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Nikki Grahame

Adventurous, brave, and loyal, Nikki doesn’t play Big Brother with any sort of strategy in mind, and just enjoys the experience and people while she’s in the house.

Age: 33

Hometown: London, UK

Occupation: TV Personality

Describe yourself in three words:

Adventurous, Brave, Loyal

Do you have a strategy to win Big Brother Canada?

I haven’t even considered winning Big Brother Canada. It’s enough of a shock to me that I’m in Canada. Even if I get into the house I would just be elated to get to live that experience of Big Brother. Ten years ago, I did it for the first time and it’s like I’m doing it for the first time all over again if I go in there. That would just be so exciting!

If you could take one thing inside the house, what would it be and why?

My phone. I’m always on it. That was hard the first time too – I was texting loads of footballers at the time so it was sad to have to stop that. Now in the UK, I’m on all these dating apps – Tinder and Bumble – speaking to all of these guys. Now they’re just going to wonder where I’ve gone!

Brain vs. Brawn. Which challenges, physical or mental, do you fear most?

I hate – absolutely hate – things like gunge. Anything to do with mess in my hair or on my face or creepy crawlies, being cold – I cannot abide. Disgusting. I almost shouldn’t tell you this so I don’t give the challenge producers any ideas!

If you won, how would you spend the winnings?

I would buy a massive apartment somewhere – like a holiday home. I’d take all of my friends on an amazing trip like a world cruise or something. I’d just have a damn good time. And obviously make sure my family was all set – my sister and my nephew.

Many of your soon-to-be competitors will likely know you and may have even studied your BB strategy. Do you have a plan to use this to your advantage?

If people in there do recognize me I don’t think it would affect how I behave. With me, what you see is what you get. I never had a strategy – I know some people do but I never had one. I just try and be nice to everyone so no one would nominate me for the chopping block. I think I would struggle with that. I can’t help telling people when they annoy me. Sometimes I’ll find myself saying things that I realize halfway through I shouldn’t have said. If someone pisses me off, I will definitely tell them.

What is your favourite or most important Big Brother memory from your experience in your prior season(s)?

In my first season I was put up and voted out of the house and then the public voted me back in. I was out for two weeks and at the next evictions the audience was chanting “We want Nikki back! We want Nikki back!” I made it back in and was there until the finals, and I hooked up with Pete, this guy who I was in love with in the house. It was all quite magical.

What do you think are the most significant differences between Canadians and British people?

Canadians are a lot friendlier. English people are a bit harder to read, and maybe more judgmental. We’ll see!

Why should Canadians choose you to enter the house this season?

I will promise to bring my energy, vibrance and positivity to the house. I would try to control my temper tantrums – I’m getting better about that – although it’s something people do like to watch I suppose. I love Big Brother. It just feels like home to me, so I’d be thrilled to go in.

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Evicted on your birthday? That’s a Big Brother bummer if there ever was one.

Big Brother legend and birthday girl Nikki Grahame was much more than a Wildcard, she was and always will be a bona fide Big Brother All-Star. Before heading off to the jury house and thankfully leaving the dreaded slop behind forever, Nikki chatted with us about her feelings towards Tim, her hilarious nicknames and her favourite moments in the Big Brother Canada house.

GlobalTV.com : Did your eviction come as a surprise?

Nikki Grahame: I was half expecting it. We were never 100 percent sure what would happen with me and Jared on the block but I survived that but before I could absorb that fact, I was back on the block so it really didn’t come as that much of a surprise. What did come as a huge surprise was Tim not voting for me, to save me.

GlobalTV.com : Do you think you could have gone all the way?

Nikki Grahame: I think I could have lasted at least one more week. I have come this far so to fall at the last hurdle was a bit of a kick in the gut.

GlobalTV.com : Who or what was responsible for your eviction and why?

Nikki Grahame: I think that little meeting Tim held in the backyard before the PoV Ceremony had a lot to do with it. I sat on the sofas and I wish I had gone out there to fight for myself but I trusted him. That was probably a big mistake.

GlobalTV.com : What was the hardest thing to deal with in the Big Brother house?

Nikki Grahame: The hardest thing to deal with was just the brutal nature of it. People talking about you, in front of you, walking into a conversation with people talking about you, having to vote each other out. Just the sheer cutthroat part of the game, really.

GlobalTV.com : We saw you have a hard time with certain things in the house, like slop for instance. What gave you the motivation to stick it out?

Nikki Grahame: Slop was hell on Earth. I literally had to take each day at a time because I just wanted to leave. I just couldn’t bear the thought of a whole week on slop. Luckily, we got pizza halfway through the week so that was a really, really good break.

GlobalTV.com : What were the differences that surprised you between Big Brother Canada and Big Brother UK?

Nikki Grahame: The differences are after Big Brother UK you have your friends and family waiting for you as soon as you come out of the house whereas in Big Brother Canada you go straight to the jury house. Also, in Big Brother UK, you are strictly not allowed to talk about nominations. It is forbidden. The public decides your fate not the Housemates. That is crucial, that your fate lies in the Housemates’ hands.

GlobalTV.com : What is your favourite memory from the house?

Nikki Grahame: My favourite memory by far was having live kangaroos in the backyard with three of the cutest puppies I have ever seen in my life.

Also, just being voted into the Big Brother Canada house itself was very, very special. It was a huge achievement. I am really grateful to Canada for being so welcoming and so lovely to me. I think that exit will stay with me forever and I thank everyone who was there.

GlobalTV.com : Going in as a Wildcard, how did you think the Canadian HouseGuests would respond to you?

Nikki Grahame: Well, they were never going to be happy to have two additions to the show but once they got to know us, we were all right.

GlobalTV.com : You gave your fellow HouseGuests nicknames when they annoyed you, which was your favourite?

Nikki Grahame: It would have to be "hyena" for Raul or "poison", for the poisonous one: Maddy.

GlobalTV.com : Why did you call Raul, "hyena"?

Nikki Grahame: Because he was always squawking, making noise and being obnoxious, he behaved just like I imagined a hyena would behave. Maddy was poisonous. Well, the name says it all, really. She is pure poison.

GlobalTV.com : Do you have any regrets?

Nikki Grahame: My only regret is leaving my fate in Tim’s hands because it proved I couldn’t trust him in the end. That was a hard lesson to learn.





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