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Saturday August 6, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BB18 discussions are in the Big Brother 18 Discussion section.

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother 18 Time is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter. I've been tripped up not knowing if "B" is Bronte or Bridgette.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. Download PDF And here's DRG's guide by team Cast Cards PDF.

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

British Bedroom (UKBR)

Tokyo Bedroom (TBR)

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)


When referring to Da'Vonne, you can use "Da," "Dav," and, of course, "Da'Vonne," but for some reason "Da' " with the apostrophe, jams my proofreader program, and "Day" is confusing, so use Dae.

You are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, can someone else take over!" or whatever, so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 

Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at  http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds and dish about the HGs at the same time.  


Thank you!

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12:16 am bbt - VIc, Paulie, Corey and Nic are sitting and eating at the DT. Bridge is in the kitchen saying she wants to fry beignets. Paul is still cooking. Meech is sitting in the kitchen. James is going through the fridge. 


12:18 am bbt - Nat comes back from the SR saying there isn't any sour cream. James says that there is so much cottage cheese in the fridge. James says he's going to request cottage cheese. Paul asks who they have to fight to get sour cream. 


12:20 am bbt - Z comes into the KT. They tell her there is animal fries. Everyone is in the KT eating and talking about what it's like being  a HN. Nic is called to the DR. BRidge says she's going to bring a nectarine upstairs. Bridge points out the oven is on for no reason. 

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12:22 am bbt - Nat tells Bridge her HN virginity is about to be popped. The guys were teasing her that's the worst thing they've heard in this entire house. Nat reminds them that the first week here she was trying to eat breakfast while they were talking about the m word. Paulie asks what the m word is. Paul says masturbation. 

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There are the updates until 12:25 am BBT in the Friday forum. Sorry I didn't transfer over here! It's too late for me to keep going! Hopefully there's someone else! 

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1:11:11AM BBT Paul: Gramma Franzel.  Gramma Nicole.  Nicole: I'm already a gramma.  Paul and Corey agree that Nicole is a little sassy tonight.  Mildly.  They agree that she is entertaining to watch, she has a lot of litlte face and body language/gestures that are very interesting to watch.  They could watch her all day [they are not flirting with her, it's more a general observation about how she carries herself].  The conversation is fairly low key, slightly positive energy.


1:24AM BBT Paul goes to the kitchen where Bridgette, MIchelle and Natalie are hanging out, energy there is also a bit positive.  Lighthearted.  They are talking about RL dating in general terms, and Paul says he takes girls on little picnics all the time.  They talk about how they all need to go on lots of little dates, fun dates, after the show ends.  Natalie tells a story about visiting the sex museum with her mother.  She's uptight about sex stuff usually, but the museum was fun.

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1:27AM BBT Nicole walks through the kitchen and Paul tries to sass her, but she walks through the room, and Paul follows.  She is a bit upset, some kind of anxiety attack.  Paul says he has them too, what's wrong?  Nicole says it just happens from time to time, and she's fine.  Getting better already.  She ate too much, and had three cups of coffee and her heart started racing and she felt like she was going to die.  She's talking pretty normally by this point, and Michelle and Z have come in by this point.  They exchange some fairly short stories about anxiety and anxiety attacks.  Everybody has them at one time or another.  Nicole says she has them more often than most, and often at the weirdest time, like after a random Thanksgiving dinner one year.  Nicole thanks everybody for being so nice.

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1:35AM BBT The other boys are playing pool in the yard.  Victor continues to vie for the record of the most fart-active HG ever.  Even the boys complain.  Victor is wearing his red HOH robe and he says the farts stay inside it and just rise up and nail him.

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1:38AM BBT Z, Nat, Meech, and Bridg in the powder room.  Mostly light-hearted random talk with some girl talk.  Z interprets dreams for her friends.  They all talk a bit about dreams.  Z has dreamt a snake before all her breakups.  Z says shark dreams connect to somebody close to you (or you yourself) being pregnant.

