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Wednesday August 24, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BB18 discussions are in the Big Brother 18 Discussion section.

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother 18 Time is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter. I've been tripped up not knowing if "B" is Bronte or Bridgette.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. Download PDF And here's DRG's guide by team Cast Cards PDF.

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

British Bedroom (UKBR)

Tokyo Bedroom (TBR)

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen Area (KA)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)


When referring to Da'Vonne, you can use "Da," "Dav," and, of course, "Da'Vonne," but for some reason "Da' " with the apostrophe, jams my proofreader program, and "Day" is confusing, so use Dae.

You are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, can someone else take over!" or whatever, so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 

Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at  http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds and dish about the HGs at the same time.  


Thank you!

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1205AM BBT  We see on Feeds 3/4 Nicole laying on top of Corey.  Nat, James and Michelle in HoH room.  Michelle whining about Paul being mad at her about the yelling match and HIM touching her clothes.  BB:  "Michelle, please go to the diary room."  Michelle laying in HoH bed ignoring BB wanting to know what part of Leave my clothes alone did Paul not understand, after Paul left them on the ground, 


Michelle heads to DR.  Nicole asking Corey if she is too heavy, Corey says no, it does not affect his breathing.  Now discussing favorite animals.  Corey says Monkeys are cute.  Nicole says they are so loving, but Corey adds that hairy little kids are cute also.


1213AM BBT  Nicole keeps bugging Corey about being close to his neck and if he worries about it.  Whining and asking him what he wants to talk about.  She is still kind of laying on top of him, off to one side.  The make out session continues.  Nicole asks Corey if he wants her, he says yes he wants her, they are interrupted as Victor walks thru the room.   Now we are back to a "seriously", "really" Corey Nicole conversation.  


Meanwhile in HoH room, James is talking about stabbing people in the back whille Nat is chewing on a piece of jerky. Nat brings up Day34 and the cuddling question between Nicole and James.  She is telling James about how upset she was cause he was flirting with Nicole and that he made her feel like shit.  Everyone knew what was happening.... then she says "whatever" but continues to harp on what everyone else knew, she says I look forward to outside the house, but I won't forget how I felt.  Nat asks "why did you do that?"  Did you think I was hurting you?  (she just won't let it go and she still does not understand how close James and Nicole are outside of the house as friends).  


Now NiCorey are back to cuddling.  Nicole is playing with Corey's hair.  We hear a door open and close but no one else appears on screen.  


James tells Nat that she has to stop dwelling in the past.  James says my feelings do count and when you start pulling away, I figured you just did not want to spend that much time with me.





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1223AM BBT  Nat says if she hangs out with James all the time, but she wants to experience the full game.  James says Nat, you run hot and cold.  you do not tell me when you get mad Nat, so what am I suppose to do.  Nat replies that she does not confrontations.  James says you need to come to me and discuss when I hurt your feelings, JAmes says I am not saying you are perfect in reply to the statement that Nat made about not being perfect.  Nat says James I  told you I am going to be cautious and protect my heart.  JAmes replies, you get upset when I don't hang out with you but  then you keep saying you want to have freedom too.  Michelle told Nat that James was not being truthful.  Nat says Michelle worries about me.  (I did not get everything said).  


1230AM BBT  Victor and Michelle return to the HoH and interrupt Nat and James' chat.

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1231AM BBT  Vitc sprawls out on the couch, Michelle sits in the chair with her HoH robe on backwards.  James and Nat are still trying to have a one on one conversation.  Kind of hard to hear everything cause Michelle and Victor seems to be dominanting chat.  





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1233AM BBT  First plan taken care of as a group was Frank, then Da.  Michelle says that Paul knew about Da, Victor says that PAul was not lying about Da since HE wanted Bridgette out.  Michelle rehashing the BS that Paul told her about not knowing about Da leaving.  Nat says there was once that all of the guys in the hot tub, standing up or sitting... all talk stops.  Nat says they all dispersed, James says it was done in fun.  James said at that time we guys were running the house so it did not matter.  


