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Monday, April 18, 2016 BBCAN4 Live Feed Updates

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As many of you know, we didn't get enough help this season to continue our social media program that included having live feed updaters that were scheduled, and would also post here in the forum.  Since there's no longer a schedule, you are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, someone else take over!" or whatever so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


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Thank you!

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12:15AM BBT: Maddy and Phil by the pool table where she is crying to him about how she was confronted about snuggling up to him the minute Ramsey was gone from the house and how unfair and mean that is. He comforts her and tells her they are friends and she goes on about how she has not changed (this is true she is using the same MO as she has from the beginning. - DRG) He says they are friends and she should campaing for herself to stay as they will be putting Tim up tomorrow as the replacement. She thinks she has no chance unless Jared is the replacement nom.

Meanwhile inside Tim Kelsey and Cass are complaining about what Maddy is doing and how hard she is working Phil to get Jared on the block. They reassure themselves that it does not matter as they have the votes to save Jared and they count them Phil, Joel, Cass Tim and Kelsey.  

Similar conversation in the HOH.

Maddy makes her way in tears to the HOH looking for Tim. She clears the room leaving only Nick to talk with her. She gives him the same sob story about how Jared is selling a bill of goods that she is sucking up to the brothers the minute Ramsey left and she is just going to try and self-evict tomorrow. She goes on about how she never once said to put up Jared and he is just trying to break her heart and bully her and she feels so bad she just wants to leave the house.

The others have gone to the chapel where they are dissing Maddy all over again and saying that this is her payback for how she has treated people since the beginning. All leave but Cass and Tim and she tells him she is not eating tomorrow to which he answers that there is nothing to eat anyway. 

Feed jumps to the brothers  and Jared at the pool table where they are comparing notes on Maddy's behavior and how she is playing the victim now. Jared is shoring up his relationship with the brothers saying that there is no way he could go for someone like Joel if they were in the mix. Jared just wishes that Maddy's parents had taught her some morals and it is almost comical how she has jumped from guy to guy. Jared asks them what they would want if he was HOH next week. They say Tim and Jared tells them that is who he and Kelsey thought too. Now they compare notes about Tim's MO.

All this time Maddy is left alone in the HOH bed crying to the stuffed animals.

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12:35 AM BBT: Other feed returns to the chapel where Tim is up heading out for water and saying he needs to sort his clothes tomorrow. He wonders what they are going to do about the bed sitch tonight and leaves the room.

Jared and the brothers see Tim come to the kitchen and nix their palaver and go back to playing pool. Tim goes into the pantry and Jared starts complaining about Cass and Tim and how they go from group to group.

Tim back in the chapel where Cass is counting the votes to evict Tim. 

Outside Jared talking about how consistent Kelsey has been in the top two or three in comps. The boys are talking about how Tim tried to manipulate them into putting Jared up and they were going to expose him if the POV ceremony had happened today. (These guys act like a couple on a second date as they are talking on and on about all the thinking that they have in common and none of their differences. - DRG) They think they will be unstoppable going forward in the game. They all think that Tim thinks he is good with all of them while in fact not even Joel likes him anymore.

The other feed shows Cass lying down talking to herself until Tim returns. She tells him sometimes she just laughs to herself about things she did during the day.

Feed switches to the HOH where Nick is now comforting Maddy holding her head and rubbing her back as she cries yet again. 

Outside Jared telling Phil how Tim told Kelsey that she was the bad person in the house and Maddy is the good one and she could win the game. It made Kelsey come to him and ask if she was a bad person.

Maddy still singing the self-evict tune to Nick and how she is hated in the house. 

Outside the boys are counting the votes again with Jared making sure Phil knows he would have the votes to stay even if they put him up for the heck of it. Now they go back to saying how smart Tim is. but that he is not that smart as he never thought the brothers and Jared would compare notes. 

Nick telling Maddy how to handle her situation which she does not want to hear. Finally she tells him that he is mad and wants him to tell her what is going on as he heads to the washroom. She continually confronts him wanting to know what is wrong saying she knows him. 

Outside the boys are talking about Nikki and  how they need to keep her off slop and drunk so that she does not want to self-evict. Jared wants to get Kelsey and go for a smoke. They hug it out and Jared thinks their families at home will be so happy as they head into the house.

