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Saturday, April 16, 2016 BBCAN4 Live Feed Updates

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11:48 pm BBT (Washroom)

Tim, Cass and Nikki speculate if one of them three will be the replacement nominee.

They say it will be best to leave the brothers alone to make the decision.

Nikki: "Ramsey is a complete fool if he doesn't use that veto on himself".


11:54 pm BBT (Kitchen/Dining area)  Feeds 3/4

Joel, the brothers and some others are there now.

Nikki exclaims "It's one o-clock in the morning!".  [Evidently, the time on the microwave or stove must be set wrong.]


Feeds 1/2 (Living room)

11:55 pm BBT

Kelsey is giving Jared a play-by-play of the movie "Frozen".  Sounds like he's never seen it.


12:05 am BBT

Joel tries talking about "Turtles" chocolates without mentioning the brand name... "pecans and caramel covered in chocolate, named after an animal... a slow animal".

Wonders if they are just a North American thing, or possibly even just a Canadian thing.

Nikki doesn't know what he's talking about, says "Goodnight" to Joel, Maddy and Nick, and heads off to bed.

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