes on to tell Dillon about all the times that Bruno and Kevin were trying to plot getting Dillon out....that every time Dillon's name came up, Bruno and Kevin were the first on board to support the idea. 

Dre: "The reason why she stuck with me (Ika) was because she knows that I'll never do that to her (go after Ika). She KNOWS I'd NEVER do that to her. That is why she kept playing me, because she knows that. She'll come to me and say she's sorry, call "truse" and I'll be like, "It's okay, it's fine." Not this time, it's not fine."

Dillon: "That's why we gotta pull the trigger, the next chance we get."

Dre: "I just don't want people to think we are bad people if we do that."

Dillon: "They won't. They'll look at us like we are good game players. They are strong people....they are beasts."

Dre: "I'd love for Jackie to win next week and put up Ika and Demetres. Ika wasn't that far behind Jackie, Jackie could do it."

THey then discuss how if they are ever able to get Ika and Demetres up on the block, and one of them comes down, they need to be sure that whoever comes off the block feels alone. That they don't have anyone to go to....





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8:19am BBT Good Morning Canada! Today is nomination day. The lights just turned on in the BB house, but all house guests are still sleeping.


8:25am BBT The house guests are starting to get out of bed. Dre is up and passing out new batteries. Demetres is laying in his HOH bed listening to his music.


8:41am BBT Everyone is up and getting ready for their day. Bruno and Kevin walk in the HOH room and Bruno asks Demetres if someone is in the shower. Demetres said that he thinks Ika is in there. Bruno asked Demetres how was his night and Demetres said it was pretty good. Demetres is laughing about how him and Ika drank all of his liquor and Kevin busted them when they were dancing.


Demetres asked if the board said nominations today and Bruno told him it does. Bruno explains to Demetres that there are five people in the middle that want to pit Ika and Demetres against him and Kevin. Bruno reminds Demetres that he cannot play in the next HOH and the other five people are going after him (Demetres) and Ika if Kevin or Bruno leave this week. Kevin told Demetres that before the HOH Dillon pulled him aside and told him to win this thing so he can fire back at Ika and Demetres.

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8:44am BBT Still in the HOH room, Ika has joined the conversation. Kevin is still explaining how Dillon was cheering him on during the HOH comp and how Dillon was pitting them against each other last week. They continue to compare notes about what Dillon has said. Ika said that Sindy told her the plan last week was for Sindy to win the POV and then pull Jackie off and put Ika on the block with Demetres. Bruno and Kevin both tell Ika no that is not true.

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9:15am BBT Kevin and Bruno spent the past 30 minutes in the HOH room talking to Demetres and Ika rehashing the same stories trying to push others on the block instead of themselves. After they leave the room Karen entered the HOH room and brought Ika some coffee. They discuss Bruno, Jackie and Kevin. Ika thinks that Bruno and Kevin have been playing a slimy game. Karen is going to go downstairs and put cream and sugar in Ika's coffee. Ika reassures her that she is not going on the block. After Karen leaves the room Jackie enters and tells Ika that she will wait until Demetres is done talking a shower and as she leaves the room she says that she is fn pissed.


9:28am BBT Ika left the HOH room and went into the wash area where Bruno is taking a shower. Ika starts talking about how Jackie came in the HOH room and Kevin walks in and told them how Jackie came up to him and said they are pieces of shit because they did not include her in the conversation and they are supposed to be working together. Ika said they should have kept Sindy because she has always been loyal to them and Jackie will turn on anybody.


9:40am BBT Ika went back into the HOH room to put make up on the hickey that she gave Demetres on his neck. They begin to discuss who to put up. Demetres said the only three people that he is thinking is Kevin v/s Bruno or Kevin v/s Jackie or Bruno v/s Jackie. Ika thinks that if they only put one of them up (Kevin and Bruno) they might appreciate that. Ika thinks that if they put Kevin and Jackie up and then Bruno wins the POV they can put someone else up and Jackie will go. That way it would make them think that is what they wanted and they could still work with them. 

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Picking up where I left off:


9:47am BBT Jackie joins Ika and Demetres in the HOH room. Jackie is crying because she realized that all she told Bruno and Kevin got back to Ika and Demetres and she though she could trust Bruno and Kevin but now realizes that she can't. She is telling Ika and Demetres some things about their alliance the pheasants that Kevin came up with. Jackie said that moving forward she is by herself. Ika told Jackie all she wants in this game is honesty. Ika is not upset that Jackie went and told Bruno and Kevin some things that were said with Ika. Jackie wants Bruno and Kevin out. Jackie said that she asked them about their conversation with the HOH and they would not tell her much. Jackie said that she did not say from the beginning that she does not want to honor their truce like Bruno and Kevin told them. Jackie told Ika and Demetres that Kevin and Bruno will go after them and they are lying to them by saying they will not. Demetres told Jackie that he has never put her up and Ika said that she is coming after them and they have never put her up. Jackie said that if she won HOH she would put up him (Kevin or Bruno) for sure. Demetres reminds Jackie that she has been on the block three times and they have not voted her out. Jackie said that her next target would be either Dillon or William. Again Ika keeps telling Jackie that she values honesty and loyalty. As Jackie leaves the room she said that she is not talking to them (Bruno and Kevin) the rest of the time that they are here. 