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1:40AM BBT Everybody says they have eaten too much tonight and are useless, but there seems to be a lot of energy in the house.  Not sure where Paul is, maybe the DR.


Bridgette talking about Amazing Race.  Sounds like Meech isn't familiar with it, she asks which season was good, which season to watch.  They talk about possible BB pairs crossing over to Amazing Race [didn't Amazing Race film their final season earlier this year? -- Wikipedia seems to say that it is still active]


Whoops, I forgot, Paul is with Nicole in the Tokyo bedroom.  They are talking a bit of game, but pretty quietly, even with volume turned up I can't make out a lot of what they are saying.  They starting talking at more normal volumes and as they do, Paul says he thinks Michelle is too unpredictable, which makes her kind of a threat.  They are both talking in pretty normal terms, no back-biting or sarcasm for once.  Nicole says she better go mend fences with Corey.  Paul says she should go talk to Exec and go along with anything he says.  They both say they are very tired, and now they do seem to be fading a little bit.

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1:52AM BBT Paul goes to the powder room, the girls are gonna get everybody in the house paired up and they will all play Amazing Race.  Then they talk about Survivor.  They say Da was invited to Survivor, but picked BB18 over that.  Paul says Meech would die on day one or two of Survivor.  And he would die almost as soon.  Paul says some pretty funny stuff about eating (or not eating bugs).  "Where's the Almond Milk?!?"  Some of this gang knows Survivor well, some not at all.  Random chit chat scattered in.  Paul would use Natalie as bait in Survivor.  He is going to take a shower.  Crawl-bugging.  Soapy burps.  Gross.  Natalie says Paul always talks about cannabalism and killing.  He says he's bored.  Paul comes back to the powder room with a small squirt bottle of saline solution and acts like he is pissing on everybody.  They all laugh.  He has a moth on his butt.  It must be pretty small, I can't see it, but they all seem to think it's really there.  Everybody is getting rambunctious/loopy.  Paul puts on some kind of purple sleeves (leg warmers maybe?) and the girls get him to dance around, doing several diferent dance steps on command.  Paul is bored.  Natalie has never been on a picnic as part of a date.

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2:05AM BBT The boys have come back into the house.  Nicole, Corey, and James seem to be working on ice cream in the kitchen.  Does Paul want some?  What flavor? James yells, Friendship.  Paul is bored tonight.  Lots of yelling between the two groups.  Where did Victor go?  [they are all yelling and pranking and giggling, it's hard to separate out who is doing what]

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1AM BBT  Nicole is whining to Corey that she is so full that she cannot breath.  Corey belches.    Natalie, Paul, Zak, Michelle, Bridgette in kitchen talking.  Bridgette at sink cleaning.  Nicole is whining still at Corey cause he just told her she looked tired.  Zak has changed her outfit again.  paul yelling that it is F*g 1AM.   Paulie joins Nicole and Corey..  talking about how they lost it about someone's shot while playing pool and the ball falling on the ground.  Paulie walks into the kitchen and hugs Michelle in front of Zak, Paul leaves the kitchen area.  Paul in storeage area, looking in fridge singing to himself.   Paulie has joined him and they are now talking about Michelle leaving not Zak.  


Paul and Paulie are discussing the pros and cons of Zak going home and Meech staying.  Hard to hear they have that whisper going.


Nat is talking in kitchen, stating that she thinks there might be something offered to open the tickets and then someone will regret it.   Zak says there will be a jury buy back cause no one will have the return trip ticket.  


Paul in with Corey and Nicole talking about Nat supposedly saying that she would put Corey on block.  (which I cannot find when she said that.. Victor yes, Corey no).   Paul calling Meech the "merry go round"  from hell cause she was puking everywhere.  Paulie is in kitchen supervising the girls and their chat.  No sign of Victor or James.







