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Monday, April 18, 2016 BBCAN4 Live Feed Updates

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1:47 Cass in kitchen says Jared needs to stop telling people what to do. Kelsey walks away, Jared walks by and Cass says Jared I'm not irritable. Maddy comes in and they chat about food and then he leaves area. Cass grabs slop cookies and sits on red couches eating. Jared and Joel in pool area. Maddy cooking in kitchen. Cass in kitchen eating more cookies. Cass says to Maddy "what do you want to do today" and she says do you want to hang out? Then Cass says she doesn't like when Maddy says she is obsessed with Tim and she snaps back at Cass. Tim walks in and general chat starts. 

2:02 Tim Cass in storage. They talk about getting Jared out next week. Back out to kitchen and talk about freckles. Tim makes frappés with coffee, slop, ice and decide they will work out in an hour. 
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2:07 Cass says to Maddy you make the best looking lunches mmm" Tim says you already had your slop lunch Cass". Tim says we should work out". Cass says I'm gonna work out later. They say cinnamon is a natural fat burner.

Cass Tim join others in backyard. Tim says there's not much tension in the air. They start talking about porn, prawn, pawn. 
2:17 bb announces HOH now open so they head inside. 
Joel is running up and down the stairs. General chat in kitchen. 
2:24 Maddy asks Jared why Cass is mad he says it's because she lost her spot when she went to DR. 
Tim talks about milk "why do we favor another species milk?" 
Tim talks to Jared about trading slop pass for the brick card. 
Cass in have not talking to Kelsey about her spot again. Kelsey says who cares. 
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2:34 pm Joel and Cass in WA whispers about future plans, putting up Tim and Nikki. Jared goes first if it's an instant. They will blame it on the brothers to keep Kelsey on their side. They will study "days" tonight. 

Down to dinning table Tim talks about food and explains homeostasis to Maddy. 
Maddy and Tim remark that Joel is wearing a shirt that fits! 
Maddy asks for Tims self tanner and he says he will give her some of his and runs her through the process. 
2:48 Kelsey and Jared in HN room complaining about Cass and "her spot" and her comments about Jared. 
Cass comes in to lay in her corner and says "you guys talking game?" They say ya. Cass says she's not getting any Advil. Cass leaves. Jared says "whatever your majesty" after she is out. 
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7:21 pm backyard Phil in hot tub. Maddy and Nick in circle chair and Joel in another chair. Chat about BB seasons. 

WA Tim is showering and Nikki chatting to him. Tim says exercise has saved his life in this house. Nikki asks back home, have you got a shag buddy at the moment? Tim says no comment. Nikki says she's going to Vegas on June 1st. Nikki wants to know if Maddy knows she's going, Tim says ya she knows. (Nikki is waxing her arms thoroughly and it's kind of hard to watch)
Nikki's birthday is April 28 and she wants a party if she's still there. Nikki asks how Maddy benefits by flirting with Phil. Maddy says she cried so hard when Ramsey left be she knew she would leave. 
They point and leave quickly
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7:55 Joel sits at counter and starts talking about tv shows 

Jared says to Joel it's his job to clean the kitchen with a partner tonight. Joel gives Jared a hug and yells suppers ready. 
Tim says he did his manscaping in the shower and he likes it. 
Nikki goes into the pantry with Phil and asks him if he has a hard on and he says no it's quite flaccid she says what does that mean? He says its soft and you can feel it if you want. She goes back into the kitchen laughing and they ask her what is so funny. She says Phil just had a hard on. 
8:11 hgs are eating 
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going back to the Phil/ Nick spat 2:52pm ish

Phil starts on Nick about Nick's face looking weird.

Phil asks Nick why are you here? no reply

Phil tells Nick to watch his mouth cause he is not in the mood as he is eating at the dinning room table. Cass him and Nikki are talking about Maddy and how she was in the HOH room until 330 this morning crying and going on.

Phil is now in the kitchen again picking at Nick. Nick tells Phil to stop bullying him. Phil tells Nick he wishes he was not even in this house and then calls him into the pantry.

Phil tells Nick he is not doing a good job at this and needs to pick it up. 

[Sounds like this is all an act maybe a task.] Harsh words are being shared. Tim says he can not tell if this is real. Other HG's think this is funny at points.