Chat turns to non extradition countries, Brazil is one of them.  Victor explains what it means to Michelle.  James and Victor start talking about bounty hunters.  Now the chat goes to Snowden.  Victor says he is in an Embassy, Michelle says he is an American Hero, because of the information he leaked to Wiki Leaks.  Russia claimed that Snowden being in the Airport was not the same as being in Russia, he is now in South America at an embassy there and safe from exportation.



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1245AM BBT  Now talk turns to the US Jail systems and how most of the inmates do not even know how to read.  Victor talks about the most jailed and private jails.  Victor talks about how private jails might cut corners to make more private.  Victor claims that some have even gone as far as to bribe judges so that a certain jail will be full all the time, just to make more money.  They all agree that private jail system is not good.


1247AM BBT  FoTH



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1259AM BBT  Corey and Nicole are in kitchen.  Corey is eating and talking to Nicole about upcoming comp, he is asking her questions and she is messing with her hair.


Nat is messing with Michelle's nails.  James is explaining the "checking in" tank and how much he hated it.  Michelle says she does not want to ever have to go thru "booty check" that James just explained.  James telling them about stuff that happens in the cells and things inmates do to get out of their cell. James tells about an inmate that took a razor blade and cut his ball sac just to be able to get out of  jail and go see some pretty faces at the hospital ER.    Michelle asks why would someone cut their balls out of the sac, she says that would hurt, right?


Corey is talking to America about Nicole needs to win a comp and Nicole calls him an AHole






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9:00pm-10:00pm BBT: Natalie lockes herself out of the HOHR and feels bad she did. She then talks about winning the have not pass and and how Paulie was upset over it. Victor tells her not to worry about it that Paulie is gone now.
Victor  is wonering what comp they will play this week as they got locked down early this week and they are doing alot of building out there.
Corey and paul talking about being in the hiouse this long and how they get more air time for staying this long. They then talk about who has been on the block and who hasn't. they figure out that Nicole and james have never been on the block. Paul says i will be on the block as long as i stay in this house now.
Michelle, Natalie and james talk about Frankie and how  he does alot of you tube vedios and Michelle says she did a few too.
James and Natalie playing around as paul watched and natalie tries kicking him and he grabs her foot. She says that hurt and james says that is how you block a kick so Natalie gets lotion on her hands and slaps it on James shoulder then runs to the HOHR. james says if she wants lotion she has it and heads to the HOHR. The door is locked and James uses a card and gets the door unlocked then Natalie runs screaming. Paul and Nicole can not believe he unlocked the door. The guys head down stairs and Natalie and Nicole say they are going to do a prank war.
Natalie ask James if he is the sabatour this year and he says he does not know what she is talking about. She says tell me the truth and he says even if i was i can not tell you but i am not saying i am and i am not saying i  am not.Natalie and Nicole talk about james being the sabatour cause they try to prank james and gets told to stop by BB and james pulls pranks and BB never tells him to stop. 
Corey is in the shower and Victor hides pauls shoe in the KT and paul says if it is in the freezer he is killing them all as he looks for his show. Nicole is trying to prank Corey in the shower and he gets  shampoo and soap all over her glasses. james then gets in on the pranks and they throw flour and baby powder all over Corey while he is in the shower, James gets ice water and throws on Corey then more flour.
10:00pm-11:00pm BBT: James and Nicole continue throwing flour on Corey while he showers and corey putting shampoo on Nicole and james as they all laugh and yell. Natalie, Victor and paul sitting and watch and laugh.Nicole then comes in with Coffee grounds and throws it on Corey in the shower.Michelle is in the HOHR in bed. Natalie goes to the HOHR and michelle talks to her about next week and says the best  thing that could happen would be James win HOH and  either Paul, Corey or Nicole leaves next week. Natalie just agreeing with her. Michelle then talks about paul and how he does not deserve the money this season. Michelle and Natalie then talk about how Paul thinks he is running this house. Michelle says thats why i put Corey on the block  so Paul would think he is controling me but he isnt.
down stairs Paul hides behind the luggage and jumps out and scares james. 
Just general talk around the house now about evicted HG lives and how they gut the BB house after the show.
11:00pm-12:00am BBT: James and natlie in HOHR talking to Michelle and they say how Paul is kind of down because he knows that Victor is going to jury this week. james says that once Victor is gone paul will team up with Nicole and Corey.
In the BR Corey and paul talking and paul says tomorrow there will be news leaked out so there is still hope for this week.
In the HOHR Michelle is telling james he has to win HOh this week. Michelle is worried about what Paul will tell Nicole and Corey about her and james says to her not to worry about that. Natalie then tells James if he wins the Veto she will win the veto. Talk continues aboutn the HOH comp and Michelle says if james does not win it then Nicole needs to wion it and Corey get the care package and send paul hiome. Natalie says but if Paul wins the veto then one of us goes up and we go home. They then start trying to figure out what the HOH comp might be.
12:00am-1:00am BBT: James, Natalie and Michelle continue talking in the HOHR and Michelle is called to the DR as James tells her that he has been throwing comps all season and she looks shocked.
Victor now joins then and talk turns to prisons and how the prison system works and the crimes and punishements there are in prison. James then tells a story about an inmate that  was the sweetest person but was in for chopping his wife up when he founf her cheating on him.