In the HOH Nick telling Maddy to sleep it off and if she feels the same way in the morning to follow through. She says she felt the same way this morning and does not want to bring the house down. Phil joins them and she tells them it is not their fault. She wants to go home and feels she has been a horrible person in the house and wants to go home. They ask home home? and she says yes. Maddy goes on about how she has never felt so hated as she had been in the house and has never been hated or told that she is a mean person. She is sick of being bullied in the house and folks do not understand that she cares so much about this game and it is unfair for her to be treated so badly. It is heartbreaking to be treated this way and she know she probablpy made them feel this way. They brothers try to tell her that folks were put in the house to clash. She does not want to be in jury and keeps telling them she will go to self-evict in the morning. They start talking about Ramsey and what he said about production and the feed fades out.

The other feed is Jared relating to Kelsey what happened with the brothers in addition to what Tim has said and done with the brothers the last two days in the effort to get Jared on the block. Then talking about how the brothers stayed up til four in the morning yesterday planning to put Tim on the block.

Maddy now back to complaining about Jared accusing her of being a whore and she thought he was the most straight up guy in the house. She implores them not to make stTupid moves and to put up social players like Cassandra who is fooling everyone and running everything. She is a good liar and even had Maddy fooled. She warns them they are being played like a fiddle. The brothers assure her they will win the game for her and Maddy. She tells them she will see them in jury if they do not get Jared out of the game and Cass the biggest physical threat and the biggest social threat. She says she will be so mad if they get evicted since she will then have no one left to vote for. She asks them to pretend she is gone and think about who they have to work with them. They reply that Mitch told them they were fucked and then Raul told them and they are still in the house. 

Outside they have wrapped up their conversation and Kelsey's bartending habits are on display as she collects the empty beer bottles and carries them inside.

Maddy still telling the brothers when she is gone they will have no one as all the others are gunning for them. Maddy now pulling a Tim saying she is here to help others to win and not to win for herself. They once again tell her Tim is going on the block and she should fight for herself. 

Jared and Kelsey in the washroom with Joel now quickly talking about Maddy again and resuming ADLs.

Maddy telling them she is going to go home against Tim and she is a strong physical player but who has won in the past, strong physical players or social players. She keeps asking them if they want her in this game or not. Finally Phil asks if Cass would go home over her and she is surprised no one ever brings it up. Even she was fooled by Cassandra this week and Tim came to her saying that Cass and Kelsey are running the whole show and he apologized and told her not to be fooled by Cassandra. She goes on to say Tim told her she was the strongest player in the game and he never thought she would be fooled by Cass. Even Tim is now afraid of Cass. She says it is not the physical people it is the people in between. He tells her they will make her proud and she says she does not want that she wants to help. She keeps asking if they want her in the game and they do not answer. They tell her yet again that Tim is going up tomorrow and she should campaign. She insists she cannot campaign against Tim as he is the best player in the house. She predicts that Tim could campaign for Maddy to stay since that is what Tim does. He tells her she has to stand up tomorrow and say she hates everyone and will throw every competition going forward. He offers to help her along this game and she will stay. She needs to own being the villain and not play the victim. she counters that everyone loves Tim and no one loves her. 

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1:15AM BBT: Maddy back to saying she does not want to win only to stay this week and to help someone else to win. The brothers want two Canadians in the finale. They tell her again to be powerful in the POV ceremony and not weak. She wonders what if she campaigns and she leaves? She poses the chance that Tim might come after them if Maddy is gone. She tells them that Tim really cares about her and he wants the brothers to make the right decisions although she does not know what that is. 

In the chapel Tim Cass Jared and Kelsey joking and talking about their gratitude list.

Maddy saying she needs one compelling statement as to why she should stay over Tim. they respond that they cannot provide that to her. She counters that Tim will be in the final and her only point is that she will always be a target and Tim never will. She wonders what Ramsey told them and they say that Maddy did not hate them and that it is only when you are at your lowest point that you know which way is up. They keep telling her not to give up and to keep trying and Ramsey would want her to keep trying. She keeps saying they do not understand how hard it is to be all alone in the house. They keep telling her to play the Dr Will game and sell that she will always be a huge target. They both says they balled in Ramsey's arms today and they care for her and want her to fight to stay. If she makes it close they will decide. She wonders why they would keep her if she is the strongest player in the house and they say because they care for her. They want her to expose Tim and Cass and remind her that Ramsey wants her or them to win. She agrees she will campaign if she decides to stay tomorrow morning. She implores them to help her the slightest amount. They tell her they are not dumb and she can stay in the game if she works for it. They had a plan and it was not for Ramsey or her to go this week.