The brothers are trying to draw the others into this and the HG's are trying to just stay out of it but want the brothers just to relax and hug it out. Phil keeps saying he wishes Nick was not his brother right now and nick then throws a pitcher of what was left of the smootie at him. Nick says he is going to self evict. Phil starts throwing Nicks stuff out of the HOH room.

Tim comes out of the DR and goes to the HOH to try to calm Phil down. Tim says the brothers both had a stressful week. Tim tells Phil that he will keep them apart for the rest of the day. Phil is still talking when no one is even there... Tim now talking to Nick and Nikki comes over and is now telling Nick that Canada sees what is going on and he does not look silly etc. Phil comes out of the HOH and tells Nick to toughen up. Nick says Phil is looking like a total ass. Tim is keeping Phil in the HOH  and the others are taking Nick outside.

Feeds go out after they are in their corners so to speak.


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8:40PM: Nikki  & Joe talk about TAR,and talk about Elias?
8:50PM: Jared & Joel now talk about talk about Elias, and weight class, and fighting.

Nikki , Tim and Cass are sitting inside, talkin about how they wish the fight was real, and saying how throwing down the clothes and saying that “You’re not my brother” they had to say that BB says please stop talking about Production.

They create a song (my guess id about the Brothers)

Nikki: “We are the brothers we live together”

General Chit chat about random things

Joel and Jared outside in the Jacuzzi area

Joel” Respect for those who put themselves on the line, -- for the fighters it be hard to be a family member of someone who did that for  a living

Jared:” Yeah scary stuff”

*I cannot make out who the other house guests are, but I see someone else on the couch away from Joel & Jared just laying there*

Kelsy comes in, and lays with Jared

Jared says “have a seat young leady we’ve been expecting you for a while “
Kels” You have”
Jared: Yeah”

Jared and Kels holding hands on the round chair he fixed her blouse or something she said “What” and Jared says “Your cute”

Kels: We gotta go over this week too”
Kels asks Joel what the last pov was called, Spun out and Canada picked HOH
Have not was power charge? Joel: something lke that
Jared asked Phil if he remembers the name of the Have not comp

**so Phil is layin down***
Jared; isn’t it funny, how we were talking about hoover boards all day and then the comp happened.

Nikki: “Phil had a hard on though”
Tim asked when and Nikki said that he ended up running off into the pantry

Nikki”  it was pulsing--- she said it was after done

Nikki” Said to phil do u have a hard on and he said No
Cass wonders where it came from and says Maddie, Funny
Nikki She wonders what  Mitch and Raul’s reaction will be when Maddie walks into Jury

Nikki thinks Mitch never really liked her

9:00PM : Kels, Tim and Cass sing “Hurricane ((can’t make it out)))
They sing the “Brother song”

Cass: Wonder if we’ll find out what the Jack pot sign was

Nicki playing with her hair,

Tim is eating

Joel walks into the house and said he’s listening to the Ipod and will be back down

Tim is trying to come up with a new verse Nick I think is down stairs, and likes what they were singing,

Tim says something about the vaselines and dick lips, Nick or Phil goes back upstairs to listen to his Ipod because he didn’t want to listen to the clowns

Kels  & Jar are still cuddling and chatting
They talk about massages, and it jumps back to the HOH Room

Phil & Joel are upstairs listening to music,

Joel is happy he had everlast, and Phil isn’t too sure who they were

Joe l *& Nick are talking Music

Nick takes his microphone off,  because he’s using his big head phones tells Joel if he wants to talk to him he will put his microphone back on.

Both now sitting in silence enjoying music.

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9:10 PM Tim is in the washroom, brushing his teeth.

He goes to the laundry and says I have or need some more underwear

Camera jumps to Kels & Jared chatting.

Jared asks if Kels lives with anyone a boyfriend or something, and she says no, and he says me either not that I’ve had a boyfriend.

 Jared: “Top drawer is for my under wear only”

KEls: I’m all over the place

Jared: Yea you are
Kels: Tells Jared a poem about her self.. Kelsey Faith is here and there, she’s always in a whirl, I couldn’t catch a lot of it. 3:13:19 (Feed 3 I don’t wanna rewind to miss anything)
Kels: good poem though , you don’t like it

Jared I like it

Tim & Cass in the bathroom chatting, Tim appears to be doing laundry
 Cass asks about Joel and Tim says he’s in the HOH listening to music (Which he is)

 Cass: I can’t believe it’s been so long already

Tim: it’s been 8 weeks

Cass: “ It doesn’t seem that long”

Tim “ I know but to think we’ve been in the same spot all this time, 2 months we’ve lived in the same house” –It’s a quarter of a year we spent doing this llll he asks Cass for tweezers
Cass gives him some

Maddie walks into the bathroom, to go to the washroom sounds like she was outside and it’s cold when the wind hits you

Cass starts singing – BB tells her to stop singing

Tim starts singing we can do it
Nikki walks in and asks why Tim doesn’t give the massage in the blue room

Tim is plucking his eye brows?