1:00am-3:30am BBT: Nicole and Corey talking in bed  about ex girlfriends Corey had and how Nicole thinks that everyone will think she is boy crazy. they talk about seeing each other after the show is over. Nicole gets up and goes to the KT to eat after  their snuggle session . Corey rolls over to go to sleep and all other HG in bed sleeping now.

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108AM BBT  James telling Nat, Meech, and Victor about he fight he broke up because one inmate owed the other one a biscuit.

Corey talking in kitchen about how Nicole is a floater.  They are sitting in the kitchen at the bar table munching on food.  

Nat talks about kids she worked with and said she had one kid that just did not care, James says you get people in prison like that also.  Nat said this kid had a beautiful voice bust was so angry with the world.  Nat and James said a lot of people know only one way to geet attention, do something wrong, you get attention.  


115AM BBT chat in HoH stil about people not getting a fair chance.


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157AM BBT Nicole and Corey are still chatting.. in bed.  James and Nat talking bout charity work and one that Nat was to form one for children.  Nat and JAmes cuddling on bed, Meech is in bathroom area.  BB warns Meech to stop singing.  (sounds like she is singing in the shower)  Nat tells James to keep his hair long.  Meech makes a comment to James about "you weere a jailer".  Meech asks him if he was fair, James says yes, I was fair, if I did for one I did for all, no favorites.  Nat says she has a secret, She has a twin, James says he has a secret, he is really tall, Meech says her secret is she is only 21.   James says he thought Meech was related to Christine.  Nat says Christine?  yeah the one who messed with Cody, Jaemes and Nat say it at the same time.  


Meech climbs into bed, BB:  Michelle please do not obstruct you mic!  They ask James why he is crying, he says he is sad and the slopo is gtting to him.  Meech says no crying, Nat says you not allowed to be sad.  Meech and Nat start tickling James, he says he is going to pass out.  HE is laughing so hard.  James wraps himseelf in the comforter, Meech reaches out and yanks on it and JAmes flies across the bed.  Meech and Nat are now "picking" on James.  James is on the HoH bed laying between Meech and Nat.  The girls are having fun teasing him.


204AM BBT  Chat turns to Paul and his lies.  Nicole and Corey are talking, Nicolee says Cory is a jerk, she says he keeps changing his story about bar hopping.  They are doing out of house scenerios


206AM BBT  Victor reenters the HoH room to find the girls going after James again.  Tickle fest.   (they were watching Vic on TV Cam)


215AM BBT Victor laying on foot of bed now, Nat and Meech talking to him.  James has left the room.  Nat tells Vic that having a Co-HoH makes the week so much easier









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216AMBBT  Nicorey are still discussing stuff that "might" happen in the future.  She is quetioning him about not telling her stuff and he is saying that they don't live together.  This is all conversation on "what if" outside of the house.


218AM BBT  Vic, Meech and Nat discussing the interesting days of the week.  Tomorrow will be a slow ass day like today.  They have been on inside lockdown since 11am yesterday morning.  Meech sys she has known eveery single time about the noms and votes except for Bridgette.  