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8:03am BBT Good Morning Canada! The lights just came on in the BB house.

8:13am BBT BB is telling the house guests to wake up so the house guests make their way out of bed and start their ADL's.and general conversations going on while everyone is getting ready for their day.

8:37am BBT Tim is done with his shower and heads into the HoH room to ask if they are doing a pawn today. Phil wants to if Tim or Nikki are okay with it. Tim is happy to volunteer if the brothers dont come after him next week. Phil is going to make it clear that Tim is a pawn. Tim wonders if Maddy is campaigning and Phil told him that she was in the HoH room until 3:30am. Tim wants to help each other out and work together. Phil wants to put Tim up because he does not want to make Nikki cry. Nick told Tim that Maddy stole his dog. The brothers are going to make it clear that Tim is going up as a pawn. Tim wonders if he will have to say anything at this one and the brothers inform him that he does not. Tim starts joking wondering if he will be called a porn, prawn or pawn. Nick told him it is a pawn and Tim wants to be dressed as a prawn. on Thursday night. Phil wonders what a prawn is and Tim tells him it is a shrimp.Tim is called to the DR and shakes Phils hand and is excited to work with the brothers. After Tim leaves the room the brothers are whispering things to say why Maddy is the target and Tim is the pawn. Phil thinks that they are good and Maddy will leave, Tim's game is exposed and he will be the target. Phil thinks that the only kink in their plan is what Maddy will say about them and Phil will say Maddy you were up here until 3:30 am and they are against Maddy and act like it and their goal is to get her out. (this doesn't make since to me on how that is going to fix the kink in their plan~Sassy)

8:42am BBT Phil calls Nick into the HoH wash area and said this is the perfect HoH on how people come in and want to (not sure what he said because he mumbled~Sassy) and then he followed it with Maddy is still public enemy number one. 


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8:43am BBT-8:48am BBT The feeds were out.

8:49am BBT The feeds come back up with Phil brushing his teeth. and when he was done he told Nick that their priority subject is Tim this week, keep him happy, keep him in the loop, tell him if he is loosing traction what he has to do, help him out and Maddy is just going to have to do Maddy and if it comes 2-3 we can do what ever we want and then he gets excited asking Nick if he knows what he means. Nick said that he does. Phil thinks this is perfect because they are using Tim and Tim knows being on the block is a powerful place, he is going to use the brothers and he will tell Cassandra and Nikki the people that have the brothers back no matter what, but the way he sees it, could it be stronger to have Maddy in the house because she is extremely good at comps and she is public enemy number one. Phil puts his headphones back on and tells Nick that the Music is on then he took his headphones off again and said either way they locked up their vote for jury. Maddy will go back to jury and tell everyone how good they are....and then we get locked out. 

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8:55am BBT the feeds come back with Phil dancing around with the headphones on and then they switch to the kitchen where Maddy is looking for something to eat. 

9:12am BBT Tim is roaming around the house singing and the feeds switch to Kelsey and Joel in the WA. Kelsey thinks that Tim is crazy. Joel said that Tim is going to break all of the rules because he had to do a battery change this morning and he is upset about that because he was the first one up and he was going to get into the shower when BB told him to do a battery change and then he had to wait in line to get a shower. 


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9:12am-9:26am BBT Just general conversations going on and everyone getting ready for their day.

9:27am BBT Phil joins Kelsey out by the hot tub area where she is having a cigarette. They are excited it is going to be a nice day outside, they discuss the places they want to go when they get out of the BB house and Phil wants to go to Cuba. Discussion after that turns to Phil wanting Kelsey to get him deals for flights on the airline that she works for. Phil wants Kelsey to set him up with many girls and then he will decide which one he wants to keep. Kelsey leaves to go and do her hair. Phil is so excited that it is nice outside and he is so happy. 

9:33am BBT nothing exciting happening now, Phil is playing pool while the others are still doing ADL's with general chatting. 

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9:36am BBT Jared and Kelsey are in the WA. Jared asked Kelsey if she was ready and he thinks that they should go on a date. Kelsey wonders where he would take her and he said it is a surprise. 

9:39am BBT Maddy and Joel are by the hot tub speculating what will happen as far as evictions are going. Maddy is called to the DR.

