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Friday July 22, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BB18 discussions are in the Big Brother 18 Discussion section.

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother 18 Time is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter. I've been tripped up not knowing if "B" is Bronte or Bridgette.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. Download PDF And here's DRG's guide by team Cast Cards PDF.

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

British Bedroom (UKBR)

Tokyo Bedroom (TBR)

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)


When referring to Da'Vonne, you can use "Da," "Dav," and, of course, "Da'Vonne," but for some reason "Da' " with the apostrophe, jams my proofreader program.

You are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, can someone else take over!" or whatever, so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 

Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at  http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds and dish about the HGs at the same time.  


Thank you

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9:00 pm BBT  Feeds return and all cameras are on the Tokyo BR with Zakiyah, Nicole, Corey, and Da talking. They say that Victor says that it wouldn’t be BB if he wasn’t on the block. Nicole asks what Evel Dick did when he was in the house. They talk about him banging the pots and pans and pouring tea on someone’s head. Meanwhile, 2 cameras switch to the Safari Room and it’s Paulie, Frank, Paul, Bridgette, and Victor talking about Da’ causing the more trouble than anyone in the house. They say that in that room they have more winners than anyone in the house, plus the Battle Back champ. They say that they think they can grab James and Corey and get the numbers.


9:05 pm BBT Frank is talking about how he can recognize people by their walks in the house, other than Zakiyah and James. Da’ leaves the Tokyo BR. Nicole says that Michelle said she doesn’t mind if Victor stays in for some eye candy. The camera switches to the WA and Michelle tells Da’ there’s no toilet paper…she had to use baby wipes. The camera switches back to the Tokyo BR and Nicole is asking what it means to say that you are a mathematician. The guys are telling Bridgette to wrap her ankle and act like it’s still hurting her a little to throw people in the house off a little.


9:10 pm BBT Paulie says they gave him crap for wanting to help Bridgette wrap her ankle. Bridgette says that everytime people see her talking to Corey they give him sh*t for it. Frank says that if one of them wins the veto and they go to James and they can show them they have the numbers, he can put Da’ up. It sounds like James has won HOH and put Frank and Bridgette on the block.


9:13 pm BBT Everyone leaves Paulie and Frank in the Safari Room alone. Paulie says he felt that at one time Frank got lost in the game. He says that Derek told him before he came in that if one of his boys gets too close to a girl, he needs to cut him. Frank says that it’s not romantic. She hurt her ankle and he just cared about her and everyone saw it differently. Paulie says that even if he wants to ride with her, at least ride it down to 3. Frank says they are the 2 he trusts the most along with Corey. He’d like it to be the 4 of them in the end. He asks Paulie who he trusts more than Corey and Paulie says, “Corey.” Paulie says he would trust James, too because he’s a loyal guy, especially once Natalie and Da are gone.


9:19 pm BBT Frank says he feels great about the POV tomorrow. Frank says he really thinks Da can go home this week. He really thinks they can get her up there. Paulie says that he told James that she has used his name (Paulie) as a target. He tells Franks that he thinks James is a little skeptical of her. Paulie says that if it’s between him and Bridgette in the end, he’d rather have Frank stay. He says that if Bridgette stays he will protect her, but he’d much rather ride it with him. He says that he’s a competitor and we get FotH before he finishes his sentence. When the feeds return he is saying that Corey is a businessman and James is a business man. He says that something he doesn’t understand about BB is that it turns into high school so quickly but that he’d rather keep it like the real world as much as he can. Corey joins them and Frank tells him that he just doesn’t see anyone beating him or Bridgette.


9:22 pm BBT Paul enters the Have Not Room saying he’s going to lose it. He is now talking to James. Natalie walks in, but Paul doesn’t stop talking. He tells James that he is angry about the way the Frank and Bridgette are turning things around to Vic. He says that they are playing victim and saying that they’ve been playing honest and they turn and say to him, “What do you think, Paul?” He tells James that they even asked him if he would play for them and told him that they liked this side of Paul. He says NO, they won’t like this side of Paul. He says that they have pulled everyone else aside but now they ask for his and they clearly don’t trust him. Paul says he hopes they don’t say anything else to him tonight. We get FotH because on the other camera Frank is telling the camera what he is going to say if he’s called to the DR. When we return James is closing his eyes in the Have Not Room.