220AM BBT  Nicorey still talking aboiut "what if"  (this convo keeps rinse and repeat of stuff they already said)  Nicole says she won't play games. If you have plans but don't tell me, I will make plans, you don't call me 2 hours before you want to go out with me, you make plans in advance, not last minute.  (again rehash of what they have already said)


224AM BBT  Victor talk about "sucking your way to the top"  he says "s ing D".  Talk to turns to Paulie and Z, probably SD in Jury house.  they hash oveer what Paulie said about what Z did to him.  Meech want details and seems to be enjoying the convo.  Telling how Paulie motioned to his privates and said there is no faking that.   Victor apologizes and says he should not be saying anything.  They talk about how Z said she was a dog in heat.  


Nicole is now getting mad at Corey about something that HAS NOT happened and MIGHT NOT happen.  Dating, other girls and his normal out of the hosue behavior. (I shut down this convo since they are geetting upset with each other over stuff that may or may not happen after they get out of the hosue)










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237AM BBT james returns to HoH room.  Meech and Victor pull the bed apart looking for the top sheet.  Meech is laying in bed on the side farthest from the door.  James now get into bed after explaining "turkey tracks" to Meech.  Vic goes back to laying at the foot of the bed.  James starts in on Nat about "you did not poop that fast"  she says "she is known for her poop skills"  James and Victor talking about underwear full of turkey tracks.  James tells Nat to go back and wipe again, there is no way she is done.  When Nat asks what they are talking about they say last game and how you had to take your time.  James says "honest, no way in hell you poop and wipe in 2 minutes"  (topics these kids talk about)  Nat says "do not hate on my poop skills, I am a professional pooper, stop being jealous".  And Nat stubs her toe on the chair.  James tells Vic he is not tired, but he will go to sleep if he lays down.  Nat put on Victor's flip flops and he tells here that her foot is half the size of the flops.   They start talking about shoe sizes.


Checked in on Nicorey and they are still arguing about stuff that may or may not happen if they date outside the house.

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402AM BBT  General chat finishes in HoH and James heads out with Victor to bed in HN room.  James has almost fallen asleep in HoH bed.  Vic says "may you rest in peace"  he changes it to "may you sleep in peacee"  He says he is just telling them they sleep well.  Jaes wants to know if it is the last supper.  Victor says he looks like a cult leader with his hair down.  Nat says he looks like a hippy.  Nat has the giggles   Vic says he has to watch what he says cause he does not want to offend anyone.  Nat says how can it be so straight in front and so curly in back, you have beautiful locks.  Meech is talking but so tired she is making no sense, she is talking about Z being mad at Paulie and snuggled up to Victor.  


415AM BBT  The boys have left, but now Nat and Meech are rehashing Z and Nat's convo.  Meech talking about maybe Corey needs to go this week, not Victor



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658AM BBT  Paul still in kitchen, singing and we get FOTH.  He announces that "him and America" are just having a nice quiet breakfast, and then we will have our Morning Friendship Chat with Paul.  He continues to sing while making a pot of coffee, but this time no FOTH.  he has his bacon done, but is now frying to eggs using 4 egg whites.  he scrambles the eggs together and adds onions and bacon to it.  Now he whistles as he works with cleaning up his mess.  he puts all the stuff away places his plate on the table and announces he has to pee.  


Everyone else is sleeping






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711AM BBT  Paul is explaining to AMerica every move he is making, pouring coffee, adding ALmond and Chocolate milk plus creamer to his coffee and don't forget the brown sugar.  He is going to do dishes later cause he does not give a F.  Early morning Friendship talk will start in 15 seconds.  He picks up his plate and coffee fup and goes to Safari room, saying it is a pig sty all thanks to Michelle cause she is a gross .. but it is none of his business.  He wants to talk abou how shitty it is to live with.  He says, he is the shittiest, but that is not the topic now.  Bragging about how he knows how to make food.  shakes his head,says he hopes no one else is awake and will resume his rant when he is done stuffing his face.  (he slept almost all day long and now is up bashing everyone while the others sleep)