Nikki : it’s amazing , how much time spend picking their bodies
Cass: not all men but he does
Tim: I don’t’ do this at home its I have nothing else to do, occasionally though you find something”

Maddie is brushing her teeth
Cass: Says she always has waxy ears and always cleans it out

Maddie says she’s so tired,  and Tim says why do u think and agrees it’s the drinking last night and the sun.
Tim says if he wasn’t on the slop he’d be asking for a glass of red wine

BB: Cassandra pleast stop singing

Nikki” It’s really hard not to sing isn’t it”

Tim is now plucking his chest hairs , and Cass wants to do it, but he said no, because she didn’t do what she asked.

Tim then says there’s a lot of stuff to do so if she wants to continue she can

Nikki asks why they can’t sing it they came up with it so they could sing, but BB doesn’t want them singing the Brother Song anymore

Nikki” wants to sing and says it’s so hard not to.

Nikki” Tim leave yourself alone”
Nikki : Please come to NY after, it’s only an hr away, … Tim says he doesn’t think he’ll bother, he will see he wants to see Canada after.

Tim: “ He says he may have had friends who decided to come over like”

Nikki “My nose is so sore, from this a/c

Tim “ mine doesn’t do anymore , so strange like”
Nikki”  like the boogies get so incrusted into her nose that when she tries to remove them it bleeds”

Nikki is removing her make up

Cass says she’s gonna lay down for 10 minutes

Nikki” He wants his massage, he doesn’t want you to fall asleep”

Nikki” Should I put some of that on my spot “

Nikki” I need toning lotion, -- it closes the pores, Tim has some and gives it too Nikki

Cass: I love the smell of tea tree”
Nikki” I’ll have a bit of that actually”
Nikki” Do u put face cream on at night”
Tim “ Why”
Nikki” I just wondered”

Tim I kind of just mix  it up every night keep my skin guessing .



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9:33 Tim Cass and Nikki are picking at their noses. Plucking nose hairs
Nikki says she will not pluck her nose hairs

Tim says it's a big job

Nikki" you will be pleased tongiht Phil we're not allowed to sing the song anymore

they tell Phil they cannot sing the song anymore

BB, tells them to stop singing about production

Phil says he actually likes the song and he has a splinter in the foot, and he's going to get it out

Phil says he lost the lost boys trailer
Nikki says the line that Phil likes and he loves it

Phil" " so it's a story about vampires"

ITim Yea

Phil" I'll just leave the splinter in there forever
Tim Why
Phil it's so tiny

Nikki " we've had such a good picking session|

Phil" you're picking your nose"

Nikki yeah

Nikki uses some of the tea tree on on her face

Nick asks if he could use some of the tea tree on his back

Tim says with tea tree says less is more

Nikki put some tea tree on her Zit

Tim says that tea tee is like a cleaner

Phil says Nikki i can't even see your zit. and wants to see it but hardly sees it

Cass is doing jaw experiences  and Nick asks what she does

The washer or dryer is going off, and they hum to the music it makes

Phil says : is anyone else super tired"




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9:42 Cass was dancing to the dryer music and Tim shuts it off

Tim asks Cass about a massage, and the blue room and Nikki says come into the blue room so i can get into bed.

Tim is going to the toilet

Nikki is whistling the noise that was coming from the dryer

Cass  & Nikki enter the blue room

Cass Yawns

Nikki: "Oh I love having a bed to myself"

Tim walks in and says something about eating Slop

Tim says he brought in a towel so he can put it on his bum so it feels like a real massage

Cass says : "okay let's do it"

BB -Tells Cass again to stop singing because she's whistling

Cass tells Tim to cover his bum like a professional;


Cass and Tim talk about bed situation and that Jared snores, and says that Cass likes the Pink room, though the people in Pink room annoy Cass

9:47  Cass why do u think brothers are the favorite

They think bb love the brothers

Tim says if they were gone, the show wouldn't be as good BB says again please stop talking about productions

Nikki : " the brothers"

Tim has discovered a nice color on the floor from lime green to deep blue

Nikki " Yesss "

Tim" What"

Nikki" My bed

Tim says he's okay with being on slop and sleeping on the floor he's coming at peace.