9:30 pm BBT Natalie asks if James is OK. He says YES. She asks if he’s talked to Bridgette or Frank yet. He says that he’s talked to Frank and he says that Frank is says that he wants him to put someone else up if he gets taken down from the block. Meanwhile, Paul is now talking to Paulie and Zakiyah in the Safari Room and telling him how much Frank bothered him earlier. Paulie doesn’t really say anything back and the conversation is over just as quickly as it started. Paulie heads to the WA because he wants to shower. He see Corey is in there and that he wants to talk to him one on one. James and Natalie are whispering about Paulie. They are saying that how Paulie is acting like he didn’t see it coming that Frank and Bridgette were going to be on the block. After that, it is hard to follow what Natalie is whispering to James about, not because it’s hard to hear her but because it’s actually hard to follow what she’s saying. James says he thinks everybody is playing everybody.


9:35 pm BBT James says that Frank is definitely bringing Bridgette’s game down and that she would make it further without him. Meanwhile, in the WA, Zakiyah has been styling Cody’s hair. He says he doesn’t have curls like Cody’s hair. He says he doesn’t have the John Travolta thing going on like Cody. Da says, “That’s who Cody looks like.” Da says that she’s hurting and Paulie says that James has been on heating pads since the comp ended but that’s where his military training came in handy. It was mind over matter and he was not going to lose. Zakiyah says that Paulie should wear a man bun and he says that real men do NOT wear man buns. She asks, “Says who?” He says, “The world.” James tells Natalie 100% the only person he trusts in the house is her. She agrees and says ditto. She says that right after James did the noms she heard Paulie say that he didn’t expect Bridgette to go up and it made her mad because he was up there telling James who to put up. She is angry on James’s behalf.


9:40 pm BBT James says that he does feel bad for Bridgette but he can’t do anything about it now. Meanwhile, Paul is now in the UKBR telling Da how angry he is about Frank and Bridgette. She tells him to keep his cool. Michelle walks into the room and Da and her are talking. She says she walked past the Safari Room and heard Zakiyah’s name. She said she asked Paulie and he said it was about votes. Da tells Michelle that Victor said he would make the burgers and she’s going to let him and Paul cook. Michelle asks if Frank has talked to her. She says NO. Michelle says that he’s talked to everyone else but her. She says maybe he just knows that she will vote out Bridgette. She then tells Da that there’s definitely a different vibe in the house without Tiffany.


9:48 pm BBT Michelle says that James said this is a déjà vu because this is exactly what he did with Shelley and Clay… a dangerous couple. Michelle asks Da if she thinks the feeds are on. Da says PROBABLY and Michelle says, “We won!” and then says, “It’s about time.” James tells Natalie that if Frank gets off the block the whole house will vote Bridgette out unless he puts Da up. Natalie says that Da would never vote him out. He says that he knows that and he’s not going to put her up.

Meanwhile, James is telling Natalie that this is how the game is played… it’s played dirty. Natalie says she’s proud of him for winning. He says that he might have f*ed up by putting Bridgette up and he knows that. Natalie says that she wouldn’t have put him up. She’s still proud of him and he did make a promise to Bridgette. James said but then the rest of the house would have been mad at him. She says that she didn’t think of that. James tells Natalie that Frank told him that he’s not mad at him but that Bridgette is really upset. He said that he told Frank it was nothing personal. James said that it was tough. Natalie says she understands where she was coming from. Natalie says she wishes she had never said she would give him a kiss if he stayed up there. James laughs and says she should have said she would give him a kiss if he fell off.


#BB18 9:55 pm BBT Paulie starts to sing a song from RENT, so we get FotH. Nicole is telling Paulie she likes the way Zakiyah has styled his hair. Paulie isn’t sure. She says that she is going to give him 3 different category styles… contemporary, tribal, or bohemian. She says tribal, but that the shirt is bohemian. Paulie asks her what her definition of bohemian is. She says fringe. Paulie says that it’s actually about struggling artists. Frank comes in and she asks him the same question and he says bohemian. Then Paulie says that Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and the song Bohemia in Rent are not about the way they were dressing. James and Natalie are still talking about the noms and their game in the Have Not Room. James said he may have f*ed his game, but they made it to jury. Natalie says now they can play and have fun. He says he will try and talk to Bridgette and see what she says. Nicole asks if they think James will let her shower up there. Then she says she thinks he’s sleeping in the bumps and Paulie says he thinks he’s up there. [He’s wrong! –Morty] Natalie tells James that she will do everything she can to protect him next week. He says that if Bridgette wins she will put him up with one of the girls she actually likes, like Michelle. Natalie says that a lot of people in this house have blood on their hands.