He says that everyone in the house is shitty.  Says they drop stuff on floor, bathroom disgusting, they walk barefoot.  Claims he cleans everything before he touches it.  kees referring to the "dirty ass house"  (but slept thru the clean up yesterday).  he talks about how people bash Victor for keeping the house clean.  Some of the guys don't like being told what to do, Victor is lone wolf, I don't do any of that, everyone else can wallow in their own filth.  James is supper annoying, pranking and jojks is over annoying and he is the only one who thinks he is funny.  paul says he can't wait to let them all know how he feels about them.  He is bashing Nat for patting herself on the back and starting sentences with America.  He rally is hating on her.  (Paul does not realize he is bashing everyone for stuff HE HAS done in the house).  If you keep patting yourself on the back, it means you are not worth it.  Corey is not too bad to live with, he minds his own business, keeps to himself, eats PBJ all the time.  Very chill very laid back, does not exist.  If you want an active room mate, Corey is not the guy cause you forget he is here.  Now Paul pats himself on the back for being such a wonderful cook.  Nicole is uppity and if you are not annoyed by her voice, she is okay, she reminds me of a chicken.   Paul thinks anyone who walks around barefoot in the hosue is GROSS.  


Michells throws tantrums, screams and throws things.  She is stubborn, ignorant, cries all the time, she is the worst person to live with.  Second worse is James cause he is pranking, does not clean up after himself.  he does things that don't make sense.  Paulie is OCD?? he is cleanly person.  (he lived with the same Paulie we seen on screen).  Paulie was laid back, chill, cleanly person.  Paul says he is loud as F, but I am so easy to live with.   (sorry this is hard to listen to)





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727AM BBT  Paul says if you live with Bridgette you will get Fat as F, cause she bakes all the time.  She is stubborn, hard headed, might punch you in the face,  He continues down the list of names and bashes people in the house.  He bashes Da and her hair extentions.  Frank and his farting.  on and on.


747AM BBT  Paul is now back on his rant about Meech and how much he hates her.  He is bashing her for everything she has done.  He is explaining that Meech has no clue what an Atheist is.  paul now patting himself on the back again for his charity work and how he helps the homeless people, he does a shout out and we get FOTH


919AM BBT  paul is still singing his own praises about his job, people he works with and other things he has done to accomplish his fame   Starts naming names and we get FOTH

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959AM BBT  Paul is still talking. After 2 hours and a lot of repeating stories, Paul is now explaining his Tats and showing us them on his body.   (Sorry not posting much cause he is putting me to sleep)


1006AM BBT  we are getting and extended FOTH...wakeup?