Phil is in the tub listening to his ipod Nick is on the bed listening to his Ipod in the HOH room  and it's all quiet

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9:50 PM Camera goes to Kels & Jared... and Jared is telling Kels a story  a horse, and settlers and a tribe.  **History lesson*** Feed 3

Back in the Blue room

Tim Nikki & Cass are there.. Cass is giving Tim a massage and they are talking about stress, and negativity.

Tim asks Cass if she's finding many knots and he finds one

Nikki comments that Cass is good at giving massages.

Tim says why do u think I cook her meals

Nikki "Very good"

Nikki " who taught u how to do it"

Cass says she's naturally been good at it she .. she grew up  with it. her Mom gave her a Massage kit and she's go around giving massages

Tim asks if she's ever had an orgasmatron it's a massage for the head, and sculp
Nikki" That's so good what you're doing cassanddra
 Tim says she's really giving putting it tonight , and feels she's putting in the effort, he put in her foot message

Nikki comments about how the Massage he gave Nikki gave her was awesome, and she comments she's got such a little back


9:55 Tim It's terrible, but I don't give to shits about social media anymore I have to work out what to do
Nikki ' I like spying on people on Facebook

Cass like catching up someone u haven't seen in a while

Nikki' like ex boyfriends
BB says stop talking about Brand names

Nikki says sorry (she's so sweet when she apologizes )

Talk turns to if brothers have watched their movies

BB -- tells someone to wake up nap time is over

Tim: says  he shampoo's his hair every 2 weeks in the house. he wishes he washed his hair tonight he could have had a nice head massage

Cass found pimples on Tim's back and is squeezing them or something?

Nikki" I don't know how u can pop someone else's Pop theirs

Tim I wish someone would let me pop theirs

(GROSS) Tim says he used to pick his scaps and pimples and eat them

Nikki' But Tim that's disgusting

Nikki asks about noise but he says he's never eaten buggers

Tim says i wouldn't do it now thinking about it is gross

 (((Cass has a stupid voice right now I hate that voice -- lets get her out of the house))))

Tim he asks Cass to do her Upper thigh

 Nikki keeps asking Tim to turn around and get a chest massage

Tim says he's not into chest massages

Nikki really wants to watch a chest massage






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10:03 Tim get's called into the DR

Joels walks into the Blue room

Joel says u know what u remind me in the pink undies, and joels is reminded of the Phil guy from Surivor who wore pink undies

Nikki asks Cass why she doesn't give Joel a message and she says her hands are sore.

Cass says it's hard ont he hands,she doesn't know how massage people do it all day it really hurts

Joel got some colour didn't wear high sun screen and will stay in the shade, and his back feels burned

Nikki is in her bed, Joel is laying in the bed beside her, and Cass is in the bed beisde that one

Nikki thinks she wants to go to bed it's 10:05 and she thinks its 11 ** does BB mess with the Time on the house*??***
Joel says it was a nice day today they got a visit from a nice guy *guessing that's what they were talking about earlier the guy from TAR*
nikki " cassandra. don't fall asleep"

BB "Maddie - Please wake up Nap time is over "

Nikki " BB can u turn out the lights in the blue room please"

Nikki was gonna go back to London for 22 hrs after the show, she will see her Grandma in June  and it's two weeks , so maybe I should just go home , and then go to NY"

Vegas to LA to San Fran to NY she will be in NY for 4 days .. Her US trip.. and she flies back from NY June the we get there on the 11th  and we're there till the 15th", so it's silly really to go there twice in a space of --- Cass says why doesn't she go back and relax n stuff

Joel asks if her Grandma is sick

Nikki says Her grandma has Pranceatis

Nikki says she just needs to go home

Nikki, says she will be with Vikki in June .. and her grandma is tough labor .. and it's not fair to, and she doesn't feel she will be able to give her much time in June.


