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  1. does anyone else feel that Paul was given the answers to the HOH comp beforehand? He seemed a little too confident with his answers before the correct answer was given!
  2. He makes me ashamed to live in the same town as him!!! Please take off the Wampus Cats shirts!! You are giving them a bad name!!!!
  3. I bet AG made it so she won the $25,000 because of what happened. I don't think she won on her own merit!!! I wish we could have seen what would have happened if her house didn't burn down!!!
  4. yep it's true. I didn't realize she was living in Little Rock.....about 30 mins from me!!!
  5. Go Enzo or Hayden!!! I don't like any of the final 4 but I think Enzo and Hayden are the lesser of 4 evils. I think it would be funny if Enzo won the whole thing by doing basically nothing!!!!
  6. I clicked the link to her twitter account and it seems she is calling you the phony!!!
  7. GOOO Jerry!!! Not a fan of Jerry but not liking Memphis anymore....would love to have him sweat it out to see who wins round 3
  8. I wonder what he will do if McCain/Palin wins and then something happens to McCain and Palin has to take over. That is the one reason I don't like Dan, because he doesn't see woman as an equal to a man and never will. Those were some UGLY babies...but I do agree with Renny that her and Jessie's baby was cute...probably because Jessie's head was the size of a baby's head LOL!!! I'm surprised they didn't make an Ollie/April baby....it probably would have freaked everyone out too much huh?
  9. YEAH a big thank you from me too...I don't have the time to watch the feeds and it's nice to be able to come here and get my updates!!! YOu guys ROCK!!!
  10. I'm sure they will tell her if it has affected her/her family. They told everyone about 9/11 and told Monica that her cousin was in the towers and was missing.
  11. Maybe her and WHAAAMBER can do a spread together LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that would lose a lot of customers though.
  12. You'd think they would learn. Eventhough I loved Kaysar (my alltime fav hg) that was the stupidest move ever!!!
  13. What time is POV? I can't wait to hear all about it!!! Is Manchelle really going up?
  14. If she gets the boot this week and ollie next week...she still has a chance in sequster to get preggo. I'm sure she'll at least try......she wants to make some kind of mark in BB history.
  15. I don't know there just seems to be something different when someone is PHYSICALLY in the room with you that makes it even worse!!!!!
  16. Ok that is just gross...did they want the old fart to get his jollies from that?
  17. how about EWWWW because that's all I can think about when I think of those 2 together.
  19. What about people who join the military and have to leave their family. Are they bad? She's not doing this for the fun of it, she's doing it to better her family and trying to win $500,000. Would I leave my infants? Probably not but I have a 3.5 yr old and a 5 yr old and I'd love a 3 months vacation from them LOL!!! Would I miss them well hell yeah but it would be nice to live without the constant fighting and whining. Well I guess I would have to deal with that in the BB house but at least I could leave and go into another room. Can't do that with your kids LOL!!
  20. I guess it's ok in his religion to be a sexaholic, but is a big no-no.
  21. I would pick whichever was worth more money because I would have sold it. I'm not a car person and I want something more practical for my family LOL!! I did like the color of the green one though.

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