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9:06AM BBT Feeds down.  Maybe waking up HGs.
9:07AM BBT  Feeds are back up.  Paul is in Safari Room talking to feeders.  He is saying that if you can find something that you like to do and can make money, then go for it.  Paul is talking about designs for his clothing that was set to release while he was in the house.
9:12AM BBT Paul says that there were hats that were released, but if they are out of stock then to make sure to tell his assistant to contact Larissa to reorder.  He also started stocking horn mugs.  They are also ethically sourced.  But if those are out of stock, then his assistant can't restock since she doesn't have the contact.  He wants to give a shout out to his buddy Sean.
9:15AM BBT Feeds are back down.
9:16AM BBT feeds are back up.  Paul says that his customers aren't just customers because he feels appreciative of them.  He gives a shout out to all his customers.  He is very thankful to them.  He says that without his customers, he doesn't have anyone to create for.
9:19AM BBT Paul says that when he first started out, his parents didn't even support him with the clothing line.  He said most of his friends didn't even support him.  He started doing shout outs to those supporting him in the initial stages of his company.  BB brought down feeds so was unable to get names except Seth.  Feeds came back with Paul talking about during the holidays he had sent out an email to his customers & he got such a wonderful response from them.  
9:24AM BBT Paul says that when he comes out of the house, he isn't expecting to have any fans.  He says that James & Nic keep telling him that he will be surprised with all the people who will be his fans.  He said it just doesn't seem real.  He said that he can't believe that anyone will really care about someone just because he was on a show.
9:25AM BBT Paul said that Paulie told him that he has to learn to separate out his fans from everyone else.  Paul said to him that it doesn't matter.  He is going to keep treating people with open arms.  
9:27AM BBT He says he would love to just hang out with his fans.  He would love to talk to kids about anti-bullying.  He wants to inspire people.  He says don't do drugs.  He says f*ck peer pressure.  He says you don't have to be popular.  He said that even if he could inspire at least one person that would make a difference.
9:29AM BBT  Paul said he can't believe that they do paid meet 'n' greets afterwards.  He said that if you want to meet up with him, just email him, text him, whatever.  He would never charge people to hang out with him.  He said that there is no reason to make money off of people just getting a chance to say hi.  Feeds go down really briefly.  You see Paul heading to UKBR.  All other HGs still asleep.
9:38AM BBT Paul goes into Storage to change batteries.  He is singing while in there.  He is now headed back to safari room. He said he is back in pink.  You will never see him wearing these colors out of the house.  No pink tank top.  No light color shorts.  Everything outside of the house is always black.
9:39AM BBT Paul says that he had an interesting DR session, feeds are brought down before he can complete his sentence.  Paul starts talking about his tats.  He misses being able to go get tats.  He also misses going to concerts.  He usually goes to a live show every week.
9:41AM BBT Paul says he misses being able to go out skateboarding.  He says that there is an abandoned church next to his house that he skates at.  He misses playing his guitar.  He misses his dogs.  He misses his hairless cat Blair.  There are probably pics of his cat on his instagram.  He misses his 3 mastiffs.  He misses his parents.  He misses his mom yelling at him.  He misses getting on his mom's nerves.  He misses pissing his sister off.  He says he hopes she finally found a good man to date now.
9:44AM BBT Paul says his sister is the golden child.  He says he is the dirty, sh*t, rusted, garbage crazy child.
9:54AM BBT He was raised in a house where tattoos & piercings meant you were going to h*ll because it is against the Bible.  He said that didn't work out well for his parents since he is covered in tats.
9:55AM BBT He said only a few years ago that his grandmother wasn't Armenian.  He said that she told him that she was born in Russia.  He is trying to convince his mom to get a tattoo.  She won't.  He said that every time he tries to convince his dad to get one, he tries to break a bible over his head.  He said if you look at a family portrait that he looks out of place.  He said his sister is completely opposite of them.  He said his sister is quiet & nerdy.
10:00AM BBT Paul starts explaining some of his tattoos.  He got an eagle on his torso like his great granddad.  His first tattoo is on his butt & says mom.  He has a tattoo on his side that is an Armenian word that his grandma always calls him.  It also has a needle & thread since she is a "sewer".  [what he describes sounds almost like needlepoint]
10:05AM BBT feeds go back down again.
10:17AM BBT Feeds come back up.  You see Nat heading back to HoHR.  She tells Michelle that Paul is talking to the live feeders & he is chipper.  Paul is still talking.  He said he isn't the topic man.  He is trying to think of what to talk about next.  He decides to talk about Armenian culture.
10:17AM BBT He was supposed to go to Armenian for this summer, but he came to BB instead.  So FRIENDSHIP.  He said that he is hoping to go to Armenia & Russia next summer.  He said he will probably get a bunch of dirty looks though.  He said his arm pits smell bad right now because they ran out of deodorant.
10:19AM BBT Paul said he is thankful to not have to shave.  He is hoping that the beard growing trend has passed.  He said he didn't grow one to be on the trend.  He said he heard the term lumber-sexual.  He said he might eventually shave, but not any time soon.
10:21AM BBT  He says right now he is looking like a caveman.  He doesn't do clip his own beard or do his eyebrows.  He said he plans on going to sleep early tonight because he doesn't want to listen to the campaigning tonight.  He said unfortunately it will probably be Vic going home.
10:23AM BBT Paul talks about having had the round trip ticket but couldn't use it.  He tried to figure out what day it is.  He can't believe that it is Aug 24th.  He said June 13th was his birthday, but he had to spend it in sequester.  He turned 23.  He is the youngest one in the house.  He said that there are people in the house that are much more immature then him.  He said Tiffany had a tantrum at 32 years old.  He doesn't care what setting you are in, don't have a temper tantrum.
10:26AM BBT Paul said Halloween & Thanksgiving are his favorite days.  Thanksgiving because of the food.  Halloween he loves because he can dress up in costumes and act like a kid.  He is thinking up as Patty for Halloween.  Dress in a diner outfit with a name tag that says Patty.  He likes Christmas.  He said that as an adult, it becomes more of a responsibility.  He likes the family time & the winter.  He tends to go to Vancouver.  He gives a shout out to his family in Canada.
 10:31AM BBT Paul says he has been talking to the live feeders for 4 hours.  Paul says to tell his assist Anastasia to set up a PO Box so his fans can send him fan mail.  He said to make sure to tell her to make it public knowledge what the PO Box is.
10:33AM BBT Paul says his assistant is so cool.  He said she is beautiful but scary.  He said that he is literally scared of him.  She makes him do all these things when he is being lazy.
10:35AM BBT Paul said everyone is going to be cancelling their subscription to the live feeds because they are sick of listening to him.  He then randomly says f*ck birds.  He said he has several birds tattooed on him, but he hates birds except owls because they are cool.  He says who cares about pigeons.  They are the rats of the sky.  People who have birds as pets is really messed up.  The birds can literally fly anywhere in the world but you lock them up in a cage.  Same with fish.  They are stupid to keep as pets.  You can't pet a fish so what is the point.  He hates insects.  He said honey is dope.  Why do we need flys or spiders or ants?  
10:38AM BBT Paul started talking about dating apps such as tinder, but then got side tracked.  He then went on to talk about his friends shop who makes girl shirts or bralettes.  Every time he tries to say the name of the shop, BB takes the feed down.
10:49AM BBT Paul says not to use a snapchat picture (especially the flower coachella filter or dog filter) as their tinder picture.  Paul says most guys use shirtless pictures, he doesn't though.  Paul says not to use group photos either.  It is too much work to figure out which person the profile belongs to.  
10:53AM BBT Paul says don't bother putting a quote in your bio because it doesn't say anything about you.  Just put something that you like.  Paul is curious about what new snapchat filters are out.
10:55AM BBT Paul said that was his tinder rant.  He is going to go pee really fast & think of some other topics to talk about.  He then heads to WC.  