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10:10: Joel says his brother is in France in Strasbourg, he would phone every Saturday so he could talk to his parents and him over phone or skype.
he doesn't see his brother much

Joels shares things about his life, and his parents buying a duplex, and pays them rent, a few hundred a month in Edmonton his sister lived there when she was getting her nursing degree

Cassandra, please wake up nap time is over.. Joel says what the heck and Cass says i closed my eyes for a second

Cass thinks she handled slop pretty well, and Joel says she has..

and says she's been a very good sport about sleeping on the floor

You haven't thrown a fit, and stuff, (talking about Raul I think( they mentioned cheating etc. 

Joel asks""  who's been on slop the most me you and Kels"

Nikki says they've had a nice week so far (guessin they got poutin, and the good bye dinner when Ramsey left)

Joel asks about Nikki was in the BB UK game, ask her if it felt weird, when it got down to numbers, she says she finished on seven

Nikki gets out of bed and gets back in

Nikki talks about the presenter.

Joel 'asks if she did anything different 2nd time around than first time)

Nikki says she's going to go to sleep so Joel  & Cass leave the blue room and tells them to sleep well and asks BB again to turn out the light  she says it again and says night night


10: 18Joel  and Cass go into the bathroom and says that he and Tim talked and wanted to talk about the plan going forward, he was hoping to talk to them. :

Joel says they will grab Tim when he's out of the DR

Joel walks down stairs,  and pours himself some water


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10: 32Nick, Cass and Joel are in the KT

They disgused the fight today and Nick says it felt good but that's not what they would not actually fight in public

he also says Jared was on to them because he didn't think they would have an argument like that in public

( I had written a LOT but some how i lost it :( )

Nick had asked the whereabouts of everyone

Nikki is sleeping

Tim in the DR

Kels & Jared outside (so is Phil, maybe maddie too)?

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10:33 Jared , Kels and Phillip walk back inside.

Kels gives Joel a hug , he tells Kels that his ass grabs are getting less awkward, and that she started it

Phil and Jared will play pool and Joel said he hopes Jared will win or lose

Joel is wondering if the lights are out in the blue room but he doesn't want to go in and have the lights go on, and get Nikki upset

Joel suggests a good brad pitt movie

Kels and Cass says lets do some fun productive day tomorrow laundry etc.

Nick says he will be in the trenches tonight.. he says there's no good looking women in there Cass says just Maddie


Cass & Joel keep chatting

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10:39: Joel & Phil are playing pool, and Joel is outside watching, the game.

Phil says he's a gamer, Jared says this is the best he's seen him play

Jared" Nice Phil good for you, I'm getting excited"

Phil " aww now i blew it"

Joel will play a round and looks like maybe with Phil

Joel said he's cheering for Jared, and Phil is rocking it and Jared is Mad the game was pretty quick

Phil says that Jared is a good sport

Phil  asks Jared what he's gonna drink

Phil asks if Canada saw his game


Joel starts speaking French and he and Phil start speaking some French

( I love hearing them talk French<I don't' understand it all but it's incredible sexy)

Phil asks Jared if he understands anything in French

Jared says he likes them speaking french it's new keep it going

Jared asks to go to the washroom because that's all he knows how to say in French

Joel says go ahead

Phil tells Jared that facile is easy tres facile too easy

Jared says he's got two friends who are friends

Phil says it's like high school pool

10:48  Jared asks if Phil's been practicing but he says he's just having luck





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10:48 Feed 1 and 2 ... Cass is alone in the High roller room and she keeps saying Tim.. and he says what and tells Tim that Joel wants to talk to them.

Cass tells Tim Nikki went to bed

Tim says he needs to go to the "toilet"

Tim says he's so excited for next week he feels at this point in the game the players are manageable,  he feels they can now use what they've set up, with so many in the house it was hard to do things, "it now doesn't matter who goes on the block, we have the votes to save them"  Cass ' we have the numbers"

Talk about having the votes in Nikki,  Joel and the brothers even if they both go up.



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10:55 Tim & Cass in high roller room talking about game.
Talk turns to Maddie, and the things she's said and that she would only vote for Jared in the finale
Cass and Tim says they've been loyal the whole game, and Cass , and Tim having a good bond

Tim " the thing is, the ludicrous genius, I'm not afraid to go home, playing a big move, I put myself there, I can only blame myself , if I do go home, I'll laugh, I put myself out of the game, I put myself on the block, Cass says " you won't go home"

Tim says he's okay with the consequences  about offering to put himself on the block

Cass is thinking about the next moves, they agree they need to talk to Jared, and let him know they have his back, and in the have not room drill it into Kels