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108 AM BBT   Zak is all over Paulie humping on his back as he stands at the counter, he ignores her efforts.  Talk is about BB Canada.  Paul is still talking with Corey and Nicole and why Corey thinks he is cool.


110AM BBT  James has joined the kitchen crew.  Bridgette still cleaning everyone else is stting around the counter talking.  Nicole telling Paul she will be an awesome Grandma.  




1210AM BBT  James in BY playing pool by himself.  Victor is telling Nicole he will give her a back rub, she is going to go walk around, she says she needs some fresh air.  Corey says something about ice cream.  Victor telling Corey to wash his feet before he gets into Vic's bed.  


Kitchen chat is about the different "cons".  Victor joins the kitchen crew, Corey says he wants ice cream.  Paulie has joined James in the backyard.  Girls talking about 1st dates with different guys and the "dinner dates".











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125AM BBT  Victor and Corey have joined James and Paulie in backyard.  Paul is supervising the girls.  Nicole is now in backyard telling Corey to join her on the couch.  Nicole is talking about her anxiety attack and that Corey is now mad at her.


130AM BBT  Nicole now back inside and everyone paying attention to her (girls) she is talking about her anxiety attack.  She is talking about how she feels like she is going to die.  Corey, Victor, James and PAulie are still in backyard playing pool


135AM BBT  Paul still sitting with Nicole.  Zak and Michelle are wandering  around.  Boys still playing pool in backyard.  (Side note:  Victor has a RED HoH robe which he is proudly wearing as much as Paul wore his grey one last week).


140AM BBT  Michelle, Zak, Bridge and Nat are in bathroom talking about their bouts of anxiety.  Boys still playing pool (no game talk except for pool)


147AM BBT  Boys still playing pool.  Girls now talking about food rationing and how amounts vary all the time.   the fewer people the more fruit they give the HGs


150AM BBT  Nicole and Paul talking still.  Boys in BY plaing pool.  

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205AM BBT  Paul is now entertaining the girls in the bathroom,  Nat, Paul, Bridge, Paulie and Zak.  Nicole, James sitting at counter eating.  Corey in kitchen finally getting his ice cream.  


216AM BBT  Nicole was blaming her eating at midnight as the cause for her anxiety attack, she is now sitting with Corey eating ice cream.  Bridge, Zak, paulie, Nat in Bathroom talking.  We keep getting FOTH


221AM BBT  We see Corey and Nicole in kitchen. James is in kitchen fixing something. Conversation in bathroom is about movies, music and green cards.  FOTH


229AM BBT  paulie has his head in Zak's lap, she is playing with his hair.  Bathroom talk is about Pauling kicking someone's ass and we have FOTH


234AM BBT  Bridge and Victory in HoH room talking about James "take my vote away".  and again FOTH


239AM BBT  We see Paul walking down the steps, Nicole at the stove stirring something and FOTH


243AM BBT  Bridge is in HoH room laying in bed with Victor talking about Zak.  Victor is talking about how he wants Zak out.  He says everyone wants Z out.  Michelle is told to get her mic on... Paul has joined bathroom group.  Talk is about Joseaz and his Messiah talking.  


252AM BBT  Paul yelling in bathroom about bonds.  Paulie and Z are doing nightly ADLs. Talk is something about "you watched season 17, you could have had me fooled".  Zak is now nibbling on Paulie's ear as he gives her a piggy back ride.  Paul has invaded the HoH room.  


255AM BBT  Bathroom talk is about Michelle and Z being TV hosts, Paulie egging them on










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302AM BBT  Paul and Paulie talking in backyard.  Paul talking about convincing James to use one of his vetoes on Nat so she is not caught up in the voting issue.  Z is throwing Meech's name UTB, Meech is not throwing names.  Victory and Bridge are now talking in HoH room.  Paul says he is not saying Z will take action against us (he keeps playing with his cue stick and scratching his mic)  Paulie says that Victor is harder to get out than James.  Paul says double evict lose another girl and then Victor in 3 weeks.  Let him go out under James or Nat.  Hard to follow all these code names.  paulie says they need to take a shot with the double evict and let him win the next HoH.  Zak and Michelle evict will be last minute.  Paulie says James is leaning toward Meech leaving (Paulie says that James is afraid of Victory... huh?)   paulie talking about Corey says Natalie said... James says the original statement came from Nicole wanting to see a girl win.  Paul and Paulie are possitive that Nicole will not come after them as long as Corey is in game.