9:58 pm BBT James says he knows there are a lot of floaters in the house who do their dirty work on the back end. Natalie says they all feel really comfortable. James said if 11 or 12 of those people win HOH they won’t put them on the block because we just went to bat for them. They only people they have to worry about are Bridgette and maybe Frank. James says they have to get Michelle to win HOH. James says there’s so much sh*t going on in this house. James said he wouldn’t be surprised if Corey, Nicole, Paulie, Zakiyah, and Michelle had an alliance. Nicole says that they are really close. Natalie says that he should try to make it cool with Bridgette because the girls bully her. He says when you say that do you mean Michelle and them? Natalie says that she’s nice to her, but that she always says passive-aggressive things. The camera switches to the KT and Bridgette is baking.

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10:10 pm BBT Natalie says she could trust Bridgette, but she doesn’t trust Frank. James said well, Bridgette wanted to know where his head was at…now she knows. Natalie says that he better tell Bridgette that she didn’t want her to go up. James says that he’s going to tell her that Natalie wanted her to go up. James said that the comp kicked his ass. Five and a half hours is the longest he’s ever stood in one spot. But, he feels like it will be good TV. She said she was kidding around when she said what she said and he said that everyone was saying and you’ll get a big kissy-kiss from old Nat Nat. She said it was magical with all the confetti. She whispers to him that he made the right decision but that she just needs to talk to Bridgette. He says that he just needs to do a little damage control. She says it’s what the whole house wants. He tells her that she was in the WA and everyone was high fiving him, so he knows they were behind him.


10:17 pm BBT Paulie enters the Have Not Room and tells James that Paul is pissed. He says that he thinks the reason he’s mad is that every week can’t be that they are the victims. He says that it should just be about game and it doesn’t have to be caddy. Natalie says that both sides talk sh*t about each other and she’s glad it’s recorded because it should just be about game. Paulie tells them that Victor and Paul are making dinner. He tells them that Bridgette said they did a party for the giraffe and party for Zakiyah, but nothing for her. He also said that if it’s true that people are talking about the way she talks and the way she walks, it’s not cool. Natalie says she doesn’t get involved in the sh*t talking. James asks if Frank ahs talked to him. Paulie says that’s when he felt bad about Bridgette’s stuff. He says he also told him that they are two beasts and he had to expect someone would take a shot. James said that he is honest with him every time he talks to him and he told him the same thing.


10:23 pm BBT Frank told James that he hasn’t won almost anything this season but that he’s never going to get the label of BEAST off his head. He also asked James if he can trust Paulie. Paulie tells James that he told Frank he has heard from a lot of people that he is going to come after him. James says that Frank said, “Did you see what I did for Tiffany? I will go to bat for you guys.” Paulie says he really doesn’t trust Frank and Bridgette because truth be told they are only loyal to one another. He goes to Corey, he goes to James, and he goes to Paulie and he just puts too much out there. Meanwhile, Zakiyah and Nicole are up in the HOHR and Zakiyah is telling Nicole that she thinks Nicole and Corey really have chemistry and they will work out once the show is over. Nicole said that she remembers that the first week he said that he will not do a long distance relationship. Zakiyah said that just means that she needs to move to where he is. Nicole said that they’ve only been together for 38 days and he could hate her when it’s done and Zakiyah says the everything is on turbo speed in the house. Nicole tells Zakiyah that she thinks Paulie and her will last, too. Zakiyah thinks that he just wants to flirt and that he really just wants to focus on the game.