Tim says they want to work with Jared, and ensure if they win HOH, to ensure it's okay, and putting Brothers and Nikki up

Tim says he'd be excited to play the Phil veto against Jared or the Brothers

Tim talks about the Brothers, and say Jared wants you out

He thinks Cass and Joel against the brothers that Cass would win

She thinks she could beat the Brothers

The say Jared and Kels would vote Cass over the Brothers

Mitch wouldn't vote for the Brothers

Tim thinks Raul may vote the Brothers

Tim says I'm not really thinking final 2

If Jared won HOH  put Brothers and Nikki on the block

Cass says she wants Kels and Tim and her to be get Jared out before Kels

Tim says he always said there's no point in getting involved in the mess early , they got the target that could have taken them out, Dallas could have gotten them out.

Cass says it's funny how it worked out

Maddie is gone after Thursday she thinks as long as they have plans in place.




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Cass If Jared wins we can work it out, if brothers win well they can't win ..

Joel wins we're good..
Cass "we created a good place for ourselves"

Tim Because we got the numbers

Cass " we know how to build relationships

Tim says the Brothers are floaters and doesn't believe he and Cass are floaters

Tim says the tree together Tim helps anyone who comes to him, Cass no one trusts, and Joel cannot win competitions

Tim says the only worry is, If Joel gets swayed over, if I don't have any other deals outside of this I don't care if u do, or Joel does. Cass says any other deal she has is the deal with Kels and Jared  Cass says she's not sure how far to take the Brothers


Tim says Kels would never get the vote of Him or Nikki or Maddie

Cass said it's better to take the Brothers to the finale over Kels

Tim started saying something about Joel being an extra body in the house -- something maybe said in DR, and BB says Tim please stop talking about production

Tim says if he wins HOH and says Nikki and Brothers, and explain to them, why he wants Nikki out but says Nikki says that it's about getting the brothers out and putting Jared up... and telling brothers that he was a Pawn last week for him and asking Brothers to help them with a favor.


 He tells Kels that Jared is the Target.


Cass says Joel Brothers and Cass ..would be a good thing

Tim doesn't want the Brothers to be winners, but he feels like they are their big brother when he helped them during their "Task" to "Fight"

Tim wants to tell Phil to believe in Phil Tim says he believes in Phil and being a DJ, he's got all the ingredients and being a man security, and knowing who you are, and not proving  himself. and believe he's a man.

Tim thought they haven't grown yet, he thought he may decide to put up Jared

Tim says that Jared has played a great game, avoid going home with such a big target on his back

He's won 1 HOH that apparently was given to him because he didn't answer questions and he's won 2 POV's..

They think he would win if he went to the finals, but they won't let him he won't get to the end unless they let him

Tim says it's an exciting time in the game for them

Tim and Cass says they have been nudging and trying to control the game without getting caught, he says he makes it effortless, it doesn't require much energy , being open honest and transparent and says  your strategy is different


Tim and Cass go get a drink  and move to the KT

Tim says he's happy to see Kels being smiling and happy. and says she's had her moments where she doesn't want to deal with life



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11:19  Cass & Nick in the HOH room

Cass is upstairs with Nick talking about the Fight, and she asks him what he think his parents will think

Phil comes in and hugs Cass and she says Hi honey as he walks into the HOH

Cass goes to the washroom in the HOH

Nick & Phil are talking in the HOH, about their hat and how Phils hat his bigger than Nicks

Phil says "It's from a store Nicolas..its' a snap back"

Phillip put his hat on (looks so cute)

Cass comes out of the bathroom and says find her pants


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11:25 Nick *& Phil both wear their hats (cappys)

Phil calls Kelsey

Phil is laying in bed with the dog listening to some tunes

Cam moves to the Pink room where Maddie is laying in bed

back to Nick, to the HOH room

Nick goes and says he 's gonna go chill

Phil says ya go hang out just don't get too cuddly with Kels



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11:45 Kels & Jared are in the Pool area, and Kels is giving Jared a massage, telling him her life story

Phil Joel, Tim and Cass are on the couch, sitting on the couch chatting about the fight

the three things they had to do was
1) throw a liquid, in the face

2) Say you're not my Brother

3) Get thrown out of the HOH room

Phil talks about getting the task taking a shower and stuff and waiting to complete the task


Then talk moves to Slop chat about being on slop .


11:50 Kels is still giving Jared a massage and general chit chat


 ((((( I am done for the evening, ))))



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