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  1. The good news about this outlook is that realvegas4sure's credibility gets shot down the toilet rendering her version of the rules meaningless.
  2. She watches him for 7-8 seconds until she turns to the pie. Her comment was amidst other people talking so I'm not sure what silence she was breaking up. At least that is what I saw. What I didn't see was anything that went against the rules that were read.
  3. I agree. 100% JC saying "sketchy." I don't think that "sketchy" necessarily means the rules were vague, though. It seemed more like an evaluation of the situation, to me. If you focus on Hailey while Tyler is struggling she keeps her eyes on the debacle. After Tyler regains his footing Hailey jokes about "he got money!" Apparently that is from a YouTube sensation: And Nothing else transpires that would make any sense other than it being a compliment to Tyler for not breaking the rules.
  4. At the 32min mark Kaycee remarks that she is sitting on her heels and Angela reassures her that "her butt isn't touching." Again it is consistent with the only rules read during this competition. Hikiki, I thought it was Tyler that said "sketchy." I'll listen again. There is another voice that is higher pitched than Kaycee but doesn't sound like Sam just after Tyler regains control. Everyone laughs at what she said, but I can't make it out.
  5. I found a video with audio: https://bigbrother2go.com/2018/08/31/big-brother-20-video-of-the-hoh-competition-for-august-30/ Around 21 minutes into the video Tyler loses his footing. Angela's outloud encouragement expresses her hope that Tyler gets his feet back on the disc. This is not inconsistent with the only rules we actually know of which where read at the beginning of the competition. Tyler grunts and groans as he flails about and then he acknowledges out loud of his success. I cannot make out what is said by a female voice after the incident. Everyone carried on like nothing was wrong with what Tyler did or with what Angela was saying while Tyler was struggling.
  6. This is interesting: That is the same thing that I have been saying over and over. And the result is the same. We don't know the rules. It has been repeated over and over that a clear infraction has happened even though it is acknowledged that the rules are unknown. Expecting a different result?
  7. Great! Now you can tell us who realvegas is, since she is the authority. Or is she part of the WWE charade? Rulebook, please.
  8. Sometimes people with brains think that the actual rules should be presented prior to condemnation.
  9. I did not see anything like Tasha described in the link I provided. Is there a media clip that has the audio before, during, and after Tyler lifts his feet? It would resolve this.
  10. I found this on the realvegas tweet stream: BBLurker, have you listened to the sound? Is this true?
  11. And she is a verified member of the BB20 production?
  12. I do have to admit that I have no idea who realvegas really is. I know that she writes like an authority. But, who is she?
  13. The level of interest, for me, is the indignation about purported "cheating" when the rules have never been revealed. So far, no one actually knows. Tyler is openly saying to other houseguests that his feet left the disc and they have accepted it. JC would manipulate this scandal to his advantage in no time, if it was a scandal. Until the rules are available for this specific BB20 contest, there is no there there. As far as Angela being dubbed over? Big deal. Houseguests aren't professional game show hosts. Maybe she sneezed so they did a do over later. Much ado about nothing.
  14. Then waiting for the actual rules to be revealed shouldn't be too difficult. For all we know the rule is "only your foot can touch the disc."
  15. "IT IS RIGGED.  The Big Brother show is entertainment (not a competition, not a contest), and as such they are legally allowed to fix the outcome however they want, just like WWE." It occurs to me that RealVegas might be part of the illusion. What would be more WWE than that?
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