8:42am BBT Cassandra goes out to the hot tub area where Joel is wondering what is going on. Cassandra thinks that they need to sit down and find out what is going to happen for the final four. Joel's guess that it is going to be Tim going on the block now and Cassandra agrees. Joel thinks that Maddy will get all of the votes and it is going to be a landslide unless Nikki wants to throw it off and throw a vote in the different way. Cassandra does not think that Nikki would because she does not think that Nikki likes Maddy. Cassandra thinks that it would have almost been good if the brothers would put up Jared because then Jared would still stay and he would go after them. Joel thinks that they are in a good spot anyway because Jared knows how the brothers are and he will still go after them. They discuss the pecking order and who they should take with them to the final four. Cassandra thinks they should get NIkki out next and that Jared will go after the brothers while the brothers go after Jared. Cassandra thinks that they should go to final four with the brothers. They both agree that Jared can't make it to the final four or he will probably win. Cassandra thinks that Tim could win the game too. They both wonder who can beat Tim and Jared in comps now. Cassandra now wonders if they should take Jared out first or go to the final four with him and Kelsey. Their discussion turns to the jury votes and who could win. Joel said that the brothers were able to stay off of everyone's radar. 

9:49am BBT BB just announced that the this is the final warning the back yard is now off limits, so Cassandra and Joel make their way inside. 

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11:55 am all Hgs in backyard and catching some sun. General chat about dogs and cats. Tim says Maddys like a little pit bull. Kelsey feels like a Corgy. Cass is a cat. Now chat about birds and horses. 

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12:04 am general chat continues. Maddy called to DR. Kelsey and Cass talk about doing exercise. Phil comes in backyard. Nick says we have a bunch of sexy people in this house. Tim feels like he is at home right now. Tim compliments Cass's bikini

Jared and Kelsey back from jumping in pool. 
12:17 Tim goes to make coffee, Nikki goes with him
Jared Nick Phil chat about cars and bikes etc
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12:23PM: House guests are outside, general chit chat.

While everyone is outside tanning,

Joe: “butterfly, butterfly, buttery, new species”

Kels: “that was better than my hopeful”

 *Last night they were talking about hopeful and what you’re thankful for *

Tim: “ that was amazing, a real life butterfly flew into our life today”. …”I’m going to go check on Nikki in the kitchen, I thought she was coming”
Tim Starts singing, and says sorry.
BB: “Kelsey please fix you’re microphone”

Nikki has come outside,

Phil hands Nikki the sunscreen,

Joe: Do you need someone to do your back”
Nikki: “No I’m doing my face”
Nikki is spraying her face with sunscreen.

All other house guests are laying on the Jacuzzi, couch, bar, type area, and floor on cusions
BB: “Please wake up Nap time is over”
Tim: “That’s our warning, we need to start talking”

Tim suggest man scaping

Tim:  “Cass What do you like in boys”
Cass: I like it tidy, trimmed shorter, not too bushy”
Tim: Hair on the shaft
Jared: I get rid of it,
Tim: I haven’t bothered
Nikki:” This is water resistant –this is got your name on it, “Which one is better


Nikki sprays herself with the sunscreen.

BB: “Tim please put on your microphone”


**I do not see Maddie out there **

Nikki: “ Can I come and sit there then” walks towards the couch where Cass is sitting
Nikki drinks water and says she has to sort out her sunscreen situation

Tim is suggesting where to go if you don’t want to end up in the shade; Tim says where he goes because there’s always sun

BB: please go to the Diary Room
Tim: Anyone can have this place but immediately when I am back I want it back “  “It’s wet because I was wet when I layed down”

The house guests keep mentioning jet stream

Jared: “ Blue skies butterflies , jet stream—it’s pretty catchy, they did good”

Feeds are locked out Feed 2 for 2 seconds

Maddie has come back **she may have been in the DR****


***I think everyone is just getting called to the diary room ***

Tim is back outside,


Maddie had clothes on and is taking it off and is now in her bikini as well.

BB: “Nikki please put on your microphone”





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12:38 some house guests appear to have left for a moment and Cass is trying to get organized not much chatter going on at all

Nikki: " I really like this, I really do"

BB:  " Tim please fix you're microphone"

Jared moved locations

BB: Kelsey please fix  .... Feeds are blacked out" 

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12:26 they get excited about a butterfly. 

12:30 they get called out for napping so Tim says that is a sign they need to start talking so he talks about manscaping.
12:39 all feeds are in backyard and not much going on. 
12:42 feed down 
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12:43 back and still in backyard with general chat. Tim says " the sun always makes me horny" "we can't all sit here in silence so who wants to lead the conversation?" Jared suggests talk about zoo. Tim starts blabbering about zoo. 