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11:04am BBT:Paul still talking to  the camera about elections now and how they all suck in their own ways.

 11:13am BBT: Paul tells the feeders to get his PO Box number and to send ideas on BB tattoos for him to get when he gets out and he says Friendship will be on one of those tattoos.

11:20am BBT: Paul now talking about coffee and going to Starbucks and he says he does not really like Starbucks but he goes there anyways.

11:23am BBT: Paul says  by the time these people wake up it will be time for my nap.  He then bashes Michelle for her rants about beards and tattoos. He then says he is clocked out mentally clocked out. he says i have a 1 in 6  chance of winning now and those are good odds but going to be difficult to win since the others are after me. He then says unless he gets the care package then he might can win but it is going to be very difficult to win. he then says he wants to hang out with these people after the game outside the house.

11:37am BBT: Paul is still talking to the camera, he keeps talking about the evicted HG and  about wanting to win this game and then he ask what is going on guys what is going on with all the noise. All other HG still in bed sleeping. Paul then talks about today's episode of BB and says it will be funny and that is all i will say just watch  cause it is funny funny.

11:48pm BBT: Paul still rambling about his clothing store and when he gets out of the house  you can go to the store and he will hook you up with a discount code.

 11:54am BBT: Paul still talking about his clothing company as we keep getting brief FOTh then back to Paul and his clothing store.

11:58am BBT: Paul has gone to the WC and all is quiet for the moment.

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12:04pm BBT: Paul sitting in Safari rm in silence now as all other HG are sleeping.

12:11pm BBT: paul tells everyone he will be on snap chat when he gets out and he really does not tweet much.

12:13pm BBT: Paul says do not look for me on Facebook i am not there i do not use Facebook. If you want to get hold of me Instagram and snap chat is the best thats what i use. If you want to be a pen pal dont do it i wont write you back. he then says he has had a nice 5 hour journey and now you guys can watch me make some chicken so the friendship chat is over.

12:18pm BBT: Paul is talking and walking us through making chicken.

12:24pm BBT: Paul talking us through prepping the chicken he says he hates that part he wants the finished product. he says if he had to go hunting and kill his own meat he would have to be a vegetarian or vegan.

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