309AM BBT  Paul and Paulie are saing that they need to keep the course till final 5.  Bridgette goes, Vic wins, Meech or James, the following week go after Victor.  Paul says James has been really sketch.  James wants the 4 boys same with Corey says Paulie and no one wants Exec .. not in even top 7.  Paulie talking that they need pecking order and stay till 5...Paulie keeps saying Cody and Derrick controlled everything.  (ego boosting going on, lots of speculation between Paulie and Paul)  both telling each other that they are playing a great Derrick game.


311AM BBT Bridge and Victor still talking in HoH. 


315AM BBT Zak is outside now walking around in a teeny weeny pink bikini and hopping around the backyard. She says she needs to run off energy.  she has a hoodie on acting like she is freezing, but wants to wear herself out so she can sleep.    

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317AM BBT  Nicole and Corey in bed with lights off.  Paulie and Paul in backyard with Zak.  All game talk has stopped.  Meech crawls into her bed next to Corey and Nicole.  (Corey can sleep in a real bed tonight, back to HN tomorrow night)  Zak giving Paulie orders not to stay out too late.  (this is the fifth outfit we have seen her in today)  


BB:  Michelle please put on your Mic.  Also announce lights must stay on, Zak says goodnight and leaves room so lights can be off.


Zak has gone into the house and now the game chat is going full blast in backyard.  Talking about how Michelle has gone to Victor and Zak and said she will blow things up.  Paulie wants to blow Meech up.  Paul says if Zak wins Veto...we still send Meech home.  but Z is the target for now.  Victor and Bridge still chatting in HoH, nothing game 



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328AM BBT  Talk between Paulie and Paul was about Meech has to leave if Zak takes herself off the block.  and still pondering who James needs to use his veto votes on.


Victor and Bridge still just talking in HoH room.  Pool game between Paul and Paulie in BY.  Game talk keeps coming up, but it is rehash of stuff already said four times tonight.  Corey comes out side to join the guys.  Paul and Paulie says that Bridge is blowing Victor.  Paulie is now talking again about pros and cons.   Paulie says he told James to take him out of the voting.  They discuss points of both sides of Z going home.  Paulie says he does not care who goes, but he wants to go to Meech  and say she is leaving to see what happens.


332AM BBT  Corey says Meech is not going to win anything.  Z is worse at comps than Nat is.  Paulie teling boys that Z will ask him what to do if she gets HoH, but Nicole told Corey that Z told her that what Z wants Z gets.  paul says Z has not done anything to keep her ass in the game.  Paulie agrees.  Z flops good Paulie says.  Claims Z social game is better than Meech.  Eveeryone likes Meech, no one likes Z... (Paulie talked earlier (after noms) to Corey that he has to convince Paul to keep Z)  Paul is set on Z going home.  Both Paulie and Corey are working hard on Paul to convince him to vote out Meech.


346AM BBT  Victor and Bridge leave HoH room.  Corey says he going to bed.  Victor announces another dead fish (the big yellow one).  Paul questions Paulie about Corey saying "don't mention that".  Paulie says that it is something that cannot be talking about live feeds.  Paulie says he told Corey about it during the halfway party.  Paulie now talking about when she is gone , he can get closer to Z and get more info out of Nicole.  Victor goes to Bathroom and grabs a sweatshirt.  


349AM BBT  Victor called to DR, probably about dead fish.  Bridge walks outside.  