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12:43 Feeds are back


Tim tells Cass he will do man scaping this afternoon


Nikki “ you know Tim with this fake tan we have on, it blocks the ray getting on the skin


BB: Jared Please fix your Microsoft


Tim: “ it’s the breathing something we learned today” I get it I’ve got it”


Tim:” I wanna have sex on the beach” That’s a song I anyone is wondering, why I sang it, I probably shouldn’t have sung it the sun is making me horny . we can’t lay in silence, we have to talk”


Tim starts talking about the Zoo in Australia in Sydney Harbor


Nikki: You have to get a boat to get there”


Tim: you have to get a boat, or drive and it’s at the top of a hill that slopes,  You can get to the zoo with a ski wagon”


Nikki chimes in with how to get there; before Tim started he told Nikki she’d been there before so she can chip in while he explains the Zoo.


Jared asks if you see Animals when you’re in the sky way.


Tim tells him yes, you can see elephants, you just can’t’ throw anything out.


Nikki “ It doesn’t matter because the Ski way is quitter at the end of the day”


Tim’s brother in law works for a water company  and are a major sponsor of the Zoo,


$40 Adult to get into the Zoo
Kids under 5 might be free


Kids would be about 20


Students 30$ minimum 30$


Nikki starts talking and Tim jumps in and wants to talk about the Entrance of the Zoo












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1:05PM:  BB: “Cassandra please go to the Diary room”

They are now talking about the Kangaroo’s at the Zoo. Nikki mentioned she took tons of photos in that area.

BB tells house guests to wake up , nap time is over

Maddie chimes in, and asks if that’s just for humans or other animals, Tim says it’s for humans there isn’t many other animals that would attack Kangaroo’s

 Tim mentions that Kanagroo’s lick themselves to cool themselves it’s not that they are sweating it’s to cool them down. ((((( Interesting Kangaroo facts”

1:09PM: Nikki moves herself down to lay beside Tim.

Kels & Jared are sitting on the bar area  she goes says something to Nick and goes back to sit beside Jared

Jared goes and applies sun screen.

Kels mentions that there’s a place in Banff that sells like Kangaroo and Alligator

Tim : “ so do we wanna leave the Kangaroo pen”

Kels * Jared share a cigarette

Nikki mentions the crocodile area and likes it



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1:17: Jared :"sorry for interrupting, do they have bearded dragon's"

Tim: " Yeah"

Chat has now moved to Frogs,

BB keeps asking Kels to fix her microphone 

They've now moved into "Africa" section of the Zoo

Kels asks if Queens is different that Syndey and Tim tells her it's 10 hrs away.
They've now entered Asia in the Zoo description that Tim is providing the HG's

Bird section is next, and Nikki mentions its like an ***Ample*?? theater?   and Tim says oh Good word Tim also mentions there's always great shows they put on

Bird had a type a Bird and it bit his Grandma so they got rid of

Nikki starts sings "Bird of pray flying high"  and giggles  Tim joined in a little bit at the end)

((Tim being in the house is making me want to go visit Australia even more)))


BB calls Tim to the Diary Room

Tim" I'm a Porn star why do Porn stars have curly  hair"

Joel: Isn't sure if he's saying Pawn star or porn star.

Tim explains that Porn and Pawn sound the same.

Jared asks Joel if he still has the sun screen

Nick says there's a TV show called Pawn Stars

Tim: That joke was list in all of you"

Kels "Tim can you check on the chips on your way out"

Phil: It actually feels like vacation"
KEls have a swim dear it helps because Jared said he was so hot

Maddie too said it helps the pool is so nice


General Chit Chat

Kels, asks what day it is and people respond saying Monday



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1:32 Philip moves next to hared

Joels is in the shade.

Jared" I love this this is crazy"

They talk about Hamburger, onion rings and chips for Lunch Jared suggests maybe a salad

they talk about living it up.

Joel asks talks about cook the meal and bring out your own plate, and eat it

Kels talks about listening to some music since she can't eat,

Maddie looks like she's sleeping

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1:31 they talk about being hot and feels like vacation. Shade is halfway across the area now. All feeds still in the backyard with general talk.
1:36 Cass comes out and asks for her spot back and they don't make a move so Cass leaves and then Maddy leaves to make food. 
Cass back out and this time she gets back in her spot. Bb says nap time is over. 
Cass leaves then Jared and Phil joke about "her spot" and Kelsey says she's grumpy from slop it's not her fault. 
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