10:28 pm BBT  Paulie says that Bridgette knows the game like the back of her hand, so they are strong as hell. He thinks they will do whatever it takes. Natalie asks if he’s sure and Paulie says YES. He says that until they are split they won’t focus on anything but each other. Once they are split, they will latch on to another side. Vic comes into the Have Not Room to tell them that burgers are ready. James asks if it’s twelve o’clock. He realizes it’s not and says they will have enough for them. When he leaves the room they say that he’s a good guy. Two weeks out of the house and he’s cooking and cleaning. Natalie says that maybe it was her goodbye message. Bridgette comes into the room and Natalie asks her if she baked. She says she did and Natalie asks if she made cookies. Bridgette smiles and says, “I did!” Paulie and James explain the numbers to Natalie and she says she’s not going to lie, she doesn’t understand. Paulie says he thinks it’s funny because they try to teach her things and she gets some stuff but not other stuff. James says she’s come a long way. James asks her what a back door is. She says she would nominate two people who aren’t the person, they play in the POV, one gets off, and then you put up the person you wanted to get out. James says Vic got back-doored but they don’t know if he knows that. James says when someone comes off the block everyone sits there on the couch wondering who will go up because everyone thinks they are going to get back-doored.


10:32 pm BBT  Natalie says she has to win something. James says she did a great job. She said but she still didn’t win. Paulie said he didn’t want the second HOH he got. If more people had stayed in, he would have gotten the wrong answer. He had planned to throw it to someone else, but he couldn’t let Frank have it. James tells Paulie that Nat told him she’s going to protect him. James says it would be cute to get taken out by Nat. Paulie says people couldn’t even be mad and imitates how she would say it. James says they would get hit by glitter and paint.


10:38 pm BBT Natalie asks if Frank really did hit Da in the butt and Paulie says it really did happen. Paulie talked to him about it and Frank said he does stuff like that to people just to mess around. James gets up to talk to the camera. He says that his shoulder is really messed up from the 5 ½ hour comp. He holds his right arm up in the air and stretches. He raises his left arm and moans. He says he may never be able to raise it up again. James is giving out his Twitter Feed. He says he’s verified. He asks Natalie if she has a Twitter. She says she has 2 followers. She says it’s private. He says make it public and you’ll have more than 2 followers. Paulie asks James how to change his Twitter handle. He wants it to match his Instagram name. Natalie asks what his middle name is and he says it’s Ryan. He says that Cody


10:50 pm BBT Natalie tells Paulie that she only watched Season 16 and she didn’t even watch all of it because there were so many. She also watched a couple from other seasons. Paulie says that because Frankie was on that season, they all got a lot of followers from his sister Arianna. Natalie said it would be funny if there was a new social media when they get out. James tells Natalie that he made his social media public for his fans. She asks if anyone is doing it for him while he’s in the house. He says YES. She asks Paulie if he had a lot of followers because of Cody. He said about 20,000. Frank and Bridgette are brushing their teeth in the WA. All the feeds switch to the KT.


10:55 pm BBT Paul is out of the DR and in the KT with Corey and Vic. They tell him they made 15 burgers in the time he was in the DR. We get FotH. James joins them. Bridgette is called to the DR. Frank joins everyone in the KT and tells everyone he is going to lay down. He says he has a feeling he will be called to the DR when Bridgette gets out. They will probably ask him what it’s like to be on the block and he will say that he’s been there a lot so he knows what it’s like. Corey asks how many calories they think are in the peanut butter cookies and they say a lot. James says he might have some nerve damage in his shoulder. Vic says he might. James thanks them for cooking. James says it’s cool how if you’re a Have Not and win HOH that it just immediately goes away. [Natalie is still a Have Not until Midnight BBT. –Morty]

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11:06PM BBT James and Zak in HOH. James says he tried to check on Natalie and she told him that's he wasn't feeling well. She wanted to be left alone. They start talking about the comp. Zak says her arm hurts.


11:12PM BBT Zak and James talk about who is solid with them. In the KT, general chatter and snacking.


11:18PM BBT Cam three is showing the "clues" to the secret room. HG just chatting.


11:23PM BBT Frank and Bridgette talking in the BR. Frank telling her that if she goes out second not to take the veto. He tells her it is a prize. He tells her otherwise she will get stuck with a punishment.



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11:33PM BBT All cams on the KT. Victor is telling the HG about a HG in the BBUK. They are all laughing. It was about someone who didn't want to be in the house.


11:46PM BBT Natalie and James are starting to prep food for when she is no longer a HN. Paul has made some french fries.


11:58PM BBT Paul has made his famous french fries for Natalie. She is making all sorts of food for midnight.


12:00AM BBT The HG do a countdown and Natalie digs into her food. She has made a BLT and it is dripping with mayo.

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