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10:13am BBT Demetres and Ika continue talking about who they think would be coming after them if they win the next HOH. Ika believes that if Demetres does not put Jackie on the block she would remember that and think they are really honest. Ika feels like her gut instinct is to put up Bruno and Kevin. Demetres agrees that they can't trust them and they can't beat them in all the comps. Ika said that in types of competitions Kevin scares her more than Bruno. Jackie enters back in the HOH room and they continue to talk about how Ika and Demetres should have a reason to put her up but they haven't. Ika is building up Jackie by telling her that she is a strong girl. Jackie said if she got picked for veto she will not use it if she is not on the block. Ika told Jackie that Kevin and Bruno wanted Jackie to go on the block.

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5:35pm BBT Dinner is over and most house guests are helping clean up. Nomination Ceremony Today is still on the living room screen. Demetres and Ika make their way in the storage room and are checking out all of the new food that was put in there. Demetres makes a comment that he still does not know what he is going to say. He is thinking something like they are both physical competitors. Ika said if it is real that the others are coming after her and Demetres and Bruno and Kevin then when one of them (Bruno or Kevin) go home then nothing should change and they will still need each other. Dre walks in and interrupts the conversation by saying she needs to go and put on some underwear and then she leaves. Demetres said every HOH there are big targets going up and no one is going after the smaller players. so they are all going to get to the end. Ika said the big targets are still coming after them so they have to go. Demetres agrees. They both agree they really want Kevin gone. Ika said Bruno never remembers anything good that they have done. As they are talking Bruno walks in and asks if they want to chat upstairs. Ika said they will meet him up there. Bruno left and Demetres wonders if he should tell him. Ika said to say that they talked it over and they can't trust them (Bruno and Kevin). Demetres wants to also say they keep flipping on them and they can't be trusted.  

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5:41pm BBT Demetres and Ika make their way to the HOH room to talk with Bruno. Demetres starts the conversation by saying that he is not going to say until he does it and Bruno responds fair enough. Demetres said but his issue is they were in this alliance and when he thought it was kinda done was after that last HOH where Dillon won because they knew that Dillon wins so me (Demetres) and Ika are going up and to throw it to Dillon even though it was not an easy comp because he was in it too and he can't put it all on Bruno but they fight for Bruno, they pushed for two days to keep him off the block. Bruno said he knows. Demetres said that he heard that Bruno and Kevin were pushing for Demetres to go home. Bruno said people make up stuff and Demetres agrees but he knows how the mood felt and him and Bruno were not talking to each other. Bruno explained that is why he talked to Ika and said that they have to reset and it is bad for him right now, but he promises Demetres that it is equally as bad for him, he continues by saying these people are laughing and they are coming for him. Demetres asked him then who does he chuck up. Bruno said he will look him dead square in the eyes and says what ever couple he puts up this week and if he (Bruno) wins HOH next he will put up the other one and they can even talk together about who to put up. Bruno said they have no choice or all four of them will be in jury before those other five guaranteed. Demetres said that he put so much trust in him and Kevin. Bruno said it goes both ways. Demetres said then why did you guys f me? Then they discuss the first week that Bruno and Kevin flipped on him. Bruno said that he totally understands and do what he has to do, he is not sitting here trying to convince him not to put him up. What he is saying that if him or Kevin go home (jury) he promises they will see him next week in jury. Bruno said it is not a threat he just promises these people are just waiting for this. Bruno wants to know how can five people be safe when two groups that should be working with each other, this is big brother, this is crazy. Demetres agrees. Bruno said they are literally beating themselves. Ika walks in and said they can hear them talking out them doors. Bruno asked if Demetres hears what he is saying? Demetres said there is no situation where he comes out of this scott free. Bruno agrees but said if he pleases them this week they will still come after him next week.

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5:45pm BBT Still in the HOH room Bruno said they know this week it is one of them and next week it is him or Ika. Bruno said if you guys want to put me up that's fine, but he is telling them it will be them on the block next week. Bruno continues to tell them that they need to play together and he will take the others out because he has no allegiance to any of the others and he does not care who he pisses off. They discuss the other house guests and how they are taking each other to the end. They discuss how Jackie was giving information to them and they know it was true. Bruno said that he didn't and he can't vouch for Kevin. Ika said they were thinking of Kevin and Jackie but if Bruno won the veto he would pull Kevin off. They discuss all vets going home and there are only three left. Bruno said that Dillon said it in front of everyone that Demetres is a comp beast so that is a sign that he is telling everyone look at Demetres he needs to go. Bruno said that he is not coming for them but if him or Kevin go in the jury one of them will be there next week. Bruno said they have to work together. Ika said they tried to trust them but they turned on them by trying to get them out and be with Jackie and Sindy. Ika said that Kevin has lied to her so many times in this game.

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