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2:45AM BBT Talk continues in the powder room.  Michelle remembering some of Jozea's more extravagant claims.  Everybody there still seems happy.  Victor and Bridgette in the HOH room/bed, low key talk remembering past comps and who won them.  Not practicing for the remember comp so much as adding up who has good win/loss records and how they each fit into that ranking.  Victor wants to be remembered as a competition beast, and not just physical.  He looks at his hands/blisters and says he sorta regrets working so hard on this one, why did it have to be so physical.  Bridgette says his hands will heal fast.

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2:50AM BBT Victor repeating the nomination poem to Bridgette/himself (they are chuckling throughout):

V: I was up here for the longest time thinking up the poem.  B: I looked at you and I was like, what's in his pockets.  V: When they called me down I forgot to take my jester hat.  B: I looked around the table, everyone was just trying to not laugh, everyone was trying to hold back laughter, literally everyone except the two.  Paul just in the middle like "whoa!".  



"Nine-to-one, do those numbers ring a bell?
 My eviction day that's how the votes fell


 Battle-back champ, I got the notches on my belt
 and now you're going to see how eviction felt


 Z, this is really based on strategy
 if it was up to you the person on the block would be me


 And to be honest you never really gave me too much attention
 Paulie is the only one who gets your affection


 Michelle this should be easy and clear to see

 just two days ago you were mean and rude to me,

 But really your quote wasn't too far off
 yesterday wasn't the day to piss people off"


B: you threw that in there, I was like "Ouch!". V: it was supposed to end, and I messed this up, it was supposed to end with :


"But hopefully this doesn't end any relationships
 so here are some beads out of friendship"


But I messed that up, yeah what did you say,   Something like here are some beads to cherish. I just wanted it over with at that point.  Toss, toss, (the mardis gras beads).  Are we gonna wrap this shit up.


B: I heard her (Michelle) in the bathroom after, saying I don't understand why I am up there.  I don't win anything, it's not like I've one anything, I was like ... yeaaaahhhh...  V: I literally walk in the room put the little orca whale in her lap and she throws it on the ground.  I told her, those little things, people don't forget that.


If Frank is watching this at home he's dying laughing.  What? Bridgette didn't go up on the block? Hell yeah!  


They speculate that America must like the James/Natalie thing (talking about who got the care packages).  Paul comes in the room.  He forgot about getting Victor ice cream for 20 minutes (giving Victor ice cream).  He hassles Bridget a little.  V to P: what are you about to do, bud.  P: I don't know, suck my own balls, I'm bored.  [he's been saying this all night, but it's less annoying than i would have guessed, the man must have a little charisma or something]


One of the drawers near the bed opens a little bit on its own.  Paul: "Whoa, whoa, I just did that with my mind."  Bridgette tells him to try to move it again and he tries.  She says, wow, it moved again!  Then says she is lying.  They are a little bit goofy.  Victor says his grandmother is a virgin.  Paul wishes he had keestered some substance into the house.  They goof on how that could be used as an advantage in the comps.  Just a lot of silly talk.  Everybody seems tired, but the nervous energy just is not dissipating.

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443AM BBT  Paul, Victor and Paulie in Kitchen talking about how to send packages.  Seems all the rest of the HGs are sleeping or trying to.


BB has told them to stop singing, stop whistling, the "boys" are trying to figure out who to throw flour on now.  Paul:  take this bag and just rip up sh*t


Feed 4  Corey and Nicole wrapped around each other in bed.

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454AM BBT  Victor picks up a bottle of sprite and says he wants a burping contest.  Proceeds to chug a glass of sprite, Paulie grabs a glass.  Victor opens another bottle. Dr. Pepper this time.  Paul wants some Vic hands bottle to Paul, tells him to chug it.  Paul tries to belch (I can do better than he did).  Paulie is now chugging the bottle, burps (still not that good)  Vic chugs, but no belch yet.  Paul tries again..Paul weak burp, definitely not a belch.  

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